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12-26 Extra-Point Show with Sal Capaccio HR 2

Dec 26, 2016|

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Welcome back here to the extra point show here under the GR and MSG so. I think we're back here and everybody's Beckham morsel to back up the ball nice I apologize for that let's go to mark in Ken morrow takes a phone call before arrow up arrow down what's going on mark. Hotel alone. There acting unity it was so frustrating in a sense. I Pollack taught using bad words yelling at my TV but here's the thing now are bothered me a the defense. A little slow. I thought they were sought. And the worst part tonight in the cougar thing that really. Give them an at all he's in a different team and they're tackling is still dead arm and I would include the bottle Bill Keller went back I would want every. Player understood sense of unit. You are taking rustling. Greek ruins. Of the I think the you know in football. The Q basic concept of leading point back to it starting. That that would make twenty or whatever ones blocking and tackling and our tackling was so bad that he's armed. In reality especially glaring on Saturday I grew these part of my era down I hate it was awful. And the other thing that really bothered me to deport them to lit up 41 in overtime with four minutes left ethnic arts. Kelly talked about it departing with that's been a big talking point today. Yeah I think something's your coach. Sort of got to get a gauge on where the team's outlook is going right and in this case at public works slightly what might defense it's terrible it has no it can't get. And your offense your set a franchise record for yards gained. 182. Yards. In jeopardy is seen in jeopardy need to do try to move the ball. Didn't have children to a better. Yeah I don't I don't mark Wheatley it's gonna be talking points iPods as a wanna cut jobs here in eighty made some good points there especially in tackling a wanna talk about that my arrow up or down count which a minute you hear a second invited to BGR. 550 dot com forward to that let's go to Q I'm Michael in Atlanta hi Michael you're on the extra point show. Hey don't go away if you could come out of that comfort a. Yeah I think yeah I know I appreciate that and I tell my parents are still their next you'll be there the next year. Bills falcons that's one of the evil we'll talk about next year in the schedule later this hour but I'm sure the URD selvin if those tickets right. Our that's her shirt. And by the way Alitalia going out thank you very much let's vote there now a real quick so wat. I'm I wanna point out that I think they'll make the playoffs Jim Schwartz is to repeat what coordinator and I really upset. I knew what an apology to the Rex Ryan if you look back in history. Look at the comebacks in the bill which the past Fitzpatrick had against them these pictured out against Miami when Miami what their good. I didn't because it's always been very consist Qaeda had a great game to that next. We have another treat each in the NFL we are worse when I and every which way the way responsibility. But we should have never gotten rid of Jim Schwartz. Well that's that's the coach's call AK look at here's how it works you say you know. And I think I try to remind people this all the time once you made a coaching change. You had to know that Jim Schwartz was not gonna be around he's not gonna stick around for another coach to commend you who's gonna wanna bring his own staff every coach hired their own staff. And have it Rex Ryan especially now you're hired let's say. I know a total offensive coach. May be that guy keeps gym shorts because he needs somebody outside the ball but there was no way in hack once you hired Rex Ryan he was gonna keep Jim Schwartz just wasn't gonna happen. But that would put them in the that was just a bad decision now are you approach works its key I think is able to pick them up. Yes he's in he's in Philly but here's the problem Michael their defense is and that that in Philly and Jim Schwartz was not a good head coach. I I hearing I I he was a very good defensive coordinator. Here in buffalo he's had some good moments this year in Philly but they're below average in most categories this year they're not having a very good season at all and he was a a bad head coach to me and Detroit. I don't it won't let you wanna touch him as a quarterback we have beaten the quarterback time to develop. I've got president of football fanatic with that account was going to be great. He started out he showed potentially I would Obama. And that pretty tigers hope he comes in to Washington in what like what seven out of eight games they play these 35. I know that we got. Guys a long time I'm not waiting twelve years retire a developer in 98 more years. I personally sit on the bench followed yours we have Emanuel showed some great sites we've got. They're making that you know and now you know he's shown to break actually got a letter quarterback the power leak that yeah a little bit. If you think pulling the plug now be too early. I I think I think usually what I've been frustrated with them. But I see some great potential. In the guy I think he needs you know a little more confident it's got to be able to open up a little bit more likely that need to be game plan for trying to keep them a little bit. Consolidated you know doubt Reich a pinch but I think you got to look the guy actually. Open up a little bit more and yet it's got potential but the regular bike to develop. Yeah I appreciate I appreciate I think you know that he asserted swayed a lot of people want him Lenny and she to a lot of what's up like. As I can is that you go through that hit in the Buffalo Bills and check as they've messed up these and we which is about all. Except what is this a couple of years now my abdomen is with the general managers. And we get. Good players and that. They're gone the next year we get to bed and they stayed forever I mean we could. Failed trade away Eric Taylor and don't lose this ability Emanuel. Then came a should be developed that just sit on the bench. Watch he should be out there and didn't care of business. And if we we. All the general matters to the highest standard. To be responsible under the the Irish broke coaching. Then and then we could possibly. Get further into this season. As far as that policy involves. My acumen is dead you need a good solid scouting staff and should be responsible. And hold them responsible for the people that they get on the team. And state can't we need and it was scouting staff. And then at and we need and the general manager of being held accountable. And I mean and most. Businesses. That because we're not tolerate. Let that day anyway and and there are other private businesses to make money. And that that's my game and they need that these people that this sentiment not to push to press forward on third down and one person board so they get the first down. Okay thank you very much for the thoughts a lot of and let's go to David in alma hi David you're on a VG on MSG. All good morning. Good morning. I want to say that ball caught. Seventeen years on dialysis. It is what it is. I thought I also feel that. What were actually I first got here shouldn't it woke up to dominant defense that we had nurtured structure earlier. All. But he's gonna do that every head coach doesn't and as soon as you hire a head coach he's gonna hire staff. If you bring a defense of guy he's not gonna keep on the other defense a guy that does not share the same philosophy. I understand your take on it. Obviously is my take initially I I agree with you Jim Schwartz was great for this defense and it would be it would have been nice to have him here. But it's unrealistic to expect that when you hire Rex Ryan. All I Iberia and I'm not saying met. Equal to capture him shortly gurkha that he got to go to one that was sort gobble it all. Have many sources told that correct you talked about the end while we were going to be forward. While writes were it not apple all there is personality. And total. If not conducive to building and leading vote. He would probably. All personality wise coaching here. All. They don't have cheerleaders and maybe then in a band manager anymore. I'm like 80305588552. By fifty thinks of the phone call I you have to run and you have to get to my arrow up arrow down well let's. Get to a couple of tweets as well here. Let's see Buffalo Bills thirteenth man to bet the defense couldn't stop other teams when needed yet that that's been a bit of a theme this year a when he did need that. It was Kyle who said Matt Flynn was not her Russell Wilson in the job they can have yet okay can I thought it was her for a little while so. I guess wrong and that but is also rare case that have a that you met plan a lot of money it can happen it is and that's why it. The only thing happened when mark called earlier we had a discussion. Lots of people call up and they say. When they keep. Drafting quarterback to take it always quarterbacks. I just have an issue with the practicality of that putting into practice but how do you get those guys wraps its great to define what comes in he blows your doors off in OTAs and minicamp he might be all set. But generally. Most of gonna say. Those guys need a little while to know what they are well you'll only have served my time and actually have them play and can't pre season and wraps if we have other quarterbacks it's hard to do. Max says I've been inspired by her show and I was interviewed on TV and said I had a promising high school career thank you very much met much Max for that that thought and that that happened today. This one I have no idea what Sami people listen to please don't make things up according to sell. The bill should stay the course and not try. I have no idea what that means and please don't make things up I don't appreciated because he obviously not listening to this program if that's what you think or you have your own narrative already going into the program it just gonna say what you want us so that's what idealists sometimes. A social media which is climber tells me don't even more about it I can't take her advice even do this for so long these of the report at the new but that's what it is to at least try to pay attention. In at least try to be truthful and understanding what I'm saying. Not at all I do think Rex Ryan a lot of it a lot of the blame lies at his feet and I and fired at the bills make a change but I also think that the quarterback position has been. Mismanaged and they haven't found the guy and I also think that there are a lot of other issues that need to be addressed here. On both sides of the ball wide receiver on the opposite side of the that's Rex Ryan's fault. You know I don't know what he wanted to play. When someone calls up. It tells me that. You need to have quarterbacks at five or six of on the come to camp and track them every year I'm gonna tell you that's hard to do. So again try to pay attention when and exactly actually saying is that making things up 8030550. Aided by 52 by fifty let's go to. Our arrow up arrow down we confided to be your pipe that he got count my arrow down. We begin with coaching and on the TV three instances where I've put an arrow down specifically and coaching number one we talked about a lot. Putting on fourth and two with 409 remaining in overtime. Those at greatest game they'd keep their playoff hopes alive by doing it they could not tot that would eliminate them yet. Rex Ryan he played not to lose instead of the wind on fourth down from his own 41 yard line. Needing only two yards and the opportunity franchise record for yards game I've put myself and Rex issues I understand what he was thinking I just think it was a. Bad decision to think that way. Putting the ball way to Miami met absolutely having to get 83 outs stop which they did earlier because the bills had only one timeout remaining. Up until that point the defense allowed over 400 yards against. To me it was a classic case of a defense of my head coach thinking defense of and conservative and not thinking about trying to win the game and save the season. Ultimately killed the season. After the game. Rex defended the decision also added. Quote every coach in America would have done the same thing and quo while I don't believe that's true. I do believe a lot of them would have put even if it is true that's not a reason to do yourself you do it. You you make a decision based on what's best not what everyone else would you or at least think they would do. Also ten men on the field the very first play after the next Miami drive when it started that was dolphins got the ball at that point. The bills had some personal communication issues in the very first play that should not happen especially shouldn't happen. And the very first play of the series. Only ten men lined up on defense and JH IA took advantage by rambling 57 a rumbling at seven yards and ultimately setting up. The game winning field goal. Next coaching issue. Waiting too long to call timeout and the game tying field goal in regulation. Rex tried to ice Miami's kicker. I think that's fine that situation I also think it's good called timeout to set up your best field goal block you have in your back pocket maybe you haven't used. Try do that because that's the situation it's coming out low you need to get a block in the air we're gonna save our season block this and that. The game is over we're still alive. When he tried to do for either that reason or ice of which is great but once again to me he tried so hard to be so Smart he wait until the very last second deal it. And by then it was too late in the moments that there is debate be called on time I don't think he did but. I know Corey white didn't and it should have been called that's not a Rex Ryan that's on the official's direction out of waited as long as he did. And I think he tried outsmart himself by way to the very last minute to do it. Next arrow down just talked about it on the radio the collar. Tackling my goodness it's been an issue all season long for a large portion of at least tackling in the scheme may have been at the worst that I've seen. All year and that's saying a lot it was atrocious. Leading the shoulder tackle parade with Stephon Gilmore. That's been a theme for him all season he seems disinterested and actually tackling people. But there were plenty of others throughout the game who decided not to wrap up. It was glaring it was costly all game long especially on some very big plays for the dolphins. Speaking of big plays. Oh my goodness. The horrible tackling a reason for it but the bills gave up get this four plays of 44 yards or more. That's a pretty remarkably high number. To put that into perspective. There are two teams to initially. Who have not given up four plays of 44 yards or more all season. Long. There are teams have given up more than the Eagles had this year the bill that it won game four of. That. Is to mean inexplicable. Run defense it's an arrow down. We Matt Lojeski pile on here because that's what we do in this is the segment port. Because the bills give up 261 yards rushing and six point nine yards a carry on 38 carries you care about 38 times and of course the seven yards a carry incredible. JA Jai once again. He made the bills' defense his own personal playground over 206 yards. This was after Rex has stated all week. How horrible was to have that happen to them earlier this season in Miami and how they wouldn't happen again. This time around even brought out all the defensive lineman as the team captains to send a message I believe about how this wasn't going to happen this time around while it happen. Pass rush it's an arrow down Matt Moore dolphins QB threw the ball thirty times. Zero sacks. Connected to. The end around Reggie Bush we've talked about it I'll throw it in the air down. I love that offer to coordinator Anthony Lane completely empty the playbook to trying get this win even at a flea flicker. To the arsenal which worked out. There were deep balls that were different design re options but. The end around the bush just called the wrong time to meet the wrong player the office is doing a great job with a ball downfield in a position to win the game with a touchdown in overtime. But here's the situation they'd just lost two yards the play before and bush hadn't even touched the ball all game. Now maybe the play was blocked that are on the edge bush walks into the end zone while talk about how creative and great of a call at once I get that it's revisionist history in that regard. But. It was another eight yard loss on top of the two yard loss which which at third and one. If it's second to you wanna risk get a much more comfortable with it because a loss on the wrist get you to third in. I don't know 89 right. Here's the thing. But he lived in a great job overall in that game. This was a bad job I think in this particular instance I'm not gonna crush import I think whenever you set a franchise record in yards. You're doing something right. But that just to me was not the time to call that play to that particular player. Finally arrow down goes to kicker Dan Carpenter. Lost in the coaching decision in overtime to punt and attend an on the field saga. Was effective carpenter missed a 45 yard the oval on those first possession. Obviously Miami would have had to go for it on their next possession when they faced a fourth and five departed but it's logical to assume. The amazed by car opener in that instance could have won the game. Arbiter also missed a 46 yard field goal early in the game and then on top of that sum it wasn't talked about as much. He didn't reach the end zone and the kick off. Following the bills TD with 125 left in regulation. That led with 39 yard run back and help Miami get the field goal range and ultimately tie up the game at the end. Aren't there were some good things mostly on the offense arrow up let's go to Tyrod Taylor's first ever. 300 yard passing game he did it in ways we haven't seen this year namely he Charles play eight times. Finally went back to the deep ball which works so well last year specifically to see him a couple of times bills can be made good decisions specifically when it. Keep talking talking and writing it. And also adding sixty yards on the ground. 389. Yards of total offense for Tyrod Taylor throwing and running yet three touchdown tosses it didn't turn the ball over. His best game as a bill. Statistically and maybe overall. Wide receivers David Watkins it's a narrow. Any game where Watkins finally saw the targets go his way and the receptions and yards pile up. Taylor looked his way ten times Watkins caught seven album for a 154. Yards he also added a touchdown. On a beautiful 53 yard catch. Throw and catch deep ball. CD made a couple of tough catches a ball started spots he had to go up and get either high. Which were showing in the sidelines won here on the TV side of things or low when he was able to get down and scoop went off the turf and keep it off the term at a big third down later in the game. Nice game for Sammy great to see. Tight end Charles clay it's a narrow up he has had a terrific last several weeks he was a monster against his former team. He collected eight catches for 85 yards and two touchdowns he got a couple really tough ones as well along the way bolt which build those out on third down. Of course. He had to go low and keep the ball off the ground for what could have also been the game winning touchdown on fourth down. Late in regulation. I'm gonna give an arrow up to pretty much anyone who played on offense simply for. Setting a franchise record for yards. Gained. The starting offense and all the substitutes doesn't matter they had a franchise record for yards gained. Finally the airlock. The one of on the defense aside that I have. Goes to defensive end cliche usable. He's the one it's on the up list he didn't miss tackle early in the game outage ice for such I know and for that. You know you might tell me I don't deserve to put on this list I get it but that he plays solid game I thought including the only defender. With any tackle and the dolphins backfield and he actually had two of them. He also knocked down a pass in the flat that could guard her big yardage had he not then there in getting his hand out. He totaled five tackles on the afternoon two for loss also a pass defended legally usable gets an arrow. Pointing up our we'll take a phone call report next break let's go to mark I mark your and a VG on honesty and each of which what's up. Hard certificate in my college general look for whichever book they're. I listened to everybody talked about our quarterback. And how bad eat it is all he performed horrible trump this season career. Our if you looked at the greatest quarterbacks are first couple years or expect or. All our our our terrible history on her yard gain. That's shows progress. I think we need to stick with them and is wrote a column we certainly camp put EJ Manuel director electric collar at times. Peace force because EJ Manuel has proven that he can do did you have in years were. Partner on who you gonna put in there you're not all the solid gimmick get the second coming of Joseph Montana because you don't really Tyrod Taylor. Our Tyrod Taylor. Is just kicked our quarterback. Which I would love to see Michael's ex amnesty. RI RA didn't you know our defense was absolutely current issue. It's a team effort never put it on one man. Com if she got her act somebody our direction you don't want action brother been urged all of them. Are people really who are you going to put in their coach and you can water called a ball. While lots of people on a common I don't I don't buy that argument at all because. There are 32 of these jobs in the world and this is the highest pinnacle of the profession that these people who want jobs now there have been people loudly said that's not a situation for me I get it. But if you if you wanna head coach there will be people who wanna be who want to be head coaches are pretty much. Anybody that you offer for going out we Annabel head coach to that profession is gonna take the job. I'll that's what people do I mean it's the pinnacle that I'm so tired of the narrative who's gonna wanna come here everybody because that's what they want. Now there maybe I shouldn't say everybody there may be a guy here a guy there that says. I'm good staying in doing you know. Josh McDaniels has had opportunities to go elsewhere he hasn't done it I think Marvin Lewis declined to come to buffalo. In 2001 before he went to Cincinnati because his wife didn't like something about the here I don't know my point is though. Mark I mean. If you're really wanna go in and say who's gonna come here pretty much anybody who's in the profession because there are 32 of these jobs in the world. And that's the ultimate of their profession. Right I understand which is saying in their book however. Not all are gonna get Rex Ryan right money. Rex Ryan got that money because this is knee. That is true I think they'll you're probably still looking at paying a guy Elton dog world got four million a year. It. I mean you know that's a good point I think you're just an entire ice wanna bring that up thank you for the phone call happy holidays to you are thank you very much I. In my dismissed the rest of this call I just I'm I don't like that narrative about who's gonna wanna come here right I think that's. False. And anybody who want to be head coach that's who Tom Coughlin seventy. People say yo he might take a job here because he wants to coach that's why and this is. The pinnacle of your profession there's 32 of the jobs in the world we'll see the Eagles have a coach right now we'll see if that changes in a week in the meantime we'll take time out come back. We got a half hour let it go for too when we come back. Start looking towards next year a little bit. Extra points Joseph would sell. I welcome back here we have. Half hour left the extra point children John Murphy a visually see tasker filling in for Dow Jones on the John Murphy show. So back up the phone lines before we go for two medical for two segment that we always do here any extra point showed David Clarence is on the line he wants to chat a little bit what's that they've. I fell they picked my call. I wanted to. Comment about Rex Ryan I think four of foray into stage he has to change his defensive philosophy. If you recall when Mick Mike Patton was feared and running the defense. They eat the effective quarterback a lot but the they couldn't stop the run and they they gave up a lot of yards. And Schwartz took over the defense and they have the number three defense. What you go back to the same philosophy. And there just get run all over again in and there are just you know unless they change the philosophy I don't see them doing that. The same thing gonna happen. They have to adjust. Yeah but I don't see Rex genius philosophy I mean that's why is who he is it's what he's built unease at the point of his career where. I can't see that happening in Huntington. But but what a good coach has to adjust. As they adjust to what the other teams are going into an advantage of that defensive philosophy. Did you I think Rex has changed a lot about his philosophy of coaching matches on the defense aside I think the way you approach a game thank you very much for the call I mean I think that point was evident of that. And the things like that he's a defensive minded coach and offensive minded league. Let's go to Mike in buffalo hi Mike you're under the GR ministry. They can I have a comment about Anthony when they announced coast Rex Ryan as they do fire. Wouldn't say chances so I don't I heard you and your docket about it Saturday before being Indian head coach. What if again it's like cops when you think they want to keep and those are coordinator in terms probable. While all of the funniest so everybody knows what you're talking about just so there was nothing there was a report before the game on Saturday just sort of what he's up to speed. Coming from NFL network it said if the bills if the bills move on from Rex Ryan it's. May it could be because they want to keep it to be live on as the head coach kind of what Tampa did with Lovie Smith bring in dirt cutter as their offensive coordinator. Promoted to head coach because of what they thought about him on to your question though Mike. I'll go back to what I said. When a new head coach comes and you just never know. What they're gonna do with their philosophy their relationships they have around the league who they're gonna bring in for their assistance sure I mean I'd love Anthony latest and is offensive coordinator I think he's done a good job I'd like to see more of what he can do. He's not my worst choices and offensive coordinator at that the guys. Very well respected but I would have no idea. What the dynamic will be between him and any other head coach if they were higher Coughlin or anybody else at let's say Josh regain his comes in. I doubt Anthony Lynn would want you know Josh McDaniels would keep on a guy likely if I wanna write his own offense so all that stuff it there's too many variables there. Does that make sense. Yeah. I like yes I like them but I think it's too much I think it's. I think it's unrealistic a lot of times you expect a new head coach to command. And just keep every snap on because that head coach has a built in working relationship with many other people throughout the years. Are. You welcome. He could mean who. It's W gave Tom golf let's say Tom Coughlin gets hired as a coach bill if the bills moved on from Rex right now we don't know if they did that it's non profit came in. Keep it and he might mean the ownership says we like it regulated you wanna take this job where it is strongly encourage academic and a mandate. I don't think they would do that we would encourage. But generally head coaches have guys that worked with the they wanna keep and we'll see knowing that's. That's what usually goes all right let's go to Orlando high Carolina you're on the extra point show. Ignored. Thank you. First day of August wanna say went quiet I'll take them out they can do is we have a cold over so we need more creative place. Number three we were Leodis McKelvin just began Douby Ankiel war. They are police there and he is college material await their political beat Korea Singapore and weakness it was political. Noble or. Orlando have you seen Leodis McKelvin play lately. Yeah he's he's pretty awful EU should watch him play for the Philadelphia Eagles I will tell you right now you'll be thankful he's not playing at a Buffalo Bills uniform. I know we met we get a little Google we got Darby had a Gilmore. Played film. All that's now what they got it to replace them anything they all were on the same team together but. He they released him because they thought it was too expensive for what he was giving them. All okay okay okay okay okay and. Don't get there's a difference there I don't mean. OK okay how did OK Doug Gilmour doesn't need to replace. Okay. We get a William brand who you ran. And I will be out at the money I bogeyed I doubt Lonnie Ali well while our usual runner up. Because of back to this. I draft him first round. Our hey listen man I don't know if I'd I think step on Gilmore is days are probably number here in buffalo for the money he wants. I think I'm okay we keep in Rwanda are being let them work through what the issues he had this year you know I got beat. The most physical guy but he idiom good rookie year and I think it's a beget. OK okay I'd say yeah OK yeah I take. I I think Gilmore is probably. Right now is as good as on the way out the way it looks. OK okay what about being out insurer. Dick Everett probably would we do we address this earlier and I think the interpreter probably also. Look in not to be here next year the way that this thing has unfolded in the AD salary he makes but thanks for the phone call. We're in aren't listen not I I mistakenly did not list LeSean McCoy might arrow up it's on the it's on the website that I I wrote. I just skip that accidentally went from Charles play down pass LeSean McCoy of course he gets an arrow up in the scheme and a my apologize my apologies for that another outstanding performance for him. 128 yards on the ground added seventeen. Via the pass a total 145 from scrimmage. On the queen now need to get this 63 yards rushing next week to have a second best NFL rushing season ever. That is saying something considering the crease that he has been unbelievably still is in the English comically just. Incredible football player I love watching them play every week it's unfortunate that these last two years especially this year. Again and a wasted with no playoffs when you think about it but I still think he has really good football left. He's been between nine next year and it's still the united thirty years old yet he doesn't take a lot of you know big shots. I's body has held up in the hope that this case and they can take advantage one of these years these remarkable things which on the quake can do with the Pope also want to a mixture. I touched on that all right let's go for Q here all right shall we because. Restart looking towards next year and the bills do have one game left. And the first of all the more immediate thing about next year is. Where the bills are gonna draft. As of right now as of right now the way we sit here. The bills will draft twelfth in this coming draft in the for sure. That can go as high as close to top I say hi high traffic would be further up backing go as high as nine. I believe I'm holding go any higher than nine. If they were to lose and other things were to happen around them I think at the highest that goes. The lowest thinking though. I thought it might have been up fifteen so what's that maybe eighteen we'll see so after the results of yesterday that you could actually be eighteen. So I think we're looking anywhere between 918. Don't quote me and that's about right so. 918 what's that kind of team look at. Fourteen. I've read about looking at around forty of the bills went. Against the jets are probably looking at 1415 somewhere in that range if they lose I think nine or ten is what you look at. As of right now what do you look at as our positions. Three agency's first and people always say what's the biggest meet all the needs change needs change from. December whatever we are here the 26. Even change from January something. To the April draft of the major app because you have free agency you have guys that contract expiring contracts and resigning guys and making trades or whatever. Needs change as of right now of the draft were today. I'd say. Safety and wide receiver. Partly because wide receiver you have free agents coming up the you don't know you're gonna have mainly Robert Woods mark he's good when those guys are gonna be gone probably. Or at least we'll see what happens with that maybe are what comes back to really set under the age your last week he's a top priority meaning of the guys that they need to try and resize. They'd like to do that. The other part about next year always interesting to know the schedule. And the bills have. And it already had. A schedule predetermined for them. For many years when it comes to fourteen different games. In fact you really want to eat and go find the bills fourteen opponents the have been predetermined and where they are the next three years. But 2017. Those opponents of the determine for years there are only two opponents that are only determined by where you finish we know one of them now. The bills next year. Looking at the schedule. At home we'll play two AFC west teams to NFC south teams. They are aside from your own divisional teams at home next year the bills will take on the Denver Broncos. The Oakland Raiders. The New Orleans Saints. In the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They're all coming to buffalo next year. They'll also play one more team which right now right now appears to be the Indianapolis Colts however I believe. If the colts win and that Tennessee Titans lose this week it'll be Tennessee coming to buffalo but right now I think it. Probably looking like Indy so you'd have indeed. Or possibly Tennessee along with for sure yet but New Orleans Oakland Denver some good teams that are coming about for next year. The bills will go to we know for sure. The eight road games next year we sent out a win. We will for sure the road games next year gadgetry divisional opponents plus the bills were four will go to Kansas City. Seen any angle which could be Alley at the time it's going to be the chargers where they are. They're gonna go to Atlanta. They're going to go to Carolina. And they're gonna go to Cincinnati based on where they're finishing in Cincinnati Spanish. Kansas City San Diego Atlanta Carolina and Cincinnati. Will all be on the bills road schedule next year home. Denver Oakland New Orleans Tampa. And probably indeed may be tennesseans that. Take a timeout welcome back we'll wrap things up here at a Buffalo Bills football Monday an extra porch. We'll show you what's. And we just got finished the implications tonight I got some. As a bearish implications tonight's big time. I am up by 35 points. In my community championship. The guy that I'm playing. Has. Ezekiel Elliott. Dez Bryant. An error he brought. Normally I'd say I'm I'm cup but since the cowboys are eclipsed everything. I'm they can I sit as early easily give Mano a few plays and then what is eagle go to like the third court the taken out. Averages. I did not start Adam deal. The guy would 44 points for the vikings who in the heck what had he some eventually buy we purposes. My team is so it's good enough to not stardom you starting regularly you probably don't have a very good team but it point four points would probably almost automatically. So any tonight is usually at Dez Bryant Turkey brown. That's the guy am plane has come down 30 am up 35 so we'll see see where those pilots are wrap things up or the couple phone calls we can't shot to the log what's going on. Hey good morning thanks for taking my call I'm milk in their fantasies of thank you. So a couple comments about Taylor and racks of start up by saying. After watching pillar of the last few years. I feel good about keeping calm I feel like it would be three years would be the minimum we read. People improve our contract. And if you wanna craft and QB in a couple of years I think it would work out perfectly. I don't think any other QB who was put in his situation and would work. He'll order duplicate. Their normal average and he put in bad positions or at six receivers. My shot did you did you feel that way before the gamer that's way. You know what I. Amano say its wade. Yeah I think a lot of people in that boat I think so I I don't mean to cut job on I get your thoughts that I need to go on. To another caller here to let Mike and he's been holding for a little while and appeal hi Mike you're under the GR MST what's up. I think certainly on I would not look on workers to occur that there was some got to remain. Is Google's possible certainly my living thirty pusher of coaching football not gonna say who are aware that the college and high school level. I want you guys in buffalo to please understand the Rex Ryan. Will come to a single console for you banks but he's he's a leader of the so one probably as as players you multiply correction and therefore. He tries to keep everybody here you know and now it's gotten so the awful lyrics while median market compared with acute company art he bought that matter. He will come through for you can live in the Arctic about Baltimore how they work. The last couple years ago when you're welcome back when Europe topic on our restricting and it was censored. That's a guy got like thirty seconds for you guys. Defense win football games period we go back and somebody could today sculptural OK one Rex is something different or Baltimore they're winning Super Bowl. When Rex is dominating piece are currently in New York his first two years rather mediocre offense looked quarterback. He took into the championship to your girl left the man call these people are only the amount of built. But you've got a good thing going there. Police. I might like thank you very much I think early service coaching our young men and women and maybe even an eye on high school and college with all due respect from one coach former coach to another. I don't think that's how you win football games anymore I know what happened last year but you gotta be able to play offense and throw the ball. I do agree completely you know that Rex Ryan is a pleaser and that's something he's gonna have to change. In over if he wants to change his philosophy and how he wants to approach going forward we'll see what happens. Rex is scheduled to meet with the media today at 4:40 PM he'll be on the show for the Bulldog later today when they come your way at 3 PM. And he'll be out of five with them. And we will have John Murphy continuing next with Steve tasker thinks that JJ terino Jeff COLT act Tom Hollander George last. And Briton Wilson I'm south of pot Jill we will talk to you one more time. One more time. Next year. That's right next week is next year. Next Monday last extra point show of the season let ability here today happy holidays everybody out there hoping you enjoy your day off. Whether you have a they offered up a beacon what's that John Murphy and as we next.