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03-11 Sports Talk Saturday HR 1

Mar 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Have. Flight three well. WGR Sports Radio 5546. Sports talk Saturday. A voice that once that option begin free agency if it would com dev won't be respected and put the numbers aside felt that coming into him you know to put some beer and on for so god can do what sort of things when it's your turn safety corner nickel position whatever may be you know football team and I want when I know that's the culture that's been built around here and that's what sort of. He's obviously this all of those reasons why aren't excited come here is a great guy knows and it's evident though is is mindset and those terrible cozy is clever many years. And I like being around positive things and he's there. I'm excited about our senior whatever they have me where they want me to do you know I'm going to do it in believes that accurate term Ahmanson theatre athletes these things to do everything happens so they send us here you know where they wanna put me where they think so the best and I'm four. Non WG ER Sports Radio 550. York's newest Buffalo Bills there as occurred in the six sessions and Micah Hyde Mike Tolbert. Jordan's lawyer three guys who laws undoubtedly. Have some sort of impact lecture especially Micah Hyde on his pretty reasonable contract. We'll dive into a lot of contract talk today. And continue on our free agent frenzy that continues on really all through until week one guys are gonna be coming up the market. For the next months to come but there has been some more news to. To date at the bills are hosting free agent right tackle Andre Smith formerly. Of the Minnesota Vikings before that he was drafted is an Alabama product he was drafted by. Cincinnati. On some key as well today could be a potential fit for the bills who have an immediate need at the right tackle position. Syria says sports talk senator technique here here right gates is gonna join us shortly you know apparently he's using the weather as an excuse to be later something here. But it I've I'm not pick it up gates is option I guess is now that's that means Britain. Not pick it up they're releasing him to create I'm releasing them and I don't care with the debt capital occasions. But allow beat be a wise pick I'm allowed to concede it would be it would be good value pick up. Bryan gates and free agent market over right a join me shortly here. Rate here is while this morning and that we are obvious at the toxin sabres today's loss will be that. Over the course of the next three hours job. We got some gas for you today as well that I'm excited bring along one being Chris to paso of buffalo rumblings is gonna join me this hour. Then in our two Josh Reed joins us and Michael Kennedy which I'm assuming a butchering his name some hoping brings gonna. Firm Downey's name I believe pitched unity but it did confirm that at right there's a lot there's two n.'s that you tees so my fanatics are great job but either way. Will have Michael on with us were going to really kind of he was on with former all day yesterday basically during the the free agency period talking a little bit about specifically about contracts. And I wanna get into a little bit of the specifics behind some of the terminology that gets thrown around the day to day basis because I know most people. Are likely lost when they hear all the terminology that it's thrown around during free agency period. On the terms of debt cap hits. You know post June 1 designations things like that Serena get his. You know his expertise in his background. Two to help us through that as well we're also gonna talk today. About how he would grade the bills free agency moves so far. And out who else you'd like to see the bills target they've been linked to a few more pretty big name free agents. A couple at positions and not necessarily of need Jared Cook has been a name that's been thrown around the tight and formerly of the Packers. He's in the free agent market however he is going to certainly not be returning to Green Bay as Green Bay signed Martellus bunny yesterday to a contract. So the tight end market is slip is is sort of you don't dwindling as well however I just don't see it as a huge. Freeagent need for the bills you're looking at potentially may be the deepest draft for tight ends ever. Eight where you have up to six or seven tight ends in this draft that could potentially be starters. Or contributors on your football team this year so don't love the idea of paying Jared Cook the type of money it's gonna take him to bring in when you can still have significant needs. At as it is like corner. At positions like obviously wide receiver which is a position now that the free agent market is down to essentially three or four. Reasonable guys that you could bring you see bringing in including Kumar can who has been linked to the bills Kendall Wright formally of the Tennessee Titans Cornell Paterson. Formerly of the Minnesota Vikings Michael Floyd also a name I think that people should potentially get used to it may be on a one year deal he's likely going to get one year contract wherever he goes. He's certainly going to be a name that I would look at. Another one obviously a former buffalo bills' Stevie Johnson he's another name that's still on the free agency list on the wrong side of thirty. And honestly at this point his career has suffered season ending injuries the past two seasons. I don't know how much Stevie Johnson really has left in the tank but he's likely to guide age given and veteran minimum contract Tom another guy that I've. Heard people ask me about all the time is Victor Cruz's potential target. For the bills as well don't love it but he would bring at least some veteran presence to a locker medic Vick needs a good veteran. But potential guide it complain the slot which I think this team has really kind of neglected to have India a weapon in the slot over the past few years. 8030551. Tripoli fight you two to fight to be those the numbers to call if you wanna get your opinions and I'm also on Twitter at Lake Erie WGR. Emperor at at PG Wilson WGR as well and Ryan underscore WGR whenever rank and gets here. I'm treated him as well so as a match we're talking today a lot of free agency. Remaining wide receivers remaining guys at positions of need still left on the market who you'd like to target. Moving forward here as the bills finally start to. You know fill up the rest the roster and sorry I got a little distracted because NBC sports just tweeted out Floyd Mayweather officially coming out of retirement. To fight kind of McGregor. So that fight is happening. Which is interest in. Albert we're probably gonna have to bring Brian as a koskie and that one of these weekends to talk about this. But it's exciting for. For the sport of boxing. Who who who desperately needs something to to pick up. The up popularity of the sport that has been a commitment from their butt. Going back to the free agency period going back to the NFL the bill specifically. Not many not much movement yesterday or this morning. 22 note around the league the the latest transactions include GG Wilcox is free safety he cited Tampa Bay. Right tackle for Atlanta Ryan traitor he converted a our roster bonus so they cleared some cap space Atlanta did about four million in cap space. On the are starting right tackle. A Marshall Newhouse another right tackle off the board he sent a two year contract with Oakland. On so as you can see here there certainly are still positions of needs left for the bills on as we mentioned right tackle is certainly a position of need at this point. George mills I don't believe will be on the roster and when he seventeen. He's a guy that they think that struggled at times last year obviously shocker hi Anderson we don't know exactly where he stands. With another drug suspension. So I'll a lot of questions at the right tackle position. And you know at this time I don't know obviously today as I mentioned Andre Smith in town visiting the bills are right tackle position. It interesting name a guy who is a former first round pick. How ever he did struggle last year in Minnesota really all of Minnesota's office once struggled last year so I don't know if it's fair to single him out in a Mac Lilja Scott paid. And he was potentially one of the worst starting left out of football. Yeah outs of Bob's voice crying his eyes I saw the reports linking the bills that didn't birthday with a really bad. They are so there's no question that the bills need to call amulets it's in Enid and needs to be filled and droughts blogs. Selling day I'm not a person you know who. Has a list of offensive lineman I'm going to be pointing to either it's like god this guy is a really good offensive line there's not a needle and specially bright tackles. And I. Who's got right tackle he can you name me go right tackle. They are really good right tackle. Well yes and those those a guy from from the cowboys was a Doug Free. Received the right tackle. Think he might of America companies like retiring or something isn't the same got up there loaded up the position I'm jealous of their office once situation. Ryan also we're talking about this morning here at the remaining wide receivers the free agent market it is slim it is not dwindled down. You can go to. I had an up and ample back com website the remaining top yeah is my position a. Stay you know look at that earlier this morning and mainly the wide receivers as counsel to. Yet there's not a lot of Kazmir we're talking about this last night a little bit just don't like about where these guys getting golly it something needs to be addressed. And and it's not a great list anymore I heard you on the way and you mentioned the big means you can write something that I brought up Cordero Paterson and five. Guys left unsigned wide receiver position they got paid early. Where you look the running deposition no one has been cited the running back position the full back position. Came out hot having reloaded. And so bear that's the position that you know if you need to address. Like most teams need to address their fullback position. There isn't much left in the market to be drawn solid. Piece of mail jewel phones available I do need journal felt his bail. Right I talked about a couple names one being Michael Floyd who I think is potentially the most interesting name laughed if you look outside of Cornell Paterson. Who's another really excuse me interesting guy because of his age. He entered the league as in Giuliani's Raddatz. Has stressed that he adds that league as one of the youngest drafted players ever. Only spent a year at Tennessee after coming at a junior college. Has to rubble. With that you want is being a wide receiver meeting. His route. Running ability is it polished he's still a young guy but I think if he is coaxed right. Still think he has the potential at his age with his skill set to be a nice add for a team and and obviously Justin hunter. As another name to that you could potentially pay attention paid attention to. He was visiting the patriots yesterday yes there has been no word of his signing yet so Michael Floyd it's it's also a hole. His is his history correct definitely comes into it the problem is in and I understand people wanna point to his history how amber. He's had won it's now I don't yes I was significant got to repeat a lie and he is arrested for it but you know when you look around the league you got guys that are. Getting arrested for domestic violence and he got I don't want it dismissed. His off the field issue but it wasn't why. I say huge ye ye hear what the city in the press conferences are bringing in guys with character. And working with me motivated as. That they are gonna probably stay away from a high character character not exactly what I would call cared gotten these days it's the quarterback position Ryan still some names left out one guy that has been linked to the bills Morris Claiborne formerly of the Dallas Cowboys a former first round pick. I got a really up until last year you could really consider more split were boxed. Had a really good season he was ranked I think second. Pro football focus at least for the remaining quarterback's left. Grating out at the quarterback position so he's another name to that I think would be interesting I think it's the site the type of needs the bills need you running a lot of zone. Not a lot of into me and it and it I think because of Morse Claiborne style plays not exactly the most physical guy the white scrimmage. You know he fits well into that zone scheme that Sean McDermott's can be running another name to obviously is a former teammate Brandon Carr. Another name at the quarterback position I'd be interesting Brandon Flowers who was just cut by the San Diego outside Los Angeles chargers. Just few days ago. And the other names that actually started last season on the bills' roster sterling Moore. Another guy that can potentially be a optical for the bills that could potentially help them I do think they do need outside. Quarter help. Right now they're not getting that with who they haven't roster obviously Rhonda army on one side and after that there really is a lot and you know Micah Hyde can be sort of as a Swiss army knife I don't necessarily expect to see a lot of him on the outside corner position expect him to play. Between ashes or between the numbers kind of guy that exactly an outside the numbers quarter. Like the bills still need on the roster for sure and I don't know that necessarily I'm willing to overpay for the cornerback position but I think certainly. If you are going to address receiver position and free agency you obviously have to dedicate at least two picks in this upcoming draft to the receiver position so that means to me. This is a corner pretty deep corner draft it's also pretty deep wide receiver so that they're targeting those positions for the first three or four picks. I think to address to the starting quarterback position right here on what rate is. I think he'd find value in starting cornerback there is still a lot of at least quality players who have seen experience in this league of a lot of playing time bad. There's still it's not like the receiver position that was. You see that free agency talked about it with the tackle Mac we'll itself then. And up certain guys and outside you overpay for that position words and if there's a need for your team and apparently. In this league you need to talk to quarterbacks are for some reason these guys who have had a ton of experience. Game picked up and you definitely divine house out there Leo imagine though Claiborne there's there's there's a bunch of guys out there right now who. It's it's always you hear layers of free agency the green. Past the first kind of aware of it it's slowed down one and Allison are gonna be getting windier secondary signings your Breyer. What this hour is where are you that I live at value this are they found Zach brown masters where they found all of those guys. So you expect the bills still to be active because they have Elop a whole roster spot spots to fill. A Dallas or have a lot cap space right now I believe there at something like. Nineteen point eight million or something like that. Because the exact numbers of the Tyrod Taylor contract haven't exactly been released yet. Plus you have guys like the Anthony DiMarco signing that the numbers and that's signing has been released yet we'll look at spot track. And you look at the Buffalo Bills for instance. You see that they've got some spots available they've got money to spend. Which you like to see because. They've got a lot of holes still however it's not going to be the same cap situation they look at next year but something I looked at. That I was really I can not excited but I'm pretty happy about the Micah Hyde citing and it it's not just because of what I think he brings in the field but. He's a four million dollar cap hit points and a team. Yes a good job of that contract I think it's. It's six years thirty million on the fourteenth guarantee it. That's a good thing that we should talk about oh with with Mike when he comes in his like the guaranteed hits verses incentives how those affect the cap because I think that's another thing that. A lot of fans get confused. Hi do I get used to because you get your guaranteed cap it's like OK so this contractors fourteen million guaranteed Stephon Gilmore went over to New England he's. 39 million guaranteed. And then there's all these incentives how to those affect the cap and how do those affect what you're gonna be doing moving forward right I think those are all important questions to be asked when. It it's it's something that. You were mentioning that gap into other things but they guaranteed vs the non guaranteed and where where that'll falls in his something else that happens. I've just taken a look at the top 100 free agents flopped an NFL back lot. There's yet others they've got to Miguel safeties. Around a drier spurred comes in number and. 88 hi I've. I think pretty. Okay pro yeah yeah I and TJ McDonald I mean he's ranked eighteen yeah sounds less. He's another guy I don't probably gonna come here though because dad just lost his like you know what I'm not gone the bills are just fired that. Yeah and new dad tears Byrd's dad knew his dad is in for the DB's and his like goddamn song come on over we have seen. A little confused about the interest in Jericho. Jericho look. Yeah I don't. I just think you have so much money wrapped up in that position already understand the need to go out there especially. Guys. I guess to nick O'Leary there in what he'd showed flying towards the end of this season and this Christmas flags door on the roster though now if you Gonzalo. Okay well he's not here anymore but I mean if you can get old to the draft the draft you were saying I hadn't taken your word for this because. It's about a position in the draft it's the deepest position in the driven nearly cornerback are not the maybe deepest position. Isn't the waited to say I ask. It's the most talented position in the draft. There are the top three or four guys. Ivan Ingram from all messed OJ Howard obviously from Alabama. No two I believe is icing his name from my own group and joke to. It's. There's a couple other guys as well that that performed really well in the com by that earned themselves some money it's an athletic position in the draft so like I don't understand that it really ultimately you can get a plane making tight end in the third round this draft. And not have to pay him the kind of guaranteed money you're gonna have the likely paid Jericho to pull him away from the other team's interest to include in the lion's. And the bears who were two teams of interest in bringing injured cut. And I think you're gonna ultimately get into a bidding war for those kind of players unfortunately at this point I think the players the bills have to target. Are going to be guys that they don't have to get in bidding wars that the teams that because I just can't see them overpay. It wasn't like how Jericho was at the it in the last year because he came over to. The Packers liked your title one year deal yeah probably Saint Louis probably wasn't the loss yeah wasn't really. A guy that was being sought after a meeting he's kind of in the same position now so maybe the bills could get him on kind of cheap deal bought. What else to it that another guy that I think we haven't really talked enough about is is our fate Rangel Roy who. Did the bills did tender an original round tender on him yell and yeah. Drafted to underwrite so yeah you're eager not to get any compensation if you lose Roy is in this if somebody sent it to an offer sheet and they decide not to match that offer sheet I think. In terms of duct linemen go he's your best depth interior lineman he can play both guard and center and I thought he played really well for. Eric Wood last year when he had a when he was forced in when Eric what have that season ending leg injury against Seattle he played the last six or seven games really well you didn't really see any. Any sort of drop off from from what took Roy and I think that's a testament to just his for his. Being prepared to go to the game but. All right guys like to see them keep on as I mentioned I just think that they don't have enough. Interior offensive linemen got especially a guy who can label senator and darkness and I think that's invaluable for a team who hasn't. I don't see aging Saturday or what is still obviously in the prime of his career. The coming up this season ending injury it's you know you'd like to have that insurance coming off the bench and obviously it tackle position you still have Cyrus Quantico. Who really can't play the right tackle position and as we mentioned. They're certainly going to need to address the right tackle position whether it's the draft. Or freak is crying like that's why I like the idea Andre Smith because I know he can come an NBA starter for your team at the right tackle position. What are we are we over this idea of the you know having kwangju on the laughs I don't moving QWERTY gliders and on the right side I don't idea that you just don't think I thought they don't happen because they're paying corps declined so much money though that's like you're paying Carty glad this you can't let him be the big he's got to be laughed yeah outside guy. I don't believe and I probably did that should be a reason that you don't move someone if if if if it means that it's better for your team especially because they can make that move. And it would cost them anything it would cost them any right to do that's that's the you know that's I think she want so that's right and I think quandary as shown. Not only that he is far more. Comfortable on the left side but that he's a pretty decent left tackle like at times last year. I didn't see a big drop off when Corey Glenn was out in their squad it was forced spinal outside I didn't see a significant drop off that would make me say this guy can't play fulltime at left tackle position. I did see its debt and it's from months ago also is probably gonna be a little wrong. But it is there's a generalization. I saw a step down and like 130. However many snaps that Kwan Joseph played. On the left side he allowed thirteen quarterback pressures verses like 600 that Oakland played indeed a lot like. Eight he he was a steady hand when he got there and it was it was good to see because I thought I mean I think everybody thought that point. He's been kind of a major Boston team especially being a sector comptek. I mean really hasn't had this type of impact that I would think a lot of sectoral picks have had previous sandals we're just in general. Why why we even need another type and we got good old Logan Thomas and that the quarterback. Okay. I've always skeptical of the new coaching staffs when they come in. Because a lot of the quote project players which Logan Thomas is certainly a project player making the transition from quarterback to tight end. I've always. Coaching staff always have their own opinions about what they want a project player and I think every coaching staff is different. About how they're willing to kind of create up person's game Logan Thomas is interesting guy because I like his size like his athletic ability. I just don't know who's coaching staff sees him as a legitimate. Project type player they may have their own ideas for other guys that they're gonna bring in an NSA Ellis had multiple times in this is something important to know when you're talking about the salary cap. The salary cap only takes into account top 51 contracts on a given team. The rest of the team that will be filled out because they have ninety roster spots from now until drink mini camp opens to fill. Only the topic on contracts are going to count against the cap the rights are just going to be filled in from there so. Got a Mike Tolbert not gonna count against the cap. A while veteran minimum one year one million dollar deal it's just not an economist caps so people that are free Gelman got we have to fullback Larry paint well one of it was back in the coming at the caps and just relax. And you know once we eventually and that start carrier skip movies is playing some news. If he's atop a few of these top twenty player. There. Which I don't know that a million. Think you know with camp he's got 58 he got 53 man roster ya but only if the topic you wonder. Why. That's a question that's a question for Mike that's a question for Mike so let's write that down. Eight a real fight if you want Tripoli fight did you fight it he. Those numbers to call wanna hear me today how would you grade the bills free agent moves so far. You have and he'd targets that you're looking at that are currently still available. That you'd like to bring in to help the pills in 2017 in a real fight if you want Tripoli fight tooth but if he goes the numbers. He could treated us at they carried a BGR at WGR by fifty. Pat Ryan underscored WGR and BJ Wilson WG I I promised not memorized can't can't say it that's I have Verizon. Death so. You know pretty get into it we're gonna continue on Krista press of from buffalo rumblings joins me next here on the program we're gonna get his thoughts. Free agency fever which I think I've now I'm going to calling it as free agency fear. Problem four to let him on trial you can point I didn't I didn't think other people already probably. Used. So I don't think you can take credit for calling it I'd. But I am taking. That's like leasing off free agent frenzy it's. DLL but I heard free agent frenzy used to never heard freeagent. Fever fever used. Us Chris wrote an article last week where he basically pretended he was the bills GM and made a bunch of signings are red. It's it was really gets over to go to that as well with him and get his ideas of baby who while he's targeting also. Lorenzo Alexander. A name obviously that is badly to the bills because he later last year had the best season of his career with Rex Ryan and the bills last year. Going to be significantly more expensive than it was last year so be it to be here if he's a guy added that Chris thinks the bill should continue on wish. So listening to sports talk Saturday they carry right gates BJ Wilson AK rate Wilson. BJ Wilson it was a huge BJ Wilson on Twitter. Yeah so we wanna hear from you guys as mentioned Twitter. Tax line. Call when every wanna do let's talk bills today regular sports talk Saturday end of year. So can I can do what sort of things with a return safety corner nickel position whatever maybe I'm here hopeful bulletin women following and I know that's the culture that's been built around here and that's what sports. I'll go back. Sports talk Saturday Lake Erie. Great Paulson. But there's there's that eighty square that the only fully in music. That's only bring great along. On the speeds. Makes you wanna like flying to space and slaughter means. Sounds vicious and savage this quartz just wishing to some real life well. And here talking about Buffalo Bills football which is great it is great I enjoy all the hard but it's the football necessarily but talking about two months. Yeah of course. A pet well we got Christopher has on the AT&T hotline repressed and we don't want to want to know those the old 212 symbol you pulled your enemy states call now. It looks call George from mr. saga. Is that I'm that I say yeah Tulsa OK George from a society you're on sports talk Saturday. I get good results. Not too bad. What I wanna see them do it. Get some work with Lawrence and I loved watching him play a lot here but I do understand that he you know you know the other side of thirty and you know beat from the auto area that reminds me a lot of you don't want it and when. When audit but keep it repeat it before bombs in the gate at predicted this net you know these dirty do make the deal. And you'd think that he could play well McDermott you scheme and I don't what are your thoughts on Lauren donuts here. Yeah I mean that was something and I think we just kind of brought up before we went to break last time George on thanks for the call it's one of those things where. I don't know I don't necessarily know his fish sails set and a couple of times where. You know he sees him as may be a 43 obviously his value on special teams it's. The significance its noted significant so vet I mean obviously you'll be your your top special teams player if he's able to come back. His leadership values the locker room he's a veteran he's spent a lot teams he's been through league east and to the struggle. So to have him around for the younger guys is good as well mom and dad and you look at a guy like. Zach brown who's leading the roster. There is certainly a hole. On the outside linebacker position. For this defense I just don't know that he can play that as an every down outside I'm just not date the reds and Alexander ala south podger reports that the bills and Lorenzo Alexander preach to terms on a new contract to two year deal. And I or it's just tweet out going back to Buffalo Bills mafia patrons can listen in deals here around so Lorenzo Alexander. As he shall receive George he's coming back. A budget. He's he's on top of that stuff it's in and now. Right though. Data TV showed up there with it yet they're doing a TV shared each other's ability of the season right so you know I'm sure he got the inside scoop first on they talk they talk to analysts herbalist. It's interesting like assets and we know he's locked in its credit are talking about it right now and there are. But. That's I think that's interest. I don't think it was necessarily a ball it's I think they'll they'll go find a way to use them you know will be if if the he needs to go to our own. Beaten the end. Gilt due out if you want him at linebacker they'll do it it's the you know I hate to see you play Sean McDermott says it recently it's the intangibles that Lorenzo Alexander brings what it was it the stories all. The idea that he's gonna bring that veteran presence the library presidents. Accountability. He was always want the guys last year that was talking about like we need guys in the locker room to stop and actually do this. They camped just on the coaching staff to be like okay you guys you're. Their problems and Gruntal Alexander gets it he's been around the league for so long and he's been putting in the work and he he got shot last year and made the most of it that we'll see what the terms when they come out you don't want though you just wonder if the Rex Ryan defense was really the reason for his success and you worry that. You know maybe this isn't. Yeah every other disabling the rocks rock indeed that's the reason for his successful and we all say the Rex Ryan defense is the reason that the bills were terrible this LA news. I mean I can say it as an excuse yes but it. You look at guys who have played for racks in the past and that success Manny Lawson. Okay Maine lost it was a guy thought that fits that's not even if you play under Mike pat defense obviously once. At the time Rex Ryan but this seems kind scheme right. So it's one of those things where again. I like Alexander as a player I think he's it was going to be coming back what I worry about though is what the cap it means for him rocketed to the numbers. Say when it when they come out because all ultimately as much as they do like him. If it hurts their ability to go after a starting caliber corner I don't love them because they needed more more but. Right now as it appears he's going to be that one of their starting outside linebackers. When you start the season in cells by bringing this up a lot to that human. Maybe they only roll through linebackers because we'll be playing a lot of nickel coverage and you only need two linebackers from comedians. Preston grown in reg wrangling or maybe it's Lorenzo Alexander it's just. I think what McDermott really likes is a lot of versatility as player isn't. You're now Atlanta yet no personal flair for sure but just kind of. He's delegates Weiner yeah no absolutely guys let's let's AT&T hotline now we do finally have Crist passed so Ottawa this year from buffalo rumblings. Chris good morning how are in different. I'm doing pretty good they take everything out. Of course are how is your past few days you know free agency frenzy. As or fever that's right I point if frequency feeder. I just did an in your thoughts you know you've band first ordered a great job awful rumbling spend kind of using you were you in buffalo running as a tool. Really for the past few weeks. I mean to stating your thoughts and almost degrading process for how the first few days of free agency have gone for the bills. And maybe we your favorite signing was of the the first two days of free agency. Yet thanks. Probably gain. I my favorite dining dispute he's probably you know the big name for the bills was Micah Hyde and in that he is really that was army sniper you know he can play. In that slot he can play on the outside in place free skate she was shot and direct a play like it is the epic strong safety card against Iran. On the to get him at a pretty reasonable prices cap that is only for a million dollars this year is really good. And it only goes to six and a half six point seven is the biggest captain Edward contract. So I I think we've seen the build be a little bit more methodical and a little slower in the Procter and have been the last couple treat CNET. You know after years you know this reputation but the bills we're cheaper that it wanted to spend money. The last two Pete and you know just in big split his shop Corey. On the extending according gland extending your huge bring in Percy Harvey and bring. Clay on. We kind of heard that from. Doug Whaley after less upbeat and that they're they're gonna take more without a approach it and really follow that up by like keeping the prime Gilmore. Keeping rubber or what but. Seem to find Gilmore two numbers seem. That eight million dollar per year that rubber would. Trot prior all of these six million. You know. I think the bills are just gonna be methodical that is really. What Doug Whaley really get after because he's spent you know so many years at the Coke personnel guy with dealers in what the bill. On the that they have a lot of holes they had the fewest amount of players on the roster importing seventeen going to create and easily weren't able to really it'll go all here and get. Three or four huge innings I think it is that he kind of a wheel house obstacle for the way alien. You're gonna keep today tomorrow even into next week which what you that would create wit. Create the trendy now like you know the second or third day of credence do you almost feel like the second or third week the right agency yet but we're gonna see them bring in a lot of that guy maybe some guys they're gonna start but coming in at you know like we that would Micah Hyde four million dollar kept you know there's going to be guys that are cheaper they're gonna contribute. And it's more about the a plot to keep this year then you know citing those big splash screens that we can all see. Yet especially with their cap restrictions this year at least you know next year there is some good there's going to be certainly a lot of options on the table for the bills next year with well over sixty million. And potential cap space in and it makes me wonder too Chris may be cool your favorite. At a policy favor cot is but the move obviously the bills have had to move around they're completely rebuilding their secondary obviously with the cut of Aaron Williams and Corey Graham I mean those are your two starting safeties going in to last season. So you're completely remaking your defensive backfield and now they also bring in Jordan player was coming over from the browns. Interest in your take on him in maybe a potential role is he gonna be a starter do you think because. Apple I've watched him you don't film at least a little bit of him. As we kind of started as ready as he signed. And cover one Eric turner a couple of does a great job with a lot of film breakdown has. Done some breakdowns supporter says he likes him especially in this Sean McDermott defense but images to be here may be a role you think that Porter can play in this defense. All of her stuff on right when little sign that toward the player I weeded out and I remember the first draft and ever. Style that was 113 draft and horn player was actually my number one quarter and didn't really I kind of hit that evaluation wrong when you look back at its organ state. Career he had a part of interceptions. He had seven picks in Atlanta he's been. What that any tactic really won't come in Iran you know or three grand in or but. All his agility drills all the explosion you know our girls were really good. Didn't turn out to be a starting seat in the league but I think what you brought about Eric turner breakdown where we're really good in that. He does have the athleticism does have those all go clearly. To be a Arnold he's gonna playing 900 snaps indeed starting strong safety we're starting appreciate people we've seen in the past switched on McDermott. He brought in the guy into Carolina a few years ago in Kurt Coleman that. Not really integrated safety in the world. On a production out of him. I'm in at eight year old Roman Harper to I'm talking commentary kinda has a tight that you like that. Kiki spot and he really deluged. Versatility that you know in today's day and age you know. Strong safety free safeties have to come down and be able you know hover in the slot in the pins can recover outside and I think. With Micah Hyde and then a much lesser value. Jordan where they can do those things I think. I'm not expecting him to be pro bowler but I think he can beat. A serviceable guy and that you know you always have to look at how much you're. Pink little guy. You wanna pay Corey Graham at 3132. The million dollar and Williams with solitude and injury issue over six million dollars or you wanna pay Micah Hyde who's younger George Porter who still young to have a lot of versatility. And about half the price. Chris depressed so I'm the AT&T Ayala and Whitney Kyrie and right gates. Now that were into the secondary part of free agency and a lot of fans. That there interest dead in a wide receivers really the opposition comes to mind now because you look at the depth chart. That Sammy Watkins Walt Powell doesn't and Lewis and called realist and be so fans are like okay. I was gonna be catching the ball. And now all you look at the secondary market for free agents and there's not a lot of big names out there but do you think there's someone that they could bring in I know that your your peace recited fiber Jian. They're still a couple of guys that you decide that you would sign in Kendall right. And bright quicker star on the market you because our guys that would come in and like pretty. A bargain contract to guess who called. Yeah I think those are two I mean. Like I have to pick those guys are reaping good I kind of thought that day dinner. Price would kind of match. Or would actually be lower than like what I think they could do in the build up and handle right. The former first round pick. I'm he's had without your seed in the NFL and second you're the aliens Jake Locker looked as quarterback. It's so you know at this point. It is it kind of what is being deal with with Micah Hyde and toward Hoyer. How much they caught you know the and comparing them to Aaron Williams and Corey Graham. With a build like to bring him. Who receivers for May be a total poor I've million. Or pay Robert Wood to one guy who's been got a great eight or nine million dollars or think that what don't win these kind of waiting for us. Yeah and he realizes that they have a lot of holes. Preparing him to guide for lack of what you would paper would. You know and there certainly are those trips beyond ten or you know bring quick goes there's two younger of the guys who were drafted earlier that. You know have shown pretty good production as a secondary target you know not a number one receiver but that. Along with any lock in and you know first or second round pick of whether you are because complimentary cart. Burger she. Yeah and having Chris the interesting thing too and what I wanted to talking about as well. Is much that wanted to get in some of that Tyrod Taylor specifics of this contract. There there's a couple things that you know. Obviously you had eight article as well talking about the remaining cap space about nineteen and a half million or so. Left for the bills to play with what you really you have to push aside about six or seven of that million. For the upcoming draft picks so in your opinion with about the twelve or thirteen million obviously we don't exactly know the numbers on that. Lorenzo Alexander's contract to that can also affect us but about ten million to work with what do you think the bills should focus on is it that receiver position. Or do you look at maybe. Going after a corner I know when you look at the draft you what you have to do is look at what position is the deepest and you look at it it's likely their quarterback that defensive back position that is the deepest. And but you also at the look the wide receiver position you can get a good I think he could get starting receiver in this draft up until maybe the late second round early third round so. It's it's I guess it's kind of a balancing act for this team is. Quarter we'd target. Based on who's available in the draft and whose remaining available free agency. The I think that's pretty much spot on like in terms of what the bill and in each address entry C and the draft. And more to your point about I agreed that you can probably get a you know legitimate starter number two receiver in the second maybe early third. At the quarterback spot I think you can get a really good. Starting quarterback in even that you don't start at the forefront that's healthy that's our director of quest says. For me I think the build. And it might not happen but I think if there's sweeper position at the built could address. In creating the over the next couple days it's probably on the defensive line right now Jerry Hughes and check offs are the only to decrypt and listed arm on the bill. Until that chart right now and with what we that some interpreted in Carolina. And that could have been more you know is. General manager or critical plot in what. They really prioritize any really good pat trucks are really good defense of planet and that what you know what we have a good view of the week after. Our secondary will be fine. So I think you know either in the draft or intrigued C I think. Either decrypt the vendor I think we kind of played all eager to decrypt the tackle spot to. I'm I think those drugs but they certainly need to add at least one wide receiver you can't go into the draft with. Such a glaring need and just no doubt a deposition especially when you just committed Qatar can look out two years. Yet in Chris real time here as we need. We're just talking Muller into Alexander's numbers you rap for tweets out that the 33 year old sack artists Lorenzo Alexander sank to two year. Sack artists to hear nine million dollar daily it's four and a half four point one guaranteed some interest in your thoughts quickly. About those numbers and how could impact any of the moves that they're going to move forward today in for their remaining of the free agency. Here. That's a little bit under what he was kind of project to get on the open market there were some projections of the 85000086. Million year I think the two year deal. Make a lot of sense obviously with him being 330. Probably you know it'll probably. Be more just a one your concert for the bill can get out from under after this he's a little with that. Pretty low debt cap that. Armed Islamic center in that than ever about that this week that. He doesn't really seem to be a perfect fit as a sport treat each other than an inch on McDermott's besides obviously you'd agree that are trying. But the guy that out and point to Mario adequate last year with a Carolina Panthers actually resign. Almost the exact inside and around the world during kind of look and say no to put 263240. Pound debt. Sound like playing 34 outside linebacker but McDermott really used him as kind of defense to ban the strong side linebacker that blip a lot on he had nine and have snack he led the Panthers intact last year so I think. Part of the reason why the bills want to bring back Alexander I mean he's got to get it bank. McDermott kind of she's him in that similar role that he's a bigger blitzing linebacker and some McDermott certainly uses. It linebackers who blitz quite often that probably. Read about it signing. It's awesome appreciate the other info Chris keep up the good work over buffalo roaming and I know I'll be out paying attention as we especially. We move towards draft time there is a lot decisions left to make for this bills' roster it's really just the beginning so while looking for to a good season and obviously we will be talked with him again different. Certainly it taught the course Christa vessel they are buffalo rumblings in the AT&T hotline or super late brick so we got a catch a break here come back. Another quick break and then when we come back and atop the next hour and continue talking out sort of talk about some of the moves new wing goods made they turn some heads obviously sending former bill. To find Gilbert there's certainly a lot of other stuff we talk about as well today right here on the Biggio. Well personally was great for me he can say this point my career you know out you know 33 in his league if not only three was you know years ago before the new CD game and attacked with tear anybody but also the first public access with a showcase myself so far into a fairway a lot you've got you know how we. That. Corey so we know we have great success the relations that field goal that could be it competes so the and integrates. That is. Very very recently signed three signs. Buffalo Bill Lorenzo Alexander signing a two year nine million dollar contract as confirmed by our very own self compassion or just. Last few minutes. So stick by ST we will be bringing you any live updates as free agency continues moving forward today. As we mentioned at the start of the show Andre Smith. He's in town visiting with the bills right tackle formerly of the Minnesota Vikings and he dangles he's in town at least it was reported earlier that it was. So if you're hanging out of the hole stick gusting there when we come back from break. That edit I just went way over last segment. We'll get your calls it real by 51 Tripoli fight you to fight to keep those of the two numbers that you can call all freeze the number obviously. Give us a call to lead us taxes do it every got to do. Two to get involved today we're talking bills how would you grade the first few days of those free agency and any other anybody else that you intend to be targeting. As the salary cap situation for the bills continues to dwindle at this time or players. So we'll continue on next our Josh freed joins me at 1230 to stay tuned for that from channel four you're listening to sports talk generator Dijjer.