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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins. Brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy why they. First dice there. Good Saturday morning welcome back it's just who would you like it. I've been nursing a cold for a couple days here and soldiering on. It's The Who and the skill how bad it's been. Remember that Syracuse duke did to the buzzer beater on Wednesday I was at that game yeah I had to leave at halftime coup because I felt so terrible. Oh man so how bad was that I left a college basketball game and then at the end of it there's a buzzer beater and when I saw the highlight I thought. I have no regrets. Well at that that that I where got it makes it different I've gone to a bills game with a fever. And you know they need to come back I left sometime in the third quarter. And Eileen yeah you know and I mean I think I go to somebody that I section hence my vPro fanatic I could've made it through. Nine model I could not have made it I was like Michael Jordan with the virus against the jets slumped over my seat like I've. But I Hastert he's won anyway hey good morning we've got lots plotting to get through here today on the niners solutions just brought housekeeping stuff. We've got deadlines approaching quickly. First look at the amber waves of grain bring competition deadline which is going to be march 12 in judging is between fourth and 25 or you can bring your entries right to Niagara tradition. Got it we got her information about the you know honey they actually push their competition while back the shares are kind of spacing and out lol but more for. For me walk so if you missed a while ago have a chance to brew beer because. Unique ties. Deadline is until April morning six. To apply and yet time to personal picture Beers if you're trying to get into another competition yet it's a good that's a good long. Way after a guy you want him to be a couple of weeks after an acting a bit muted talk with in all double drop offs like us. But I think you also made it tough for both competitions because that the use a lot of seemed urea judges so. Once they moved it back picking its enviable lead here for the judges and hopefully more entries have both guns. Very very good meanwhile next Friday Texas coming from a should say a different pens few I need to the next in this coming Friday the third. Is going to be the eleventh annual art of pier thirty dollar. Tickets still available at Niagara tradition a yeah a great fund raiser were less than a week away so maybe have a better idea what your plans might be for next weekend. And through available on Friday it is great to go to. And in like I said it beer in two you know we've we've only been pain we don't leave you walk in Hungary the update on the hop rise home reporter looking out over for taking pre orders we if you come into the store or have some information that countered help you make a decision its walls we have all the rise on talk. Analogue in Britain now rarely agree Europe Farai zones we've seen. Actually kind of a lack of availability due to last year's you know dry spell and then kind of if he winter. Armed but we do have a what's varieties we emperors coal cascades Centennial chinook. Columbus crystal fungal scolding liberty Magnum Mount Hood murderer nugget sterling tightening and with him. So we saw the plane feud play around with. But some of the wealthy more exotic Fridays not available. And Dixon Cohen's Iraqis were true true I was looking for now available. I'm thinking about how I hope what are we about a week or two away probably from our annual planting your cops show that we do that. I think this severe for me and Roy do that you know we've we've got a new house to get a backyard we're gonna make it to a I'm gonna have a a vegetable garden of sorts it's. It is got to clean up and actually build the garden itself. But in terms and terms of planting crops and think it's and I'm gonna be following along with each step of the way out as we do it. And you wanna get them in his earliest possible I've bought a house to eat and I don't know where I want them permanently yet but I can tell you as soon as we get rise homes and come and bring some home and put him in the ground somewhere always transfer animal leader. But when a freer trying to build a rice on your trying to collect this large root structure built up a large amount of glucose and size. Any time you can give them better. They're not into any growing feeling in our you know Rockford are Burton act traditions of give all of them early given in the ground started growing problem that can give harpist her first year but a few good first your you'd definitely well here's an urgent alright. And but here are just put it in the ground. Do very very quick cliff notes version. Put him in the garage to get in the ground as a matter where I now and I'm actually you'll spot I think in the open part of my right back here. On just keep it near a fence near wall near anything off the funds come into one allies in Norman and then later and really when I'm gonna do is kill probably 83 foot by one foot section of soil and put 26 foot. On polls that either and simple cheap twine and helping enough to get him going and then at the end of the year beating him next here. Can have a better idea what's going and where could spots are movement. All right last week we talked for over carbonation indicate how to get better dry hopping in the different Fossett types that you could have in your taking system. But today we've got a couple different things were gonna we're gonna bounce around a little bit. We've got hops the talk about. But what do Jewish or was or the black content company. Likened him that was kind of a left over from last week here's something we don't want to talk about it everybody looks towards Saint Patrick's Day and you talk about draft system. Everybody loves to have a black and tan with only last for real couple steps. But still looks cool on the glass you know popular drink especially dancing Patrick's day for anybody who doesn't know what a black and pentagon had one in my life I've had I've had a few I've had a draft system for awhile and knowing how to meet them there were always the kind of fun. You know little party trick to app and conserve up black in hand. For anybody doesn't know it's it's usually a sweet light beer on top of aid to rise dark beer of the climaxes EC's harp. With Guinness on top and it's kind of a wrong. Will science strict how this works it in your really playing off the Pearson densities this is something that home Everest. From earlier with pitcher looking eager micrometer Healy and you appear to be should be. Armed and you kind of know what your you know on the dance beat to different Beers are just from the bringing up and because you see these numbers to track them. Now the density and it is how much. The pure waste per volume. Now there's a couple ways we can play with these. Densities and in the won his temperature. Obviously if we warm. An effort to up it spans Slaton and comes slots downs the other one is sugar content which is why it's important to sweeter beer on the bottom. On and so the idea is that they'll be enough difference in densities that they will stay separated for a while. Now they will slowly come around to rise so fewer to pick perfect black in camp. Leave it out on the town this is an oil on water from the state separated but for awhile it would stay you know kind of on top light on the bottom and then slowly. And homogenous. But you can get it for at least you know first couple steps to have that nice clean look in one of the tricks is to use a spoon. On that's kind of the trick in the so pouring and you've got the first step would be to take your city. Dark stout in port at a time let it warm up like give off a little bit of CO2 sort of some agitate. Now we take your sweet light beer. He put it into the bottom of the collapse may church nice and icy cold. The spoon on top and then theory slowly with a spoon touching the liquid level so it's not dripping off the side of the spoon. Either and begin to bring the spoon up as you put that are your on top. And again that's only last for a couple of minutes but the taste really good they look really cool. Some actual factor at an instinct after you can't just do with any Beers you've got to kind of know the Beers got a gun and over the pierce a little and so again the copier recipe. Drier so lower finishing gravity and the bottom here you wanna have higher finishing gravity. And the copier needs to be open war. It as far as that in the dark beer being on top that really doesn't matter but what's important is that the lighter gravity beer but try your beer is on top in that the total that warmer. And again you don't have to do with the blackened and if you actually look around. There's a lot of different variations of this including one that people often use the adults in whip fear or some to appear as orange peel and with a nice chocolate stout advocate or forms and chocolate affect. Also he has done with other fruit Peters or sometimes I PA's and dark piercing and if you look at pseudo. Black IPA. Right very good I got him maybe issued on the news in Paterson this year's time to a tackle my second ever likened him to bartenders say to pork I would think so fifth I would think of either loved or hated I think how much you tip is gonna depend on. Yeah and even if they don't get it right you still Detroit right up there with a more Hedo Euro one of those human as well just you know put the part two in the face the heat to a new order one of the engine that Republicans assailed the time. Don't orderly you know he's busy and ballclub like modeling and now Epoch ago as you are. Afforded the hops I move followed question viewing you mentioned stout I have. I think what I liken describe as a blossoming selection its doubts in my. My house we have I've become a huge like all about stout my fiancee knows this. So she is hunting down and picking out the exotics. It's limited release. You know I've given or like the key buzzwords like coffee off the urban barrels although like I just she knows ago about the worst that it's that's next outs from. And I think will hopefully it won't drink them so fast that I well actually. H yeah I haven't got a lot of aging of mice outs and I wanted to ask you about. The conditions that like ideally is located do it in the living room even though it's not like 55 degrees there it's closer to 68 degrees mean a lot of stout aging. The suggestion is that you're gonna go maybe more basement aging he's got his oath what's the their own will it hurt it what's the what's the real difference there. Well into a bit warmer to actual. Heard it necessarily is gonna cost that April faster and what I would be more worried about it because it's warmer 68 warmer than the original fermentation temperatures and that's gonna start the peer to reformat but now. The big load of money tell fees that it did at the beginning of the fermentation. On C you're worried about you know FEMA all's may be some over our nation or something like that. Arm particularly when we're about is that the beat the east might change. Arctic really the characters appear he canceled that warmer and the right one keep it in a cold place because the east have on the work that produced the flavor we want we want those flavors to progressed. So we're just full of it. So they're cold and yeast are rolling American MP area. Little active but not what they would be at 68 degrees. So that's 121 keep it. In cool place doesn't have to be cold but. Cooler so maybe once the summer it's that's the time to actually move into the basement is war and in interior you don't have a basement and interior. Wall work laws that he can't of people from which would be difference that makes when you move something further to this summer house and stay closer to an average of what you see in the house. When it comes to. A light between some lights the enemy you gotta it is natural light batterers the bottle gonna basically take care about natural light is at the bottle doesn't take care all it does change. The Specter like coming in and blocked a lot doesn't. Take your ball. In Seoul you know I think while amber probable for its start. Putting stuff out of the light in a box and six pack Kohler covers whole neck of the bottle. That's gonna make a big difference spoken bomb. Went off and I think when you feel like German. Told the companies now they still are keeping green bottle. But they've started putting six packs in full boxes so it's completely protected from Detroit to. Chains in misnomer that new counter rentals there's always right. Skunk right. On and so the glass doesn't it matters much keeping it out of the light in general so ideally feel cold Holler if you quarter replacement and put a couple of boxes. That's going to be the best place feature beer. Vertically vs horizontally here aging wider middle wine cellar and you won it horizontally right of the reasons you're doing it since he might have opposites precipitate out by opening line on the side of its surface area and you can roll the bottle VS it's slow precipitate out. Army and you'll also want to keep the corks likely hydrated through the wind and reasoning actually oxidize some of the line in the court. With beer to sealed bustle and it's sediment and so we wanna keep it operate because they keep all the sentiment bottom that we won't open it opens up nice and neat and hopefully most of settlement states that the bottom. On the we don't need to keep the cap what are things that now and sure there might be some reasons and why you might once or certain beer on the sides immediately if they do have a chance to drop problem if you did. Some type of like you know feet Lambert from Finland patently need to put on the side and some acid precipitation but other than. Some really extreme circumstances pierce always going to be opera. And it's more than just outs Barley wine is if we can kind of give will say things that you're. Looking for things that you're not looking for high alcohol alcohol is good when aging B two with high bitter and that's gonna help protect from oxidation. And infection both of those. Arms of big impure real doubts early lines. I apple box. Are all going to be great things he wanted to stay away from NC IPA's wheat Beers. Now these have more delicate flavor finishing hop in the IPA. The kind ye FEMA Alston we appear in the flavors are gonna go away pretty fast. So you wanna consume those here for us but anything that doesn't have a lot of finishing times. As high alcohol rule mediate Scott jail Scottsdale big cities towns in algorithmic change American of that fresh flavor there. The law proper fuels muhtar. You know and Lotta people and and a lot of small ball seems to operate Atmel Laos hours so it can be Oro called still PH but their party in fact so. Not ruling much more be consumed by a bacteria in Boca burger or anything else that he there. Is third too much time active would you put like a minute here. They're they're definitely he has I don't think I've ever seen that neighboring career and pampering for awhile with these speaker. Peeking over 9%. We have good layer of IBU's gonna protect you. You can relieve like pierce said a long time now with anything's gonna can get a flavor peak and then can come down from their so eventually is gonna get a peek into into just a I can't remember seeing any beer offer or age four. Five years usually win when. Friends a minority when it's gonna do that or even of a limited release from a brewery will be a few here on to more home for yeah your pulse Illinois because that that's case that robbery that's terminal for space right got on it's only blind as you bought in the job of a broker via arm in home every bomb we see some people. Too especially like gets. And stuff like that worked really I'll call we see people through some you know decade and a decade easing on easy. Com while it's not easy and I commend anybody who as minister sit on a very nice for bargain basement for years but it's done and it happens you know. Canterbury that's turnovers base and he cursed in the case there they better meet the money off that case for every case could set net bottom right com and it's just not released feasible means we used to brag it's what is that a bracket is kind of half need half year. English lawyers altering English Scottish style. 50% on a 50% mall. Usually very high alcohol. And his qualities of of votes in all of that mall so and the toasty team but he sometimes even roast beef flavored. And then also from the continue to a lot of floral. Elements to know that something you'd brew and you would you'd never drink it right away it's never it's rude mind be changed bird to BH. In the you know if you looked at two Beers or three Beers that relief you're trying to put something seller if you wanna put something I KeySpan yourself. Brag that early line in Russian anchor so those are the Big Three if you're trying to put together pierce or. Those are wants to look out for few ever. Sees them and ignorant discounting your local pierced her because there are out of season apple they'll be even better next season now and again looking for eight. Preferably 9% I'll call. A fair amount I'd be used in thirty or forty at least and again those pierce recently subsite for years and very good. O'Leary and nobody juniors doubts after building a. Get back and get some pops. Kind of a crash course in very few pops up also normal. We'll put some away here and explosions just Pruitt and yet. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just throw it which means either you're home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Bruins. I'll come back here and I've traditions just threw it on ESPN 1520 if you miss an episode you can find. Them on demand at WGR 550 dot com and also like ESPN 1520s website. So yeah go back and timeless and all of whom we've been doing this for about two years now so a lot of shows. Lot of shows are right so from aging stout two hops noble hops and. Anyway to American Seahawks as well. Yeah I know and Anderson the big question we get this time a year when people comment especially if they are just starting to brew. And the first thing they're looking at capitalize that is growing cops on and it's a good thing the start and if you start growing crops now you'll have two years decide if you want to brew before they get established. Arm but people last two things often. What colonel Hobson what are American Seahawks because the ones that bases you know craft beer magazines. And stuff kind of throw around the nose piercing and obviously Richard Neer concede hopman won't specify anymore. So let's go to the noble hops for we often associate these with Central Europe and and that's gonna write their afford traditional hops of Central Europe for a regional strains collar town. Tightening her Alter and saws. Now obviously kind of come from the now for big ruined cities. Com that you FC in Europe and so obviously Munich Vietnam. Titles and per our. And so these. These cops are kind of note from beer special qualities and kind of the office equality through the mayor NC cops. Arms to the app lo ul by that. But theory high on Roma in the also tend to produce lots of bad assets. So they relief. Are light and delicate but still produce distinctive flavors. And one of the reasons that the became so popular since really around the world. It's not because their flavor so consistent. As you move these kind of light delicate hops around put them in news oils. He really can take the count your walk from the soil and hear more about and you know wine making. So basically when you grow in size pills and you'd pick classic spunky flavor when you and the United States and get more. Fruity you know like fruit flavor stole wonderful opts to wonderfully balanced. Com for finishing and especially in light Beers if if you look at the style appears took pills that were being. Across. Central Europe the needed hops that were gonna mail still had. Good characters so at that flavor but there were gonna balance and an apple for power the light beer. Armed and so that actually with a noble hops are people think oh if it means that the applicants for equality or something like that. No if you're gonna put any gift definition it's just that it comes from those four traditional and families. Also looking to grow a quote and quote noble pop in your backyard. Arm you can grow our cal tech mayor's ball and socks and you'll ample. One thing always that they warn people about. About the noble hops compared to a lot of the American English style since they were always. Grown relief for the quality not quantity. And so when it comes to the actual flower which again you have people like glory clusters of green flowers. Their theory small and delicate. The Mac the big normal pine cones EC on some of the and you can see cops to the other people. And here are usually a little bit better for planting for. Ornamental. On there needed to US oil and of acclimated quickly the US oil. In these kind of classic American authorities include cascade Centennial in Columbus. And these are all fairly recent men weren't necessarily wild hop found in the new country. But they were actually something. That started. With work by Jack former 1956. And he'd be in combining English boggles. From Russian hops as well as some kind of other crops that he did not specify possibly need to. And opened Powell colonies in Oregon state university and then finally in 1971. He debuted. His new crop which was of course it. On the if we can see again anything that kind of started like not only the American revolution. But a distinctive style I. In North America it was that hop and from there prop we get all of the other. Americans he ups that we normal governor pail out to appease these ones that provide. Rich fruit column in the kind of new hop super bright stone fruit on these cops fewer teens. Out of Argentinian and New Zealand Australia actually have more Americans revenues than they do English. Com. But he named the cascade obviously for the mountain range in Oregon and very soon other people began and kind of cross pollinating in making new varieties based cascade for being Centennial which was often mean super cascade. Had very similar secrecy flavors but I alpha and now trying to meet these American cops specialists say at a much higher oil content. Then any of errors European or eighties and that's actually what gave them wonderful kind of right hopping in finishing power in these big Beers. That we utilized so if you if you look at big eyepiece especially East Coast fails and you think about that slippery. Fruity flavor. You're correctly tasting high oils that were bred into these cops by Jack or all 1950s. And again with a fifteen year project in Europe but I think it's paid off well. Now if you're going to be with some of its starting and growing cops might my guess is you're probably gonna wanna grow evenly mentioned you can. Brutal hops that global one of the what's the percentage of people growing the Americas the optic ID percent. Probably most yeah yeah and in my always I think it comes from this and it's device that I was argument myself. Arm years ago which is what you use Brett as your normal girl well it's an ornament all. If it had some problems with certain locations certain varieties but. I've seen just about every variety cake in if you're willing to put an apartment and hand care Ford on your going to be of any variety. To at least are off. But. Some are. Easier than others yeah it would just high oil content actually perhaps is that originally for flavor and actually and prevent older. And can it track water. Ambient moisture from the air. It's with the Seahawks tend to be a little bit easier and we talked about the flowers Parker believes that the fuel the girl party here but there Eaton grow whatever. You want and so grow your gonna use the other thing it Leo under five dollar prize on. You have some player around the costs of two ounces of you know expensive Americans the opera and Inco. In would you see. That if you're gonna be one not everybody we have Euro all an avid home brewer who is also growing your autopsy are doing it for it'll cost savings lotteries like that but maybe. Your first ever foray into it you're gonna want. Make a hop you're gonna wanna grow hop patrols are gonna feature and hop four Beers yeah. Like pay amid this fear oh and by the way I grew these top. But the thing for me to German title search a year and use all four ounces silence. That's a lot of silence there and I'm really just turning into mulch after a year while as you know at some family members that have place Centennial cascade. You can throw ten ounces in to a BI PA in that really helped get rid of and you feel like you're using it a bit more so. All right we're used to most of but other man with what every one they all awhile were in the hop you know like art temperate zone so anything should take human rights conditions. That'll potpourri of today's show. Reminder Friday is the art of beer you can not have tickets at Niagara tradition for thirty dollars they need to go on Friday the third. So hit that up march 12 is the deadline for a log for submissions you anyhow the deadline is April 26 and hop rise or triggering pre ordering. Is starting soon so get on that as well. You gotta we've inspired you to get out me and blackened and better group that writes so. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season brewer or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.