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01-02 Extra Point Show Hour 1

Jan 2, 2017|

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Oh boy Joseph woods. I welcome into the extra point show here on the major Sports Radio 5:50 am on an as G networks you're watching me on TV I'm kind of scrambling here and everything done as possible to get that collar gonna get better looking right. Hopefully he's good because I just scrambled over here from the bills' locker room and I was there for locker clean out data start everything. Today which is going to be an eventful day here at one bills drive there's two different locker clean out sessions today. One is right now which is ending right now I believe just before I hit the airwaves. It started 930 and then the other one is going to be 1032 Latin. Privacy I'll be here on the radio with you but did catch up with Tyrod Taylor in the locker did catch up just a moment ago it's that was set on Gilmore in the locker I'll tell you. Everything they said. As we go forward here we'll talk about what happened yesterday not so much yes innocent for the season what happens going forward with a built of course today also of the gave the bills. And the media room at 2 PM it's going to be done Wheeling was going to be speaking with the media. And he'll be answering questions about the coaching search about the quarterback. A lot of nets. Kind of stuff. The apple one and oh right I mean I guess I'm scrambling here but in the meantime I know this we are ready to rock and roll for phone calls and that's we're gonna do today were to basically take all of the things that normally happen on this program meaning all of the segments you know go for two and sales stats. Wear and tear those up and we're gonna throw well in my my paper crumbling Terry uptown here. Actually see it now that the magic of television it's just you know radio and we are a terror that up. And which can take phone calls that I want to be mean you'll want you to tell me. Today what you wanna hear from Doug Whaley and I wanna get your sense as a fan base the direction the organization where the U one ago. Head coach quarterback all of that what you wanna hear from Doug Whaley today yen. After yesterday's performance by. Tyrod Taylor I'm sorry excuse me by EJ Manuel and Cargill Jones in lieu of Tyrod Taylor starting. Where you at the quarterback position gauger. Sense of what you want change. Based upon any that you saw yesterday whether that was. For good or for bat for Tyrod meaning you want him back and now you don't you didn't wanna back you do I don't know one thing I will tell you is it Tyrod Taylor just spoke a little while ago. In the locker room. And he said. He did not I should say he did not discount she did not discount. They restructured contract however. He also basically said it would not be his preferred outcome he doesn't wanna do that and if the team purges and we'll see where that goes essentially sell. We'll get all that two years as the show goes out but he didn't say no he didn't say he's not willing to do it he didn't say yeah totally wanna do that either it's kind of interesting you're noncommittal. On that but maybe eagle is a little little longer into. Along way into maybe what the bills might wanna do here because I think. What's gonna happen here is I do think the bills will eventually go to Tyrod Taylor and say look we would like to keep you here in Eagles uniform. We don't want a guarantee the thirty million dollars over the next two seasons we can live with sixteen million dollars a year as a starting quarterback that but that is what you pay for starting quarterback in the sleet. When he got a guy that's a third alternate to a pro ball or whether you got a guy that's you know. Just started in this league handful of games and if you're not a rookie deal with the quarterbacks not a rookie deal and he's starting. You generally get a pay about that much more starting quarterback that would rank about twentieth when he first in the league overall is our base salary the thirty million guaranteed though what that does your cap and things like that I think that's where. The issue comes in for the team in what they. Wanted you were not wanna do I think really in this situation the bills would love to. Have Tyrod Taylor come back on a restructured. Deal. 803055888515. To 515. The numbers to call here arts I wanna get your thoughts on. What's going on here today on the coaching search and what's going on. On the quarterback front and Doug Whaley and his press conference of what you want to hear today from him. Let me just stop you now be known and get people to call up and say this OK and that's what I know your man and the fan base and at a get a Anderson. I. Hope don't you don't need to call waste their time and say what I wanna hear but really today's I resign this is not gonna happen we know that. We know that that's happened happened today he's gonna talk and you're probably gonna get answers that are gonna satisfy a lot of you I mean we all know that's the case right. That that's usually what happens in situations like this so. We'll see what happens we'll hear what happens and when Doug really stepped to the podium today or sits down there's one chair one table there today we'll get a lot more feedback on. Where he kind of wants the direction to go here the organization where he wanted to what you wanna hear from him what do you think about quarterback situation like you said were blown it out today no. Segments no gold for two and a McDougal for two later. I'd Google for two later I'll talk to the producer what I can do all the Euro up are announced that others can talk about. Things that happened yesterday it what it meant for Anthony Lane and that's all included in the meantime it 305 that the by the way man it's up about GO. This is the final extra point show of the 2016 season here we are 2017 calendar year I'm sad about that I like that shortly doing it for you like being on TV. And smiling and hoping to get a GQ contract but obviously nobody's called yet so that's probably after happen until next year might have to. Do some things different in order to make that happen but it's good to be here with the U. And of course the bills lost yesterday thirty to ten. To the New York Jets game I thought that they did not show much effort in game where I was really hoping they would show a lot more effort not anybody specifically just the entire team. As a whole not rising to an occasion to try and finish the season strong trying to finish for. You know into the lane where he has there are some reports out there that the bills. Are basically getting set to. Higher Anthony Lynn what I'm told is they're still going to search that is not necessarily a lot can mean I think he is still the favorite to get this job. However. I wouldn't expect anything happened today because I don't think the team is going to trot about their just announce a head coaching candidate I think they're going do search I hope that you do a search and I don't think we'll be right to just trot him out there and say this is our guy after not doing search that would be a bad look by the organization. In it would be. Quite frankly the wrong approach to take when you have other candidates out there so I don't think that's gonna be the case but we'll find out a little more today. As we go 4803055888550. 2515 Matt in Columbus you're gonna start us off an extra point show here today and a good morning happy new year deal. Do we can't wait wait wait I'm sorry I hit the wrong button maybe I can not get Matt back here. And to try and do this I'm having a little problem. With my screeners so how about you back to the station bring me up Matt if you can and will go to him right now Columbus so Matt I'm sorry about that go ahead you're on the extra point show. It felt good morning happy new year deal. It. Public comment for you is that I'm on the kind of a fight them. In my opinion on floppy eared dog would at a later date that. They're not moving up or fire on I know there are you know salary cap implications to keep backed guaranteed money on the mayoral. But they bought a small sample size pound of the round in yesterday. My opinion I think we've been offered iiroc potentially. Means that they are ranked in maverick we saw yesterday that. The jets were able to you now at a key up on the run it at any day back there. If we we bring and whether it would be you know hypothetically Roma or someone else it not to be the same racquet act adding. Not at a higher up actor but there's my opinion I think moving up from Barak to potentially damage and make it might Wear it overall. While I appreciate that sentiment but I think that the run game and how good it is I have control back the screen as a thank you back at the station. I think the run game and how good it is though has gotten you know playoffs over the last two years and I don't know how all. Necessarily important that is I don't need a quarterback is gonna round out the run game. A new quarterback is gonna sit in the pocket and throw darts and help the passing game I think that's what bills fans want that's what it takes to win in this league at the highest of levels. I like Tyrod Taylor a player these good football player at the help this team I'd love to see him backing a bill uniform I don't think you should just. Bring him back at the current rate him over the starting job though my ideal scenario for him would be. Bring him back at a restructured reduced rate. Necessarily with the guarantees. Even if you got to pave if you think he's going to be the starter but at least maybe bring more competition or at least try to get better in that area as a passer I think you gotta do better in the passing game. Look at the teams that are the best teams in this league. And where there in the passing game compared to the run game it's not about running the football the best honestly it used to be. And I know he's a guy that helps you in the run game but he got help through the pass game that's more important Ken Indiana hi Ken you're an extra point show. I highly thought I liked it or call man I'll over the road truck driver and I don't need to watch games as driving. And so this year that EGR apt. He can't touch it bells and all that talk in everything else so you know that stop you guys straight up eat armed and not on. Now there's many others. The list of the program so I keep that. Welcome. Yet now all I'm not ready upon Tyrod Taylor I heard what Egypt's at about being passed make quarterback. But I think the mobility. They're Tyrod Taylor at that threat any breaking news. Back at our against Iraq. And get a unity. Drop coverage. Today and focus on the running back. Because Tyrod Taylor's you know on the other side of that line they eat rat and not that you lot it is a great deal. Jumping to might be cheering. I regain our age. Ground or air and ally. You bring excitement to again rate you up on you at EJ EE on. You know yeah but the young quarterback. He's out now we're back in the count issue. You know why let it bring well I agree but you know here we are I don't see. And specialties like yours says I didn't know I had a ball well we do that coaching issue. Oh whoever onboard L coach the players. Archer this quarterback even that would bring somebody from the trap. You know Jim Kelly what they were rates. Legend in opera mobile industry eat it at ease to map mobility that brings a different dimension to gain. And I really think Tyrod could it be a part of the game. Maybe not Carter. Let's see what we picked up I'll see. So witty what he wanted to put that wide receivers that. Now out eyelash Taylor I know I know he's maybe not starter but he part of the game. Are. You racked up. While these back I don't wanna pay sixteen million dollars a year that's the problem that's larger. A lot time how negotiate contract. It all mean that we could spread the audio out in all I'm writing a corporation and pat but not. Out they. Esther the corporations usually don't operate on a strict salary cap that virtue is building a roster. So I I think that's the the president thinks can he just a bit and my guess of phone calls every shape your sentiments and that you were much for the kind words by the way listening out there. In Indiana I'm the WGR app reaching download but. Com I think. When you look at the things that he brings to the table of course they're gonna help you and of course I mean this team that is setting records for running the football yards per play. Touchdowns that they have guys he's 500 rusher you don't get that from a quarterback it does bring a new dimension does help you mean. Think of some of the times they ran read option down near the goal line it really helped out and got in the hands on because of that Tyrod Taylor's legs and mobility and keeping plays alive. Again go back to. Some it's gonna sit there and stay in the pocket and see the field and throw down the field by and receivers. Your weight behind the rest of the sleep in that that's what you need to do. To succeed in this league the highest levels. Let's go to bill in Rochester billiard on the extra point John WG on a mystery what's up. There are. Does a thought that the best the best thing that could've happened tyra yesterday where it is not plane. Because. Each show how bad the the back up situation I realize it's unfair. But the guys that did play because they have played all year but EJ. Carter was dreadful. And cartel. Just showed that he wasn't ready okay. As school where they should go. I'd before you today I was absolutely in the camp that said Tyrod should not come back. Okay. But the other two look so bad and I don't know who's out there have been began. Goes. Agent list is not very good the only guy that if he came available as a free agent would be Kirk cousins but otherwise yet the trade for a guy like rubble but that's free agent list is basically. A bunch of backups that's what it is. Yeah and romo's got help you into the thirties he you know you can't rely on him. So. I'd love I still think to literally be a big upgrade your passing game I understand your point though it. Right Brett wreck so they'll look at the team the team scored enough points this season that they definitely should have made the playoffs. The problem this year wasn't the opt and even though Tyrod mediocre crimes. As do would his arm and his actors. But the defense. Miserable. As they can't tackle they can't hold the lead. If we had a decent defense. War I defense and is as good as the players with everything the players have talent. I think it was coaching in this means that screwed them up and that couples would be on Rex. So I think in the offseason I think we should concentrate on. Cementing the defense because I think the opera and you can bet the doctrine could get as soon showed. Get a look at Lou about the division. We didn't have New England of course we would have been there. So. Tore the quarterback situation. Tyrod. Not the best but you know see what else is out there and maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world keep on. But the defense you've got to work on this defense. Yeah I anger the agri the a lot of reports out there saying that if the bills do indeed higher at the Olympics and a phone call that. Gus Bradley could possibly join him of course Gus Bradley was just recently fired by the Jacksonville Jaguars is their head coach. Previously he was at Seattle he was on their staff as defensive coordinator they were not good when he started there. And then they got a lot better as the years went on and Pete Carroll came in drafted Russell Wilson and they spend a lot more money and the defense aside the ball when they had a quarterback they're paying cheap price to. And suddenly that defense got a lot better about telling you that it was smoke and mirrors because of the high price talent but it sure helps that he desperately did a good job of that defense that he went to Jacksonville. And you know they weren't as good now. Personally I think the kind of defense Gus Bradley runs of that is the case I would like to see a 43 defense implemented with this roster I believe they are more suited to run for three whether that's Bradley or somebody else. To me. That would be Morse more doable suitable but either way I mean you do that the fix the defense you do have this. Fixed problems and holes that are on there he of question marks all over what's going on with their Williams we don't know is he going to retire was going on with Kyle Williams we don't know is he going to retire. Those are major question marks Zach brown is going to be freeagent Reggie rag that's coming off ACL surgery coming back. These are big time question marks I think you have to try and answer in fill up and plug in your holes as you go for and that is not easy. 803055888552. By video let's go let's see what Joseph and buffalo hi Joseph you're on to be GR minister in the extra. We shall. Raise their partner or are you Jesus thank you thank you much. I think what what Alberto oil or concert where. Went up from the quarterback position I'm gonna try to address. It's free agent crop is not much out there and the port to trade for somebody who's gonna be extremely hard because they know we're in desperate need or. A group of my best but listen we got roller Kyra a little bit about each and tyra. I'm not. Completely against that are the on the analysts and corporate puppet wearing culture or keep your retired were re create a winning culture. Nobody debris into a winning culture different to win to create their culture. And on I mean it's not too. I do I do I think I think this week Obama ran about this were a lot I think to me what a culture is is is an essay winning or losing or bad or good I just think you need to have a the same people I'm in the same boat and holding people accountable and having consistent rules I think that helps you create a better culture it. You still need talent you always have to tell talent always trump culture as far as winning there's no doubt but I do believe in a having having the same people on this the people in that room being on the same page and pushing in the same direction to me that's a culture means. Right and that's what I'm I'm not ready diplomat we're really investing is going to be his first term were actually the hierarchy European or. You know what I mean the course closed the GM Jim what the president politically are racked that was you know he got corporate Secretary Clinton has actually you need that structure to create that culture you have to have somebody that you answer to the. Well that it that is that is right what you say and I don't know though I don't know if the new head coach is going to report directly to the owners. Or the GM my senses if you get a big name guy which I don't think we're gonna get here in the situation. That that type of guy would report to the owner the only guy that's making a lot of money a big name like a Rex Ryan. Like for example of bill power came out of retirement and I'm just using as example but I think if you get a an anti land a coordinator younger guy way. You know on I think that situation. That would be he reports to Doug Wheeler I think that's how it's gonna go. Ultimately organization that would be the way it should be. So in India and it in and that is how you know I believe it should be as well also thanks I appreciate the vocal duo are yet thank you very much industrial by fifty. Aided by 52 by fifty risk taking calls today that's where did you hear the airship which I want to keep calm because I wanna hear what you. Think Doug you what what you want to hear from Doug Whaley today and is 2 PM press conference. And what you think about the quarterback situation on the heels of yesterday. Because I think yesterday that guy who called Kabul calls ago said something interesting and I think I agree. The best thing that happened for Tyrod Taylor was him not playing us now he may be mad about it he said that locker room. He said the starting job was taken from him and he was upset about it and we all know that. And that may be the case but let's be honest he may have made himself. And I can see more money he may have gotten himself closer to heaven that that option picked up by not playing yesterday because of what happened in his absence because the two guys who played. Ellie Odyssey really EJ I think part of jones' what we thought it would be looked good on a couple throws. He looked bad on a few throws and he's a rookie that's a first ever action I don't think that's fair to you know put that in him that. What we saw from EJ Manuel. Showed me that he is not a viable option in this league right now to be starting quarterback. And the bills have to make sure they have something much better than that if they gonna go to so. That would be Tyrod Taylor so I agree with that caller who said that a little while normalcy are let's go to Vince in north buffalo Ivins what's going on in irregular. Having your body. They opt. Yeah the question you asked at what what I want to hear from dugway Ilia 2 PM that is at the annual looked. Visa besides him stepping up there and saying I resign which I'm sure people wanna call up and say I don't want. I think I'm I'm pat it's a serious question but yes that's my question today. Yeah yeah I would I would like to keep it via a buying network should not gonna happen our I would say that. What I want to really hear is that you're gonna make an effort to recite Tyrod. Tyrod I think if they. Had a good season art. When you when you sit at the what they Mallory signed because all they have to do is is extend him they think they have the contract in place they just have to say yep we're gonna rubber stamp this you wanna do that or do you want them to try and restructure that deal. Up to renegotiate feature rich agree with him and a patriot. I agree of course I'm Padilla. For the thirty million bucks guard Richard cut bait here there's no alternative at that point after. Not the only alternative to our without Tyrod he walked off into the base. I'll speculate we got picked up the front. On the same page there are obviously work with the it was too complex. There are huge communication problem players I don't think I think they put it on on the deeper. I think to a completely lift coach. He had that good bet the main problem with this franchise again that he sent. Straightened out go to war three and I left it there to where we were when you actually worked with colts coaching and defense. Kyra that not the problem that he mean it was. I think that he opened up its mobility opened up the run game. You know and if he can throw into the mobile field a little bit more I think it would be just aren't at the quarterback job part. Okay thank you I appreciate I think you talk a summit circles the semantics here. When you say Tara that's not the problem. I agree I don't think he's the problem my question is is he the answer. He has got to be the problem to still wanna upgrade I think that's where you were I get to with the quarterback he doesn't have to be the problem on the team. Or the number one problem of why it if you could list all the reasons why the bills are making the playoffs this year. I think if your fair and level headed about it you don't get the Tyrod Taylor very quickly and it might take you a few steps you don't. But you know it's in the passing game certainly part of it. The defense and things like that are are mourn that was so he's not the problem I agree that normally I would. I'm shocked that you have a season in which you lead the league in rushing rushing yards per attempt in on top of that. You almost set NFL record for fewest turnovers that is pretty crazy at all that happen. And scored 27 seven most points in the league 26 point again essentially when it is this week. And you don't make the playoffs he went only seven games that seems bizarre to me. But. The question is is he good enough is he the guy is he the right guide illegally sport not just disease. The problem and that's where the discovers she goes to me is that the be the problem to think that it's not worth. Having him out there at the rate he's supposed to make and looking in another direction. If the knee up in Toronto good morning Anthony. Based the door and I'm happy new year. Every new year on disputing don't want to touch on here. First we have both hard rod. I think are at their best option right now. In their nominee. Quarterback does the replace them with and you can trying to get directory structure I don't think that can happen. But I think we need to pick up that option. Is because you know Tyrod he's in I'm. Seem yell years he had Robert Wood images are music used to be it's second verse Seaver on our team are anything that great so. I think you would see me as healthy last year he put up good numbers. And you their best option right now if we don't want every bill we need to keep our rod and then we can drop. A quarterback in the league around and developed we need to keep our. A lot like why would wouldn't card he'll Jones be that guy you distressed him last year in the middle rounds. He can't start next here there's no way are gonna know I understand that you just drafting and later rounds to develop isn't that the guy that you're having your roster that's who you have. Are you could you keep him but why not keep it a shot at her sure sure I get I guess I get it. You like as many swings that is as you can I like a feature that great big drop in order rack up or back. Our I don't know I think that that's out of a fallacy and they have drafted they drafted Jimmie drop on the second round. They drafted Ryan mallet they had him for four years and let him walk away free agency I think I hate the patriots do it because they wanna back up for Tom Brady not because they're trying to find the answer there's a difference. No no I know that by it while you're doing that you saw iiroc right place to another shot the boy not dropping them in the third the second air Burt says. But the shot late look at back prep sorry. Right so so that the problem is and here's the here's the issue I think in this is why this becomes such a quandary for the team. I think you're still trying to upgrade and so you draft guys they're not really about developing still have Tara what do you wanna see that I can compete for starting job as a posted a team like the patriots were you know that's not the case you just really are drafting a guy to be back up and you're trying to get the best you can. In Tyrod case in the bill's case. You may be drafting guys to eventually replace that guy if he's better and that's where the Wendy you do that because usually you're not gonna get that the fourth fifth or sixth round. Alicia strike gold. Right you could you could be never know writes oh god you like it that they shot the board it doesn't hurt in. You got two years the work with our ride salt if you get you might you one of those guys among major money by not. Being a backup quarterback too much of accurate so I don't know. If tiger Attila the quarterback for the next two years of this team how confident are you that they and the playoff drought. The parent that they view like I Federer who is sick. They need to not I don't are common in the Nittany led. I don't think you should be our go to Munich I'd go to more experience. And from someone actual meat dumping his lead the last two or three years that they can do something. We need experience. Someone like how union would be great for the offense. Dot regale the peak of poem from the patriots. Maybe even though he could get on call and uttered argument I'll be art hard sell but it's. I don't do the hard sell I think he wants the coach actually. Yeah I'll I'll I'll I'll leave the hard sell. Are the US Jesse you'd have to get midway through the sentence do you want to and it's a yes. Yeah exactly why oh I'll be gets a lot and will not solve all yet I'm though what you got to vote. Media hot quarterback is the but not entirely true. You don't need a great passing game to be a good look at the Broncos. They had like a one legged peace meaning they wanted it. And I think that is a a true statement no doubt about it I just think it it's. It's not the norm that's all you're right you can win like that they proved it last year I I I totally agree with. Ryan Alex Smith as well like he. He kept from deep but you spoke in the city based there on the play out they are good code they get BER and their running game. All right thanks a lot man at the I gotta run okay but he thank you art yeah. I don't problem I mean that's a good points no doubt about it I just think you have to upgrade your passing game is so much is Kansas City may have Alex with a quarterback. You know they still are competitive in the passing game when they need to be. I don't I never have confidence the bills can be if they're down in the second half much less the fourth quarter. To be able to do that 8030550. The number to call off to a good start today so that our have to go watch your phone calls the Buffalo Bills football Monday. John Murphy with Dow Jones come your way at noon we really speaks at 2 PM I'm south of pot you'll carry it live and a PG aren't any time your phone calls. More than on the way. Extra points Joseph would sell. And it just switched to northwest and get back to live. Why are depressed and Western New York traffic returning your ticket to justice dot com match dot com. It's your YouTube. And by basal Chevrolet and Ford commercial truck. I'll go back the extra point shall have been injured everybody out there hope you're enjoying your time off and having time off and a lot of people are working today I am. It's a full day down here one bills drive that's where I am one buffalo studios like final show of 2000. Sixteen slash seventy. Sixteen or seventeen my files to the 2016 season here in the calendar year 2017. Hopefully you'll see me again maybe on her show or sometime around the dial here on the image G side of things of course. The money show goes back to the investigators. After this week here on WGR Sports Radio 550 maybe the bosses it was just a football money your. Offseason talk about. We offseason talk my head coach Damien. Drafted free agency. Com line past. The protocol to some. Our own back up to the phone lines now get your thoughts on a couple of different things number one. What do you want to hear from Doug Wheatley today at his press conference at 2 PM. Number two. Did your feelings about the quarterback position change in any. Way. After yesterday's game and watching EJ Manuel in cargo Jones up. It looked real fact that the numbers we album for my house or get in you'll get out let's go to Jim in Jamestown hi Jim what's up. Go sell it and after your chip it's it's you. Yeah I'm wanted to stress so I'm not Tyrod 11 reason this I think he creates more problems would be sentenced. Being very can run around and I think he's going to be able to read more the defense is that you place more and pubic state solution and I'm wrong. On the other thing at Caltech start clearly really visitation while picking up or my approach. Because I think we are like imperial and I think he came up really fast and they'll. In the ranch it was a good offensive coordinator our our kicking me nice I'll play calling. I think there's so much on your plate so when your head coach. And I'm just hoping and maybe we can get an experienced coach and take care or something they Dellucci and Muller and wondered your thought polish. Okay thank you very much I look on record I'll say I want. The bills to be able to get Tyrod Taylor under a different contract before bringing him back here if they do it on the scene Contra that he automatically becomes your starter it's that would link them to try and go out there and upgraded they can't let it be have to bring him back here at that rate it it's harder to do that because that's a lot of money then tied up the quarterback position. He's a good enough quarterback if you have everything around him that's right. You know he's not a bad quarterback he's not a guy that never gives you a chance to win of course he gives you a chance to win and that's what you looking for but he's the type of quarterback it. He gives you a chance to win if you're running game is where it is right now in your defense is playing the kind of complementary football if you will to make sure that his style. Get you to its meaning limit turnovers. Even though is limited the passing game he doesn't have to be a guy that takes all these chances because he doesn't. I think that's what you get from Tyrod Taylor. He's not the kind of quarterback like of course the best Italy values like an air Roger major reason Tom Brady people like that the when he walks out on the field you say if everything else goes wrong today. We got tyra. Siegel says that no it's as if everything else goes wrong today we got tyra you don't disagree may. Everything else goes wrong today we got Aaron Rodgers you know they say in New Orleans ever singles goes wrong today we have to Drew Brees now. You still want everything to go right there's no doubt. I think that ultimately the goal is to have that type of quarterback in place. However you get that wherever it comes from that's hard to do it there's no doubt but ultimately that's the goal to have that type of guy. In the meantime. If you can't find their guy that I guess you have to go with the he gives us a chance to with a guy like Tyrod if everything else goes right that is how you get. Tied up in enough. On your other point. Saying that sun. You hope that there is a you know that they do a search you wanna hear Doug Willy say were gonna searched when I'm told is that it's happening do not expect do not expect. Is that he lived to be named head coach today arena tomorrow I mean. Who knows maybe they all of a sudden boom go out there and. You know decide this is our guy were to do that I. I from what I've been told that is not the case now he may ultimately get the job and I still think that he is the favorite to get the job I think it's his job to lose. But don't expect them to not actually talked to other people interview the people there will be coaching search. I just don't know if you wind up taking anybody else unless they knock your doors off because you probably like you that you're in so much. I think that's where that stands let's go to Jill on Long Island how'd I Julio and to be GR. They good morning and take a Michael appreciate it. Welcome I'm. Couple points so I guess in the dark where everything I mean obviously I don't think they get this a lot of its court with them to reveal whole heck of a lot of oftentimes they. They can only get so much anyway and it's too whirling in the contract. Discussion that Iowa. They won a world nobody can negotiate and any number of things were with him since he is on the contract rights on. I hope they can stay much there. Nothing would change to meet some quarterback situation. With backing mama picks and Tyrod. A lot of what you say extra maybe not gonna carry keen knowledge sent but I seem. You bring it decent coach and I seen the giants municipal hospital right she's competent. In but take cap predicts that wireless and to the Super Bowl. And now we can hit the side of applause. What do what I don't what I what I'm disappointed in. Mostly I get so old so I'm war problems attached. I'm Al all it's only about that one side of the football which. You know we believe and we learned yesterday. Would it had a record and that's okay astute the least amount of turnovers. I know it's an amazing day they almost set they almost at the record but then they entered turn two turnovers yesterday. Yeah I no doubt that would have been incredible. How that's what the question for me is only Angela I think and I say how do you go whole season with the number one rushing attack in the league and set records basically the league almost for fewest turnovers in the only went seven games it's mind boggling. Well yeah I get with it but did you you are watching the other side of the hopeful and yeah he didn't know that Roethlisberger came into buffalo. And had a 36%. Passing rating against this. And yet they used the other areas that sealed the use the other. You know well he's running game as what they use that exactly. And they use these threats that they used special teams they used everything at this all of those things here's. We yes we do need to get we do need to get better a lot of passion. I mean mark so apparently it's making birdie Natal looked like a Girl Scouts the money taking out a pop well. And he's getting pushed around like a beat out an exercise all American Eagle. Now he has to step up obviously there's a there's a big difference in the run game and where he wanted to be as far as. Stopping it there's no doubt about that so slot I think I appreciate the call drug in Iran. We want to keep money I have realized what it did you know that Gilmore not even. Josh Norman and he's okay. Well let me address of regulars I just talked to the locker a little while ago that the if you look at Joseph. I just talked to the locker so they Gammon how many do them hang up the unit because that there's a question about some guys here and their future. There are 24 free agents on the bills' roster 24 unrestricted free agents at the at and others. 67 restricted free agents but 24 and restricted. No doubt we became and a BGR couple weeks ago he said 23 the reason why he said when he three. Is because he wasn't counting for you heart and disorderly knows I know that just from talking. With him actually asked him why he's at the past and a state Egypt with threats to report we kind of figured out whispers are and that's why assortment. So. That's why anyway the point of trying to make is. The top and guys they have. Step on Gilmore. And it. Lesson I think of Robert Woods I would say are the top two guys who would be on the list element to Alexander's another guy but he did every situation. He's an older player obviously. Having his best season primarily specialties where most of his career. And he's also on the veteran minimum which means you can't even sign him until free agency opens because they got cap relief on the that men on the way that works the weird CPA cost. You can re signs up on Gilmore or put the franchise tag and that the money matches I just spoke with a net a lot grow about an hour ago he said he would love to be in buffalo but. Obviously he knows they're gonna have to do what they have to do. And I get the sense that this thing is headed towards more of a parting of the ways because I do not see the bills. Climbing up to the kind of money step on Gilmore side wants which is basically top five cornerback money. And I don't think they should do that by the way. They can also franchise tag him he said he prefers them not to do that because nobody likes franchise tag. But of course that's an option they have and that happens you have to play under those rules but he would prefer that not to happen. He also confirm what I had said here a couple of weeks ago which is. Neither him or is has represented his or the bills I should say have spoken since training camp they've not done. So that's where Nancy it's a step on Gilmore and I do not think they should. Give Stephon Gilmore the franchise tag organ and top five money I think that the offer should be I help the offer a nice some. You know I don't know maybe commensurate with god top 1015 nationally. See that is what is up which about ten million a year would eleven million years somewhere in there and see where he goes from their but I don't think he'll take that and alternately go to a free agency. Our let's go to our mark in Jersey hammered you're under BG argued good morning and happy new year. Happy new year in New York or whatever and very that now that. But I'm wanna talk about beltway Elliott is now don't know how he's. How he's getting all you know talking about. Rex and talking about Iraq I mean. I think the most important right now have a good GM we let you that we want more free agents. And I don't think he's had a great track record we have the least amount of players on the roster. In the hole whether south out of Madras this. The take the last war first round draft pick. And I think it started. Which which is why receiver track. And now gives away first round draft pick doctors don't feel competent. With well the you know I think one the most important times in. But what history like he settled for eight its order that's been a really need to be your keys to kick this guys. But also music I like Boldin. You know I need a wide receiver Elop has certainly picked up pushing apartments that metallic gold just not too much confidence there. I know I appreciate I think those are fair comments. About Doug Whaley I think that. You know. To. Ports and certain things on and the people have are unfair but Byrd are the things on that people have a very fair and I think everything you dissent is very fair of those. You know free agents there's a lot of guys and their debt free agents at the you can replace them with a lot of the guys around the league. And he should get credit for bringing guys like Lorenzo Alexander and Zach brown and the trick is buying those guys again because I don't you can recite those guys are trying resent those guys at the exact browns probably. Gone but the trick is trying to find guys who can replicate what those guys did and doing that again like you did last year. Not paying Stephon Gilmore the kind of money he wants the it would be key you know yet that it free up money for other areas the roster you have to. How about it Robert Woods what kind of money he can command of its gonna be about nine million dollars a year which is possible I know people think that's crazy but look around the league that's players like him get right now. That's the case I would say he can't do that because see any Watkins country is gonna come up at some point soon in. As much as you make that you may give up person too much for Sammy he's a guy that Simi is a guy they're gonna want am going forward. But I don't think it's fair to put the coaching hire on him Rex Ryan that was more an ownership they made that higher not. Terrible action not to really so I think that there's definitely some pros and cons when you go to that ledger and right now I will say why people are very upset at so. Front office management now things have gone down here in. Today we're here from Doug will answer some of those things to a clock is the press conference in the air live here on WGR 8030550. Edited by 32 by the keyboard phone calls. When we come accurate about the Eagles football Monday stick around we're just taken phone calls today. Get your sense of what you wanna hear from Whaley. And what you want to see done at the quarterback position. Chiron on here at a Buffalo Bills football Monday there at ten bills lose at the jets yesterday of course today's post mortem out of season. Seven and nine in which they feel to make the playoffs for the seventeenth street season. Today the general manager Doug Whitley is going to be addressing the media at 2 PM from one bills drive inside the media room. And we are also going to have a Buffalo Bills football Monday completely John Murphy and down Jones WA at noon. And of course show for the Bulldog at 3 o'clock dissecting and on talking with you hear from players in the locker room. As we go for here today just spoke a little while ago about an hour ago we are in their notes open again. Right now with guys like the reds and Alexander Eric would Tyrod Taylor seven Gilmore so will be playing a lot of that stuff for you throughout the data here what people had to say. Abouts. It sees in the coaching change and looking forward industrial like 5888. I've had to fight that they will back to pat an amber iPad WG. Happy new year. I think this whole situation with Doug Whaley and everything acting Doug really testicle. He's not doing the Japanese supposed to be stored. And it starts at quarterback situation I think he should keep Tyrod Taylor give me Chiat and get a line on your it will protect him. I mean this guy runs for his life. But it what do you what do you mean by it doesn't do his job he's supposed to do that I just wanna. But he's not supposed to be a coach. He's the Koreans. They've got to get somebody in their debt has experience and knows what to do. I would tell my GM or cornerback. Coach we're talking about. Are okay I'm sorry I was I was misconstrue what you're saying a series of start over so. You want a more experienced coaches were saying yeah I got you got you okay sorry about that lost in translation and I'm no problem browser but that happens it's new year. Who would you like to see. I don't know but there's got to be so missed some out there that are. A lot better it would work experience. You need. No I don't I don't ever got to happen. I Goji you want head coaching experience or do you want more coordinator experience is a matter. And it's tough it's up to find the guys I mean I should look at at a Coughlin era a guy that was fired from the jobs most head coaches. Who have coaching experience are there because they were fired from other jobs just remember that. Yes I understand it. But is the one that they had just let them if he's not ready yet. And I gotcha I gotcha no problem I think you very much I appreciate the phone call that was my fault terrier and I I think I lost some things you said in translation I apologize for that. Let's go to Bobby Clarence hi Bob earned a BG or what's up. How I had got. To work comments and the question. But first comment. I. Think that we saw what the offense looks like without Tyrod Taylor yesterday. And the second time and. And and what do you think. It's terrible without Tyrod Taylor. It wasn't it wasn't a work of art I'll tell you that. These other quarterbacks I'm there roster are that. Have NFL ready. Did you did you go into the game thinking different and now you feel like it did it change the way you felt did you feel they would be okay without tyra but now you feel differently did you always feel that way. I've always thought that Tyrod Taylor was the glue holding the offense together. And I just saw more evidence opted yesterday. Yeah I I understand and now I would sadly the running game does hold it together retire as obviously the triggerman he helps out the running game. You know he does a lot of things he spokesman leader back there as well and the hub by the way I USA I'm glad Tyrod Taylor spoke to the media today I was not comfortable with him. Saying he wasn't gonna speak to the media today he didn't speak last week when everything happened he he said he was gonna speak today. I think he needed to speak I'm glad he did so I just think that shows accountability in leadership even if you're mad at you know I think one of the things you should use at least in up and say. The right things I don't know in the event that means canned answers. And he shows more than just kind of walking away being mad in. You're taking your ball going home I'm glad he didn't do that I said the other day that I was disappointed he didn't do that. As is appointed in speak and I was gonna be more disappointed we didn't speak up money which is what he said he was not gonna do that today he did. And we did hear from an again in case you missed it. He was upset he said that he thought his starting job was taken from him but he did not. Discount coming back here in even did not discount he restructured deal but said that would you prefer not to do that but we'll see where it goes essentially end. You know a lot of time has to a lot of time here ahead of us to find out what's gonna happen. And for all those things that take place that's pretty much what he said we got an hour left in the show welcome back we'll take more your phone calls here on the extra point show. And WGR torturing a pipe at BB called and hang on a DT on the next segment we're just roll up your phone calls today none of these segments that we like to do. The my producers make me feel enforcement do they really hate normally I thought you guys finally I got him to commit to do that. Today's the last there right before it.