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Oct 5, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB. Welcome to the UB football insider with the land slide home. What do you buy our TUV partners new era cap ninety. Pro sports WG RC channel team Pepsi and in part by centauri is pizza pub and grill could work. Mass mutual financial handed pitcher. At getting picked up this torrid pizza pub and grill on transit route that is the UB football insider with Lance like hello my name is Howard Simons thank you for joining after the coach of the bulls look at fort avenue. A big show at night let's Cyril talk about the Bowling Green gable talk about the lies that the bulls throughout apply. And they don't get a joint us believe it or not basketball practices underway we'll have to Wisconsin guys on the show mysteries we talk about she's a lot I think there's a problem. We better off the third. You guys are good friends who looked toward Evan they join us so here's the deal. You mean is off this wicket the next game is October 17 at central Michigan. Next home game by the way October 24 against Ohio they have not announced the time yet that is to be announced. But he could still get your tickets arrive early for upon tactic the whole family enjoyed a concert by country music act. Old Dominion. You can call the ticket office 1877 UB their order on line at you people's. Dot com coach always nice to see appreciate it so last week we talked about bowling green's offense. And while so as you see it on the field their tempo. Their pace there quarterback threw an incredible throws how to that you defense faired against what I think will be the best off the Cuban TLC. Well we hope it's best stuff that we see in the season I thought we did did a good job all all you know. For the pace of their offense. I still think the the modern big plays we gave up in you know one. We troubles echoing a call down down the other side of the field those and those kind of things what that offered to set up for. You can see they have a very good speed and a lot of spots quarterback very accurate. You know and so with debtors you know you put yourself a little bit behind on those situations but it ended the telling part of the first half was. We are driving the ball but he can feel Apple's. They're getting its walls of blades and it's going touched. Bright red zone earlier red zone numbers touchdowns and you'll never catch up yeah yeah at the today because you know what it. The the defense I thought it got off to a rocky start and then it's steadied itself think about the second half. And the defense gets stops and basically get the offense a chance to get you back in the ball game and put it that that lead. And at that you know that people agree it's it's a tough sell but but yeah I think if you look back at it wanted to give you some numbers that. Nine he read 96 plays had the ball for almost 34 minutes. And had six drives that went twelve or more plays I told you that before the game began you probably tell me Howard we're gonna win the Balkan. Right yeah absolutely that if you start looking matter or covered up you know the school on top which he handles and I and I I think you is you know. May be surprised if people saw those things are positives coming out of the game. I go back to the the point toss okay we wanna deferred. May make them going to the win the first quarter to. You're cut down on balls long past the first time they try to go keep the ball it's held up by the wind and they come back to make the catch you know. It's just those things that didn't happen once we got a second half like he says we we had opportunities we we made some plays. We just got to find some ways to make more explosive plays and you do that. Well you know it's a lot of different things we we have to look at you know it's a balance within your offensive and with that in what I mean is right. You know our running game has to get on track sooner. And once you establish a running game your play action game becomes more more effective he had a chance get behind people the more. Those are some ways. And we ran one reverse what we are backed up what we did it we've got to find ways again keeping people off balance our our screen game has been good for us as an explosive play at times. I don't know we we can and we are going to be able to run pass people all the time. But we've got to find ways to it distracts the field and make coverages. You know follow all day as at least we spread them out. What's it is how frustrating is it for a coaching staff would be sick game like that I mention the opposite numbers and you know. UXU execution wasn't bad but he just didn't finish like you left points on the field. It's very frustrating because yours you're driving and you alluded to some of those earlier fifteen play drive six and played driving kicking field goals. You know statistics show. That if you're gonna drive over twelve plays more than likely you're gonna self destruct not at all self destruct or or put yourself armed with a penalty or something like that. We really do we do slow ourselves down and in when he when he came down to when that field closes down. It got to hope we've got to find a way to finish of. So there's a couple things I wanna bring up after the game get that should you know going out recruiting you don't want talked about recruiting to. How how important is that what you hear what you think it okay we gotta get beat offense. Defense but you watch pool and watched Baylor and it's in the fifth cracks start at wide receiver. Right now Bowling Green had some pretty good speed so when you look at it as a coach. Is it sport to have an offense is that important habit at quarterback or is it a general overall team thing. Well I think you're always looking to increase your team speed only only you'll ever happen now but. For where we want I think all our skill positions and you know as I talked summer play today I talked to you know all the Cotter there's that Joseph here's an excellent quarterback but. As we move on and we've we wanna find quarterbacks taken more ground even better than you do you know and mean you can see what a quarterback scramble and make some plays Joseph did do a little scrambling for us. But all those and so speed all the way around I think is the way to games played today you always have to try to. You know. Increases for your program operated sort of speak. But that's nothing that. And we shall we can we can throw the deep ball with the that we did have Malcolm Robinson he was out of this week and we are able that the ball keeping him in past games. But I am will always continue to look for size and speed go across the board. You're off this weekend so what does the coaching staff and what would you do with the team haven't used the word hope kind of OK let me rephrase that there's no gators Italy and yet. A human you're not take it like they hate and I don't like her go to the Bahamas and out. All right so there's no game this weekend so what is the approach the celtics' depth experts while you have no game. And we will today it was a typical Monday wars we've we approached it pretty much I'd say 90% that was the thing. Maybe not quite as much of introductory. Introduction to the game plan for central Michigan yet. Com. Tomorrow BA. A typical these dates up a little bit shorter practice of local offense vs defense a little bit more also within practice. I'm we've made a decision we're gonna. You know whether we summer Richard players are guys that are maybe that second string right now they're gonna work a little bit more the first few minutes a couple offers you first unit players. We'll spend a little bit banged up in. Or had a lot of reps in games in our first five games for a cut them back Tuesday Wednesday a little bit so we're gonna get more evaluation. Try to continue to build our depth. If you evaluate our younger players and give them a chance to see where their retention levels ban him from from wall camp. As early as Tuesday night her first go to will what will fly out there in you know starting some schools recruiting. Wednesday will a few more we'll have a more skeleton crew for for practice and then. There's Daewoo will also practice and and everybody will be here BO recruiting price than what it comes to recruiting. How important is it to have a guy like rob buy and aloe leading up your recruiting after so extremely important is he's one of the best in the business he's been doing it for a long time that's you know. Robert I've met over twenty years ago when he was with helping build a program that Wisconsin with his organization his attention to detail. In you know where were putting people on things like that very important. We are here with the less like all the QB football insider. We gonna talk a little basketball on the show I understand you were Nader good out so well we you know we found out we've we've become friends and you know through this indeed being here buffalo and and the unique thing for him is we found out. You know when. When you be played at and Wisconsin last year that there. Nate and I actually our hometowns or fifteen miles apart. And that was kind of threw who just sent text messages it was like a shock to both of us but we're gonna he's got to do a little bit later Michelle talk about that. Get back wanna talk a little more about recruiting. And where your act as you get a thank you got off where you're at without a game being played this weekend. Let's serious UB football inside that by sit towards the public grill wreaths at doors on transit road. More coming up at a mall that is the end 1520. But negro baseball Santorum letting you know we have two great locations one in Miller sport I would exit merry one on transit road next to transit lanes got sixty taps 66 TV's all of our food is made to order with the freshest and most natural ingredients both locations of live music Miller scored on Friday transit Friday and Saturday night there's no better place to enjoy football and hockey with great dream to good specials for every game Santoro is feeds upon growth since 19274. 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Eight term optimal performance for athletes superior value for owners learn more aid turf dot com. 01 this is that gamers guide to the good work store are you sick of that neighbor throwing their best party every year we have everything you need to kick that guy's party right in the you know what's from an extensive line of jello shots applies to take palms premium cocktail mixers beer pong tables and so much smaller so get to the keg works store at 1460 military road and came more just south of Sheridan until next time the go to. To the keg work star. Wow we're 100% certain it's gonna rain eventually. And we know it's gonna get dark tonight. Because we feel good. These things will happen campus taking up to 30% off select head lamps in wiper blades plus up to ten bucks back after mail in rebate when you buy a pair big savings and head lamps and wipers. The agency debt come out and cut for the job with the now but no wow. Participating Napa auto sports stores while supplies last offer expires 111415. EC. Is Buffalo's home for UB football all season long on ESPN 1520. Welcome back UB football it's out of Atlanta like Paul present I said Torres pizza pub and grill where it sent Torres on transit but we. Always invited to come and out into the show Mondays at six. And now Lance have some great food and enjoy our discussions here on ESPN fifteen to one against the bulls. Next home game is October 24 they will take on Mac rival Ohio. The tailgate concert will feature music act Old Dominion like to get tickets 1877. UV there you can order online that you peoples dot com. Look on recruiting. Instructions you well actually party that season recruiting vs out of he. Agree is there a difference. Yes because by that by based on the calendar there's certain things you do with certain time of the year this is more evaluation period we've we go to games. We can go talk to the high school coach. But the junior college coach we can. Transcripts quote we are not allowed off campus. Face to face. Communication with words with student at the guy would go so I'm sort of let. I've seen of them the majority of are we here our our week of guys on the rotary they're going to be in school. Collecting data giving more information. Might be able to evaluate. A practice or games. So so they get set to go out on the road. What instructions to immediately becomes the recruiting how do you handle that it's at K like we're talking last segment. Speaking talent but fast has been looking for a certain position. I don't know either other attributes or you know a list of things you state the year this is why I want to go fine. Well that's been you know we started that we got here you can what are real important positions okay and what's the leeway in that height weight speed. You know sometimes you're looking for competition within. That particular position. A lot of different things Howard that we could but. Most of our guys you know 90% of what will be doing this weekend we know where we're going who we're looking now so it's not about going and now. Maybe edit gamer somebody's gonna pop in and jump on our radar some Bailey develop players or something like that but. We're like we know we're we're going what we know we wanna watch and we wanna try to keep our eyes on them one more time but before we make a final decision what are your thoughts you mentioned you tell what's your philosophy your feelings on recruiting guys like it you go guys as opposed the high school play. Well it's based on need you know be ultimately would love to build a program with fortified your place I mean that's that bit and learn her system and develop. But sometimes based on maybe change a scheme to get them up philosophy injuries attrition of some sort. I'm especially during a change on can happen where you're left with gaps and at a position in the end you need you need an older players it to come in some etiquette stepped in sooner than later and and help your football team win games. To about rob Diallo's ethnic party recruiting at a guy who's recruited at successfully forced schools to power five leaks. How much. Other factors it how much of a factor was that for you when you look that bringing a staff that was one of the key things when it you know from our first my first meeting with king white. On what we talked about you know philosophy of of what we wanted to. You know to be as a staff if I were fortunate enough to do to be offered the position we talked a potential staff members. And then now as as other conversations when rob was always a big part of those conversations and hopefully that. You know he would. He'd be willing to make yesterday if things worked out there it's weird to join our staff couple guys when asked about. That Liza was on the show last week and that he was coming up that ten catch game so he has an eight catch. Nine ER game against Bowling Green. What makes him such a difficult match up for opposing team. Both sides who. Who's a big east knew what I know this Saturday how was he I thought he had a great feel. He's getting more more comfortable the routes that were asking him to run in and body position. And in him he enjoys have a good you know. Kind of a connection between them what they're looking at but. And that just seems the you can see the confidence in him rising you don't catching an accelerating now and do a lot of things and that night and once a week ago we talked about. Two players with ten catches each and now we hit. Three with eight catches you so now hopefully you start to spread it around a little bit more people can't. Do certain things in coverages because they don't aware of who which guys and get the ball I think you're gonna see those numbers for all those guys continued through to rise. We don't typically talk about Clinton's. Because and it's that night I I think that's probably a good thing like William who it is we only go to the pump the weather's bad putts right but yet but it when asked about anti immigrant. Yeah I was missing if there's one guy think got you TV don't want to ever earn his scholarships are being the potter you think mediate. He could be the most overpaid guy gets boring if you would you go but but it can you know you if you don't have. A good puncher can really hurt you absolutely should and everything so he's good at what he does. He was also nominated for the Campbell trophies a semi finalist for the Campbell trophy which is academic version of the ice. What tell the players we talked about as the apple that balancing school work and football. What do you tell the players when it comes to you want dedicated to football you want him in the weight room at the film room practicing at all that but they are there here look to get they're the right. Some refer to educate them about and well I think no matter what level it back I think there's a lot of things that we know college can be. Is brought to the greatest time you finish it can be a great opportunity. That thing is though it's if it's athletics. Excuse me academic side athletics and social life the way it went there when a part comes when when missiles were part of things get. Distracted and get above either one of the other then then it's. That's usually you have have a problem are known that the greatest thing that I've noticed about what coming into this and our senior class is that. We've been able to to have a group of seniors that really have taken care of business that way or great leaders are great examples for our younger players. Think we have. Five players that have their degrees are ready this season before we could hit the field yet we'll have another. Probably six more I believe graduate December. So Lloyd armed Tyler just one of those that that is that an outstanding job very mature person that that that. Really but it is time he gets involved a lot of other things as well. Let's hear it before you hit the the break we'll get a quick intro from. The basketball coach for the university of buffalo for the that the NATO they welcome to the show nice to sit thanks. Not now you're both from Wisconsin so you knew each other like this how does not that to people with consummate and nobody know each other was not there to like. Ten miles retaliatory. Knows what. As well as what she talks about basketball expertise that goes back up the I'm that this in his own mind you'd spent or comfort most of or your opponent or when all afforded play basketball to what you like well your quarterback record keeper basketball. Sell off on all of our conference and all Americans all see that. I believe it was at that they are you pleased. I've just let these guys talk and you know it's. Meyer by actually my father with guys who basketball coach Meyer he played he played college at Whitewater itself and you know it's. I like baseball I think it was very illustrators world it was fast it was. That you offered the plays I have you offered help out yes yet I've got what it. For your way on waivers first game as a head coach you can always the only do we lose the treatment on him user behind behind the action packed a little bit right. Yeah okay let there that's really good. What I that you guys understand that really did it off what what's the relationship like you're busy with your respective teams obviously but what's the relationship like with you guys. Toward them want him to arm since you started eleventh. We're growing Dave before the seasons third though we've through the normal in the coaches too or no deal raised. Your guy who got there we go a lot of common self. They're gonna he's he's he's homeless guy for what I would shoot look at his record won a lot of games where I try to learn movement from them through. Well. You likewise I've I've get. You know it's one of those things that you move somewhere he finds one that can relate to where where you come from and I think that's score of one of the other things that it's helping and but it's the same time. Home. We're both new here as head coaches in the rolled. They needed that I campus for a while and I think there's a lot of things that we just had a bounce off each other learn from each other and and try to beat and audacity of a lot of advice on the things that he's given me good perspective and plan I think that's healthy for for all coaches of this department I think we have a we have great political system broader athletic department and I and I think that's one thing tell it to you helpless girl. I when we get back we'll find out a little bit about the basketball team practices are under way it is the UB football inside of Atlanta Michael present a bike. Sent torrents pizza pub and grill work coming up with the notes on ESP had 1520. Help. You beat football and hunters don't sellout UB stadium on Saturday October 24 when they take got back rival Ohio U. Be sure to arrive early to stampede square at the tailgate concert featuring rising country act Old Dominion it will be a fun filled day of the whole family's short it would sure. Seven dollars for each ticket purchased using the promo code hope. We'll go directly to the hunter's hope foundation for tickets in more information call 877. You'll be fair or. Basic UB bulls dot com. Join assets indoors beats up negro baseball Santorum letting you know we have two great locations one in Miller sport I went exit merry one on transit road exit transit lanes got sixty taps 66 TV's all of our food is made to order with the freshest and most natural ingredients both locations have like music Miller scored on Friday transit Friday and Saturday night there's no better place to enjoy football and hockey with great during the good specials for every game San tourist feeds upon growth since 1927 for generations throughout the only family to say we are the original San towards these probably grow great food great people great fears. Wow. 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DC is Buffalo's home for you before ball all season long on ESP and 1520. It is the UB football inside of Atlanta flight we'll present a bison Torres beat the pulpit grill now we're out here actress who wrote it we're joined by NATO. That's hoops coach in his first year head coach but he's been around the program. What Allen ask about is but last week that our virtual Lance talk about how you know it's your first crack and a head coaching job at that that's what level. You know what that was all like for him you're going through it you know you've been around the game for a while but now your finally had go to the division one program what's it like we are these. It go to school. Were about that I didn't that I are significant this as they temporary thing or view it you know you're accurate routes that killers. At a level is nice perky and you know Lance that's. But there's Auburn there's a balance. Auburn has been forum I've read you know we're in the effort and our right to start with the right to Friday to regain some you are the ones today. I haven't been good we know. Recruiters offer him good news and through it or most estimates though wouldn't let me go to your. All the world. Well it's my question remarkable that it won't go with you look at I took a look at your roster today there are a lot. I'll do faces the worst but the key content to be my out of outlet that he gets. Well you know what we nick Burton as a freshman out of my own vision ordered the you have to play a lot just with. With. Just where it is or not we knew we was going to be good which is definitely more than we anticipated. We're human. Or you do you want to realize that left him that went well but what's Akron golf strong physical work. 6260. Cannot boundaries. He's good that the through junior college guys are all going to be favorite theory that we do right breakfast today so we came through. David drove policy athletic and feed off what Monty he decline in the traditional Wall Street Journal news Google wall it. You might want to breakfast from my friends as he put. There will Willie kind of shooter reached peak physical. Tough kid out of Chicago guard knocked down trees. That point Campbell that really skilled. 66 and kind of went 123 words will host multi dimensional guys that can. Knocked around three to blame postal school but everything you use your road records they too small. All three of those guys the elected from Dallas Nazi gymnasts average of and surprise some people who was athletic and accountable artist it's the reason they can make plays on defense of them knocked down some shots so that your bigger. Cattle or size we are at all positions we were planned. And what's more we've you know he was started it but we force. We will have a legitimate reason. Hopefully you know even par fives we bigger run and I can know what more this year rubles six. So hopefully it'll present the program on defense we've got to do what we've we've you know on transition. Where we are bigger your right I I've learned atlantis'. They baseball that. That they can't Milwaukee Brewers here's your heart you know expect team. They scored I don't know anybody can play baseball we've orders that would serve him and pass that up. Yeah barely see my little secret if it's not through it yet despite all human well let's get a guy got bored with baseball storm moved on them and the I actually Obama packer bear little red wolf. Or no vote walk through these adorable well watch them they're prepared for a no. Now are you hate shareholder the Packers don't want noble my assistant my associate coach Tim Wakefield who did ignore Wisconsin defectors are just what you. Nation Steve. And I don't because this is they go out this is what builds toward Triana all right all right I. I'm forwarded to a bills fan of them stayed longer but we were on two we get going at the end of the year right yet. Until the super. Right right we can do that yet but not much of white tools that you shareholder you. He's got this thing open Flacco from the office was. Some of the moment there are there right here as part owner tickets to a gate just yet. After all the owners get tickets and all that works at the not exactly. That might email request something you between him and whites are really hits them right that it. Al the Packers have you next time okay. It's going to let their game. There were oh so blessed us about it yet. So other cases there I don't please hear your philosophy carefully phrased this one but. Did you know he's got to play back decades at duke in Iowa State. About you know it just through going to be you think and a you know we've got a long term contract the guy could though is that. That's got to be really exciting you must be pumped through the life of me to play it can't. Oh by the they get it at him that artist go to you know we keep. Mainly to our own schedule above so I talked a lot about it but I know we won't. Thought he was about tonight as you would think well we talk about cuts in lots of it he did just gently in the program and we would got these games. We do I'm we wanted to you know we play Kentucky Wisconsin last year so it to me it's similar. You know Stoops. Maybe number one team on deepening national champions what we would to Kentucky last year and I thought what you know but I have protector that your team more confidence pressure. Iowa state of the top ten team are returning it to are supposed to be. To do pencil between those two those are two really good teams have we wonder. Play well against them at all. Our most of what maybe ultimately ended with the winner can compete with them. And you know I think that gives confidence going golf we play Cameron plays there's no team in our conference it's gonna have. An environment like Cameron indoor so by the time conference when it's anchor guys regretfully. The conference season is that might or is there that it hit the recruiting do you look at look at recruits Hague dug up via the corporate client do. Which got stuck I think argued all we've got recruited PowerPoint and got a read on we got Lester scheduled through all those few people who got this year to go BC you. Potentially be a tough 15 team as well also the big time recruits that you know that we're trying to recruit wanna play against the best. So we're gonna go play against the best and I think it also partners you. If you know you can play with those teams and come in the conference huge confidence come to in his college football and we don't have to win. X number of games McEvoy were you would get a plea won't conference. At the conference you were trying to get RPI tied games like that help your RPI you know point to what Wisconsin hope your PO last year. So that's what we're involved scheduling or PI. You rate for conference season that are the things will be different. Perform well we appreciate is that it's time let us. Real and not do it don't tell glanced off this weekend days to fill that epic game the right right over correction one murdered you know. Like you're not you're gonna play he sent right to argue that short practice a little bit. They really getting Jessica went off well and at the end of the packers' veteran who worked up. I've always it's always a pleasure seeing you even though there's no game cricket will talk again next week. Eight until we talked again a lot and good luck this practice started with a basketball town goat thing. And make sure you join us Mondays at six it is the UV football insider with Lance mindful that we think it's always good people that step towards its profit they'll. We'll talk to that we can be at the end if you want. This broadcast will be moving football insider with the landslide Fuld has been brought to you by our team you beat partners knew where caps Nike. Pro sports WG RC channel chief Pepsi.