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03-11 Sports Talk Saturday HR 2

Mar 11, 2017|

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How would definitely loved the Buffalo Bill Nokia now we have talked about anything quite yet they are these really. Bridge but I'll definitely weigh my options and see what happens you know out coaching change whose bag a lot that don't need to tell me my wife with him all the facts and everything is laid out. Who made it this far and. Well you make that decision. And a decision has stayed with the bills great two year nine million dollar term four point one million of that term. Guaranteed. Welcome back sports stocks at any Kyrie rank gates and rape in the Wilson with. Here on this Saturday now afternoon. Day three of NFL free agency. The bills have then I would say maybe the most of the busiest team entries. The busiest. It there that adamant necessarily been splash signings other than the Micah Hyde signing but they spent one of the busier teams if free agency by just pure volume gals of players I wonder I wonder if thereby pure volume the team with the most signings and ball and find out for me I'd like that. You like that's why a happier. Yeah I know what side you know I take my Saturdays I usually I'm working working man you're five you know. Working in none too fat no that's you you're the next driver on the day noon two and whenever. Her. And I come here and then I need to work later too young liquidity. Today yeah. That all sabres played and thank you know that I do for a preview that later on sweet. So assaults go free agency. And silt and is trying to you know waste time until Ike and if the bills have the most volume of players signed books to your long expected. It. It's technology you can never trust technology let's go to the phones while we're out while we're looking because we get a call from Charles on his cellphone. Charles you're on sports talk Saturday. Eight I don't know what would you guys do what all of you thanks appreciate it well. Not a problem so much the player movement is so dependent on skis and coach familiarity Abby and we aid knowing what Leslie Frazier and Sean McDermott had done in the past. Signing Jerry Hughes was awesome and I absolutely love that guy. But he was signed is Jim Schwartz like nine you know and I mean and Rex Ryan aren't waiting to can fit. But his strength is obviously against the pass and not as much against the run and when you look at what. Frazier had in Minnesota defense and in what McDermott has Carolina. The deep but the wind is so dependent on being bigger to a lot of those speed ranged linebackers. Played sideline to sideline. And he needs Jerry's has tapped the numbers just so big yet. And this team be even McNair and his press conference initially. Said he did wasn't sure how he would. I think is that it knowing deep sense of need to know really cap is not. Conducive to taking on huge right now and but it there's something. Could be in the works as far as moving huge. Because Alexander. Who. I was doing well chronicled his each game in the league is deep and tackle and as a linebacker he doesn't it. 43 outside linebacker scheme grant. Yet the speed I mean do you think you keep green Thomas Davis to a Napster's sideline linebackers in the week. That's not Alexander strikes I. I don't know that this team has a sideline to sideline defender at that linebacker position. I'm Charles high end and thanks for the call president I I like your point and here's the only pick up with treating Jerry he's at least this season eight point seven. Million dollar debt cap hit. If they were to treat him this year it goes down to five point eight next year and two point nine in his final season 2019. He's got a post June 12 point nine post kept next year this year. According to spot track. June and on two point nine Kenny and excellence can do that in a tree trade I don't I don't know that you can now more questions more questions from my more questions I don't know that you can designate that if you treat him. We've you probably sets I would assume because apparently it's like what. You what what do you train him post June 1 look at that time working away. Because that's OK are you reading his questions down here at Penn. I've eaten well. And all I know. Well that diapers and all I would say about them I'll play for juniors that's probably our that your opponent on Bryant and arcade you're on sports talk to walk. Hey guys they one that they I'm happy the bills. Deputy Gilmore did that this didn't re sign him. You know it I guess the logic is all the speakers make all the right. And that probably view your idea superstar. But Barack I never. Or dramatic. Being changing quarter I think a lot like Erin Williams he's living off of one really Aaron Williams is one really good year 2013. Or pick he's stay healthy the whole year. For two years he's completely injured Gilmore was really did in 2014 inch or he sent an app where you saw the rankings where. You know you up there. In the top ten or so by pro football focus from that point eight when he played uninspired. He's. But I'm glad it is and spoke to me. I think they know what they can with the kept faith that they add. I would like to see. That you guys continue to talk about front seven they're gonna need more front seven help on defense because I just look at crops that we are in Britain or in at linebacker I don't think we have. Any thing. Behind the starter with a bunch of lying then. You know Washington was benched at the end of last year I would say that and then they're gonna need it just cobbled together whatever kind of breed in sync yet receiver I know Steve Johnson is out there overnight partly due let. You know low level receivers who is what we need well. Yeah no operation called Bryant and you're right I always felt I always felt worried internally. About signing Gilmore to long term deal there was a lot of self preservation going on mash cheers it was pretty evident almost all season however. I still would be worried giving him that kind of guaranteed money forty million dollars guarantees a lot of money to guarantee to any player not just Stephon Gilmore. Heat struggled to play inspired football in a contract year. I just wonder what it means. To meet for him to get forty million and to finally cash out said see him all the sub play inspired football nine always going to a different. Going to a different animal or the patriot way is going to be expected of him on a week to week basis but. I would I made this point and I didn't technical and at this point cellmate point and I echoed it Thursday night during the nightcap with Ryan that. I felt that. He's going to struggle. To beat that guy that he treat paid for. And I think it's the guy. They didn't trade welcome Boller. Did not wish they were able to get brand copes with out trading Malcolm Butler. Yeah which is you know they traded their first round pick its 32 overall. So. If Butler still on the team I think but largely airborne corps buddies are being paid like. But I still think what you go out there if they don't have Butler. The idea that. Stephon Gilmore is gonna go around and trail the teams the opposite teams best receiver. Not to be a recipe that I would try to use. To win games I don't think it's about Gilmore has the ability to consistently cover the league's best receivers and that's what you should be paying for when you pay forty million dollars guaranteed to corner he should be able to cover. DR Hopkins AJ green. I mean you name the guys you named it top tier guys. That's going to be what's asked of him if he indeed is their number one corner but right now welcome Boller still doing that at a significantly cheaper rate. I just think the move is a an idea of going forward for the in this weird because the patriots doing this. So you're like okay that the patriots the patriots their third they're paying Stephon Gilmore. For nearly a million dollars guaranteed. And I think that's why. Some people think. I guess iPad my my body's immune to actually goes patriots it's time. There most goals against obviously could have for fourteen million whatever. It's going rate for top corners these days in which must now watch a whole lot of stuff on Gilmore. At least in the last year because he was not only like top corner. With. Butler still there. That's if if they stick around with Butler and they didn't. Figure out a way to all think they can figure out a way to get all of them there are paying Stephon Gilmore forty million dollars guaranteed and still plan on having a room for a guy of that caliber that mark Butler at Wright has turned himself into. So I don't think like long term that's going to be he's a restricted free agent Butler yet he's the first round two under him so he'd be like. You'd you'd get your first round pick if you want to go after this guy and nurture many teams would be willing to do that. So it's not like he's gonna be going anywhere he's probably gonna be he can hold out my guest but typically hold out. You hold out for practice we shall walk so maybe they're expecting some sort of long term. Problem. With. Knuckleballer and that's the drop in Gilmore about it seems a bit harder on themselves if they were really they really like to welcome Butler Dave. Probably would have just played him you would think you just try to keep it makes sense to pay him which is why to me. It it I still it's it's more confusing to meet in the bills resigning carrot. I mean it's it's the patriots though so it's yeah you've. Why even bother questioning you know probably work. I don't know it's. They have ever give proof to the patriots who is knowledgeable about against the cap like the bills where this might be just. It's not something. I think we're used to seeing the patriots doing which is why it's so why the question did that I'm paying. Some wine that kind of money in them makes you. Bill Belichick has seen this player ten times a year for the past five years. He's got a healthy sample size of what a heating up close and yet he knows this queries senior a lot of those players probably watched a ton of film on this player so there's clearly something. That he really likes about this player because there are now in paid a lot of money in the BT CU is the skill set that bar Gilmour hasn't just think you know what he has been utilized properly Ammon to bring to minimize system and once again minimize system give him undermined tutelage. He's gonna explode and become a superstar and I'm willing to take this risk on him for that. Lobby and I hope for the patriots think that the right I mean I didn't do if the patriots say no and Obama now. I'm hoping now. As an open I think for the patriots say these teams keep trade in their good players in the patriots for some reason. Why our team's just going to stop treating him. Why and they stop being like I see mutual benefits here in the first round pick for Brandon Cox. And while a second round pick for coney. There are. Its high price to pay ya it's those are big prize it's not like there's there's trading away small pieces what is interesting because you look at the patriots they're normally team that. They they trade down this year I'm not sure if it's. They're trading away the 32 pick this year. For rating cut to measure what told you he has such epic this year's this topic next year. And it connection these next year to. These next year to barely there there are a team that. Takes third draft capital and typically a year trade. Get a couple pieces of it and they're making these moves to give impact players now which. These sites to find your own more for forty million. Maybe they see the light at the end of the total of Tom Brady's career so they're really starting to be like you know what. We got a few more years with this are starting quarterback. And it doesn't sound like you're giving up Jimmy apple for small gas price so much of your really willing to pay to get Jimmy to apple well he's going to be around to. So like okay we're gonna get some peace is around Brady never you know costs too much money. So we're gonna keep him around for his contract that he always takes a discount on because it's. Tom Brady. And then we'll move forward we'll get all these keys round of and then something happens to Brady. It's finally it's time to move on we got all these quality pieces around now. For Jimmy drop step and he's got nice receiver to throw to. He's still got the tight eye and throat too if he can stay healthy the defense now. Has a ton of pieces that Bill Belichick can use moving forward so maybe Bill Belichick has seen the light. At the end of the Brady tunnel is like I need to start preparing. For example if that were true though don't you think that he would realize his. It's my first okay allowed Kevin this area is clearing up the the yearly thing here. It was a second round picks swapped for a third this year. So thank you to Kevin on that one for clarifying that that trade. But I guess I don't understand. The patriots thought process behind what kind of leverage they have with Jimmy because here's the thing. You can only keep a player like Jimmy drop below are Rollins. If you intend it. It if you give him a yes you were going to be it's the starting quarterback of this franchise within the next two or three years. And I don't think at this point they can guarantee that to Jimmy G. Now he can walk next year for nothing. Yeah and that's why. I know you can't tell me you can't tell me edit your quarterback I don't care. Who you've played four if you war. A player in this league that you wanted to leave the gulf are starting to question is no absolutely and you can't tell me that he's not gonna get Michael Landon next year and he's gonna get sick now I think they'll get more and life. Right that he saw why in your right mind would you consider staying. Knowing that Tom Brady's still there are still playing at a very high level and likely isn't going anywhere anytime soon so. The fact that the that petered out there posting for multiple first round picks to me is is a I understand that you want value back from the only way you're gonna move on his for the right price but. To go up there and it essentially declined the twelfth overall pick for Jimmy drop below is re easy to be a bad. It wasn't only twelfth overall they like it a few second round and there's maybe a third Carter back in demanding off the first overall pick is just. The bronze I would even I when he needs Nyberg I wouldn't even call patriots again now it's okay you want it that's a joke. That that's like. I don't think it's confuse me. They've confused me really kind of over the past few. Yours may be there's. You're out there partners over rated in Manhattan another nodding your they are doing theirs right over there you know what. Then they Gary can in buffalo he's been trying to figure suffer year I never did it ain't gonna do it in the target I don't try to get this I've given. They can do whatever they're gonna do Imus is trying to figure out reasons why there aren't trading away all their trades it's. A weird non patriots kind of move yet but he can break. Looks who's potentially your pink told you yet what in critical is potentially you're the best receiver that the patriots have had since Randy Moss. I knew right what receivers Zia rocks and Somalis. I think that's right I think that's probably he's probably the best receiver they've had since Randy Moss not named Rob Gronkowski right. Right so but it's interesting because they've compiled a roster of receivers that are really all kind of the same got. Other than Chris Hogan Chris Hogan's the only real I sicker told me to their biggest receiver. Cook says small element small who's on given dole a small. Girl kind of the same type of player that's why I is what's that like pretty cut I'm not out of a little confused on the fit. Dog's gonna about Wes Welker. I would say Wes Welker you know he was and it was the fit there with less water boy it's the reason why it was so successful so. I don't know it's the patriots they keep making these moves early okayed its. Why are they doing this and they have their reasons they always seem to. Beat ahead of everyone else. So I'm not sure I really question it but it's like OK but. They're they're trading away. Draft picks. Which they usually use just compile more draft picks get more targets to report that as the draft. Bring in guys in there about trading away those draft picks for players right now. Which. For me it's not. The usual kind of eight but I mean they did get another pick back via from the co. Who weren't keeping that means it's master who's making these trades Tony we like soccer. Our salt and he's a former second epic yeah it was a pretty high tech yet. No no files but I think it I think you see probably the writing on the wall offer for sheared they're returning their pass pressure. He's also region a top guy that's still available on the board I don't see the bills really making. I like to see the bills go outside more patriots players because it just seems like they are trolling Helen bills doesn't I had set doubles part of the reasoning I think that means is Bill Belichick really just trying to destroy all else troll the bills and that and so parties league. Bill Bill Belichick has like thirty it would correct account said he goes on easily cooling bills fans mobile bills media that we don't even know it's happening but it's actually Bill Belichick and Twitter rags here here. Marleau is built knowledge no marbles and optical polish them. If you are Melissa using too much to be built it should not Bill Belichick. I don't think I I think it might. I think we might the Bigelow and do some investigative journalism on that investigative journalism to find the real Marleau. Who is Smart. What does he do he's a forward for the San Jose Sharks. Maher hello. Marleau in an article 7166. In Britain. We also to get pocketed hockey is going to be the next hour but up next Josh Reed of the IPB he's gonna join us next out to get his opinions to. And I'm the whole patriot situation how the past few days of that kind of shook out for them. And and paying the guys that they paid in the trade that they've made it. They're they've certainly been the busiest. I don't know that he's they've spent the most value pick ups. I'm gonna tell you something neat guy he original brief research about the bills and how busy they aware. Solves a sort the list you only get sore right team free agents month bills have acquired five players thus far. And they've. Lost six or smuggling you know they made moves like ugly green Glen Williams all of those moves to a pretty active there with the Carolina Panthers. Have brought in eight players thus far and free agents are at the Carolina Panthers abroad and eat players via free agency. And so. I studied and researching them out Carolina Carolina quite a players that I got there they are busier. OK Kevin this area also just treated at me telling me that you eat and cook several expiring contracts at the end of the season. Both are in line for likely about eight to twelve million dollars each. So again it becomes a little even more confusing for me as to why you make those deals because they're both expire in Contra. Maybe maybe Belichick thinks that Brady only has one more of them. Maybe things maybe he's not letting Jimmy grapple at their marking those pretty you get one more round bunt and then. Ship up because we got to move on we got to about the future here. Expiring contracts we cure go here's your credit expiring contracts is is certainly weird here here's here's the president. We'll get into a Super Bowl and your retiring you hear me. That's what bill politics and Brady I don't think. Real like if you want to buy it did you fight it because the numbers to call Jeffrey joins us that it right here did the emperor demand to that Darth Vader retired. I don't know I've never seen source. While we turned up as microphones are clearly he's upset that I set and resistor or does mat up real fight if you want Tripoli fight to fight The Beatles numbers to call. As I mentioned Josh rejoins program next we'll get his thoughts on the patriots will also talk a little bit. About some of the moves including some the rumored moves. The bill's going after guys like Jerry Cooke Andris and it's a look at his thoughts victory here to beat. News great opportunity I mean this one bestseller team I think and long term life pressure coming from Cleveland beat up the last four years now in all of us little game you know it's tough you know Summers there you know play this game you played wing and you put some gestures in time antibody offseason and it's not get the results this one's tough you know it's hard seem motivated and a coming out here in it's new taxes new opportunities new coaching staff new faces in the locker room to see who are continue to go on competing in games and you know that's that's what I'm here to do. It's new bills safety Jordan lawyers Baer formerly of the Cleveland grounds. As you heard there. You're right. You have time it's. We're just. We're jamming on Saturday morning brings got beats is as per usual are. Go to Joffrey is he's on the eighteenth the outline and he shouldn't have to wait here and listen to too Ryan banter about nothing so Josh are you this morning well this afternoon I guess. Now I get a put me on the spot and act like I've got some access to bucket about bought. Well great I guess we'll would go to all this snow on them they can. Oh start to get in huge bring trading voted not. Like that given way to yeah. Yeah I was thinking about like on the golf clubs out this weekend. You know maybe hitting an outdoor range you know Ike is what I like to do an end you know I can say where I can focus now listen you know lenders are looking for it but I like to just. Sneak in and he's my own my own golf balls now practice balls I just like to go out I don't like to be in the dome. So you go now you can use your old practice balls go log in retrieved yeah Oprah ask us a little retriever thing. You just walk out into the driving you know on the quality. Like I've bought. I don't waste any bright spot. I don't waste the money and know what I'm saying like you don't right now late yeah other day it. Nobody's open yes I just thought there was an open. OK year trust investigate. Your trust us. I'm trespassing and in theory John Fox. So obviously an interesting week I mean free agency is always pretty interesting but it's actually bend a little bit more. There's been more action and I kind of anticipated the bills. Really kind of being an early and to not only players that they've been picking up appears players they've been moving on from so. You all little you know your thoughts on BB this week in and any surprises maybe just releases or anything like that. Well Dick you know obvious to restart from the very beginning with the Tyrod Taylor resigning as that was obviously huge debt. You know I think at the end of the day they get the point where you know you're only as good as your options than me he was. And is their best option and it looked like there was the quality. Option out there autism Tyrod I'm not saying that you give that lead him to a twelve and four season and their enemy and he's they're gonna ride on his shoulders but. I also don't think he's gonna have them at six and and not know bill and are able to hear this. Oh great we can look forward to an outside it's 78879. Season but. It's better than six and yeah that the you know I think. That was like hey you got in the same boat as I am and the rest immediately prepared me. It's good didn't go early who your quarterback is because we would've been chasing that story. Every day. Every hour every minute we would have been trying to find out who's been who's the candidate who the we would still been listening and hearing about how he beat out a couple so that that that was big thing. You know that obviously the the big Gilmore leaving for. The page hit the poll seen it yet well he got an absurd amount of money and I'm so glad to build it. Throw that kind of money out of I don't think they were ever going to. All these big easily. Think other people would big dipper you got that kind of money though. And of course you get to the patriot the one doubt about it well that people would have cared if he got back out of money or any other team. Any other team but Denny goes there and you go all right great now now you know you get it shut down every lot and probably twice. So great. Yeah and you know I'm interested I mean when you look at the patriots. That. Think I guess the moves that they've made there there never a traditional team they don't do what other teams do they kind of walk their own beat. And signing Gilmore to the contract they did when they have to. I think pretty darn good but I mean you could make the argument that Malcolm bowlers probably at least. In that system where you're gonna be asked to cover the other team's best receiver. Is the better guy but the better candidate to give fourteen million dollars a season two. Instead they give particular who has really to me never in the course of the first five years of his career shown that he can be the kind of guy that can be relied upon to. Go up against EG greens and and these top flight receiver across lease I guess that to me is the most puzzling part of the move. Well I went would make item and then the rumors are becoming outfit although they're gonna turn around now they're gonna trade Butler to the saint. For cook now what are able let that kind of make that I don't know that there you know there's a little bit of a drop off from Butler Gilbert but look. In the patriot system is that may be at our ivory in the and a well. But then that her out of it did Internet via. Turn around and trade the last pick in the first round. For code and they keep Butler and you're looking at ignoring. It still had Jimmy your outlook light still believe it and traded. They peak they can probably get the twelve picked from the ground for admiral bud. The patriots are picking twelfth we all of a little happen right military. The revert. Back to year basis. It's wizardry. They keep doing it I know that. You know it just did it kind of frustrating to keep saying it happened over. And over and over the butt back to the other kind of back to the real target law and we thought bill that automatically and Ager named. But you know the big guys denied that the date it kind of a free agent moves started happening early that morning at that. One guy that I really was interest there was like high that thought he was realistic. Thought he would be. Just put the bills are trying to do what Sean McDermott trying to do. And when I saw that they side him I would like this is a great fit dole spent a lot to act and play. We played everywhere. And he mentioned this when he was introduced to the media. Bit it's been kind of a blessing and a curse because. He plays corner he played safety any plays the nickel and either kick returner. Because it is you could at the blessing occurred because because he's so personal all the sudden people have that you're not really get that one thing right. And and to be honest too when you look at Hyde. As a player it's one of those guys that I think even when you watched I mean perfect example that NFC championship or what's the evidence he divisional game. Against the cowboys he stuck out like a sore thought I mean that the guy was making plays all over the field and I think that's ultimately when you look at values. The fact that they're paying him this season four million and at least for the captain anyways and go moving forward his biggest capita six point seven million. Eighty look what he can do he can do things that Stephon Gilmore wouldn't be able to do in this defense and as you mentioned it's moving around being personal playing multiple positions. Playing a different packages it gives Sean McDermott the versatility and this these are the kind of Swiss army knife players that I think his defense is predicated on. And having a guy who can play a linebacker and a nickel package compared to just a guy who can play outside of the numbers I think the versatility. In the value to meet just makes so much sense when you see teams all around the league in it to be honest. The bills kind of had. Have had to overpaid guys to bring them to buffalo mean you look at the Mario Williams signing they clearly had overpay him just to give him in the divorce that he would leave. And it turned out to hurt them later on it when they had to move out from under that cap space our debt cap money there but. I guess my point is that when you look at some of the signings the bills have had. Compared to the league where everybody seems be overpaying guys. I'm pretty happy with what they've been able to bring in I mean obviously clearly there's the holes in this roster that need to be filled but for what they've done I think that even though you lose players like Corey Graham Stephon Gilmore Aaron Williams. That they're taking steps forward where at what it always kinda seems like the bill seemed tapes take steps back. In this time a year. Yeah and you know the other thing I like about Hyde is he young yet and he's six currently right in the league for years so I mean. Actually you know I covered him in 2000 men aren't was the first ballot I'll play. And here's the high school kid and all pot from Ohio and played a big 33 game even back then. You know get all the other all star he was better than everybody on the field it's kind of weird like that that all college while in the Iowa but he yankees. And Leo love me the really good kick returner as well. To your point you know well I'm really interested if you like you said the bill that had to pay in the past the big probably over above and beyond mothers in Nevada say to bring a big name in the ball below. And I'm going to be interest at the C. Going forward grant that they did have a product that state this year Brett you that they wanted the boring and cute name you know. Put I don't think Sean McDermott doesn't seem like it IP guy. Who is gonna be sold like because they're they united all a lot fall in love with the main. You know what he's gonna want the guys that are gonna fit his system he doesn't need to bring in like you set of Mario Williams work. Trade for a look Shawn McCoy you know be granted the child's been nothing but sensational there's been here. Well they I'll think that the ratio on that things aren't. Seems more like a hole over guy he's yeah I tell idol active well poll this guy's going to be awesome I just. Listening to his interview and watching his interview. Yesterday it was just in this guy's awesome in what a great ball back last name Colbert. To be in buffalo it just sounds like the perfect old actor Bob all. Did you mentioned the league with McDermott's. He can go back to last year he may not have had you know direct impact on the decision but Josh Norman I'm sure they came to a home in Carolina with Josh Norman in his like. We really don't want to pay this half the price for Josh Norman defeated make the defense work without this and you probably dislike. Yeah why not sell its another another piece there and you look at the way. That the bills have back and kind of going throughout this process and dumping players and I mean their their whole secondary essentially is going to be reworked with Corey glamor AJ Williams. Testified Gilmore so. It's really goes to show I think. That. Try McDermott is having a lot of say about these roster moves are being made right now because he wants to make this defense. In his image and kind of get that racks right in defense that. A lot of people around here hated. Get that image well and transformed the defense to be he wants to be and hide is the kind of society has to be personal. Lorenzo Alexander even and other personal guy you can move around and play multiple positions so I think we're gonna we're continuing to see the development of his defense despite the moves are being made right now. Not only Sean McDermott like his set have a lot of say obviously you would've taken that job be it yeah. What he had. Ruling. Become the mouthpiece. Of franchise I mean there is no means. We are not gonna see Doug Whaley in front of the camera. The audit of. Protect fumbled the condition health. Probably not the worst idea. In all parts my personal interaction with duct through the two years I've been here if you see them being great. You know but at the end of the day you want one guy speaking for the entire team I think that's the goal I think that's where you want my court here. The cowboys either read whatever but. You know and Gerry had as well and agenda of what he's doing but Sean handled that perfectly. I mean you're not and you're gonna work for at SoundBite out let it be racked up there you know where it once and how that but it. Nah I you know I. I give you agree that this is a small. Sample of the kind of person that shot is there it blew my mind away. And so on and Indianapolis. The Kama. Each media outlet that there we are allowed three to five minute first sit down one on one shot. Now the only other time that we've had a chance to really speak with Sean was it the whole big introductory press. So there's really no you know individual interactions would sit with them in NB a week and a half ago. They sit with a per couple minutes introduce myself. Sit and chat five minute he's gone on to the next interview. The next day I passed them all at. Age ought shallow area. Well you can even hear it at that in our drug free press conference every single time so would be like. Itself but she'll only be like a lot sail right and he continues to do that on conference calls and when he's taking questions he's got a note all these guys my first name is gonna look you guys like Josh held what Jerry. McGee's got to know all the guys. I talked to the bills Pete built staff. He knows every one. All the way out and change to the people who serve lunch. To the people who work in the ticket office. That to me now granted the give me wrong I understand that I get a win win or lose games under that at the end of the day that's which YouTube bought. But its attention to detail that is. Personalities. Exactly. I can't I would do it all 36 of Rex Ryan gage your ball well. Right is that the right amount. Yeah yeah when the guys who just weren't there and try it it all 32 of wrecked him game. Had several that now one of them and no way he knew my name what people. There's no way. You know Josh. The other thing too just to kind of piggyback off this in and sale has set it to it's one of those things where I had it when you. When you're going from like the old regime direct right is no one I don't think ever would. What question Rex Ryan's love for the game. But the same time it wasn't the mentality of key was the first guy in the office and he was the last guy out I don't think I don't think it's meant to to criticize and in his work ethic. But when you see. What Sean McDermott does it and really from when he first came in and his wife I think it was an interview what his wife on Buffalo Bills dot com talking about. She's used it to him not coming home there's a lot and actress he's sleeping in the office an embrace from there I kind of got that but now you're backing it up so much more with. Just his personal bull I guess personality it his. He does that yes this quiet confidence and as we studies the entire Rex Ryan but in just every great read that you could hope. He wondered how much of it is. Rex has been to the pinnacle. Dot as a head coach. But you know he's he's one at all and you wonder how much of that is Sean. It's still searching and you know he still has a little more fire you know and and I'm not I don't know. Rex is Rex lacked that fire but in Sean you can see it as you said. Rex is not that says that first person in the building in the last person out I think that that. Exactly which on and I think they've got the feeling he's gonna walk in the door a lot lot yet. Yeah and I ain't going back which said to me it's it's not necessarily that that Rex didn't have that work ethic I think. What you're right when you've reached the pinnacle of any career or any thing that your doing complacency can set in a little bit like Ole. I know what it takes I you know it just becomes that kind of complacent attitude and maybe that's really ultimately what ended up being the demise of wrecks but. I I know that I'm for 1 am glad that that Sean McDermott brings this new fresh voice. How quickly just before I let you go I was hoping maybe you could give a say in insight of what your next move so if you wore Doug Whaley you're Sean McDermott what the next move is here in the next couple of days obviously just signing Lorenzo Alexander today Andre Smith right tackle in that can be a guy that they'd look at. Odds are just interested to hear your opinion on who they should target next. I like the second guy he's brought up I think that I think right tackle. Is that is the way that they got to try to address that yet ought. I know that everybody that I I run into hi how are they immediately go we don't have any wider you. You know we don't have enough defense to back. We hear that thing in the draft. So what if you're going to be light in an area wide receivers this spot because I think there's a I think there's a lot of good beside the back chemistry. I think I to me I think you've got to obviously they just locked up Lorenzo Alexander why you air Bob and I think that was a good move but. I think could be right tackle is the spot that they can if they can shore up that you know that area you're not probably the way to go it you know. They'll have a ton of cap space. Could be throwing around. I think if they can lock up a solid starter. You know and it right tackle are probably the way to go. Also Josh appreciate you come out me this afternoon man and I enjoyed the well enjoy the changing of the season hopefully. You'll be able to let to get out the ideal suntan lotions and announcer. Jobs could be down stop economic local police. Okay yeah that's have contact with. These guys got the regularly. Thanks guys. Just treat their on the eighteenth you highlight he's the sports director of WI DB appreciate him coming up okay. I've been bad breaks all all day today so we're gonna head to a break now when we come back we'll continue and that does transition hockey Brayton has a breakdown. For you tonight for savers and Blue Jackets we'll get to that next. Next hour as we move into hockey and then as I mentioned Mike unity of spot track join me at 130 so we spoke a lot lot to do here on sports talk said it right here. The beach here. It was a resident you know I know it takes to get to a suitable and what it takes to have you body right here if you win the right and what it takes to be on a championship caliber team and you know suffer like I can help push him in a way to where Affleck have been making these game they're not that he's already a great player but I feel right. This Meyer. My presence in the waited he watches me work in the way did he watches he studied you know he can go out and not mimic it but he sees me doing so he wanted to do. The blacks. Running. Let's bills running back whenever Michael or. Hold those I told us earlier I like the signing is much as people have criticized the two fullback thing when everyone's view. I think it's it's signing and he's the kind of guy that the child or their wants in this locker okay. I promise that we're gonna strangeness and sabres talks will do that next year. When we come back from the short break we will not talk about about tonight's game and also just about. In bows his future. Pulled out yesterday was was pretty and it and I tended to agree to them that. He doesn't see again miles Jamaican through the end of April and I don't think I do either we're getting to a point where I think. Without really having any better options to speak of that. I don't know that there is a spot in this organization for Dan miles files and moving forward if he can't figure this out and at this point it doesn't appear to be getting any better so. During Reynolds stick around. We'll get your calls me come back it with real fight if you won. 888 by fifty to fight the deals the numbers again transition to sabres next hour but I do have Mike unity of sport Trac coming on with me spot check of sorry. Such a coming out with me next hours Walt talks and kept things as well. Stay tuned here on sports fox aired last are coming your way next right here and BG.