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Mar 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nerves it's. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy why they. First diced her. Good Saturday morning look at tonight traditions just threw it at the deadline date and deadline these and sports. Talking on the radio are up one days and today's eight walk deadlines. Are so. You've got to root you wanna get into the I have always agree bring competition bring it to the store today. Gary until 4 PM to bring it and we would suggest starting or at least trying to fill out the online entry form arm when you are at home. Because there. Will be the kind of line up to do it at the store and if you don't have a printer go ahead and email to our maggert out tradition at gmail.com. And then when you're bringing entries we've helped you pray about it and monopoly rules for stuff like that. But today is the last days so if you're trying to get to three create pages of feedback on your beer Furl mean. Six dollars eleven dollars. Gated and today and so a lot of people are doing now we have a lot of entries stacked up. Think around 500. While currently masters online registered entries as of yesterday morning. Total current pace toward neutral 600 or more. Seoul. When news is six dollars as the entry fee via seven dollars seven dollars and fifty two bottles on marked. On in no specific caps he Wanda I blacked out Lackey out anything on there anything like that. Got you. So Knoll characteristic to identify who you are we all all the characteristics would buy the beer right exactly. In terms of categories how does that work either and that's one of the reasons why we lost sending people on one puts you right into their database if the trees tribunal and a bomb but it legal right by the beat JCP guidelines and by the 2016. PM and for. Couple years you might want it fresh look at the union imposed. Link on the association website. While is if you search BJ CP 2013 guide lines. On the note that the PDF off from the PG CPH a comes first there. Targets and deadlines today get there to Niagara tradition by 4 o'clock this afternoon and submit in the judging. Happens in the banquet in two weeks now the banquet itself. When information on the banquet for this is on the amber currents are in the amber waves of web site with the Niagara association. Killer how much tickets are armed but the should be kept the creek mine com. You know you don't have to enter to attend although it's not as interesting is if you you know haven't heard from that. But they always threw cream they quit they have great prices you do not have to attend the banquet the crisis. So if you win some and you know at Villa as a non entry into is the banquet worth the price I mean isn't a good time it's a good time I don't know appear after not an entry into really you know if you want. Joining me hang out all night because while there grapefruit there's great dinner. And there are over 26 categories on hand for places in these categories as well but the show meets fighters and you're gonna sit there while names are called often if you don't have anticipation that your name could be next right. So it really a long night like it or showbiz yet you got okay. We don't know very good to know I'd so again deadline today for the amber waves of grain hop rise on pre orders. Get in and as soon as possible got. We've placed orders in the number we can always be can usually get a late order it on we don't always get one. Everything we order a quarter. On and so I'm telling people is that there's this that the cop that you want this year. You better pre orders soon. On the lower earning him his first gold cascades Centennial chinook are Columbus crystal formal scolding liberty Magnum mountain couldn't remember nugget sterling tightening and were alama. So while we don't have as many rights jones' your past be the kind of low but appear. From some of the growers we still have a lot of varieties and if there's any of those. That you really really want pre order now and toll rate now Columbus. Has been very popular one already has most of them making a comeback for chemical liberty Mount Hood. Kind of some of the eastern European tightenings while. Fifteen different varieties I mean you know it's a it's a pretty good the auction earlier races that spot. In terms of we know from hops to yeast you've got new yeast strain in the Middle East thanks Peter. Old are being to opt really yes and we place of authors or just. No it into the that I got him in the growing industries it's not something we're used to seeing right now it is. You know brands are available be dropping but why east is dropping. I think seven here different strains on the set and exterminated the is that we are gonna get rid of receive restraints and they they promised to us they will release of private collection junior year. Com we'll see how much they hold that but there's some fever and there definitely of mine and so these they're gonna be dropping we still have a couple of some of these in the store. That 2000. Our blogger 20015. Of tackles that are you're L each string. The 2005. American blogger and shall logger. When he 42 Danish larger than 3330 the Durham wheat 3562. Forbidden fruit in 3942. Battled and we. So they're getting rid of all of these seasonal catalog. Of good portion of arteries they don't offer to man and I can tell you the Danish logger with wonderment papers. Arms on said he could it is it just because I mean must be sales like they just don't that's the peso and moving them on the new while still keeping them for commercial supply. The American repackaging them for home supplies they promised to release them and limited patches. Finally they do their private collections have ongoing now. In the future. But are adding a farmhouse they're going to be awful all of our house is one of their season. So if you wanna company analogy here with the bills and fullbacks. That's why he's an old insurance paid it Cory Johnson it just dropped off about half of their loggers and they're adding some more Belgium's throw. Well interesting choice there but the other thing if you really like the streams there are equivalent in white labs and we were from white lab once a week as well. Arm and now we have to admit we were keeping very many of these trees and one to two next week because they work to prop. In your interest in granting any of them from one lap system is called we can courtroom and will probably keep a couple of rounds during season outside season now. You ought to call right now from pops to yeast to. CO2. One thing that we. Talked about I think off the year after the oil a year ago after the show last week you there may be people that all the sudden. There's a few because we're in Lloyd I caught on what I would Odyssey that does surprise me I when I heard. This new. Where to like get my CO2 filled these days well there's actually. Always have been and they stole a lot of places in the buffalo area your CO2 field and one of the reasons as a central location for cracks there aren't international corporation specializes in retail locations. Forecasts so from giving them low but a promo we can talk about some other places and get your car bomb extreme welding on the I believe those places will do fills. Praxair is more in the exchanged business on its parks are smaller retail locations and believe they're Broadway market. Does do refills but all the others to just an exchange with the Savoy used to which propane tanker something like that. You bring an appropriate thing that's been sitting collecting Ras getting dirty and the you know slowly losing its inspection. The view nice clean one with a fresh picker filled inspected rate ago. Arm in the apply in the location from the buffalo area and also street welding. As holes Irish car onyx. And there's a couple of other welding supplies. In any welding supply place some fire calls will do it and but I would want freeze your CO2. And if you're going to a place from four for first time it might be good idea to take a little Lesotho officeholder maybe spree some months longer in a bag during to a tax. Put it into an empty tag. And then you don't wanna directly smile but walked. On the one thing we have heard some places doing fills over exchanges at some times. You know these repeat shameful that you might end up with something from missile or somebody's Rodham big dangers are machine oil in Tulsa apartment. I'm from fire extinguishers and the other one from. Machinery parts. There's some he's brought an old un inspectors cylinders at some of that after feeling like it back in the system and an open so if you're going to place for the first time you'll. You know nervous. Get the cylinder filled our exchange go home. Full tag opposite some CO2. Lead off the pressure and really when you're just bleeding off the pressure you'll tell if there's any awfully oversee youth in need to worry about coming pursuit of the seawall often like that to him into it if you remember back to high school chemistry. And they tell you don't sticker face in the speaker right there aren't any hole that aren't easily swapped the two year phase. Same thing you'll CO2 is a poison Uga intense burned. And you know he. Could. Markets are low light at the walk and believe you don't need to give a full. Forces if there's any machine you shouldn't he's required English and then you're gonna know me yet you shouldn't smell anything basically judge's okay got immediately that the benefit received some people claim. But really should be OK and one more thing before you to I shall renew its October fest today and a first were dropping but. Maple taps what what did you want to Brigham maple taps today. Because we after a couple of years ago I talked about maple taps on -- about the Cuban going out and tapping your maple and it seemed like a little bit of a long stretch and I have to admit although I put together the equipment I never got out and kept me. Maple trees then I thought it was local long shot. But I have noticed not wanna we have a couple of customers. Collecting large amounts maple sap for beer but it also seemed play any of urban camps. A round this year when he you'll kudos local laws to anybody out there tapping. They're urban trees this looks like it's pass warms ball with great time form a lot of people were doing atomic Leo a lot of running in those days. In this cold spell should lock it up but when it warms up won't go home other runners while. So your if you miss the first run here too cold spell is actually working for you. You can get out again before warmed up yet and is ahead and tap any tree. Mean alternate rough course let me make let him and preferably the sugar maple red maple right you're gonna get at a smaller tree lot more sense that the big you know establishing I don't know boring people people kept pouring maple. So maybe they do you put all that equipment ago Lester and didn't do it you will you be doing it this year. I'm trying to drive premium spot while I mean I'm pretty bad office if you ultimately bringing home recipes European flo last hour in the store and and packaging some top. I would say I'm known for putting a whole recipe together and then by the time I get home makers that are in the basement interest of the common problem for all members. And then I slowly start stealing ingredients from it and then eventually don't have a recipe and you know you're a marginal mail your two arms and got you so. All right let's get our first break in when we give back October fest yes. Mark that's when you after the actual plan for your uncle who. We'll get to that it's it's time to do it. October fest on the way here and. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish traditional home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com Snyder tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew it. Welcome back and Activision just through here and yet in 1520. Every episode is available on demand at WGR 550 dot com or on a website ESP 1520s audio vault as well. Chairman wiper I stir here as we say hello it's weren't weren't cold spell here. So maybe you wanna hunkered down and and brewed beer and now's the time to brew. In October fest so yet again maybe it's cold spells actually something good or that cigarette but let's let's look on the bright side. So yeah until we all know the October fest I'll refer to it simply has October answers hoopla style guidelines you pick up an actual outlook German beer. You'll notice that it's October fest Mars. On Mars and as you can gas means march in German. So really the kind of wealthy brewing schedule of the viewers right in the name. Yes we are intended to started now. Before you've even seen summer temperature before you've seen green grass. In and you're supposed to be drinking it. When do you know leaves have turned yet again there's no greenery and this is when you should be drinking October fest. So if you're trying to do one true to style you should be starting it now. On and so I think the style we talked about a lot of specially will you know we talked about again in October and oaks we'd both have kind of some you know afraid for recipes. You know. Recipes definitely varies from common points shall seize Munich mole hill from all in court you know. You also see some roasted malts beacon really give artistic kind of with a specialty smoltz who use or October. I know I dearly like to use political office bustle of the German and our cure Omar. I know you're partial to biscuit nick and active say Graham cracker cross kind of flavor. On the annual October fest is relieved a mulch show and you want that to be showcase. Through your gonna use some hop scene preferably something noble. On your media can put them in for the finishing if you want to really wanna make sure you have a little bit him for battering him in don't wanna turn this into a key dollar something like that. In half amounts to you know even a quarter could be appropriate for finishing top. On October fest. On and then the big question comes down to yeast and Korea that when you say you can get artistic with special animals. Well because you know when you start to replay people's conduct complex mold rich you know profiled. And if you have a fever rose Atmel on Felix you know American chocolate or includes pale chocolate our Belgian coffee. You can kind of slipped it into Sony's credit collar and all you know it's not too darkest hour overpowering he wrote cease if you have some favorite dark malts. You don't think we talked about with the imperial stout being. You know great time choose an abundance of all of them and October faster to October fest Mars and would be great you know time to use global that's what your your Zia has to be a dark small and so. You know I liked the corp for three special on the German Carol Rome at about thirty. Degree crystal pomp and released between the to a from the wonderful chocolates and talked be fully versed. And when I put my October fest might note the first kind of think that it's actually go animal so. Real. Matta Moulton is there a percentage of grain build is a rule that you wouldn't go by like you wouldn't gold ball a certain percentage com. Kind of top I would say the oh god. 10% Oakland and in that really depends on the for Malta going to be you know you're doing a 5% this year you're doing the kind of it's simple example kind of you know smaller example of style outcome limit myself to time especially mounts. It's at peace goes up so does the kind of the you know amount especially all through money used beef went kind of you know beef up that the year. Back at the stroke and so and will saved you know fifteen to 20% on a bigger ample pockets on the start on the so. So a lot of people feel what they have to use our east and to be quite honest most of the commercial styles and most people who associate professor and associate with dateline Greece although we've talked about before. You'll arteries are a little bit more moderate means all the traditional October fest the year before that meet with all east and you can use. And all east if you want to meet this year. Now. There's a reason why a marker used for me it's actually if you wanna look back to this beard some other bigger long term change. On the kind of the period bohemian growing. On really what they were looking for in the arteries was its ability to kind of gearing key that appear coupled little bit better chance of aging without spoiling over the long lock times. So the yeast is named after the process the process does not mean after the east. You can log in jail oral arteries for meant to be here. Com. But you know when to go that way you have a little bit better shot of making sure that your peers not soured. If you use the true arteries and that's because they produce small amounts of sulfur dioxide. And that's gonna kill any bacteria. That you have. Inside the beer and and so accounts of those cease are gonna give you a little bit of an edge when it comes to aging. Give you'll over the peace of mind. It's a great time now with the cold temperatures were having again the cease don't need to be 45. In all fifty throw fermentation. If you confined 55 to 58 you know the bohemian law agrees with security just in to be quite honest different to that 64 all the way through. When it totally lost control. After a little bit of time in the basement afterwards it's become one before so this yeast strains government for how long overall. NT and that's another thing that thing up it's not gonna from mental October in America see bubbles and accuracy action all the way up until October. You're gonna see. No action until you do your grass so mean the only the first you know seven or ten days from any future going warmer it shortest like you know 57. OC bubbles. After that appear in that early in Phoenix now your particular sample every day which not incurred a a hole he hit that one because by the time October gets around there would be no appear laughed. You would notice there was slowly becoming a little more cleaner. The the mall profile was becoming. A little more focus he steps are slowly dying back and it's going to be pummeled the cleaner for the year. In the history of this beer the October fest how how did they decide that they were gonna have such a lengthy process. Thanks wolf what was it borne out of if I mean there's a lot of will save series and I think it probably though the most impact up one would be kind of agreeing Stewart bill O. Arm giving him twelve fresh harvest here you're giving and whispering your new ingredients available. You have silos to empty and stuff like that. On console in on the main theory to why he you know Morrison was a little bit bigger. All roast year copier. Armed with the use of more ingredients and the fact that they felt that the beer would have more about it that aging in the ingredients were I think that's true is well. So to prevent you know oxidized malts also it can give you have to worry about as mice rats and troubles on coming up year grain supplies so if you can get that out of the silos. He would barrels into achieve and some players virtual more secure you know you've guaranteed to supply more right Oca. So by the time October rolls around. You'll have a wonderful crisp and I mean beer and sorghum and go through primary fermentation. And I asked little rafts. Quick secondary to giving you solid sound and then you're gonna pop wants him Beers are carbonated worker checking your the plea in the cat yet. This is when you try to put her away 45 degrees someplace out of the sunlight preferably be that you forget about all the way till October. And it will be very nice and clear when you're totally right sanitized while. Have you successfully. Come through the number of October classic what what are not an attack to be quite honest I I've I can I probably after an October press every march. I have never had a keg survive till October they usually make it solely July. And then and usually during a 2 October fest Morrison or just a simple fast beer. Kind of in September because you just know that it goes wrong no it just goes so well our coast so while you can kind of drinking it Uga owl you know I put an tag put it in the back here Calgary all you have to do is not that disconnect from. One keg to another. In your trouble you know welcome as the common problem with the common problems from all members of and or something wrong with drinking and our legacy here injured in the margin as before maturity date Hogan. Yeah all right. So how to broad October as there if you want now there's something else we want to get to before the end of the show that's foolish war hopping you've got and so is this something comes up a lot and a some people swear by you know some people say it's it's not nearly worked while. And so content talk no Kevin. When our employees opt for fort pops every one of his American satellite PA's LLC and I think we come through well I have certain recipes I to a four and it'll more research or what actually going on because most of us thought OK you're gonna get a little bit cleaner bitterness. In 10% year efficiency and that's it you're right you're putting the crops and before you even turn on the heat to the warts got everything coming out of mashed on. It's just you know about a 155. To a 160 degrees you throw your crops in the air and that's at 10% but is that really that simple. Educated assumption would be put these cops in pre boil. Nothing happens and we get troop oil than when you boil all the Roma is in oils to carry off for oxidize. Well that's not. What happens. So when people are trying to substitute in to do some prewar topping the often take out of the bickering cops. We actually gonna get some flavoring and Roma out of that to see you need to take 30% out of your finishing crops as well. Arm in what's going on here now to be quite honest after all the research. The signs of little murky. What they have done a lot of is a lot of casing panels the Tennessee if anything's going. Arm in the tasting panels have always agreed that cops added. Pre boil. And up in the Roma and in the finished and they also say that the bickering is a little bit cleaner. And that they get more pleasant Romans from less will say pungent or soapy moments on that. Arm while personal real true measurement we know there were getting more IP use that we contestant in the Reno that there's. Less dramatics in general when you prewar cop. Time and time again as much researchers like to do every panel preferred the Roma. Of the prewar opt. So goes against a lot of what you read. A company that's kind of like to traction matching or something like that when it comes down to it it's simply just works and it works well. Is it. We used in science not behind yet as it is it that new. The we have some ideas of what's going on in it's actually not they knew that all kind of felt a lot of hay fever in kind of twentieth century commercial brewing. A bomb disposal would be too inconsistent. Horror. It just wasn't seemed like it works its they've put in all operated the being the Boyle might also be no. I often do an attempt to control oil portal for have all those. Spot for problem each from point. Outbreak in the beginning to boil it a lot more bubbles. And come out of the pop. Armed with. Brewers have started doing probably some to Iran took tradition you know it probably regionally. But they were trying to receive a little bit on top the that are for 10% bitterness out of your littering perhaps. But they found that there's a lot more kind now what they say you're the earth. Think it's going on here and if you look to elect John Palmer or quite TH or TH day of the articles talking about now. Oils from Hopson dissolved in the beer for a comes to a boil in the meat into oxidized in the appear again before you to a boil for that they're completely. Water soluble by the time you reach a boil and those flavors don't kick off. On sort some interest being global project if you want to do with side by side at two Beers if you have. You know our recipe of Ike here Kayla eagerly white like the would like to tweak a little that might be something to track. Streak. Equivalent I'd be used 10% more from your bitter and props. Take some near finishing toxic and generals about 30% and replace those into those prewar editions yet who get low but more I'd be used. But again most panels agree that becomes a little bit cleaner so it's not perceived as a newspaper. All right cool trick there to have become cleaner better and a pale LI IEA pills and I actually do with Michael's now don't to mind PA so this is where it was from Kevin. Every IPA means a repels me and never articles or means never appear in Russia so we might have dual recipes while the article. Final that'll do frost again remember today's the deadline to get tonight traditions. Odd sorry on Sheridan drive. And pictures almost assured drive drop off those entries for a while because today is the deadline yet till 4 o'clock this new miserable until so. Argued those entries and you gotta you always have a chance and if not yet to 826 for you know console better go for yourself. Do you feel you. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.