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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And do you like your you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara tradition home brew here's your host Jeremy White. First dice there. Good Saturday morning welcome to Niagara traditions just threw it on ESPN fifteen point. There was you the same amount of hosting tweet Jeremy White professor. Are there and are you good morning great weather's break and Alia be nice all of next week so after crummy Rinker hopefully we just run in the spring now. From me and that wasn't coal and often didn't know up Armenia we didn't have that like you know like heaven place. The colts Bo lakes freeze over fewer toys fishing skiing got that opportunity was kind of back and forth you couldn't play in this year all the fun stuff you like to do winter wasn't wintry enough to do him in the Paramount show X yeah mr. All right well lots to get to today we're gonna talk about better dry hopping. And now I'm also bringing problem to the table and try and fix but on the heart of beer we're getting closer to that. March 3 that'll be thirty dollars tickets are available at an Irish tradition it is the a great. Event it's fund raiser it's beer its food and non different from all the other beer fast and fund raisers enough in its own right so if you're in that. The eleventh annual art appear the next dot org and that the website out of an ACC dot org you gotta. So you pick up tickets that the A law ever employees agreement or competition deadline is march 12 judging goes the 24 and 25 so. You know will also be the 25 and in just for anybody who's looking actor we always talk about how competition der Cory Wade to kind of learn more about what's going on in your own beer. But there's also crisis and there's lots of good prices. Too so will be donating a bunch. They have a good prize patrol the coast out there everything from gift certificates and grower fails to lots of home brewing equipment as well ingredients. So if you're looking fer you know may be a long shot it's natural hungering equipment. Q your entries and merit and hop rise ohm pre order starting soon you've got it and so parties are to take some pre orders. We have some our props available we were so waiting on what's going to be available from one supplier. So moral. Last week. We talked copy utilization and also using Coke in your pierce are gonna find that. On demand at W chair by his account and a BS in fifteen points what that is well all right so an issue to get to it is start things off today. Over carbonation. In Kent. I've two Beers on tap. Both of them okay that's going to be my first question do votes there over our our rule. Okay yes both bought one more than the other one more or that your been sitting on the cutting system long. No shorter shorter earth. So mean and silver corporation Mike aina I know you can get the burned sometimes that people talk no you're you're going to be early to conceal. It's just flat out like you're at a keg party and someone did not use the keg. And I knew the sick Texas might use many times and I've never had a Cagney got so bad when it comes or carbonation of five or ought to class severe. 80s80%. Home and I got to wait for that foam all the way down. I'm in you know on the soccer at the bar who's pour out of pitcher and. And in so either way we look at yours is there's too much CO2. One appears getting to the collapse in might not necessarily be too much CO2 in the Catholic so we could have over carbonation and also serving problem as well. The first thing of wonder what is your CO2. Saturday each. I think usually it's set at like ten and in so that's where you wanna be. Oftentimes and a 1210 to twelve cold snap it sometimes even like fifteen can be a little bit too high for their efforts beer. So how much CO2 it appears the abs or. Is relief factor temperature pretty much all running at 3638. Degrees through really look at it's had pressure on the system. The more had pressured more CO2. Is gonna dissolve into the new year in being around ten to twelve as right where you want to be. Often what happens is if you. Put up a little but hired maybe to try to accelerate the right which is something it's something like that we talk with the ally you you put it up to twenty per day whatever and then and then pull it back down and it doesn't really work is reliably is number one it too although it does sometimes it's a girl that faster. But often what happens is you forget to turn it around when you kind of get into the right area that you wanna be. And so that your still accepting CO2 and all for companies over time. Arm now how did you initially carbonate appear. I think I just might put her up like eighteen to twenty for point four hours and drop to back down the out twelfth and you ever take the carbonation did you many of them didn't shake anything it just right in the end in the actual keys are and just like. Beer yet so well I know what's more physical labor always encouraged kind of shaking the CO2 and or weeding and you're serving pressure because I think what may have happened is as it was sitting there. And how it usually would take a couple weeks for it to carbonate. Over coordinator Ernie period it's definitely been on the it's been on the keg for a long time long months months yet. And so. Would probably has happened is it's it's wholly accepted more CO2 the other team might want to look at SC pierce CO2 cylinder is still reaping the scene pressure wise. When you initially set there could have warmed up over time and pocket have been in the car Ream people a generator for warmed up it's gonna start giving the system more fracture. So check the CO2. Arm but often if you try to again turn up the pressure when your shaking in the CO2 or anything like that often that can cause appear to. Over RA BC's Steve Moore atmosphere than you want to for your desired volumes of CO2. Now can also be a problem with giving appear out of a keg in the manner and what we often look at is whether there might be. Something's stopping the flow now back could be constriction from the whole secret to long of a host. Bomb or it could be some type of debris as well could be Biersch dome built up and pose a champion Fossett could be something stuck in pop it out to feel it appears also coming out kinda slow. Yes definitely it's got to slower pace to it now slower pace took so what I think camp it's happening somewhere in the system there's a law. In what backlog of Stewart is it's causing high amounts of back pressure all the beer for the Clark is happy it's moving in the column. It's you know maintaining holding pressure now somewhere after that and usually the more phony it is that. The further. Back in the system the clog is. It's expanding rapidly in his all of this pace spacesuits and that your camp push behind it to keep it compressed. To keep that CO2 happy in Cali getting a bad or you got naked year it's it's already hitting the glass the way back in the line yet so that you can't tilt the glass in and diminish that you've got and so that that it. Kind of getting sprayed into the outline and then. Sudden release of pressure it's causing it to expand and putting and Kuerten or something like that happening for the pac system. If the peers people to get free all the way to hand. This year lanes that line in the construction will slowly back to man pressure so by the time that your kids that the Tampa. It's happy it's been slowly backed down stock and rapidly agitate. And lose all its CO2. You can have the if the system serving too fast it's often that the dying hammer opposes wrong orbit the lying that again usually rent five feet. 316. But Alexis trooper flex hose. You know and that's gonna provide agreement church and for about ten to twelve pounds by the time it took office. So the first place that I it is I would if it's over if you think you might be over in personal harm turning off the CO2 to a in polling Beers into Vietnam War had pressure when you don't have that pressure. I would suggest opening up the pressure release felt in keeping off the liquid line system. Possibly even taking switching over the other tag thing OK flows on the tactic not a on this one. In worm guessing you have Kellogg is in the pop that fell. The Keck causing trouble. Because there. Spring in the air of tension club and there's liable places where it appear at secure around some edges. Ian and often futile but hops people at a stone her. Something in the air experts and a fine spot now and then its release early in the system and so. You kind of have that you know sudden release of pressure packed and assault kind of sounds like how to fix the system and even preventative for that matter. But how do you fix the beer party picked the beards fairly simple one turn off the CO2 it's got too much ruin Demetric doesn't get anymore. And then what you're gonna do is slowly pour beer soft or open up the pressure released. In let that CO2 come off until you're happy. Medium if you have a you know up whopper of equipment if you and I don't at home but if you if you look at everything available in store for. I would probably set up a line into the gas valve report tagged out announced that empirical pressure relief at thirty Pia side so what that your warm up. That would allow it to release its CO2 faster. And then I would control the back pressure to a known at 830 PS site where wanna be at 68 degrees. Now that's obviously and probably not work due to what I recommend turning up the CO2 drawings in the year off that inning coming back every once in awhile. And seen the pressures built back up the pressure on the tag is built back up release it in your basically doing this over and over again. In kill you feel accurate the right spot. Now just like giving CO2 into one at CO2 out and we don't have a preference actually release the pressure you can cheat it in more common men and your gonna stir stuff up about. So basically got heavier description when you say pull them out one by one overtime to kind of like your your. Goal is to your flattening it yourself out now you're letting your golf plot because you can always read carbonated. And ideally you're trying to hit that at the point on the weight. So you don't have to start curving back up you just put it on your system time PSI. And that flows normally if you in your system I think I think it's probably clock yeah. If you've had two Beers on the same caps of some ones causing a lot more trouble than the other may be coming out a little bit slower. I think there's something clogging up that line. The biggest one over the other. Will the beer itself. Have any sort of side effects well the CO2 coming out shouldn't have any major side if you are slowly what's colts rubbing appear. So your musings by using the CO2 and we'll placement there's other pastors and team also in the air that we want may be from cops from east. That are currently. Dissolved gases as well so every time you take out some gastric taking out some of those gasses every time you replacing replacing it with pierce CO2. So you're kind of making the bureau a little bit more bland over time from. We'll say finishing hops and he's profile the other factor and it changed but just flows. A right. Move very ago that the crash course if you were Beers like mine over carbonated mechanic it does make sense when you lay out all the things that could go wrong for block in the system. That there could be yet or even make the connectors on the keg mutual typically the pins in the case that if I had to take a second password is. Inside protest this compact so in your disc and pop those up clean and with keg mover what do what do you do with those with those that you actually take them off on the top of them that little. Intent is actually for a large flat at skirt. You can unscrew them their pop elements bring in there as well that's another place off clocked into. All right well that's that when we get back we'll talk about better dry hopping and we've also got some. False and I wanna. And you wanna get into his wealth so that's on the way next here and Iger traditions just threw it on yes. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com now tiger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I welcome back tonight positions just threw it on ESPN 1520. You're talking about over carbonation. Indicate how you can avoid it you can fix it and not before you to better dry hopping. Fossett types complained that as well. You've got to in faucets can either Kurt you helped you in these kind of situations in the can kind of say be able to work as well. And so the Fossett were most familiar with flicked the Santo standard ACCO Brands Foster at the same one EC and just about every borrow their. Arm has some major advantages. The parts between them. Bunch of different brands are universal everything from the you know the friction knobs on tops two that the levers that seals. Bodies all universal so that if you need replacement. You pretty much know you can get it at any home brew shop take shop online you know we're gonna get the placement. The kind of big disadvantage to a lot of the standard faucets that people like as we're talking about that flow restriction. Equation is that the seal of these faucets are actually all the way back at the shank. And so what you have is when you open up the fourth set. The pierce coming from the back of the faucet into this chamber which is relieved. Doesn't really have great fluid dynamic control of the beer in the just dumps out into the packed. Now everything's right it should fill that space and should come out just fine. But you don't have the pressure trudged right it can cause problems in that chamber in there can be a spot for the appear to expand. Metered and sensor easy to clean easy to replace. Now there are some attempts to Texas in the biggest one that everybody talks about and so it's too I have to have her faucet in my home for a system. In the answers obviously because there's plenty of ours out their home perhaps systems using standard faucets are working. Just fine. In the pearl looks Harkin in necessarily save you from any problems with the do you have is a front for work seal. So that the faucet seal is at the front raped by words appear comes out of that chamber maintains pressure maintains flow. There's also a flow control Fossett now this is a one I think is most interesting for problem. Here. Also for boomers that want to hand out. Multiple regulators on a system so they conserve pierce that different pressures traditionally we've told people and I would say this is more the economic option that if you wanna do different pressures. Q on different links of line the cheapest way by a little bit last Earl will look more draft line to match to pressure you plan to serve that. In the bureau stepped down naturally in the line but there's also a faucet that can to us now within reason. If you have too much back pressure the faucet and it will cause some of the same expansion prompts are slick putting your finger ordered the carton house. But if you are within we'll say. 58 pounds of pressure. You were following if you need to change Tibetan pressure at the faucet to match the tag to match or pressure you wanna serve that. So that if you need to use and can change around your system on the fly to fit a different beer. All right so. Some other options you kind of have our Kremer Fossett. Now in these do kind of what they say are the exact opposite problem. Of what you kind of talking about the create full. They have to function people step forward to for Germany faucets and they put out the early Q would normally CN Fossett. Now when you push the handle end. The disperse appear kind of finger over the garden hose again. And creek fault and so allows you to pour beer and create the perfect amount of foam on top every time while. So you don't see those permanent places no you don't in I have one at home. In I really like it a lot of money actually English -- spears are usually not served with tonight's follow me pat. Electoral have a local one on their because her lower pressure in the and to come out looking kind of flat that allows me to put. A nice had to issue usually comes up with English and your stokes. So it's a nice global. Gadget kind of play around now. You style fonts that's not style faucets are kind of particular. They have a sealed. At the now full and they also have built in restriction usually cannon just at. But the big thing about style Fawcett too is that the seal will hold smaller molecules were all so hold nitrogen. Armed so when you're running and nitrogen system you have to have a style fox last Fossett or talk about here. Is a picnic faucet and this is one reason I want to get into that you're having problems. A picnic faucet has no spot for it appeared to kind of collect has no chamber. On the system valve with us bout. It also wore hole nitrogen the same type a plunger oath that they use inside the style Fossett. So to be quite out it's the bats Fossett up their fear having serving problems is standard little black. Sheep. Picnic faucet we fell for three dollars and bomb it again there's no chamber. Com for the beer to expand and you're doing a really tight seal raid at the point with a beer comes out in the class theory short house. So if you're having problems you might wanna always try going back to a picnic faucet now has may be permanent solution but to just troubleshoot. The whole scenario you know with that and clear and open line you should be OK if you're not seen that you might want to protect. And that's the rundown that two run dollar bought this for. So now we can get into the dry topic which is really what people probably more money better Brian how things is the mission today. So we have a kind of kind of couple common questions about people for dry topic the first one I wanna get too is doing need to sanitize Sunni to steam in doing so and alcohol people are very worried about just putting the dry hops into the beer we always elements hops are kind of one of the major anti microbial elements of the beer. And so when their sitting here freeze dried. Very low humidity and high it. Has that levels during the exactly friendly environment for bacteria and author might curled. Arm in the same type of microbes that might be able to run those are not going to be able to in sector beer so first of all comes to dry hopping just dump them and try to sanitize them in any way adults the moment and nothing crazy like that. Just dumped the hops right into the beer. The second question we always get his palate purses leaf and kind of what are the advantages disadvantages there while Pallet. Is I feel a little bit fresher and we can guarantee that you're gonna get better surface area some people do believe that The Who believes are all that fresher. But you definitely don't get as much surface in the can be a little bit more. All trouble giving them out of the car we inevitably end up taking your car we're following a little open water. And shaking it like cap that's a bottle over the sink toilet try to get up the strike ops. On pallets Warren's right now with ease. On another thing we look at its primary vs secondary. I'm really depends on how long you plan to sit on the hot if you wanna set tops little longer. You probably wanna do this and secondary if you're only gonna try hop for five days you can probably get away with that at the end of the primary it's like appears going to be finished time. In really this all comes down to it and how long you want to appear. And hops the longer you leave the bureau tops the more kind of traditional secrecy. Rise in the earthy flavor slow more pungent flavors are gonna come out the short flee Purcell say three to. Treaties who week is really indicate chew a lot of flicks don't fruit mean goes and choose the flavors. And so if you're doing and East Coast sale you probably gonna wanna from dude in the primary after doing the West Coast fail or an Indian pale ale. You probably want to do it in the secondary b.s are gonna leave at their for reports that two weeks or more. So really that primary persist secondary is going to be determined by how well law. Another question gets asked is what temperature. Do we keep that set in you want it to be cooler than the fermentation. I like to kind of try to hop a lot time to say it slowly called crash may appear. May be losing some efficiency amendment mean happy getting all flavors like ham bite. Putting him on the basement or something like that. But if you look the flavors are cleaner. And it guarantees don't get any yeast feet and also the one thing you don't wanna do is try capital warmer temperature at an informant now for what it's gonna do to hops. But for what it will do appear cause I ass all another type of bad funerals bring that temperature up. Long after fermentation hasn't done. Arm and another question yes it is occurring gas cut out some wind bring this up today is what happens if they all sinker flow. What happens he put in policy and a drop to the bottom and then all year sediment from the beer. Drops on top of that or what you put in relief after you've wrecked the beard took from minter in all floats on top and welcomes the from countries yet sitting there right. And the answer for both of those and this is where this actually comes up is from our friend Erin. And having all of his hops into the bottom instrument term and covered up immediately by trump is shake the ferment. He moved it into cart for this because he has a comical and other advantage of formatting and pockets or card with the you can pick up and move on the simple answers to shake. We do wanna avoid adding any oxygen here and that's true for any Buren secondary and certainly true for try hopping trying to kind of preserve these. Delicate Roma you really don't want to if you boy that anyways open up the ferment currency given mr. receive sanitize cattle and if you do have to open it up. Midway through. Sit in for meant to hurt primary. Whether it's secondary are gonna be racking if you have to match for ad space perceive that head space for crops. You might want to add some CO2 if you can so go ahead and top it off with some CO2. But if you need to get those cops why if they're floating at the top or that some of the bottom up underneath the sediment. Just come back after appear to it and give the kind of hole from the tropics world and given back up and there. What is to stop if you do shaken up it from all falling back where once not so it might use starter Dan. Yep you got it and so you might have to do this that you know every three days or something like them. But answer hops that Gary Moeller from appear or old flavors are becoming soluble. In within asked her to although you've seen the physical adversity you've seen the current physical the non soluble so the bits of you know cellulose and in other leaf. Material kind of fallback the bottom. The elements that you were trying to co at all these facets and oils and soft like that dissolved in as they were taken. It so he should be okay are there any American imagine in Munich ops that are more likely distinct and dollars while just from my experience. Sometimes it is sometimes they don't depend on the density of the beer right behind it I think it's also the density politics epic different thing if the cattle but the CO2 tripped inside the how the global but it must impala. They tend to flow where the third dance Pallet in the history condition where personal CO2. Being formed by the appear low amateurs CO2 ways in the beer and they don't. Wait treat that bubble nuclear age and point and that stark was bubbles. I supplement appeared in a poll out to a surface and you say don't use a hop bag is there any benefit to using a hot bag sometimes in the keg. Their. Can be some benefits because you can poll cops help keep that your team fossil. There's only going to be an option if you're doing this in a pocket or put it on the secondary that. If you put a bag full top to be able to get into the partly that's fine you're not going to be able to get it out. And the inevitability is a program but with a coat hanger and hack a perk was like the full lane night for boning knife to try to get it out of your car. So do not put your props in car what an impact. But earlier are we don't put him in your compact what a five using the from monster is the secondary you could in in you will be easy. But you will lose some efficiency of it that you're not giving that you know lots liquid cracking that great surface area pulling them together now playing expanding cover the surface. So it's easy to do. And if again if you're trying to keep a beer in a fermenter. We are trying to poll hops off with a beard Spain's team from a B 10 ops may be your option. But again and cause some problems especially here are. Coat hanger. Only way yeah. I'd I'd pull one out once before because the thing about the palaces that they kind of morph into the slight. Play go thickness need to pull. Artful what's it really is and ultimately I did get an album it was not easy. You can add the work did and and I had break department fingers in my hand so not fun. All right better dropping over carbonation. Our topics of the day if you missed last week and I've utilization rates. And coconut appear back next week the art of beer again is fast approaching the remarks third so on you know. Get to it only one more showed that we can really remind you about it. Because it Libya park's third thirty dollars it's available at Niagara tradition if you miss our nuclear and missile cool players you better yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to work online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.