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2-26 Fast Track with Dave Buchanan Hour 2

Feb 26, 2017|

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Next hour at the airwaves belong to you. See jokes dress didn't let him do it WGR's fast track. With your host of other evidence there. I thought he Buchanan. Good afternoon race fans at 1205 era WGR Sports Radio 515 a welcome to our number two WGR fast tracked Daytona 500 preview show. We're taking you up until 1 o'clock this afternoon only we'll hand things over to our friends at the motor racing network. For life flag to flag coverage of the 59 running of the great American race at Daytona 500. You know looking forward to today's running of the quote quote super bowl of stock car racing will with be with you for the next hour. Ample lines are open here right up the bad 8030 fight 51. 88550. To 515 what are you looking forward to most of this season. I'm in the monster energy. NASCAR cup series is it the new stage formats is it the influx of new tail like Daniel Suarez and Jerry Jones. Or I just looking forward to seeing who can master this new point system. That we year old getting accustomed to and and and seen it in play already this weekend in the other series. Plus just looking for your Daytona 500 winners as well to who's your favorite to win today's race and 8030 fight 5188. 550. To 550. As I start as stayed earlier in the program for those he just tuning Indo I am leaning towards Joey MacDonald for today's race but I feel like. Say is going to be a wide open. Anybody can win kind of Dave because of the level of of competition in the performance we're seeing from all three manufacturers throughout speed weeks we've seen. The that toyotas and Fords. You know perform very well right out of the box here it's speed weeks and of the well. None of picking up the eligibility on a winning last Sunday in the clash after a break has louse key you'll make a net toward right to the field and he and Denny Hamlin tangling together. Obama on the last lap but then come qualifying on Sunday it was a pair of Hendrick Chevrolet is getting the top two spots and she's Eliot deal Leonard junior. And then it was. Elliott winning his jewelry and Thursday junior dominating his duel race Thursday night but coming up short is Denny Hamlin got by him on the last lap. So that the shabby showing that they can run just as well as the Fords in Toyota's. Have done so already during speed weeks so what it's gonna be a wide open race in my opinion. And it's. It's hard to pick a fair like I said I'd get asked this all the time of Hubei and bandits practice yesterday morning I was getting gas Yahoo! I think's gonna. Win the race today and I am I but I'm leaning towards Joel Connelly I think on of all the teams of Penske formed Ford's. Seem to be the most consistent they might have you know they've got Adonis clash win they've got some strong run to Brad Kozlowski has left he should of won the clash last Sunday. Had it not been fur yeah you know on. Done the late the late blocked they are from Denny Hamlin. And you know Brad was looking very aggressive working his way through the feel like I ate I liken it to a team a frog in the way he was kind of hopping his way. From lane the lane and he would side draft off of one car tucked up behind another M pop bottle lining go back and forth. Legally down the backstretch and in the ability for that to happen is also is why I'm I'm very excited and and highly anticipating today's race. On that you're here we're here on WGR. The fact that it is a the with the pack racing you've got. The ability for either lane to to go out front of the field no longer is it. You know one lane is the dominant lane whether it be the instead of the outside of that secondly they get formed up they get a run to the front of the field but once they get. To the head of the pack they kind of sell out we see net you quite a bit over the last few years I think. This year last year into this year especially. On it no longer. Does that secondly install allow but they if they can get a strong and aside draft and maybe those that second car gives the lead car no awful push. They can go by the leader in and make a move for the lead in the and that's what the the best part of restrictor plate racing is the fact. Dead when that that one car gets Iran it's not like it used to be. Back in the day when you would have a guy plot line do the slingshot pass we don't have that anymore that classic move. But just that power that one carton get from just a simple push from the guy behind them. Ought to go to the front of the field. Is still pretty exciting. And no longer can that the leader trying to play those teams like we see the last couple years you get that one car in front. And they wick and it just you know drive in the rear view mirror eat and try and block both planes a little bit harder now to do that because one guy can get such Iran. With with just a push from behind so and that that's what has me really excited for today's race. On coming up in just a couple minutes we'll talk to you what Alex neatly for you customers speedway where I have him at quarter past the hour. And then now we'll have won wide open phones for the remainder of the hour here on fast track. Drivers meeting currently going on at Daytona it is a yes star studded affair talk about. Some of the other that mean for million famous faces that are at the Daytona 500. People exiting LaDainian towns in Jordan sparks your curb backer in the last hour title mark defender Mario Andretti is there. Rob Gronkowski is there today the Western New York native New England Patriots tight end of course say he's got a a deal with monster energy so no surprise that he is there as. You know monster energy makes there regular season debut as the presenting sponsor of the cup series now in NASCAR but ground is there. And at the driver's meeting some interesting comments from Brian France. Making Simpson strong statements and at little unusual. From what I'm seeing from many of the media members that are there and attendance. Offer him today it's a kind of make a statement about about competition but apparently. Brighton where it was quoted saying the drivers mean that blocking as a part of racing don't look for NASCAR. As it co op or causes the big crash is being good samaritan and do not look for NASCAR. So you know he was and he also said that they realize blocking is a part of racing but when you block you better hope there's a good samaritan behind you. So why that's a little bit what we're talking about that the leader just trying to block both lanes that's not as us a strong. A strategy apparently because it does lead to it's it's a possible you know the big one we've seen enough Google already this weekend. But. You know Brian France making a strong statement during the drivers' meeting already today about blocking. And you know blocking last year at homestead you know dating Carl Edwards. Image only got on we sought in the classless Sonny would Denny Hamlin trying to throw block he may very I'm Brad Kozlowski is Kozlowski. Darted to his inside going into turn three. And Hamlin wasn't even close and Kaz and our Kozlowski Dari had the wheel inside his left rear fender and I turned both of them and took them opt out of contention for the win allowed jointly gone under drive by. So some some strong statements. You know come in from Brian France and drivers meeting which apparently is that out of the ordinary according to us some of the the quotes were seeing. From from some of the media members are on Twitter this morning. I'm it will be a wide open race this afternoon. As will be getting Alex making here on the line in just a moment to talk to him about you custom motor speedway. But. You know looking at looking at it for this afternoon's race and mean you've got place that it it's certainly wide open field. And this the other wrinkle in today's race it'll be the first one using the stage format. And how much debt strategy will come into play today you know the race will be broken in into. 66 the in eighty lap segments. With though of course the chance to earn points at the end of Steve is one team that is new for this year and also the chance to earn. Those up playoff points and by winning a seat to get one playoff point for a stage win five for an overall race win. And we'll see if that comes in the how much that comes into play and might not happen as much date Daytona. As it will later in the season we get to you know next week's race in Atlanta and so on and so forth. You know at Daytona is always kind of the the wild card race in any major rule changes we don't see as much come in effect until they they get on to the second race of the season. Apple C will we get down to those final 510 laps. Of this first stage gift cards that are not in contention to pick up that those top ten points will late pit early. In an effort to improve their track position. In today's Daytona 500 right now though it looks at the AT&T hotline and bring in. From the Jim Costa motor speedway formally known as they crave the speedway the brand new general manager of the facility. Former. If up real quick for those listeners that are are kind of catching up on the store the Q the motor speedway of course not far from here in Western New York in mills corners Ontario. Just Connick catches up to speed real quick this that the the silliest sat dormant for a few years. Just tell us about the the movement that's going out and and how this is all coming to be with the the track reopened later this year. Yeah. All of you know we obviously have a lot going on some missing pictures on her FaceBook page or on Twitter. You know the track itself is on the say same blueprint that terror. All of these sensors had been you get in the past no it. We don't have increased the banking all the way around future now on the straightaway from your lack. I care about nine degrees in the corner and there are around four or five degrees so we pretty Ricky Lawler on the outside. Safety fence construction will be starting. Any day now. We are currently working on. The infield portion got a lot of infrastructure work with drainage and whatnot. And you know hurt but can it be constructing a nuclear row with thirteen skulls and retaining wall of course protect the infield and some grassy area so. You know a lot the same but a lot different and you know we're trying to. Major so when people come back to. You just motor speedway formerly fewer gadgets are. There you know league and we know other we've got a great following it's been thought of as candidates crown jewel and when people come back and want them to sink. More fit you want to be more impressed me where so. Purdue and only Jenn Q can't bridge open on August 26 27 weekend. Alex drew quick just to tell us who is behind this operation. And how that ties into the new name of the facility. Some have Childress can ill and injured my tour under local businessman. Entrepreneurs and the name derives its got a bunch of businesses some other businesses are named due process something or other. The name is made up of initials of fame members that were lost a tragic accident so. There's really it's just there. It's disturbing. I get back to the Stanley. And we didn't name ends up being pretty catchy so. You know report cited BOQ. Remember those folks sent to carry on the tradition of by the small restart. Inherent in Ontario like you say not far from the Butler. Yet and back of the day I mean to tell you go what was the place in the slack family of course he knows that this the slack family of you know that's produced. A lot of great people including a rainy embody and Roger slack of course you run sold door now for Tony Stewart. When they had their place going in in the 60s70s and eighties that was the place to be. Four you'll late model or modified racing you know a lot of guys that race Lancaster Holland and Perry they would go run there. Yeah you are Clark go run late model races there against you junior Hanley and got beer man. Engine I wasn't there back in the of course we maybe you could help describe just how big a facility that was at it at its peak back then. Yeah Louis Louis and legislators there was some place to be for sure arm in the whole surround an area not just Ontario. You know I said new York and incense from all over the place. There's been orca that you know historic main Serb through our Q got a counselor. Such as Mark Martin helical Wiki like you said and we Niedermayer Clark when you can go on forever them super modified drivers and our. The modified racers. You know the name Eric we could be your holiday list in the so. You know our hope is to capture some of that history days and cute you know create new and create new memories for sure. So you know it's. Like you said the lack fairly I'm really fortunate that mr. slack. It's still lives in the area and because well whatever you least check up on the nature of the month. On my toes and doing things the way you would expect so we've we respect that in. We can't wait to have him in and hopefully a bunch of our current Pasteur us start stars have been at the speedway. That are opening event. And reflect tells about an opening event that's coming up in late August. We have Brothers and carrier. Based super pro immoral series called the APC series. Sure to some cars that race Lancaster and get a bit Lancaster that he guys early in the year and are. Trying to reduce myself to everybody like you said hopefully we can get a bunch of our guys go under your way and your guys come our way they used to be you know he sometimes don't allow that I think are some closeness there arm. So when 75 laps for those guys and we'll also have in between those are 75 laugh out loud super late mile race. Junior will be rationed but it's on joke we'll be racer and I got a bunch interest will go to Michigan and Ohio as well also. I think it's it's really starting to shape up to be quite an event. And of course we had Enola a kind of a warm December and in in October November December you guys got a jump start on some in the approve when he got a decent paving. And actually you've got a couple cars on the racetrack late last year and one of those. Was that a name familiar to west New York race fans Larry Jackson of course he ran modified sweetly at Lancaster now he runs in the NASCAR NT series but. Yeah I remember Leary and Ronnie east and running weekly at Lancaster and Leary slows up a modified line around it took that out. First and test laps does that mean we might see the modified its energy costs that at some point soon. Yeah I really hope so I know I've been fortunate to be contacted by I think generation or there's a racial organization in the country. Which is which is great daughter and iPad fortunate. Been fortunate to have discussions with all those folks including. He or she modify its. You know we we've worked our opening show latest and everybody's schedules somewhat steps it was really hard to put much else to get the yeah in the seventeen. And but obviously for 2018. You know. Looks for a open wheel weekend and I hope to include demonic sides and the super modify and you know another culture will class from the area possibly. And have a big open wheel weekend as well entries are making so. All kinds of opportunities archive two potential. Obviously moving in to you know get hurt her feet wet and seventeen. At the end of the summer and having the holes you all winter our season to work on our 2018 schedule. I would expect that rim has several exciting balance. Well look at foreign Alex last thing but before we let you go here of course today is the Daytona 500 and for the first time in quite some time there's a Canadian in the field. DJ Carrington is gonna start today's Daytona five part I'm sure that as you and a lot of your fellow racers and race fans and Ontario very excited. To see him in the race today. Yeah or exciting you know BJ's good friend of mine I mean was this series director and producer Doug mentioned and he raced last races of last series I raced against him and I can remember what I immigration first started and characters series DJ we're sure. Fifteen years old. And before we went on to restructure our starter eventually was doing laps in the Stanley. In fairly dark so. A gutsy emirates from day one heck of a driver. In Europe they don't you never know it happened so yeah we're sensory and an awfully imminence. This team have a great great we are great day. Yeah tagged pretty good representation for for candidate that in speed weeks he had DJ you had as Stewart freeze and in the truck series I know I can't think of the gentleman's name but there is another driver from Ontario in the truck race as well to. Portly things thing goes Stewart's way crashing out. But there it. It for the for race fans that are where a strong. It's it's it's its series a tracks up there and Ontario and you guys produce a lot of good racers. Yeah we are the other silica got behind the scenes to call purpose yup the cheaper for. Or actually 78 car. Scott Simmons is a tire specialist for the new 77 car matching so. You know. We're we're proud how those guys involved and wish mob bust last. Well Alex thank you for the time this morning great to chat with you like he said if you make your way to Lancaster please stop up to the announce Booth and say hi in. Hopefully able alt a vehicle set foot on the property sometime soon we get to see some great racing out there and you 'cause the motor speedway later this year. Yeah I hope he can make it as well and same with all your listeners. We can't say were Buffalo Sabres have been only spend a I you know I am radio band it's fair and Indo us. I hope that's we're fortunate enough to have the buck your listeners cup and come up business would be honored. Very good take care Alex thanks for the time. Thank you Alex Nagy from the energy costs the motor speedway formerly. The heck can you go motor speedway and mills corners Ontario and and really it's kind of a it's a real direct route. Once you cross the border basically just take highly three eagle pass cumbersome speedway and just keep going for little. Little way is and well you'll drive right in the mills corner so it's a real. Easy trip it's a make your way out and l.'s corners here from western York once you cross the peace bridge. Again they're gonna open up in late August still not a 100% complete as Alex said they got a few more things to work on but they do have one rescheduled for this year. August 26 27 with some big late model races and you charities. Talk in their pretty much everybody as they look for did planning their schedule for 2018 and beyond. We get back here we've got open phones the rest of the way here for these final two segments. It's tough extracts so what Tammy your phone calls in as we draw closer to the running of the Daytona 500 again you'll hear it right here on WGR. And we'll be right back with more fast track. 1230 here on WGR. Steve Buchanan and WGR's fast track will take heed to the top of the hour. And we'll hand things off to the motor racing network for there live coverage of today's Daytona 500 they have pre race starting at one. And then on their race broadcast we'll start at two the official green flag time is right around 230 this afternoon so you're going to be out of. Out this afternoon and you wanna know the exact time you need to be. On your couch or in front your radio in time to catch the green flag that's kind of what you wanna look for 230 today if you. Don't mind missing all of the pre race pomp and circumstance and all the singing in Korean and jets flying over had to veto minus and that. Up being your seat by 230 to catch the green flag. 8030 fight 51888550. To 550 phone lines are open free and the rest of the way here on this two hour. Up preview show of for the great American race will be back to our normal low one hour time for an X Sunday eleven to noon. When the cup series heads to Atlanta for reeks number two on the 2017. Season. Yet already we seem though plenty of wrecks in the truck in extended east series events already this week in at Daytona. But I doped that really don't think we're gonna see. Eight duplicate of that today and I don't really chalk it up that and what I chalk up those two events two is more the inexperienced driver in the field verses. Drivers being too aggressive or this drivers reacting to the new stage formats. I think is just more of maybe some less experienced drivers driving a little bit in over their heads. ID you know win in a restrictor plate race something they in my about it had a lot of time with if any in their respective series you maybe they've only Ron now an arc or Reese. Our restrictor plate track or you know maybe the only of one previous start. In the trip copper urchin trucker extended the series on a restrictor plate you know that this a lot of inexperienced drivers and that's a byproduct. All of these the new policy with restricting the amount of starts a cup driver with five years of experience can have in the lower series but that is something that. Has been called for by the fans they wanna see. You know they don't wanna see Kyle Busch or break his last year Joel O'Donnell going into the the truck series and in this X any series all the time in. You know beating up not on the series regulars and when he majority races so NASCAR continues to. You know the fine tune their policy and through even more restrictions on the guys for this your limiting the number starts they can have. In both series and preventing them from running in the the playoffs and everything. So that's gonna get though you're gonna get a lot of young inexperienced drivers. It in both series and that can lead to more crashes so I think that's why you're not gonna see a repeat of that today. With a cup series we have a much more veteran crew out there. For the forty star starters for today's race one of those young drivers that did go to Victory Lane. It in the truck series can't draw a lot. Picked up a first career truck series win is that he was able to squeak through an amazing. Has slapped crash on the backstretch. That some Mac Kraft and I'd truck flipped. 360 in the air before landing down on Johnny Sauter struck. You know in a while last lap crash. On the backstretch Kaz grow up found his way through that wreck in drove his way to victory Winfrey's first win in the truck series. And I can as one of the yeah up and coming means he's had a good run in the king and end up pro series divisions and now he's moved up driving for the the of the G amassed racing team this year he started on the pole to win and wound up winning it if he was pretty funny in. Oh Victory Lane too when they interviewed a month fox sports when they were showing in the replay of the crash and he did not know on the craft a flipped over and he was yell is late oh my god does somebody flipped over when he was watching a replay live on fox sports one and then she jokingly he said. He evening news is he was having a hard time you know what to do. By winning a race he said he eat did not do a doughnut Ni. On a dad died in saying that. On on the fox sports one broadcast so exciting for him to get his first win but definitely. That was quite a e-book brought starts of the season for the truck series and that that this race saw a big wreck and I'm just the second lap of the race of fort sleep. Took out Stewart freeze into we've had on the show here in a couple of times throughout the years native of Niagara on the Lake Ontario. Is Stanley core stuff owned Lancaster speedway in recent bill speedway. NS you're going for his first full year in the keep world truck series this season as he's hooked up with his sponsor hallmark international they've created a new team. And other third Tommy Baldwin and some other veteran people to help them. Run the full came for a truck series season but unfortunate for Stewart eliminated very quickly. And you know that and in a fortune could not come back out I don't know how Bannister was damaged because it was towed back to the grudge he was out of the race. And beat you because of the new rule concerning damaged in NASCAR's national touring series and a lot of people this weekend. I've got a little bit upset about that that this new policy where if you can't get that car or truck prepared to fight and as a pit road you're done for the day. And one totally not a bore at them I do see that. There that there could be a possibility of maybe tweaking this rule for the restrictor plate races. You know I don't think this'll be as big an issue once we get into the rest of the season but at their. When you go to trickery report skiers stricter plate tracks you do have the possibility of massive multi car pileup that can take out they off to a third of the field in one incident so it really. You know forces you up a good chunk year of your driver tested to have to make repairs and last night in the extended series race they think. What was it they 36 starters they think all but maybe five cars had damage at some point the incident because they have 34 multi car incidents as well to. So maybe. Ella and I think in their definite ideas that maybe NASCAR will go back and take a look at this policy and maybe. You know make some changes too late going four for maybe just the restrictor plate races I don't know. On but maybe it's giving them more than five minutes. Or or or some other. In something else justices. Him to keep that the number of cars running at the end of the race you know. Keep more cars involved in the race and it and it an especially with the we're sure to play tracks he aerodynamics such an issue you want to make those repairs. You know. So fining (%expletive) and try to keep your car or truck you know the aerodynamics of it to keep it in as good as they can be although I mean time you take any you know any kind of damage effects that car's aerodynamics so much. That made it for stricter plate tracks they're allowed maybe a few more minutes. To make those repairs or maybe allow them to put new body panels on just for the restrictor plate tracks. Which they they can't do anymore because in the new rule that seemed like. You know the teams are just get out there and thrashing in just trying to throw on all this. Not pieces of bear Bonner her duct tape in just kind of thrash and relief because of the limited amount of time and his seem like it was counterproductive. Because it just seem like they with. The the recklessness. Will meet reckless this but just the hurried fashion that they have to make these repairs and that it just winds up leading to. You know a a bigger chance of parts and pieces falling off but it you know home I remember in the truck greasy of one guy go out there and he shed. You know a few pieces of the yet he dropped him for because that they they had to make repairs so quickly. So maybe an adjustment is needed for the plate plate tracks again it's only two races in and we have you seen in the cup series today. Now Woolsey going for me be NASCAR takes a look at it before they go to Talladega this spring or we go back to Daytona in July we'll see if maybe. The change the policy regarding the new gimmick policy. For the restrictor plate tracks again I don't think it'll be as big an issue going forward because you don't see. India the mile and A half tracks in the smaller tracks on the circuit these. Mass of pilots that can take out a third of the field. And it affects only cars in competition. Get 8030 flight 5188550. To 550 year thoughts. On a police think could win the Daytona 500. Are your thoughts on the that the numerous rule changes going into the season and year at Daytona 500. Methods of wagering or. Party games if you would get together of the bunch people watch Daytona 500. What is your equivalent of like Super Bowl squares. For watching a race I would love to hear some some different ideas and see what everybody likes to do out there. When they watch this event which again is the most mainstream event on the the NASCAR scuttled that draws in the most casual fans it seems like every season this race especially. Solo what you do to kind of liven things up. A bit a lot of talk this week about a Wall Street Journal article that came out early this week about NASCAR. And it really got a matter of factly. On the state of the sport. You know really hammered on the declining television ratings that the declining attendance ratings. Attendants in a ticket sales in general. And eat it really it also delved into. The relationship between Brian France and his sister Lisa France Kennedy who heads of the International Speedway corporation. Of course know Brian that the CEO of NASCAR. And does their relationship which apparently is you know kind of frosty and they don't always. Worked together as much as they should or could when making major decisions surrounding the sport and even. Went into sues state based on sources that. The shares of NASCAR that each Lisa France Kennedy and Brian France. Talked after the that the passing of their their father bill junior that you know Brian France is actually sold his shares at some point. Whether it's to his other members whether it's has this release are his uncle Jim France. Has sold his shares in NASCAR. In although we still has shares the International Speedway corporation which is also owned by the France Stanley which owns the tracks. Like Daytona Watkins Glen and some of the other facilities in the sport. And you know and lot of talk about. Bryant's leadership of the sport ended just a really paid it a negative picture I don't think it was as bad. As some people made it out to be was just kind of stating the facts are running the sport a lot of it. I only was purposely going out of two out of the weights it's a bash NASCAR at all but it seems like now. Then couldn't you couldn't draw our conclusions to the the political climate in this country right now that the the inner circle of NASCAR's now kind of drawn ranks and it is trying to. You know standing up for heard a talking talking out against this report saying that it's not as bad a picture as that article makes it out to be. And and actually has been you know there are there is some good news concerning the future of of the sport it might not be a complete turnaround but. You know there there has been some positives signs during speed weeks. You concerning. A sponsorship and just how healthy the sport may or may not be doing there's been two huge sponsor announcements this week. Off fedex's re upped with with Joseph Gibbs racing and Denny Hamlin he got a contract extension and then Joel Conn oh. And shell Pennzoil and Penske announced a big deal and Joey has now signed through 20/20 two and at that's huge. Contract you don't have for NASCAR five year deal. You don't see a lot of that in the sport usually driver signed an immediate two or three year agreement but for Luke Donald to be. Locked up through 20/20 two in to have shell Pennzoil a huge company obviously. Locked up through twenty that is. You know a good sign of things to come for the sport that they can they can still hang on this a major sponsors like that especially huge with with shell and FedEx. And that that it's great to see and also a positive thing. Sponsor wise at least that I I seen this year is a couple spots is coming back into the sport. Not full time but they have you know taken smaller roles in the sport but it's great to see him back involved in it all goes back to the the Darlington throwback program. You know the last few the deadly the southern 500 they've kind of don't this throwback theme. Where drivers get retro paint schemes and that has led to a couple. Retro sponsors a comeback in the spore one of those is tied who of course was synonymous with NASCAR in the eighty's and ninety's and sponsoring Darrell Waltrip from Ricky broad. You know they had. Left the sport but they came back last year to sponsor meth Matt Kenseth. For the southern 500 to give him out a throwback paint scheme well it turns out tide must of the UN the X sawn off return on investment turn off you know interaction because the spot chip. That they've come back and they're gonna sponsor met for couple races this year and another sponsor B that was scooters. Of course was from very famous whale in Kuwait he won his championship driver and hooters car 1992. They came back last year. And sponsored. It chase Elliott and in what without a throw back in on co Wiki paint scheme well now they're coming back and they're sponsoring chase Elliott. As an associate sponsor and they'll be the mean sponsoring his car a couple of times this year so it's great to see that that program has paid off. Two you know bring a couple of sponsors who have left the sport but are still some economists you know. When you think about that you still think about NASCAR because of just how like Connick their involvement was back in the day. It's great to see that they are actually now investing dollars once again in and you know treating back on some of that name recognition that they had for all these years. That they're getting back and it involved in the sport it you know it doesn't it's not great that they're going to two of the biggest teams in Joseph Gibbs and Hendrick Motorsports but still any time. You see somebody getting back involved in NASCAR is is a great to see and argue sponsorship going well for GTG two already racing. The reason they could start a second team this year Kirk Chris bush and they said because they had enough sponsors to go around. And you know. Put together a two car operation for this year with Chris pusher coming aboard. Well we come back we'll have all one segment to go here is we are round out the special two hour edition of W dearest fast tracked. Last chance that your calls an 8030 fight fifty and 188550. To 550 will wrap up fast track we get back. Here are WGR. Chase Eliot starting on the pole for today's. Daytona 500. I mention this earlier I think he just tuning in eighth pole sitter has not won the Daytona 500 since the year 2000. It's been seventeen municipal wonders when Dale Jarrett did in 2000. Jeff Gordon did your before 1999 but since that eighth pole winner has not won Daytona 500 just deadline if you're picking your. Fantasy team. And out manner our op are fast track offensively just taken off Europe and since we started the show we were at 47 were up to 54. Signed up for the faster faithfully on fox sports IE to check my Twitter at fast tracked by fifty. For the linked to sign up. A mile and a for today go we're joined Madonna of course an insane is is might pick to win today. I took deal jury will everybody does. But his deli with self lol at least 6700 dollars that that's like alleged rape. For for juniors so he had that it was just an easy pick just because he was so low. Brad Kozlowski and mark church junior and Kyle Busch that is my yeah fantasy lineup for this afternoon. On on arrow off faster faithfully but worked a 54 teams that that's more than last 352 last year. Real simple to play you in Europe and have to know anything is asked Paul Hamilton he'll tell you he just you know picked drivers at random early lit that's what he says at least I don't believe them. Putt he is up playing again with us once again this year so again faster fight fifty can find the link guidance the time to sign up for the green flag waves today. Speaking of Paul and he is in Arizona today. For a sabres coyotes so he that's coming up today and they'll be GR face off just after 830. From lol whatever they're calling the arena and nearest these days. I can't think of the sponsor pre game at 730 with the my buddy bright Kos deal. And up ML apparel. They'll have the pregame show for you this evening so what what a cool sports day this is you've got Daytona and then. You've got sabres tonight even the guessing at the Oscars to nineteen so lots to to watch and keep you busy on this on the last Sunday was fun we had. We had upping its game sabres game and pull qualify in the clash last Sunday to sew enough today is another Sunday of good to sit on your. Sit and Duff watch enough sports think that's what's on tap for me today. As well. They Q4 listening. I'll speak out of action before you sign up like speaking of the sabres why brought up the sabres in the first place. Was I was shocked to see wreck before we went on the air that this morning. A tweet from the sabres to account. It's dubbed about the Daytona 500 I couldn't believe it then they had to. A little shout out that today is the Daytona 500 in Corso one of their big sponsors is a Toyota of course. Who's you know when the manufacturers in the cup series so level shout out to the Toyota teams as well from the officials see burst Twitter account. I'm disappointed why disappointed but I what I wanna see is you usually in the weeks leading up the Daytona 500 they send a lot of drivers out to promote the event. They send a sporting events. And you know this year Martin Truex went to a Tampa Bay Lightning game in break Kozlowski went to a Detroit Red Wings game no one are we gonna get NHL player to come to a sabres game that's that that's what I'd love to see. In the future if we can get dual meet me bwic with traders involved with the sabres meet the can bring a student driver to keep make senator. At some point to do a promotional tour has the best part is they always do the trade off. Where at a member of the team gives the driver a Jersey with their name on it and then the driver gives you know whatever player it is. You know so I eat it either fire suitor helmet or something you know they always do that penetrate off. Bomb. I'm Trey you remember who they. I can't think of who did it this year for the lightning immature acts but and only at the pictures on earth are faster FaceBook page but. I think to be fun if we get a NASCAR driver to. A a sabres game maybe next year is completing a commotion of next year's Daytona 500 actually their trainer George got cock huge gear hadn't huge racing fan as well too was nick be ballparks to meet mean he can pull some strings specially. If dodge inspected the sport. I hope you enjoy a listening and watching to today's race. Feel free to take our conversation on social media during the race he can tweet at me at fast tracked by fifty. Or off FaceBook dot com slash WGR fast track I'll be on social media throughout the race if you wanna talk on the or send your your thoughts throughout the race this afternoon. And we can continue our conversation there but if not talking next Sunday here at 11 AM for next week's edition of fast track joy the Daytona 500 and thanks for listening.