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UB Bulls Podcast Ep. 1

Aug 9, 2016|

Sloane Martin breaks down the start of the UB football practice

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to begin people on hand on it. There'll be talking. You guessed it university and buffalo athletics seasons all sports. But to start with football because summer camp is in full swing in the regular season is less than a month away it'll be hosting Albany. When he further quick quick. Recap of the Tony fifteen season the bulls were five and seven they fell one game shy of bowl eligibility it's back to back five win season so they. Definitely as a programmer motivated to get over that hump and get to a bowl game get that eligibility. Also graduated two very strong offensive players in quarterback Joseph cada someone. The eerie familiar in Western New York from Williams villain also running back Anthony Taylor who has played a big role on this offense that throughout his time as a ball. No American Media day said in your head coach plants like pulled had some interesting comments about the frustration of last year. I think is very open house and we'll that we we get a nice stretch winning three in a row had a chance for bowl eligibility. And I think that was the part that had left the bad taste them all that we let it slip away. But I think also first years come into the transition of what we are trying to implement specially change some philosophies on defense and what three man front to a Forman fight I was very pleased that I think and we're heading in the right way we've we've just got to find a way to. Did you get over the hump of some of those games and that may be starting a little quicker and it may be finishing a little stronger but. Probably characteristic of what five minutes of football teams do. All right here are five questions for summer camp heading into the regular season. First there is a quarterback competition going on now the team. Has just wrapped up day three of competition and we are looking at two very viable options to could be under center for the bulls this upcoming season. First is the freshman a very highly touted recruit in tiny reed Jackson. He now says he is six foot seven to 45. That doesn't really sound like a quarterback that is huge not just for the mid American conference but for that position. In general I think he technically says he's six foot six and three quarters but. I mean who wouldn't roundup in that case he hit six foot seven huge. Big big rocket arm but. He is a redshirt freshman so he doesn't have as much experience he didn't get. Into the game last season when they had someone as a veteran is Joseph cada. But they aren't looking for that replacement for laconic he someone who got its start pretty early on in his career starting. The last several seasons four UB before he just graduated. This last may you could he be the answer they wanna go with someone. Who is really young who has that huge upside who thinks he is being. In this program for throughout his entire college career. Coachlight police said it's not a matter of if he's gonna start it's one patents that may not be this season. But does he's expected to do really good things in his UB career. Many also have Korean broke Koch who is any transfer gradually transfer from Iowa State so he has spent. Power five resonate you sort of four games in his career and was the third string last year what he's someone who like pulled says. Wants to be a coach so he is there he has that IQ and it sees. The game from a different perspective behind your perspective because he wants to go into that profession understand it a little bit deeper. Then everyone else especially at that position so could he. Like apple has a decision here to go with the very young guy huge upside probable future of your program. We think delayed that a little bit count row hot for one year. Get everything it can't and it's really experienced veteran guy who has. That power five conference experience. And go with him instead but either way they are looking for that replacement to deal con as someone who. Lead this program for a couple of years. I think we we have two great options right now they're gonna battle for camp frat row Hodges a graduate transfer from Iowa State University where he started for ball games in his career he's a great leader wants to be a coach and that's. That's one of the reason where we're able to do to bring him on board as is he knows that if he's not the starter we're gonna need him in a player coach type role to help our program. Continue to develop type rejections are redshirt freshman. 66 to forty. He is going to be an excellent football player it's just a matter of what is it going to be by September 2. We're gonna find out here very shortly in the month of August but along the way retirees going to be very good player. Number two in this is about lying pulled again he is in his second season. We know all about what he did at the division three level last year is his first year. Act division one he gets that under his belt but to meet his second year ease critical because it's his chance to officially. Put a stamp on it. When he was hired. Our when he was hired there's kind of that rushed to secure those recruits trying get everything together. But earning an entirely new system it's so much different I think. That Dell might pull this said that the biggest difference from division three to division one is just. There's so many more people to manage it wasn't the football was and the talent speed mid American conference anything like that that prove to be. The biggest hurdle it was having this showing enormous major division one program. To half to handle and manage and look after some now that he's done it all ones. Now assisting us with misting up on this program now he has he has recruits in there. And of course it's not every recruit that's going to be is he hasn't been here that long but. We're still a chance here he and his recruits. Fill those holes he has really done. A great job of attacking the junior college level and plucking guys who. Half a little bit more experience that they are not true freshman coming in those might be guys who. Can help fill holes a little bit easier than kind of starting from scratch that's the feeling good strategy when you cut that building programming you wanna win now when this team. Has had back to back five win seasons and ECB gun a get talent field and we have to get better and we have to do it now so throw line pulled I think the results of this year are very important last year. You can may be right off it was his final season there was a law already in place there was too much he could change the width one holdovers. From Jeff queens era. Now it's his time now with his team and we're gonna see officially why he's gonna do with it with a lot of his players. On the field. Number three a bowl game that EU's really the ultimate goal but the Mac. Is very strong this year of course the math classes a little bit stronger and Mac east and that's gonna benefit the bulls a little bit that they honey very difficult schedule. Arguably the top three teams are Bowling Green. Western Michigan and Ohio and sort all honorable schedule this year and a little bit later on at that they're playing. Western Michigan at Kalamazoo so not only is that one of the longest. Travel destinations in the mid American conference you've only got all states. West of that. But to so going to Kalamazoo is not an easy trip for comfortably large football team they were chosen to win it. The conference severe re talented players on the hats on an airplane them on the road can they get over that home to finally get back. Two bowl eligibility it's gonna depend on who the starter is are they able to get results speak whenever I as a program you instituted new quarterback. Eighteen so little been solved in adjustments to your kind of transitioning from this era over people as the Joseph look on era. And and I got to find something totally new you've got a new head coach in. A whole another year for the entire program the offense the defense the system. To really take hold selecting B have a good chance to get there unfortunately the schedule. Doesn't really help them bear in terms of the mid American conference games. Number four the offensive line their policing for re members on that all important group. And then again you have the addition of a brand new quarterbacks you have someone like synergy and so paying in heat is returning starter blood. You got to develop that chemistry and camaraderie. With your quarterback all over again what she had to do last year with Jill content of course. That's. Relationship. Is really important to how that report between this honor. And the quarterback needs a really big part of winning football teams when you happy and get panel over again especially hearing him. You don't know exactly who that starting quarterback is going to be now both of those quarterbacks are getting a ton of snaps during practice outlined pulled runs. Really high peace practices there are just snaps going off. Multiple times and it simple quarterbacks. Are getting a lot of snaps a lot of work guys running in now they're barely ever standing around so it's not so much a matter of who's gaining more snaps army fewer and fewer with this guy as opposed to the other one. So that's not so much a concern I think like pulled doing their job of kind of monitoring that especially with. Introducing. More and the majority of the new offensive line in this case that you still have to wonder can and they have that cohesion. To protect especially if it's someone linked Jackson who is really young and playing at a very high level of division one football he's gonna need that protection. And they will be responsible for that and lastly we're gonna talk run game and I mentioned that Anthony Taylor has graduated he was. A rape horror of this program and now we are gonna be turning completely. To Jordan Johnson and it's gonna be used jumped to carry the load and can he do that. Now he was a quarterback at sweet home really not too far from. The UB north campus they turn into we're running back and he had a very solid season last year. He about four point seven yards per Kyrie 67 per game scored more touchdowns than Taylor so he's really someone who can. Get into the end zone and that's what Michael's going to be counting. Is that type of back to with depth size that he's going to be able to that you want him to be that guy that. You know we we have a couple other backs the program job and Hawkins is one that's coming off injury but. You know we want Jordan to be that back where. He's gonna be able to what would hopefully defense get a little tired in the fourth quarter with that size and he's able to pump a little bit that he's going to be able to you know. Keep the ball on our hands and and functioning when needed. All right that'll do it that is five things to want is we were in summer camp for UB bulls football. Regular season coming up in the beginning of September. Of planning order come here on the UB bulls podcast on WGR fife fifty dot com again. I'm slow Martin thanks for tuning in we hope to catch you when her future episodes and we talk about some other sports going on with bolts.