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7-31 Waiver Wire- Draft Time Fun

Aug 25, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello and welcome into the first edition. Of the waiver wire are WGR we are a up podcast I myself in need Kyrie. Along side with me Derek Kremer we are both going to be bringing you fantasy knowledge through out the football season. Addition to will be bringing you unique drafts idea is draft selection order ideas. And will probably go through a whole lot of players this year as well. So furthermore I will introduce my good friend heir to the right to be Derek. How are you from my friend I'm doing fantastic Nate football's back football is certainly back but more importantly. Fantasy football's back because real football. It just doesn't do it for us so we need to create a fantasy. Version of that football to really include us to be the at home GM's real football gives this team that's in fifteen your plan after. I is it sixteen now it's six tendencies it's sixteen and I didn't wanna have to Kurt pitted one after Greg either but it is. It is no doubt sixteenths today realize it all makes a bills fan crying their little yes it does that he's don't have water propel the you may have actually you may have actress just. Very sad. Two Beatles and that's okay we we're gonna bring you some fancy football knowledge throughout the season and we're excited. Are you here aside a week to week basis will also bring you some some writing and we're gonna bring you some some articles on WG or as well to help you through and guide you through your fantasy season. And today we're going to start by by going through some unique ways to a select draft ordering your draft. Now dare for you I know you had a pretty unique way of doing so me and my friends are still battling in a group text message right now as to wait to figure out. Though the most fair. We wanna take if there but it has to be fought kind of thing any you don't wanna just do that those names and I had the names and ahead are picking you know ping pong balls are doing a draft lottery you wanna figure out a way. To not only make your fantasy draft fund but make it as fair as possible for everyone to buy. Edited and really kind of put your best Nino enhance. And that's one of the biggest things that a lot of the people and and that my friends and my lead we seem to agree upon is. We don't want try to put on pants instead of it being like. So just purely chance yearly chance right. Might. One way that we make it you know at least somewhat. Rewarding an extra benefit for the league champion as he gets to determine. The. The way that we are going to determine our draft. So what you're saying is Audi year to year basis so if you're in a league that is renewing every year what does with the with the same group of people and you want to reward the winner of that previous season by allowing them to choose the method in which. You guys are going to draft the next season that is correct. And now my arteries are going to hate me because our league champion just a couple days ago passed this down. With my approval as commissioner of course but. We are having a forty hour week gained competition. Now that is one of the most unique ones I actually when you when you texted me yours you know your strategy here I passed along to my fellow friends. In my text message stream our fantasy football Texas team and let me tell you I got a lot of kickback. Because a lot of them are weight conscious apparently Walt. Derek that it appears that. Single folk like us seem to be more okay. With with that opposed to. But it's not necessarily that I think. Like single or a relationship honestly affiliates the ones and missing that would be the ones that are more susceptible to you know being runs heat that's true. 'cause the ones I have someone. I'm hoping at that point you know you don't have them for comparable U I US anyone so you don't have to press him and he's got me. Cool to quote your partner no matter what but anyway that's stuff aside. 48 hour week gain competition for my fantasy league and I'm scared of two things. One. Someone is going to get to fatten and not be able to recover and then there's going to be miserable. Or two and this is the bigger one more realistic one for me is. I'm suspecting lethargy in this draft people are going to do it the wrong way and go to five guys three times today. And next thing you know all that grease and Soledad burger and all that bacon. They're going to be. I'm telling you. I started this second round isn't it. The way to do this is water weight and it really is the way to just yeah lots of water don't cut open my friends with another one as well wolf it's always the group. We'll just wait to release the the podcast laughter your draft now what. We're gonna do today Israel we we've putted out to Paul and we put it on Twitter on the WGR 550. A Twitter page and I might as well we got some really really good ones that we wanted to pass along and shared to you guys. If you guys are still struggling like me to figure out a way to get that draft order for your draft. It end and there was a couple that I wanted to start with Derek you said you had a few as well the U wanted to share you that she sighed and thought were were really gut being your Deanna comes studios and WG affect fifty. We're right around the corner from laser drawn. So now. So yes one yard picking up on open down here. Six on six. The winning team. And then individual scores they capped individual scores based on your game of ways tried. So the best player on the winning team gets pick wherever he wants don't address. And then second on winning ranked third fourth at the and then you and then the worst player on the losing team. First off your bad at least try to cut so that's one thing you got to fix your life and second. You know you're the one that's picking wherever. You're not taking laster picking where nobody wants to. And a lot of people Miley gets Mike pick nine pick five and it's just the year you're picking their congratulations your guys try so. I like that it's it that's something if if I win I'm going to certainly try to employ because it's fun who doesn't like gamely mr. Wright really. And helps you kind of control your fatal day. And buy dot you have to work with the people that you're competing against fantasy football so. You know. Yen and one thing that's been passed around by a in my I'd be you know message stream here for the for a bunch of my friends is the punt pass and kick contest and doing a you know mixture of all three and coming up with a scoring system. But. The issue that we seem to be finding is it's difficult to get a group of ten to twelve people to Gary out at once time battle that could get the team to get them together twice. To get them together to either preliminary way ends or doing is that we found that it's the so what we're gonna have to do is figure out we've we've we've chosen we've chosen Sunday. To do our draft and so our plan is to just. Basically take a whole Sunday Apple's iMac you know that morning or early afternoon we figure out the draft order validate. And then you know I mean figured out and then do the draft that same data on it kind of you know it it. It allows for everyone who's got busy schedules I mean I've got two jobs are friends have multiple jobs it's difficult. For everyone to get together so well we wanna do is give you some ideas that can be done to date of your drafts you're not making this indeed huge process we realize this is fantasy football. So there are people that have you know real life and have other things that they need to do so that's why we're here we're here to give you got some ideas as to what you can do to you don't use your time wisely in this fancy football draft but also have fun while you're doing it. Because we're also not here for your had a header fancy guys rear wheels that are here you know. They're just start a play fancy all the learning fancy football and we're definitely going to be here for you guys as well. We're gonna make sure that it's not had a on the dry and we're animation help newcomers as well as those that you know just have a couple questions more than the more I mean more than anything I think for the newcomers what we wanna do is give a damn good ideas. To make it fun because you know there are times I've had leagues that are fun because people are there's. You know one or two really good players it just seemed to dominate the league that know the players depict him and and what we wanna do is make this a little bit more of an even playing field now you'd be surprised than what you can do you to you. He told you more competitive in your league and at and again that's one of the reasons we're gonna be here. I'm NB helping you you know listening you know always stood not only stay competitive but Major League formed. Because at the end of the day that's what it really is a body no one's doing fantasy football because what I'm sure there are people that are doing because they're just competitive nets they wanna do but mostly you know. For me I do fantasy football because I have fun doing it it's a good way to trash talk with my friends got Sami you know it's just fun and it also gives you more of a vested interest in in the NFL and the rest is a hole so you instead of just washing the bills on Sunday at 1 o'clock you know you're gonna sit around and you're gonna watch those 4 o'clock games and at a -- red zone you're gonna sit around and watch those Monday night those primetime games. You have more vested interest in wanting to watch football and ultimately I'm sure that's really the goal of fantasy football they get more people engage with the league and. As you know has a hole put a question it was a game Tampa Bay Jackson. Who's gonna watch that normally outside of the state of Florida based on where the two teens were at that last year he had no one so. That's a that's a reason gambling portals who's suddenly up and coming kid in fantasy football world. We have Alan Robinson and wide receiver or got. You know Mike Evans from Tampa Bay. There's a reason not watched Shrek yet to bed defense is no ad watches thinking that OK let's go. I mentioned this on them that people staring at me because I'm yelling about one player. For food well and and what I find to be. It's it's unfortunate being in New York State now where the you know the one day fantasy leagues there are basically outlawed and Ali Al currently you know depending on some legislation that we're gonna see come through in the next few months here before football season. Need a draft Wednesday and what he'll draft kings in annual fatal actually that was one that I use lash your had a lot of fun with those one day leagues. I'm so I'm hoping we can kind of incorporate those one day leagues. Ideally if they don't have any income level global start to gear our shows towards the upper right now we're really sticking with the standard scoring. Standard ESPN Yahoo!. You name it leads nfl.com on there are a lot of good lease and in will have shows and books will talk about each league a little bit and some of the benefits and some of the I'm you know. I would say not so benefits are good because there. Are better leagues are better platforms that others. And so we will get to the that is well in some of our preferences as to you know which lead in which site to use for each trample what I wanna do right now is getting into some of these are clever ways you dial in the year ago we got. Before he died in their I will say this and it's not too you know shun anything here. Because that's what we're here for any sort of questions if you have questions if you're for example on state and human and you have banking. Panting strapped. Draft kings annual I almost said thick and think it speaks. Oh boy. So if you have drafting of the half annual and you have a question for us he's Nate you're WGR on Twitter and I'm dare Kramer W Jarden to order. Send us your questions I listen GM dealer K I gotta wonder elite who do you think I should go with here. And will probably give you an answer happily. We can sort of incorporate a lot of especially when we get into draft time. I'm which is. Rapidly approaching us and in these next few weeks is really the prime time for drafting now that's another thing that we can really get into is. You know the timeframe in which really wanna scared of these traps people are scheduled you know I've had friends who by thirty drafted into need that is a little disagreement shirts its data says he said last year. Yeah that's a Jordy Nelson didn't go down until that last week pre season you know we had guys that went down and training camp that are important pieces of the last I think I'll mention the last thing you wanna do is. Ever team drafted by August 1. And then you have serious injuries and can't high around and I've gone and those are difficult to replace especially and ten and twelve team leagues where your free agency. Is very very thin there's not a lot of talent in that waiver poor now but that's we're here for the waiver wire or help we're here to help. You don't bring some light that waiver wire and what it can do. You know and as far as. Not keeping your team up to date in keeping them competitive. Let's let's deathly dive into some of these tweets in somebody's eyes and gets along with that lets us and on because it is weak one for us at the waiver wire and we do you wanna have a little fun and we also want to involve the you know the participants and some of the listeners that that helped us give some a site these good ideas. And obviously. As we get closer to the regular season we are going to be giving you. Fancy football advice right now we're keep me cash we'll keep an upon wide because basketball's supposed to be fun if you're doing it for that for something else I mean. I don't wanna see you're doing for the wrong reasons but that's just me personally yes not assimilate Eric NN it's it's easy to kind of get caught up in the competition a fantasy football. But we don't really hear a liberal or don't really watch you do that will we want to do is is gay cop in the autumn it. It and go back for more I have two or three teams because you're having fun doing it it's something you enjoy doing. Ultimately ultimately let's get into this now and there you say you had a few of your favorite so give us one of your. What are your favorite ideas here that came across on the Twitter what my favorites on the WGR Twitter handle was appoint a board this guy made a homemade twinkle Bordeaux mostly guys and again but CNN for those of us who don't exactly noted Michael board is one you give us a little bit of an idea of what applicable are. First off on so you never were second monster prices right from when your sick and I. Not a prices recognize now that that was I feel like those high school staple if you are sick and high school you watch the price right because it was there. That's okay say it was nick. Burger Leno and he's at and burger we know 26 he came in with the idea of the political board so as you were is wrong on their sorry about that so. What he did was a point oh is a game on the price is right where you drop a chip and it goes. And okay now notre Dyer got out at golf it's a couple Hensley there's tens already dropped pins and then falls in with slot got you. He made a homemade one with the an air hockey puck so nails on a board. And below that are the slots draft position slots. This is more by chance but now it's not necessarily all chance because you're the one drop and you are the trap you can choose to Turk all the little left for the middle of the rise and see. In and sort of play your hand try to see where you think you're right you can. Player handled that I liked that idea so banks nick for your participation there I'd be a fun DIY creation there was any you know what I just sought out here and now have to find it but there was one that I. I'm not sure you're much of Xbox or PS four guys and there is a game here that we as rob Frazier for an F Frazier underscore Robbie. On Twitter tweet it and everyone picks a wrestler on WWE two K sixteen let the computers quite a royal remember royal rumble. And the order of of the elimination is reverse draft order. Now that is kind of an interesting concept and if you've never played to redo the B to B 2062 to sixteen it's a pretty cool game. And watch it the simulation might be quarter royal rumble to kind of figure that out now that says that's one of the better ones I've heard. And it I got imagine at least like yelling a lot of yelling. But if you. It's kind of an unbiased. On and you know way. Again you're leading up to chance a bit it's not technically in your hands but it's a fun way it's an interactive way yet to be with friends there I don't watch it happen as it goes down so that's that's a good one as well. On the we've also saw some ones that NBA draft a lottery style. Our random draw draft position in. So you can you've you have to propped to have all twelve positions which I think it's just it's duke I think. With this guy meant to say on that one because I saw that to me was this. I think what is is for every position it's a re draft Boca legal option. QB one guys draft order running back in different draft or acted that's what he meant. I never asked him for clarification but but that's still a pretty unique concert yet to be ready for each of the positions. A new draft order now this is when I can really do is appreciate because I'm buffalo born and one of our whenever twitters whenever tweets here from Jeff van greet at GG greet. Says a chicken wing eating contest and now that can get expensive. Depending where you go. And knowing me I can put away I mean I don't wanna say it and you know. Three air here but I can need probably thirty to forty winks you don't pay own others. And OK first off own you can. Just say and that could help you out you're waking count that's insane if you could put away some chicken wings that might be a my Buick or not here's a level that I I. I thought pretty funny but I thought actually work. And especially with the weather the way it's spent outside is from BJ Cragg AP credits to g.'s twelve on Twitter says everyone picked a rubber duck. Ran down a homemade water slide in the order of the ducks was the order you drafted. No I think that's what you can may be you know hate the number to a bottom of the rubber duck let it slide downhill. I just needs these are just fun ways to include everyone and have fun doing it on so that's another one. I that I thought was pretty funny. And there's a couple other ones in here. The chip contest but again now. When you do this things that require skill. Lake chipping or putting or something along those lines it becomes difficult because then you're leaving out people who don't necessarily golf. Are are are good at that end you know guys to be some and it's got a common with your group right you've got to all be golfers so again that you wanna make this as fair as possible and that's why it's difficult to come up with something because what you wanna do is give something. If every player yeah it's even chance of winning so some of these are going to be difficult an end in. I wanna mostly keep it to things that are going to be. You'll be believes employee this year on the door couple other ones like at the end of the season assigning an NFL playoff team now this is for teams who are gonna continue on our money year to year basis. It's gonna be a little difficult for that now obviously but you can do the same and almost any sport if you earn NASCAR paying your groups or you can pick a NASCAR or. Our ski derby artist that's right our horse race or you know allow what's now a baseball game you know old. You know picking a team in and gone to the lineup and Webber has the most hits and things that you can control. And have fun with is really what we want to invade everyone here. And and ultimately ended Daewoo is much as we wanted to be fun and I know that I want my draft lottery to be fun. I also want to be fair womb and the idea that one of our friends came up with that we had originally put in place but I'd be towed. Was. Does some sort competition where every you you basically marked down the ten closest pizzeria is. And you order each and you have to choose from a hat which pizzeria you get. The use that order a chicken fingers sub met pizzeria haven't delivered to your tour today of draft site. Webber gets there first and consumes entire sub. First it's to pick and then second third fourth fifth sixth seventh and an end it on its way down on now that's the yeah it'll be an hour right that's right exactly so it's difficult because you put in that variable of how far those those pizzeria is our from your house. How busy it was on a Sunday afternoon Mike so it's gonna be difficult and that's why I'd be towed it is that Gillick there's a lot of variables involved in that sort of selection process where. You can't necessarily control. If you're gonna have a crappy delivery guy or your sandwich tastes like crap how you supposed to finish a full of chicken finger so that's bad. Alia the now you can't you can't in buffalo you can't have bad chicken fingers and I mean that's true that that's not it's not even that is just. You can't eat it if if if that if it is that you can't eat candy it's just now it's something that can't happen. Now another one you said things about skill base and variables like that the same league champion that made the forty hour week and shout out to bending Karen. Ben had decided to. One of his biggest ideas was a three on three hockey tournament with our twelve team week. One of the biggest problems of that is there only four of four of us in that we don't really play hockey on a decent to receive everything doesn't it similar lives to the gulf situation he did have it. To where we can design it to. Splitting up the good players. And then putting hasn't representing. One of each of the fourteen three on returner but. See your bad player but UN up on that winning team. That again is another variable that you'd technically won control and threw three. In order to determine that was going to be issued outreach team. Difficult to good person as always there when that could get persons Eliot first of. Roll on that team. Now now for an end instances like that where you know now I would have liked it right now it out people who could play now. Let's turn your attention to maybe a drinking game now for 21 and over this would probably be a Smart thing to do I mean everyone has his late 21 hour at one point one over that's our disclaimer brought. You know every once played beer pong every once played flip cups of these are things that. You can expect a group of ten to twelve males or females if you have a coed league to be capable of doing and feel as though it's going to be fair from one guy on to number twelve or number ten remember how many people you have your we there is a downside. One outside of obvious. Possible public intoxication and there's another one and it's that's. There are people that you know that and that's true but that doesn't have to be drinking and you could put water in the cups you can do whatever you need to do. Also if you in courage or take part these are two games for drive never got no but you know here's an idea too that that I thought is maybe you have two representatives you have two teams it doesn't matter who. Is playing the actual game you have the players are you have the team. Underneath the cup in whichever cop gets gets kicked out first that's the first picky lifted up all of teammate. Makes you get to choose your pick something like that where it's it's. Going it's coming down to chance in the person throwing doesn't know which person is underneath each cop so you're you're giving it a little bit of I'll feel like there's still chance involved but the same time there's really no skill involved even if you have skill in playing beer pong or book cup. You don't. Necessarily have the knowledge to know hey I'm I'm going from my cup right now I'm gone for his cup as I want him to get you don't mean it it becomes it becomes a little bit less of a variable. On immoral but fun competition which is ultimately what we want. And when the last ones that I really wanted to talk about before we had to offer first episode here at the waiver wire. Is the wonder like test and and I thought that was interesting I. I don't my buddies last year was in my league. But but a friend's league was telling me about do you wonder like test and having the highest score in you know from top to bottom. Basically be pictured your draft for that west palm now. What IE kind of wondered about it because we were talking about doing in our draft. Is if some and one of the guys in our league this year was in that legal action that took wonder like now. Well we SM is do you think that you would have any additional advantage having taken the wonder lake fer against the person like me who's never taken it. But. Supposedly. Each test is different yeah ice as if it says is different and there's no real benefit to a padding of take it having taken it before. And so the accident what and it's it's football incorporated. And it's not it's a silly asking you football questions to escalate to the com buying you can relate to come by you can if okay Cam Newton is the one of the best players the NFL he'd. Terrible. Went to a test kit was less than not it would testy pretty good player so it was a pair of legs you have. It's an interesting way to incorporate football incorporate things in. I get is is something that we wanna continue to make fun and and and involve everyone and I think these are just well a couple of ways. On to really just incorporate every one and have fun with the draft and ultimately. That's the name of the game as we as will continue to harp throughout most of our our episodes here on the waiver wire is seven funny is the key here. And when you're not having fun you're not gonna I can be encouraged to play again the next season and will we wanna do is create leagues that on a year to year basis you can employ some of these funds tactics yes you know these a year a year tactics. That really make them feel like keepers and and things like that where you can start to control you know your roster. But the way that your team has developed because yes you are doing and an a year to year basis it really is different I'm having a league that's consistent on a year to year basis than just going random leagues every year it's it's a little bit more fun and it brings more competition the team. Yes and competition can be fun. Obviously nature's healthy and everything like that but you know speaking on Bonn next episode. Mule more series we do because we're gonna start talking quarterbacks we gonna start talking running backs wide receivers tight ends in that sequential order. Beep ready for the next episode of where we've where podcast on WGR 550 dot com. You can catch those as walls and on demand audio from DW GR 550 as well and you'll also Derrick want to. Had people realize that we on Sunday mornings opry bills games will be coming in. Little breakfast with the bills fantasy style starting. Week one. When the bills take on the Baltimore Ravens on the road. I you can hear Derek and myself on WGR 78. And that would be on Sunday mornings will be the first pregame show of the day we're gonna steal a little bit more towards the game at hand. You know going through the fantasy guys in each breach team that are playing that day but there is deathly going to be days where we go into a little bit rest of the league this. This podcast the liberal or gives us an opportunity to view the league is a whole during preps the bills who really get a good idea of being a CD players and PNC strategies based off that game. And who watched for for the bills and their opponent as well. On being able to have. Bills players and answer area is you know what there was a good number of them this year and and I'm old I'm pretty excited to get into with you Derek because. I'm not only league wide this year there's a lot of young players that are ready to take the next step am I am but not only that there. Lot of guys who are ready did make a bounce back year possibly discretion Frank Gore there are guys that downward -- be doing her homework on. To bring you guys some of the best you know waiver wire guys banana that. You know guys that you have on your roster that you may wonder whether to up venture sit. Our play on so it'll be fun now moving forward here with though with the Derek so let's hope let's hope for some. You know it's more interaction on Twitter you can always keep witness as as he mentioned before I'm at neat Kiri WGR and it's my right over here Derrick is at Derek Kramer. WGR so Derek any final words for the folks final words is basically this. Have photographs. Have phone with fantasy football and don't worry about the homer listeners ponson ponson numbers for a well we will undoubtedly punched the number so until next week I'm Nate and Ford air crane worked this is the waiver wire.