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Mar 4, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. It's. Do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by now have a traditional blue here's your host Jeremy White. Per dye Easter good Saturday morning welcome tonight exhibitions just ruin your on ESPN fifty point. Your wife for Custer had Saturday happy Saturday it's cold and wet winter and effectively to pay out. Real quick mortgage started how things go for the art appear. Very well always and one of the reasons we can say it went very well as from all the people who helped out by the been doing for years really. Get everything. Sat to a T so it's amazing. How much year. Or every year how much less work that. Us organizers are original organizers had a few people kind of pick up jobs that picture from. And we don't have to worry about it and I would also like to think everybody who attended because if it wasn't for you folks coming in. Paying your thirty dollars to go through could cause who wouldn't give a good meal and some good drinks. There wouldn't be worth while for us to do these effects for wasn't for the people attending. There's no point in Austin doing and so I would like to think everybody who came out you know through the blistering cold. You know spelt. But what better deserted you wanna call nine then implement I had a nice warm room and drink much beer. All play many of you were able to make it we reminded you each and every week and now it's passed so while you're twitch next year for and about one again. Log deadline. To get short entries is a week from today something else we keep reminding you about the soon gonna pass to bring your your bottles into Niagara tradition because you have one week to get those bottles in. What a one deadline and if you miss a lucky a bit while more repeat and fewer emperor a couple more pierce. Our unit odd deadline is April 26 of some time to prefer that as well. And when thinking about entering Beers. You make a point about this that depends did you just throw something together or did you specifically brew a when government category they're gonna have at the growing competitions. You got into this is like my big problem this year I have no entries. Armed because everything that I have in my collection doesn't fit the style when they ordered it I knew I wasn't gonna fit the style. But I wanted to beer anyways and they brewed. So the first thing to chew brew with the intention of during classic side because that's what you're going to be judged accounts not how much have jobs lights should appear in a few. Put your beard to a category that doesn't fit and the judge. Says Walt doesn't fit it's a good beard they're gonna tell you that be are Americans or any point and when it comes to developing your recipes. And kind of developing your brewing techniques and bring a classic style kind of puts a standard for the judges. So yes for group you know judging your beer were also kind of judging. On how well you do two other people during their instincts are so how you hold up against you know the standard bar. On but having common styles allows us to do that. So first thing did you grew with the intent of the classic style or is it just some like some marginal oil you know all the ingredients everybody in the pool. In that was my case so I'm not gonna bother to enter these Beers. Arm and in the other thing you wanna ask. Is this a good example are exemplary example of your borrowing practices. Do you know that it has flaws. If it has flaws and you can identify them you probably don't wanna entry because the judges are gonna get stock and that. And so if you know this purist soured because you know you had. You know Olympic. In the from actor. A couple weeks before and it seems like everything after turning a little tart. Don't enter that they're gonna pick up on that right away. And that's all there gonna talk about on your drugs she however refused tried to the classic style you don't think it probably. The best example of Western New York we think it's a good example beer brewing. Enter your immune Corey feedback you know for a couple of blocks. You're gonna get two to three pages of non biased information about your beer. From people who really know what they're doing so if you never entered a competition before. You know force yourself to actually Bruce dial. And then is deterrent to turn out with any you know bad flaws and for even if it's not per picture and you're repeat. So the deadline for. A wad is march 11 the deadline for unique high. The upstate New York home brewer home brewers association right got that right them is April 26 that's more Rochester. Centric. Competition that's April Tony sexy got time for that want and before we get to in the media today show organ talk a lot about on draft like cleaning. Pop rise on pre orders you've said a few weeks leading up to today that it's a bad year for hops you guys it's we've got a couple winters that have just been. The winters have not been harsh enough you know. On to create some good ground freezing as well as the dry Summers have mean Nick Cannon talked as well I think also. The kind of need for secret for a lot of the new work tops our own means that a lot of top grower for holding on to summarize songs to replace the insult. That said. Yup this election is not as great as it has been in years past but we still have over a dozen to write songs to choose from. And so if you were thinking about growing some Thompson may be were holding out for that sin coerce Iraq TE search mosaic or something like that. Bomb don't worry we'll probably see those talks again futures coming to the cute something into the ground get something Clinton now we're talking about five dollars a rise on here. And if in future years to decide to one don't want I'm tired of growing cascade. Paul and I'll put something new when you know if you get one to two ounces the cops offer price on its paid for itself he had a wonderful ornamental. Yeah so if you. Are thinking about it if you're on the facts. Grab horizon on their really easy to grow you can pick it up you can get it in the ground they can deal with that kind of building patrols weeks later. Arm but if there's a certain variety you're looking for kick your pre order in because with limited varieties I know there are some analysts that we're probably gonna run out of early. Last week we talked about noble hops American C hops also talked a lot about the signs of good black contain if you wanna. Tune in the last week's episode fine and on demand at Tut WGR 550 dot com or ideas in 1520s website as well and he also wanted to get into Britt ten MIC's today for. Madonna Tom and we get a lot of questions about that speaks a lot of people. Wanted to kind of pretend my sees pierced too worried about the pretend the mightiest peeking over. Or how long it means take to metabolize. Arm and it is also vercammen crises for those of you don't know is another third genus of yeast and so when we talk about. Brewing niece were talking about sacrifice he served bases. When we talked about the camera might seize for usually talking about. I'll pretend MIT's Brussels and anger a lot of other species but the Brooks also some mean one that you see. In a lot of Belgian Beers and they give it that kind of fresh cut hay. Two or sometimes almost wolf party aroma that you get. Now a couple of years ago white labs released east. Armed cleaning to beeper camera might cease. Arm that was able to ferment to Bure from start to finish anybody accused me of Brett your foreign policy traditionally use a Belgian means. He letter from meant talking like this economic she's her feces eat most of the nutrients. When those nutrients are gone he put in your approach you know mice he's. Which Foreman just a little bit and give it just a local touch a flavor in the don't produce I think Italy and the alcohol. Now when white labs produce this piece from start to finish quick for presentations controlled flavor everybody to our excitement. Now there have been a little bit of kind of science done after the release. You know and what they found. Is that correct toi. Arm is not actually protect point six. It's set from pricey server he sees in the hands some subtle flavor characteristics in common whisper camel might seize. So while this is a disappointment to some perverse or using it and bragging about doing her all the Beers. I think it should be a little bit of an open door to anybody who is nervous about using pretend normally sees wanted to get those flavors in their beer. Armed in just didn't wanna deal with the long secondary fermentation. Seat you know kind of worry of that it you know going. South and again producing more of the far left of the fresh cut hate. But this is a nice easy example so a lot of upper stressed the need to do anything special no separate racy for bases you're treated like the regular yeast ferment a little bit trying and you. Armed but other than that there's nothing much more that you have to account and you don't have to worry about long eighteen times or anything like that. Now this is one that works stocking weekly it's been very popular so if you wanna try a Belgian beer and you wanna get that kind of salaries to fact. But you don't wanna wait the full time this might be the answer for. All right well we're gonna get two draft line cleaning and breweries sanitation the section worked Rea I've. Have reached the point where I've two kegs are on tap at home and I've got to accept. No one's going to drink this beer soul. It's a said it it's a sad day it they've been sitting their for months I was thinking about doing yesterday I'll probably do it this week and run is going to. Dumped the beer and you know but. You know. Where life dies like springs anew because I'll have an open keg ought to. Saw actually all makes more Beers but it in the sanitation processor draft once before we get to that. You have your wake up set of rules best practices and sanitation. The real Wanda talked about a little bit because of their I think a lot of folks from especially if I'm in the point blame anywhere from an appointment toward some mr. beer kits. Our hooters take off all in one. White powder. You know if you're going into your local home brew shop the equivalent that you would see would be one step which does clean somewhat and sanitize is fairly well but if you've heard us talk about this before you pick them all in one. Are cleaner. It's really doing both Corley compared to prop you know products the kind of focus on cleaning focus on sanitizing. And so bomb IE personally had an infection. And so why I want to talk about this today. I think it's a point that stressed a lot to new brewers and numerous worry about a lot. As you get through your first few batches and are using equipment competitively. Armed you tend to laughed to some of these hand. Soon his plea you had a keg sit on cap in hand. It didn't get training I had the same problem keg on cap. Nobody was Fiona in the Yemeni called space I pulled out index were up. Want to put the tag out at room temperature it's slowly started to sour. And so can happen any warnings not defeat arm and while light. Don't know exactly where the infection came from a minute go back to marry best practices and kind of breweries sanitation. And kind of start to finish and also gonna take a look at any plastic hose or anything that many apple but built apartment. And anything that's cheap to replace probably just a season but so let's talk about what the practices and that's kind of a search with a three part process. In first is cleaning chemical. So this is a cleaner only not a sanitize or look at the bright PBW. A pro enzyme wash. Armed you wanna take this genuine use hot water anyone lettuce soap for at least twenty minutes. In what this is gonna do is give the cleaner trying to break apart and need your starter. You know bits of east or anything trumpet slot on the material. Arm to that one it will come off eve the year when you physically scrub so mutate. Eighties you know all Scott had a fear amusingly something easings feel appeasing cellulose sponsor paper towel to. My chosen method. On you wanna get in there you actually wanna physically clean your from mentors while the cleanest on the air. Think this is the process it's a loss on a lot of equipment. As more people use cycle carbo we watchers or more aggressive cleaners the kind of give it in el Sheikh after a couple of minutes with some top water. Caller of the day rates and now. And that's not quite enough. Now I have to admit I was doing them for long while. And when I was going through May appear relatively fast it wasn't becoming a problem but it did this time. So. You wanna rinse off back cleaner after. Scrubbing physically and then you want to use a separate sanitize or right before you Peru. On obviously most popular opera star Sam. Iodine it's also okay as well as bleach and plastic and glass equipment. Arm in that you won a lot that sanitize her. Give it its full arc so if you're looking at something like starts and you just need a couple of minutes into with I and I mean if it's the bleach based sanitized you're gonna need twenty minutes of contact time. To ensure that your actually. He thinks today's. Arm I didn't know that later on Clinton not my primary Buchanon got. Bleach makes him with water and I've got to let it sit for twenty minutes twenty minutes and sexy because you're you're really with the the other anti torture poisoning. We its bleacher actually performing chemical breakdown on antsy to have in perfect chemical reaction to occur. Armed every time I've been to bleach and never let you have twenty minutes early and it's it's a very strong sanitize or Tom and and again we're talking about. Best practices and here. If I drop a thermometer on the floor and it doesn't break. I'm not going to read. Clean rants sanitize rains that's murmured it's probably get a quick spray starch and a fast ransom them dismantle rape used it. Armed but let's talk about what needs to beat him ties to. So anything that's going to touch the beer. Post twenty minutes in the boy. So you don't need to. Sanitized and matched pot liquor tank boil fellows you wart chiller. It reportedly in in the beer you're Bruce who own crops spider boiling bags none event means to be sanitized. However the host. Going from the cattle into the from hunter if you have a ball well that needs to be clean its ties is walls of from mentor and need. Your locks leads to pockets. Wracking to hoses bottle filler if you're using them will pocket with the spigot that was have to be cleaned and sanitized separately and usually sanitized again together so. It's a best practice there it's while the spigot it's. Taken apart and still covered with starts and put everything together restarts and the bustle and given the roots with it's still some. Is Wallace all of your bottles. On hand and I guess the one thing works a little defeat is caps. Now the reason that is that's not because over the caps are touching the beer anything that shall sitting side that had space is in the beer from a coming contact. But your standard bring cap. Has he liner of the sort cast that and that. Lying Herm. In two ways is designed to prevent and he built up a mold mold spores are accurate. So if you're keeping caps well sealed in the bag he shouldn't need to sanitize and if you are worried about it just a quick dip and start in the soil means. Let's give a breaking defective cleaning the. Draft lines which. You frequently probably. During your night vision. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew it. Right line reading on the way here on. Night traditions just threw it as. You probably don't do it as often as you. I think we wish to start off this segment with honesty. In about how often we personally. Clean our draft elements they have done it twice okay that's pretty go out and three years that's not victory now and I think it'd only times I ever in my draft lines because I moved out and I emptied everything now on account took apart the accuser. To a degree moved it. Reassemble it in clean lines you got a I have to admit that IE only. Fully clean my. It's when it had a pierce at army airborne I've had no beer sitting on account for oil and and so I've heavier trial writer Aline was sanitized Ernest sitting for a while. Those are the only time to actually clean my line. Between every keg though I'd do. Give it a quick run through with some methods and types which does help some of the build up prevent souring in the line per currencies build up that doesn't really. Do me much good for some of the other. Things that you can build up points tone. Formal stuff like that. Now the brewers association in Iowa. Again so people looking for inspiration if I have to you know credit a source here what to thank them for doing agreed article this week. On draft line temptation is faulted it kind of while there's always been best practices and Marie sanitation they set out some guidelines for best practices. In two raffle in cleaning. And they actually recommend. That you mean your caps in lines and that means what we often don't do taking a -- the faucets taking out the plunger. Putting in a bucket with some climbs there and they say you should be doing that. Every two weeks. So let's not really that realistic no it's not that realistic for a thing for home use. While I think he if you started doing this you would have wonderful. Fleeing draft clients and I do have it jockey box now the jockey box after every use gets hit with a cleaner and then it's locked with citric acid and it. Those lines are actually five years old and look brand new. My home draft lines curtain not that. Armed let's talk about one. What you're looking at when you look at that different it's just come inside her draft Florence and what you need to do. To get rid of each of these turn to problem so the first one that probably most familiar with. Is white bits and now you see these global pol col forming mostly on the captain pits are exposed to air but this is just east. Now this doesn't mean that it's you know liquor talking about her panel money sees it's probably more likely pertain only sees. And is separate mean safe for bases. I would trade culture. The east that forms in your draft lines or anything like that but he but he has placed on the you know how it turned out. A bomb. But that's peace building up and its. Probably one of the easiest ones get to any of your alkaline cleaner or an expert on the proteins and take that stuff out right away. On what we more worry about is to brown or black mole smelled these can be dangerous and hazardous to health. Arm if you see a mole on any in nineteen blue once or twice a blue black or brown. You wanna probably replace aligns to assemble all your hard parks in and scrub them with a cleaner and approached. So it's no more cycle cleaning this time you need to hit everything with a brushed. Anything you can't hit with a brush like your lines or anything like that if you don't have a line brushed if you don't we diss Obama by tradition. Probably worked the four dollars just not disassembled tap every time. But you need to give everything a full cleaning. Now if you see gray or brown slowly building up over time that probably just be your style and that does take some time to get rid of now these are O line elements like calcium by carbon that that you know come out of suspensions appear. In the won't be taken off by your alkaline cleaner and so this is worth six forecasts order. In all Fannie clean or some type of other acid washes really gonna come into effect helped slowly. You know breakdown that build up. And the brewers association suggested using the acid washed if really for the pierce don't. In the only recommend that recorder. So about every three months exe she given an acid washed all lines. Now the last thing that we often get which you don't release C on this not reciprocating anything is bacteria. And you usually know you have the bacteria in your line. Because the beer's been sitting there for a long time so this is probably might be brought me Europe yet capstar talked for a week and then you only pour one or two Beers off from. You have a wonderful moderate bacteria built up and side there he kind of flush out that your give us some fresh nutrients in it builds up. Again and possibly even worse after only a couple of days are few weeks. Arm those bacteria are going to be easy to get rid of again a keen skier means. I app so poll flavor again pottery or kind of been briefly vs TV casts that. On. You wanna clean up the lines and possibly try to start drinking your law minister. But those are the kind of four big problems that you usually. Seat in years to raffle lines in one thing I can tell people. Is that if you see these problems quickly reappearing. It probably means that the you're lying through caps and the plastic parts are becoming for a and they've now created a little bit of a gap from for a bacteria for normal for yeast to get into. And kind of shield themselves from your sanitize searching cleaners in and that means it's time to replace those stressful parts. Okay now one thing that I can say that I'm gonna be meeting this weekend. To try to. Improve my own. Draft sanitation a lot of times it takes a gadget. To get us to do stuff and if you can homey gadget you're probably gonna wanna use it even more are so what I'm gonna do as an enemy myself a draft like. Come before you get and this is we always talked about when you're combining arm pressure. With a cleaner especially one that may be corrosive. Arm you wanna use eye protection is walls may be close as well believe the gloves up to you put the eye protection is released a mandatory. Arm making a trampling cleaners fairly easy it's gonna start off with the old fragmentation Buffett. And a small fountain pomp usually from you know we get through your local hardware store. Or someplace like that also re purpose of brewing pumped there's not going to be anything hitting that's pump. That should be damaging to most people spend the extra. You know ten dollars to go get a small fountain pump so they don't have to remove their sugar pumped from tampering system. On what you're gonna do is every time every two weeks right. You're going to do assistant your faucet right you're gonna put it in the bucket with a pop the pump usually if you can get one with a five sixteenths line. On the and we can sell you user if you wanted to do back washing which is better to go against the flow that the peer with normally going through. We have faucet attachments you'll pass in front of the faucet and hook up to the pump. You can also on the hook it up straight to the disconnect and we have attachments for votes as well. And so between every tanker whenever your thinking about it. Com what the idea is to see you mix up a small batch cleaner and you let it cycle. So you're using water as her operates have on instead of the rupture something like that. And when you do that your gonna strip off a little bit more of that stone. Brewers association recommends that you to a fifteen minute cycle every two weeks and then he'd twenty minute cycle every quarter with the opposite. Watch. Could lock Douglas a few. Cleaner lines every two weeks. The only way and cleaning my line every two weeks for extra point through it appear that two weeks. So. Animals we she won her flight. If you don't want to that time Erica time like I just by ought crap on all of actual tubing. You can and every couple weeks just from personal experience going through especially if you multi line Calgary are replacing earlier lines to actually more work during cleaning them. You're gonna end up cutting your lines and in shorter every two weeks. You know and will be good prompt and it's in the global expensive but good draft flying slope of warrior talking about three dollars 350. Per standard draft line so. Battered clean clear mountains and ultimately better for you better for your time and better for your beer. And if you make yourself a draft pulling cleaner at least not like personally. If I have a gadget I mean I'm more likely to mimic it and and of course. Everything you need all the cleaning supplies you mentioned available at Niagara tradition you've got it as well as we do have a crippling cleaning kit if you just come. Okay all right that's it for. This week's show I've a question you off fair and I actually is the teaser we might wanna talk about it next week I can ask you right now because I don't your answer yet. Next will be up at a yet we'll talk about it next week. All right so that's at frost you draft line cleaning by next week I better have my line's queen in my cakes and the who poured out of industry ears on again and wanted to as we've just feels wrong but he's that there is severe bad yeah. Was never that good. There wasn't my bet not sour wasn't my best work it just wasn't my best work I didn't drink enough of it people on line it's not the right time a year. And it's on the dials on the connect well with home burning. Being so cheapened savings so much money you can make a mistake every once in awhile. Instills. So that inspires you to brew of bad beer because you can afford it in my article yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening did just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether your season brewer or just want to get started with the committee twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to for online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode of just who.