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Related things after today we'll lower in between the actual today. Parade earth I think it still counts like. In the beginning of the here I don't think. Thank you later goes. It never stops and productively hormones. Yeah exactly it's saint Patrick's season. Right about now so. Exactly how and not quick tip on green beer. Yeah with youth are put this once every year yet had a little one drop the drop and drop we'll do it and knowledge yet Calgary even in. One pitcher one drop up. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people with black beard and it's a style now it is not and yeah. That's a mistake you'll you'll you'll make once. Our rights on it why don't put much in doing agreement here caller doing. I would save over greening it is one of sodomy on a one time mistake all right Gerri what protester here on. Not traditions just brew an audience in fifteenth when you get to a but today's today how to watch clear up your beer clarifying your beer all that but. We've been mentioning a few times the hop rise on pre order and where things stand for that so what is. What's time on what's the latest with that through what I did and it does this storm from this week. Is that good or bad news it change anything. Arm it. Net for the good I can tell you that much I don't think it's really gonna affect many of the you know crop growers as far as sleep regionally or anything like that. Fruit harvest regionally is gonna you know be worrisome you've seen a lot of putts on trees and stuff like that that are warm spell on you worry that with the high wind all the snow to freezing over the past two weeks and it might knock those butts off. On the tree one re grow them all so this is how you early knockout an ample harvest her peaches. It's far is you know it's it's obviously screwing up shipping with just it's not quite a bit. But I don't see it affecting the overall time of artist. So I think it was abuse giving him a couple weeks and if you're looking for particular Friday Ol always encourage you to pre order he do that online. Or in store and that when we get the rise homes in its first come first serve four put in name on the rise to the script. Order now to make sure you get the variety you want also. Approaching a little over a month to the EU any ha deadline the united New York home brewers association. Deadline yet and so this is the point where it's starts to get a little. Dicey you know and I mean we we've been saying oh look like it was a walking now with. You need oh a month away now your turn it CO lifestyle element agent so if you really wanna keep your peers and for you in Iraq. If you don't have brood already you better remember if you have any Beers weren't quite ready year you didn't think they were gonna condition and time for a war can increase in the right. So last week we talked October fest. Blogger east's and the wiring in first were popping action a group of people laugh but responded that about our first were hopping. Segment said that he did it all the time I think that Reynolds brown hills and that first were hopping was something that he elected to quit habits so. I've you Alyssa that you can find that on demand at our website odious in 1520 on first were hopping what you can get out of that that your view any reaction when you're in addition of that. Lot of people were surprises and I think they have the same assumption is a lot over your putting something in before the sixteen minute market's initial in the battering only. In and I think a lot of people organ kind of playing around with the recipes that the user with mound of you know a little bit and up in the Roma as well. On don't know we have a lot of people kind of reacting with oh I didn't know that and they were talking about thinking I edits chemicals like the effect of it. Added to a from any other peers. A lot of people saying the same thing I did for nor do for this one recipe here this one style. And I always felt like it had match so maybe for port mappings going to be dependent thing. I don't wanna get to clarifying beer but also tips to bring in cold weather already wants to got a may be we should have started this last week due to his were turf we should have been talking about it. On the diaper in the the cold weather and as soon as I came inside. There was in check Twitter there was a couple of policy shortcuts I could take him that I thought there are taking an online tutoring in the storm. Armed the first one which probably had been the most frustrated. Made it from credit salt sweet for this when you're showing your work. Or when your heating up to a boil immediate good idea to put your group pot in your thermometer in a place where you can see it from inside. That would receive mean you know probably eight to twelve trips. Outside you know it's so if you're your number in the cold weather. Think about putting your thermometer if you ever remote thermometer bring an insight that we when your heating improved boil. When you're chilling down you can be inside warming up pop that would have been some great device which I have looked at that. Before it started growing the other thing you do with me it's awful when I'm on this afford to cardinal. Four by eight sheet of plywood cut streak on the medals you have to four by four squares connect them with ninety degree angle with the UP to two by four and you haven't ninth low wind kind of similar to what you see ice fisherman news. Our feces subpar mammals and construction time it was trying to write a little bit of wind break from not only you but also for the burn so a lot of it keep the your creating. Doesn't just get polled. Right away. Com and the last one we can talk about this don't put the beer in the smell it's the common thing we these people put the beer in the nose most coal. Read a lot of contact and definitely. What happens is that ends up you know. Melting just a little personal around that and that's no than acts like an ice blanket and keep it normal. So put out in the open somewhere with a winking at Abbott and that will really help it shall bow out after Arnold when your when your cooling and cruel you know. And that's kind of hosted newbie mistake we see me a lot usually make it once it's been one sleepless night waiting for the temperature drop and just want. So did not give into the open. You know I mean there's little question about whether you should keep the lid armor not. If you keep offering a lot more preparation in the yet a lot more chilling as well all he's gonna wanna escape out the top at the same time he got to be worried about infection and keeping it nice. Warped kind of opened from Mike. I'm not as worried about it in the winter. As long as we don't have time to win over its operating personal board and as long as they're not throwing particulates and the year for any Wii's reason. I think it's okay to leave the top open it's gonna say well could. So a couple of tips that we should give it last. All right so onto army of the meat of our main topic. Today clarifying beer howdy you clear up a cloudy beer if if am I mean that you don't employ editors you want to be cloudy and you can like them but. To clarify your beer there are short cuts in the on the RR. More efficiently. How many different ways are there to do. There's a couple of different ways. And sometimes you know cloud reader will clean up with and at that time doesn't always that are scheduled. Orders sometimes it just won't happen. A bomb in the said the problem that a lot of home for a seat. Partially because well we know probably patients with hookers virtually in the hobby we don't always have. Arm and the first thing I wanna talk about is not climb a tree verses trumpeted. Thrown a lot of trees to release a measure of the collar. Now seeing a picture crystals you know cannon's office and stuff that's release. Soluble in the water is gonna affect climate traders collar and what's happening it's a light is still getting through. But it's getting for acted in and in a way that changes the color or anybody who's had a stout. Or city relief and deep red jail knows that if you could flash to the back of it even I'm big car once it's clear once it's lost solvent solid shall still be to see that flash like. Through the arm for mentor. Troop pitted he though is kind of a measurement of the silence. Insight so it's not climb trees how much the light is being spent. You can look at rapidity as how much is being stopped so how much physical stuff is suspended in there stuff that's not soluble. And making it cloudy. Now the earth. Few things we can panel look at as far as what's going to me appear in the two that we released look at all the time are yeast in protein. Yeast is probably the most common in all what happens is for rotation has come to a completion in the air for summaries in the east joke to flock. The pro team that often causes globe that more problem. Because sometimes you don't see it until each year old appear count but satchel case. On what happens with these proteins were an okay state. And now is he Cilic down they start bonding to each other and form bigger groups and are you can see him as he's in your beer. Com story kept the first thing we wanna talk about is 100 per event case in your computer analyst talk about the east first. Now a lot of times. It comes down to temperature management. The yeast don't want a flaw actually until we've seen the available trigger. Resources trop. So if you still have sugar in the beer. And to seek a little bit of a cold spell not enough to force them to the bottom enough to stop the fermentation. Oftentimes the east will linger inside the beer you'll see it will be cloudy. And we know more action on top and if you take high drama or reading a lot of times you'll notice that. They're still trigger to be dock so actually ends the common kind of belief. You wanna warm appear back up to help it finish the fermentation and beacon flock elation. The same time if you know all that the yeast is definitely gone from entering. You can drop the temperature on a hold crash to kind of start of the year and clarify and start the flock relational that sooner. Now you also can prevent this kind of problem if you are hitting right temperatures are still getting a little bit of problems with kind of you know Lee Clark depletion of these. Humane one assert having calcium carpet here patches. Now the yeast use calcium carbonate. It kind of gave them a population. And they don't have an off it takes them awhile. And again you're waiting for these yeast clumps together we talk about calculation. Is being fueled the answer they begin to calm you'll heavier compared to water. In there gonna fall through. So first thing it's a little bit. A prevention if you're having this problem routine things are looking calcium carbonate. But a lot of times if you see a leader on a fermentation checker gravity checked her temperature that's usually where the problem's going to be then. Are now pro teams again. We usually don't see these until. The island and into work chilling down appear to your putting into a Calgary are actually take a bottle and you put into the forage. So sadly it pure and bottles by the time you realize. Then you have a chill days there's not a lot you can do now if you realize you have actual days in the carbon we're Carrick. You can and gelatin gelatin can help you yeast fly actually passer and force it into it and it's another you know static I Erica clear fire. But. It's it's. Couldn't be a problem after bottles can't justify opening a portrait bottle pouring back into Bollenbach it clarifying it re carbon meeting at. This is not going to be worth. But in the Cagney protection for our weekends are simply add jolt and give it two to three days and it's gonna drop out a lot of approaching the shelter won't do it there's a couple other communal Clara fires you can trot. Using glass it's very traditional especially in English cast scale. To a finest and relatively new product you sued for true super clear in that really won't get rid of just about anything. Now. Anytime you declare fire anytime you crawled crash appear for an extended period of time you may wanna think about adding yeast. To kind of make sure our protections for. Because a lot of time if we strip all of us east out of there. On the are still some lot to do about calling condition but surely question how long you have only a few yeast. It'll take awhile and you meet its and I asked me if two females and their because of them boosting their numbers to. Eat the who coached from Bobble. Now the prevention from quote protein Asus released quite easier as far as. Meet telling you what to do it's what he seats in the first thing is approaching us now if you have a cooler. This can be a problem to what you're trying to do with it first match temperature about 120. What this is gonna do this picture PH in the cable little easier for the proteins are quietly as well some cash to pamper. So if you can do approaching a 122 degrees for only about fifteen minutes and if you have a lot of talk on this disease. If you have a cooler. You do have to try to pull some of the match maybe two at a traction and maybe two rims system can run how war after war tour Halperin match. But you wanted to approach team rust in the management and are schmaltz you'll flocked to the oil can be two sets of that's gonna do is again quietly proteins in the boil you'll see him in these nice bull that's what we call trump. Now flotsam and shuts them in Kuwait elated it's almost tripled to tofu. Eric similar. You know chemically floating around to boil. And so if you can get a mount a how to tie against seeing these problems routinely. Start doing a protein rats start adding Irish marks for every beer that you don't wanna be cloudy. The F so it's simple as far as it seems they do by far the easiest thing to do like it's just the you know. It's a taken a pill and got. In the home and talk about filtering. Because I don't necessarily want to encourage. Not because ethically about these have anything counselor I've tried it many times myself but it's never as simple. Or is cheap is everybody wants it to be so we already gave you the simple and cheap answer if you wanna make it more complicated. Year ago. So if you wanted to filtering you're gonna need accounting system. He's certainly able to transfer the peer through the filter and her need to act pressured to do that pump or something like that his religious and provide too much agitation. Walls ruling not enough constant back pressure. To kind of push it through the media. It's kinda tough to find a good filter most commons to use applicant. It's eater twelve inch water filter cartridge. The problems are cartridges are expensive here adding anywhere from a cost of three dollars and all up to fifteen per batch. Especially if you don't take care of filter cartridges. And then you spend a lot of time both sanitizing the cartridges before you start filtering. He spent a lot of time watching the beer slowly trickle over and then you have to clean the cartridge out afterwards if you expect to re use that. Com good cartridges for that are re usable so easily come ports are our hammock. We're stainless or really run up in two will say you know 35 dollars loss if you're looking forward just. You know simple carbon filter horror pleated filter those are fairly cheap but it's going to be a lot harder to clean and re use. So filtering on a home group level it is just ruling that kind lower. Financially. Worthwhile. Palm you can take about you know fifteen to twenty cents worth of tilt and you wait two days in your immediate release of more fact yes he didn't take out the eighties CFCs and take out from the finest elements of but your knock them if you hope that Europe to light in it seems perfectly clear. You're not gonna say 020. Loss of point 02% solace in the notes that clear beer going to be really happy with on the filtering. Only advantage a filtering is you have appear clear that. So the only time that I really could say it was useful is when I had a beer and secondary and I wanted to bring it someplace that. So it was cloudy quickly felt tricked these cutting system. On to carbonate that but if I had 48 hours of kind of forethought that process would have been a lot easier and let's get a break in Beckham. Side we're talking about clarifying a rule or peer don't go anywhere. Yes in 1520 are on demand portion of the audio Volvo of course and you so you wanted to. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need. The Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military Intel wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Bruins. I'm back here are not traditions just threw it on ESPN 1520 clarifying your beer was talked a lot of things from used to protein. Our government Hayes how to get rid of it and the next step in the conversation is regarding secondary fermentation. Yes because I mean a lot of I guess the reason why talk about the as a fellow lot of questions this time your secondary fermentation. A lot of new poorer they start with the basics startup kit it didn't come with the card. They made a couple of Beers have started reading through and Charlie the pace eons new complete joy at home during its in its fifth edition still a great resource. In now they're wondering if they should be doing secretary for patients and first and secondary fermentation personal fermentation going under our Tennessee quarries and America sees lots of CO2 production. While the yeast or so and from mentoring you consuming die astle C all of hide in the B. You know eating through some final sugars there's no going to be fermentation. Action. Com to do with secondary you wanna get a car we currently prefer being near an act carbo we can be plastic or glass. The scenes volume as the action if you fight you know match Geary won a five gallon. Are we really you look at standard capsize it's for home bureau winemaking. Kind of follows the availability of car sizes and the reason why he wanted to fill to a narrow Nektar week. If you want to limit the surface here. And so if you have been in the pocket you say have this surface area replica square foot and a if you have a car week. You have may be a square two inches three inches in the back of the car and that's a lot less surface area for oxygen exchange. So basically by doing a secondary fermentation. You're providing a safe storage vessel for your years to try to accomplish another goal. So I guess the question is do you need to do and here. Not all Beers require or relief benefit from a secondary in fact O watt or kind of lose some of those you know fresh flavors you may have been looking forward thinking. English bidders. Two and half of Verizon's. Poor expert to skis that all of these Beers. Really benefit from quick fermentation. Quick clarification. Give him and about Ulster act and start enjoying them you want to kind of cute tomb before the east and go back. He threw some of those other flavors or something and just breakdown so some Beers actually in on would lose points accuracy and turn them in the competition. If they set the secondary pearl that too long. There are some benefits of doing a secondary you're gonna have less settlements in the bottles and give a chance for the east block illegal or more trouble default down. A bomb and a chance to me be error at a clarify our analysts at furlough Betsy and the flood sediment in the bottle. You're gonna have a cleaner overall beer if you want a clean rural Peter Nicholas green flavors and it triathlon FC wild side. And again it's a good opportunity yet clear fires. For. I mean other you know spices cops say if you do a fermentation. You really wanted to control time on here try top 6710 days. You don't him the ability to do that in the primary fermenter. So while the fermentation finished it's that's really big here now you're worried about infection oxidation. Great excuse to do a secondary. And it's really any time you wanna bulk age to appear for more than a few weeks. Are we gonna prevent that oxidation. So you really have to apps doing need to secondary fermentation. Really big IPA's. Early lines Russian imperial stout some beer like those. I would say require a second. You know a lot of meteors Irish red tails Irish doubts I'm thinking of what remembering recently. Don't you know if children all colored beer. A few recent. And so you're giving yourself by doing the secretary if you don't need to know we have the chance to lose flavors that you may wanna keep. But it's also another chance to get an infection. So if you don't need it. Don't do that looks like recipes in them that benefit from that. You don't get up they're gonna fight in Onkar Bowie and would as much development for monster. Don't use it for true secondary fermentation and giving aironet are going. And do secondary. No one morneau and they have on here in using a Kangas the secondary fermentation. I do it. Yes you have more surface appeared to flush out that surface here with CO2. The only disadvantage to doing secondary fermentation and tag is you're gonna have all that sediment. In the bottom of the team name wanna think about. Some bit of mitigation simplest way is to install wracking to tip on the tip to for your cat in order to cut the debt too global but short. Once you finish your secondary you'll Lucio to pressure to simply Forsett appear over to another clean tech. Or try to gently trinket and not move around and and should have balancing act they're going to be okay doing net. Wouldn't worry about White House this with a little with a sub mini east that's going to be in the bottom of their. Over the time and generator especially because you're sitting at 3630 degrees. So. Tag is OK vessel to a secondary fermentation carbo is always better you can check on that. Armed easier to get the clear beer off the top by racking at the end user Cornelius tags but the important thing. Is that there's no oxygen sitting in the head space. So if you do have a big surface area flustered out with CO2. Or better yet go for cart we go for that small surface area should be okay. All right just a few minutes left here on when they ask you something may be to plan a show for the future about Barley wine I don't think we've ever. Ever talked about it really know if the silenced its arm and knowing spear it it's really I would say one that was really popular. With initial home brewers in this agreed beer to bottle and put into its toes really high alcohol really matures well with time. And so if you're looking for something to age for trying to do something views you have a full tackle reader and you went camping put away for awhile. Barley wine is great here for. Now and yeah like I have a Barley ones are about as doubts and Barley wine came through and IE. I'm sure I've had one before. Is it a style that is. And no forgotten that it's kind of not forgotten but underrated under appreciated under produced any of those things. And I it. May be all for maybe none of them there's definitely a lot of fanatics out there. For partly once had and I definitely a cult following tiger is on it's it it's between. Beer aficionados. It's a Greek like Christmas gift. Because. Somebody got me and Barley wine a couple of years ago and we were able to enjoy it while they were over. You know couple nights ago and Ian and I had done it benefits to let it sit in the basement for three years. And so if you're looking for. You know it's kind of like the fruitcake your Christmas cookies candy it's gonna last to really long time except people actually wanna consume. Unlike the for 60. The bar early lines Corey for aging on if you wanna talk about what and the newly single unifier. It's really that their hi Leo well Epstein tried topped our early wines. Woody absence by east. But the one common factor is at the ball up or at least over 8%. Arm and kind of if you if you see the fallen out of favor I would say no because Hughes the craft ever really kind of pushing the envelope with them and the would aging. Fortifying in relief giving them like up over 10% this definitely something you're seeing a little more recently but why you don't Seymour home. They have to sit around for for earth via from meant for forever if the condition for awhile. In the and you still want a kennel and sit around and bottles before you turn him over to Republican. Those kinds you know aging. Meet the bureau were expensive slot more kind of broke and currently he's he was wine going on for a bottle poorly one. Over bottle I PA or something weird is trying to get it through works amount for the customers freshest possible. It well may be a bigger longer Shawmut sometime in the future next week if he said. All right that does have for us if you join a slate or any point 12. You know the of being part of all the we talk about our website he has been fifteenth one on demand find any episode and again union top. April 26 as the deadline so yes there's 242646. Points prefix so not enough time for Barley wine but if we inspired you about their skip the secondary and get appear in in four weeks ago for yourself. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.