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10-26 UB Football Insider

Oct 26, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

To the UB football insider with a landslide what do you like our team UV partners new era cap and ninety. Pro sports WG RC channel to Pepsi and in part by centauri is pizza pub and grill okay. Mass mutual financial and future. Right Pakistan's north but thrilled with him football it outside of Atlanta libel by David Howard five of the bulls of course for the big lit. Over Ohio 41 except. And a short week which we're going to be talking about. Little delayed reaction there. Yeah I think the basketball I think it made notes that there's applause sign down down left the state old flatly yeah classic loud applause ovation side. So big win over Ohio short work quickly talk about that bulls are an action Thursday at Miami of Ohio. 730 game here he has yet if what they also want. ESP at three mile away next that their home. November old Abbott they'll be it's it's veterans day military appreciation night. 8 o'clock game against northern Illinois and at the tailgate concert series this the bigger if you Bible heard of this there. It's a tribute bit of Fleetwood Mac cult groups. So. And they're very good I actually heard that this summer literally death yes they had to play done the salt campus. Late this summer and and it was a kind of like. University function now had a chance to catch the tail Landon who very good they recommend it to anyone that's if plea with Mac. I love Fleetwood Mac so it rumors was a great album hey congratulations. That's big wit. I don't coaches trying to downplay everything but you know it lied how we you know you'd had a couple losses in conference play. How big was that it's what game is a lot of football left I get it but to bounce back from those games get a quick topic let's. It was it was big it's it's important but you know to psychic told team after the game dollar is it'll be important in Nagin. We play well again on Thursday and go down and take and other staff but. Where were active and three losses in a row on you know I was driving home late last that we are trying to close off this week all in a few days it. You know I looked at where react and all all four losses are teams that were bowl games last year so he start analyzing where we're at where the front part of the schedule was it. And hopefully Saturdays the start of a turn that weakened you know he put all three phases together and keep the consistency. You are gonna like this because coaches are what get the time I look at the schedule and go that's another reason why that was a big way you're you can get on a nice little roll here things go. You know the way you hop hope they're going to go it's well. Yet you do you look at it and I know what you try to stay there but at the same time. I've learned quickly in this conference that it's about match ups and and you have to be ready each and every week is everybody you know you start the UVs are comparing scores you're going to be. Driving yourself crazy journey this is as. Miami. You know Thursday's opponent the played a Cincinnati team really well down the wire and so different games on different ways for people it. They're young football team try to put things together we got to make sure were focused rated player for us. You you talked after the game lets a little bit about it I was cares where your team's attitude with that. After that loss. I think what you said maybe Monday UN at the meetings could you spell early in the week these guys were going to be at the right mindset at that. Open around. You know I don't know about the right I mean they were in a better mindset. Looking batted in and taking some ownership might I thought we practiced hard. You know sometimes. As a coach you're trying to get a read is you know. You don't want it to linger forever you don't want one loss during the two. But it the same time sometimes when you haven't had success on a regular basis. Mom Marcy weird. Accepting losing but I don't dole you know we've we've got to he'll take the right steps to move forward in the right way. Knowing that we just jealous of things competition wise we count things of what we wanted to be and where word we wanna go. This year not just for the future and that's one thing we tried to tellers tell this group men and tell the seniors especially that. You know you know rob buy and al-Qaeda said it is unfortunate. You know heating get a lot of time at Acker as a head coach in in in a lot of times in today's date you could see in the college football world going on now there's not a lot of five your plans for the values you better make your year. You're trying to build things and building quickly and and that's what we wanted to do and it would and we thought we still had a chance for success. You had a number of individuals step up and at some really big gains a wanna start with Jordan Johnson. Because. You know at the retailers a big part of the thought that he doesn't play. And Jordan stepped it yet they thought that at the end but I I thought. Throughout the night he consistently ran the ball very well you guys gave your office the ballots. Eight yes the you really stepped up for us. You're like you said is that why is it was impressive but I think the consistency and and many times are back up. You know just a matter of get enough carries an eroded get rhythm and I think two or Jordan you know needed that. You know you know hopefully we'll get Anthony back here you know shortly. And not sure about this week yet but. Then then he gets both guys in a groove and and I can hopefully start wearing down some teams but. We need that we need that balance that that were able to to make things happen if you. In on that let me quickly did the defense of site when you really look at what we're able to do one of the big reasons we had success in the turnover area. Was the way we're able to shut down Iraq yep and then we made it one dimensional and then things start happen. And it didn't run the ball on them is really it was there was nothing for them before you go over to your defense. I have to talk a little bit about markets the guilt because. Not particular joke by the way or at public had a had a really good pass if you guys. He's seven. Are how are realizing now okay run we'll be as a coach you guy you gotta watch him. Now they go about that wiser as well I thought markets that you're really stepped up and had a big game you just talk a little bit about his development over the course of. He's a very talented receivers you know. Has done a X and math and use them in different ways. On snapping your appliances well he's very talented guy. You know one of the things after spring ball we talked mark about you know taking steps and he continues to mixture. In a lot of ways and and being consistent in his game. Is gonna give him a chance to continue to make big plays but he showed the ability to make some big plays for us and you know and like you alluded to I think he played maybe one of his best games wars since we've been here at least down on Saturday pilots go to defense. So we treat you would meet Bryant or what have like a ball this clause in his eye contact and punched out swear by the defense. I don't know I've that would right now I mean we've known each other since we are kids but that worked together now for nine plus years and a day when when things start going here as a way to you get turnovers and a and bunches and in their Roland. But in all the years I've never seen this. You know put as many in the end zone as we've got the right that's that it's not her problems and it turnovers you wanna get it but it's hot dipped. You got your defense has six putts doubts this season. How pulp and what they do what it's what they get the turnovers why are they so that successfully cast these exit. It's it's being timely but today at the same time once it happens you know things start working you know I start looking to get blocks I mean things that we talked about. And again I think that sometimes just be fortunate as well. What we have four interceptions. It's one called black thing so. Again a great day and hopefully we conceive of view those nerves get a few more as we get going. I had a we've got to get to break or get another question but I also wanted to picture are you getting the updated volleyball school well to her daughter play right yeah daughter color it's nice to play it can't at Williams believes that it until they we get a lot I. Remote updates or so but yeah manipulate breaking news court just yet lost game one but up in game two right now so lea night yes you don't read doubles. Yes let's hopefully they can now like bond with yup that I suddenly this sweet home either one of us really bad that released clerics are okay I'm out there we go up the street Clarence that's. And I know that I'm review the next year's call for the last half the show's going to be a bet treat you right now. I didn't get it line backing core Q earlier this year we talked about the guilt. Not the most impressive looking guy that broke but he just goes and makes plays and we have Britain's very a show with you earlier this season's epic event with these. The case zillow he was state the back east defensive player of the week for his big game against Ohio. It. As a group what why have they been so productive your linebackers this. We'll various reasons I think that they've been able to make plays in our local factors and Saturday's game is really the job that would do an upfront you know a lot of things you you're keeping people off your linebackers you get pressure on the quarterback. A lot of things here are are being disruptive and they are able to make plays. You know. You know we talked about Brandon ability I want to hear that show's previous about his ability make it place it seem things. Nick Noble is about. As intelligent on the linebacker instinctive is that better round he just has a great deal Ford we could line them up anywhere you know what to do. Really a leader that defense. Like he said he's not an impressive stature and speed all those things but he just has that knack for that position they'll make plays. Kate you mosey making that transition from safety down to an outside linebackers feeling more more comfortable each and every weekend and you start to see him. Com play with that competency and he was another one that we talked to after the central game above. You know we've we needed very you know a few more things for him to kind of do for us and happy Arial a little less tentative and in the blitz game a little bit bored parents. You kind of see him play with more confidence on Saturday make those planes but will. Get a quick break we get back no time to rest this week. There's a game Thursday against Miami university at Oxford and we will talk about the short work week with Lance and we continue. It is the UB football insider with Lance like pulled at this torrid heat up the grill. On transit route or come up IDS get 51. 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State pricing still stress is to not include applicable state local sex is a recycled trees are participating NAPA Auto Parts stores offer expires at 83115. Place. He's Buffalo's home for UB football all season long on ESPN 1520. Welcome back QB football it's utter from sent Torres beat the public really is the big Halloween party going on here. Saturday at 9 o'clock. Like music they're gone wild. Summit at the end there's a constant contest as well I will be dressing up as Bernie brewer. Few it tribute to you well we do that with murder Brooke yeah. About a brick the slide. And have a slight doubt and balloons are gonna fly out when I go down to the those slide for a real. You know I'm a birdie roar. Beautiful thing so that is Saturday night best. Costume contest here at ten Taurus pizza pub and grill on transit road partner Halloween party starting at. 9 o'clock U I I'm surprised it let's just do a show that we usually I do you have no time you played Saturday. Wednesday your get on a plane at your client. Cincinnati you got a game against Miami universe yet Thursday night. So it I think. They ads are familiar with the short workweek in the NFL they have third decade but the Mac does a lot of weeknight games and walk the challenge is to provide. Not supply coming up the game but now apple got to get it. And what I've been told by some of my collar parts in the league is. You you just kind of take your turn at it when it happens then and depending really on past success and other things at all kind of matters. Maybe how many of media when they are. What network Iran and all those things but. Just real simply we we have that jam. Com you know Ford age really in tune with the days that we're working so really it was. Charlie after the game on Saturday on before 7 AM our our coaches had a watching grade the film sold 7 AM we can turn in their game planning. Brought the players in late Sunday afternoon and to put yesterday and to have the you know did our meetings. Took a break eat. Then we practiced last night for about a hour and then and and today we we kind of went to our Wednesday motor practice and and and wolf kind of modify everything and tomorrow a little bit less you know less banging around in the listings and and we're gonna try to you Lugar utilized. Wednesday morning. As kind of a combination of what we do one Thursday a with a little bit and really what we do and a walk through on Friday. And then we're trying to grab a little bit more time you've been Thursday morning of the game. That makes it a little bit less banking that's our security about it yet you'd like to have their. Bodies have some time to heal you practice differently this week because. How you know they think they're they're just coming up the game we got to the get a third you know with shoulder pads on today. Which will be real time probably do it this week but the odd thing is. Tomorrow would really be the first day that were even on the practice field on normal week it would Maria two practices in one which shoulder pads radiant. And that's you know and again our first time through this and first time as a staff and we've had some coaches go through it. Will continue to analyze it and hopefully this was via. You know recipe for her for success on it as well let them feel good about it via I can't can't spend a lot of time mom. Dwelling on it then and making excuses Miami's under the same thing Miami played 88 straight weeks before this. Made their open week is next week after this game. So alive they've they've probably even had a little bit tougher road on as far as where they're at it is bars maybe. The Wear and tear on the body in and and but then again we have to travel so any kind of balance. If you mentioned earlier you know they Ohio it is great but it doesn't mean as much he'll follow up with the best game. Now do you we have you made the speech already there they're they're teenagers they're guys that their forties whatever the gonna look at the record that public about these record got. Able with this game do you ever talk to your team about throw records out forget what's the go Obama. You know we talk a lot but just being humble and what we're doing and we spent a lot of time on ourselves I think. And I spent a lot of time Doug while Penn State what they've done as a programmer how big stadium is there any of that stuff we played them. Same thing against I think when you kind of take the same approach every week I've really never stood problem and talked about anybody's record and and I think you know when you have some of the the mature veterans I guess that we have in the room. I think there they've been through enough conference games to understand that need to be ready. And I think they do a good job articulating net as well. What can you tell us about Miami and the challenges that that offer the get a little scouting report well you know there you know. Talk a bit about Terry Young football team chuck Martin and highly successful. Division to coach agree and I'll state Michigan for her book seven years once a national championships at that level. You know work with Brian Kelly and then went to Notre Dame with him and then after a few years. I took the job at Miami a year ago and and he's in a building process and as we play a lot of young players a lot of young talented player. Let again with you we've used sometimes comes with the the growing pains and that's kind of what their goal went to a book that consistency. They've gone off freshman quarterbacks expire at 215 with a strong arm native wrote to another guy entering the game offers a more running. And they do an excellent job in. In multiple formations offensively like a lot of people opened or corporate a lot of one of the neat but. You know our short eagle at port McEnroe owns a lot of different things at it make prime Borland did. Lastly been in a short period of time to talk or think or yeah yeah natives and do some nice things and again the defensively mainly use uniform and bronze a little more experienced in the back and then they are in the front seven again but got. You know way when you're young and you don't know everything else going on known felon and that patient vigilance something in the continue to play hard and I think they're given their player there's. On both sides of the ball schemes that they can handle it continued to build on and you know you just don't wanna beat a team with nuclear altogether. With let's like old Harold take a short break when we get back for lancet Brady coach so important to keep your players healthy. And when they're injured getting proper treatment so they can get back on the field going to be joined by. Ryan router we get back the director of sports medicine at university at buffalo that's coming up next it is that you be football insider I ESPN fifty what. Hello this is good big words died. Edwards store. I use a good neighbor throwing the best party every year we have everything you need to kick that guy's party right in the you know what's from an extensive line of jello shots applies to pig farms premium cocktail mixers beer pong tables aren't so much smaller to get to the good work store at 1460 military hero in Denmark just south of Sheridan until next time this is that getting word sky reminding you go to the tag works star. 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Eight turf heightened has the highest safety rating and the longest warranty. Eight term. Optimal performance for athletes superior value for owners learn more aid turf dot com. Wow sludge make your car feel a little bit like do you feel after an all you can need to say it's slow. That's why now it was good Castro GTX convention for just 379 record with trying to shield technology to protect your engine for. Power running sludge Castro GTX now just three so many night conquer the job with now when know how. State pricing and sales prices do not include applicable state local taxes are recycling fees are participating Napa auto part stores offer expires at 83115. DC is Buffalo's home for you before ball all season long on ESPN 1520. Welcome back UB football it's out of Atlanta my older audience via picking what we are here at that sort of Ralph. Let out here every week we got operative here where we slept with Lance. And tonight we began the weekly show with NATO as well the router reminded that we invite to join us. Thursday bulls play at Miami of Ohio that's at 730 game right here the FB at 1520 it is also on ESPN the great. And a lot of providers well basketball season just round recording your season and single game tickets are on sale now. Well would you be ticket office 1877. UB there can also get them on line at UB bulls dot com we can all get tickets actual football game. November 11 against northern Illinois we're joined by the director of sports medicine at university at buffalo right router with a here and you know you you got a tough job. The the only time I we we would bring up dirt on this guy's hurt you gotta get back on the field. Well first off the director of sports medicine what does that entail at UB what do you oversee. Where quit. All of our athletic trainers we have great to have him. Ten other afflictions beat besides myself working with positions that you can or thought I agree great group of guys great group. Physicians need to work with the sabres were the bills were with you peoples and now we can coordinate all of that to me should we give our athletes who can't. So when it comes to try to keep guys gals athletes' health. What are some important you know it's different sport the sport RC. Love football player of the etiquette Acura a little bit more than. I don't I don't want picket volleyball on the economic development that volatile but you know it's different sport the sport but. How do you go about trying to make your student athletes can stay healthy if they on the practice field and on the answer. Well I think number one is prevention we integrate streaks that we're very well with us we would work on preventive medicine with them. Strength and conditioning mobility. Keeping us healthy as possible and then after treatment constantly tinker. By the student athletes opens that I've they. Responsive through the whole hey you gotta eat right you got to work out you got to do all this stuff you can stay healthy. I think a lot of Romans has started to get it high school yeah definitely trees and I schools. Learning. If this is what we do this is what's going on an extra strength coaches are married in the trees and pieces you. You get the guys that have the well rounded backgrounds and you get the first in the coming don't know anything but they pick it up as they can come and see that they. Strength gains and you know the better on the field and doing great things I think it's you know by in the you got to new facilities though stadium what what extent that there would it while we're at the university at the hope about sports medicine while they've been open beautiful athletic trainer we've got a Hydro works which is an underwater treadmill. For rehab. Cold tub hot tub. You know the new modalities used quite a bit cold laser we love electrical stimulation to types. And have them agree view room that's built. It's beautiful the health bill for what we. Is that something that is your field does that change. Frequently in terms of new techniques new ways to treat injuries new ways that. Have athletes work out so you know that under portrait of the like that you see a lot of change. That there's some you know new research note that in essence out there you know. The bread and butter still there to work hard and trying to carry him going researchers those changing technologies are changing. If they get the new new idea to try. You come do you secretly tickets they were there things that you saw at an SU or or maybe around the big tent that you were able to bring gore can't bring your absolutely absolutely you know my hands on skills this estate very osteopathic hand done athletic. Training sports medicine department. And in our staff has been very good with learning men only men helping with that. You know and and other than just a camera ethnic and there. The best they can be. I think Bruntlett the big you don't become that. Talking about athletes and injuries these days certainly is a lot more focus on concussions. I've I've ever seen a mice not of high school. He had to go through the protocol this high school he had a concussion we know what it's like with the NFL now baseline testing post concussion. Syndrome all these different things that got a valuation concussion protocol what's it like at the collegiate. It's along with him once we follow NFL with no Big Ten. We the NCAA has has so that you have to have some sort of it concussion protocol implemented. On this one of the things we did we do the impact testing obviously we know what they're like quote unquote normal. And then you know what they're like. Compressed state. And then we can take you through we do return to play we don't horse race back into it there's no set timeline in the past that. If someone has symptoms of sin against them. Until they're some of treatment of symptoms treatment for respect to be on a percent the week. Four days it may take four weeks I you don't just you know go full backing you gradually work them back it right and anybody who's got lingering symptoms one of them or. What position that we were effectively. It's well known in the research or his concussion research. And he gets special testing of the long term thing. You know obviously went back in unless there are some countries have gone through the whole range of well the NFL has instituted a policy would they have observers that gave him more specifically there to watch if they see it aptly a player who they think. Might he can cost you get off the field that you evaluated do they have that it column. They're they're doing a pilot study with Big Ten and SEC. No. In other athletic trainers here and and in the Mac have kind of done me. It's more of a shadow. Of the U observer right now because it's not mandated by anybody we you'd be doing it. I'm up in the Booth with direct contact wrath and changed on the sidelines. The one drawback right now as we don't have access to stuff he. Big Ten SEC NFL as sexist or right to be officials and can say you know we we stop the game because that guy out yet the guys down there however I can get a hold my guys just as quick on the sideline. And then you know they can tell you an athlete go down or call timeout or whatever may be to still makes him yet pleases take care. We appreciate you coming by we hope things go well ahead. Are stuck at a but the guys at that a communications department note trader had to go on the field that they football game that's like a perfect day for you absolutely absolutely buyout okay yeah well I hope you have a lot more today. Thanks for covenants that at the time when they keep the that'll do it hard of these football insider. With Lance like what we're back here next week another show with they get you ready for back off season and with Lance will be recapping. The game against Miami here at ESPN 1520. That is broadcast of the movie football insider with the landslide holt has been brought to you by our team UV partners knew where Capps Nike. Pro sports WG RC channels you have seen and in part by Santorum speaks of hope. It works and ask mutual financial and hate her.