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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by now every traditional group here's your host Jeremy White. Merchandise to I look at that actresses just early morning turbulent for doctor here on his morning happy Saturday. Spring we are in spring and so official that is what the long term forecast hopefully. Brocade for the next couple months now you know temperatures. It's supposed to get up into the fifties. All next week and even sixty maybe tomorrow so. Good stuff lots to get through today were a talk about formulating recipes. Barley wine I've got a question on might. Tegra raider all that how to clean it because I've got a specific thing I wanna do but before it's all that. A new hop prize home when we avail I mentioned before. No we just found out we were giving some and that's comment and so this is one that was popular for the past two years it's and Americans he hop. That has a nice tropical fruit play deeper in the channel later under the tropical fruits shall more pineapple. And so it was a good hop for summer when he won that interest into pearl. It's one I know I talked about a lot on the show so I can telly and think about one. So few parties have every C top prize home we got a new one for yeah. So prominent and again we limited quantities so if you really want to call I'd give pre order and and we are starting to get some of the rise homes in and slowly so we got a couple of them last night. Arm expect a call for us in the next two weeks we don't have all the Fridays and yep porn star putting aside matching up with names on the pre order until you pre ordered. Expect called the next two weeks otherwise if you're looking to comment and just grab one. I think next week we should have from. Some open for sale and I and so with the weather we're game I would say go ahead and get plan. Poker very good we're gonna get to some other things the U behind deadline is April 26 the upstate New York home brewers association competition. People point six the deadline for that were also approaching national home brewed day which comes up enough early may. Which is right after the Kentucky Derby via so. This is why am approaching you with a recipe for relation Wanamaker right now and you'd suburban style but the timer silent on the dirt rural Romany suburban style mental expert. It's a terrible idea but first Texas delegates who I've mentioned this on a show earlier I finally got around to. Pouring out for some you know for year old remember your best front. I poured out. A lot of fear I had to call it on a couple of kegs that world I'm me a New England IPA when the bills played the rams. To let you know how long hated man. And before that one I made a harvest ale kind of and they were just sit and and nobody was drinking. This is the one disadvantage that we don't often talked about was tagging systems. If you put a beer on tap that doesn't. Can consume great noise canceling especially if it's like night PA or something like that the release intended to be consumed fresh. Your aspirations to drink it. Diminishes the keg its older and so they do eventually sitting around where few of bottles it's going someplace cold. If you want me another batch of beer grab some more bottles but if you only have a limited number tags. You can really cannon pinch yourself they're. And a corporate space. On and it happens and yet stinks. Yeah I had to dump a lot and I you know as I'm dumping my taste on you weren't that bad. But it's just not something that since I'm the one that's home all the time I would call often drink Boris. If I make a pretty sweet awesome stout. I'm not a sweet stuff Austin's now I I will drink it so to that a minute. For primary customer and in you save a lot of money home you know that's if you have to count on some beer once while still saving money. And you get to brook and that's where I won on that or wannabes like I need to get my style budget. Down so I need to make an off someone that's all save all hundred bucks a month because that is by these fifteen dollar styles of it as people Madrid and the other and it like I just. Mike Dietrich and and trying to. So anyway before we Tibet so in the process I'm pleaded not like clean lines I'm basically going to. You know I move the keg or greater I'm. Everything like start fresh and the lines that go about the tower from you guys that would probably a vote of freezer with the temperature gates thing. I wanted to know if it's worth it and how. Tedious it is to take the lines that gulf from the inside of the tolerated applauses. I think I should just replace those radically knows I think edges replace. If this system's been sitting around for awhile and you have the ambitions replace your draft lines I and always encourage people to it because if you end up using a system consistently in take care from their gonna sit their first year and so if you don't have. And a little bit of staining or something like that from beer sitting in the lines. I always encourage people just to change it. It's going to be can be easier to clean down the road Ian Anderson meet you field the better. Now the power always cable tricky and in the first thing everybody tries to do is get their fingers in the air and somehow kit. The arm holds up the bar inside the towers of the nobody's if you haven't looked in time to draft how ports three inch tube usually about eighteen inches long. It has the camp at the top so pursing kept the top comes off. Arm and then when you look inside to see a bent. Elbow coming out of a change in hand if you're pro strategist disappearing into the darkness. On and so what you need to do is on hook. The and yet the cap. So take the hose off the bar to the disconnect. And then go up to the tower. Pop a little off and then go you'll see a single brass not behind the faucet. What you do is on screw that not try to hold onto it's it doesn't fall back on the power in the new poll Fossett holds an all. All the way out through the power that we can put down a table you can clean the part. You can give screwdriver on it tick off that votes are and then to reassemble simply put everything back together and start fishing. The line on the tower. And that's. OK so it's it's fairly simple little bit harder and doing just a regular offered Fossett something mounted on the door. But worthwhile to do with your inspired. Bit. I think I images seems. And what's the shelf life funnels on on hoses and how many Beers have they gone through I would say I've had the power now for almost what three years and old peers have gone through their like I wanna say it's probably time. That's kind of a shame. Over three years or twelve years well logs through those hotels a random it was a if it probably more than twelve Beers but anyway but I had him for three years and I've put lots of different kind through. And I actually usually cleaners I was mentioning that I had to it's called power punch that's the one ahead in the green solution. Which you might you might dimension is more for industrial lines not necessarily. Not necessarily full home brew of food great purposes and general on anything it's food grade is gonna work you know and and could be safe. The question becomes is how was that treating your equipment in one residues or precipitate some might leave behind and I did your dad having that you're having that blocked and I casing anything you should be okay. I think he won that took the proper cleaner for cleaning out your lines are cheap enough so I use. Combination. I usually just be bright to talking to 99 for app on top. Citric acid at five dollars for pound. Cotton's Darcy and four dollar for five ounces using a fifth amounts each tuchman and all those can go through those lines Karen and they also those lines you've got it in the American cause any damage and need chrome idol in the protein silicone or stainless steel brass copper parts. And so you don't have to worry about finding any cream precipitated. Or black and chrome or anything from. And he take the PA tree action. Jump in with the citric acid obviously PH reactions were positive. So stripping off we have a lot of minerals and stuff like that from parts same thing for the the connects the detractors political as the ball went our connectors if there's a little pro chip on the OCC that flat in dent in the top. That is first standard screwdriver you can actually take those a perk clean a lot of people don't realize that so when they have problems the Clark argued knew what. You can open that up we carry all the parts for insight so. If one happens to fall down with saint. You know we can replace of Korea but. The other easy to take part should look at the insight every once in awhile a lot of top bits how many arts inside the dollar to violence through that or is it. It's pulling apart like everything is gonna be under a little bit of tension beard and him a pop at your happy spring birds washroom Papa. Arm and then you have the camp and there shall walks from the cap whose only a couple of parties and there but inside that's boring. You tend to get some bits he might wanna open those up wanton so those same kind of thing you're due out and depth are sent our and you write in its not something I do every. And we talked about this couple weeks ago. About every industry standard was every two weeks decrease he's your chapel Aldrin and we're not gonna do about it and so I traded to a between every cac. And I don't just assemble. I don't even back sukur talked about ID to me you'll be easier on myself. Instead of hooking up faucet to flush my lines of up to the disconnect. So make my elect will be here I was Greek cleaning. But I do that between every cat. All right but I wanna do it accuses you you know two in overtime I'm at the point where. I wanna like completely. Like new refurbish my own. Keys are systems so to take animal park to soak every part. On a good ego and that Elena filled with a good beer look I'm I'm ready to find. The right recipe. On the efforts taken somebody else's at this point I sure I'd love to make my own or tweak somebody else's. But I want to make a big awesome. Stout. Or robust pour even you know like I don't even need to go to him so. We are back with talk about that if you are looking for love or recipe if you are trying to find that. You know we won. That's our topic coming recipe formulation where do you find. That's up next as we continue here on night vision just threw it yet. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season Braugher and art can count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need. Now Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. I welcome back tonight traditions just through adherence ESPN. 1520 Jeremy Reich guys. All right recipe. Inspiration formulation that we are today you. You wanna find something that you Wanamaker and your next great beer word use are well aware how do you get either the the blueprint or just a template. Or down right to just give me some great to make I think the hardest part and I can say this is a definitely true for me personally and I've BBC it in the shop all the time when people come in the real excited group. Deciding exactly what super. In doing that having a clear focus of what you're trying to do and so accurate talking about you wanna make appear to have toppled it to a imperialists out for an export robots Porter. Pick a clear example of what you wanna do. Whenever you look at recipe formulation you've come across a lot of ingredients that may be never used before that you are really intrigued by Ike. And you can either build appear around those ingredient but they don't fit the style appear your trying to meek. Com don't try to put him in and again I'm really guilty of this so I find new ingredient ever Saturday I think of what I wanna hear about untapped. In the and I try to force those ingredients in some way. Sometimes it works out sometimes it causes some problems but they make bad beer. With those ingredients that doesn't really fits dialogue doesn't have that perfect balance. So the first thing going Kurt people who do is pick a certain style. Coach me be the BJ CP guidelines look at what the classic examples are Korda at your dad to kit look at what the most popular. Brands are and then go out and and give yourself a mixer sixer. In trials pierce while you're trying them try to figure out as much as he can take some notes. Fer you know what ingredients or use. What statue canyon on the bureau there starting Greta V finishing gravity I'd be use what battering her finishing apps they use who they get their malts from. Anything you can find raven down while you're trying to appear. A lot of times too you can look up some cloned recipes while trying to appear. So see what other people trying to match said exact beer put together what worked out well for them right Augusta. Put it down keeper with each of the Beers keep the bubbles around. And then when you go to formulate your recipe I'm not seeing picture paper and copy the recipe. But look at what your favor points for from each beer Belgian favorite parts out of each recipe. You know I'm kind of put it together can personalize your own style freer preferences. CC okay what the yeast that would really like the Roma coming off this one. Like that deep chocolate you know I think I want you sustained specialty bearings as this other stout. And run on this one had a little bit of finishing top ones in classic for stop and I really liked it a maternal figure out what they're doing. For finishing up. So once you kinda. Put all of these things together again you have all your parameters that you wanna hit now we know what you're alcohol is he wanted to you know what color you want to have your terminal gravity your bitterness. Flavor Roma from your crops and poster ease our profile now you have a more clear picture of what you want upper. In a hard thing to do. Is going to be to stick to that. On Danica and it it's hard to kind of not throwing a couple of over ingredients used the yeast that you bought out of impulse you know there autonomy if you know. Style blogger. And you know because all I bought the seasonal arteries and have a news media try to stick every ingredient. Being for that style appear. Another couple buries the belt points one nipple home brew series in whether a you can buy a beer and around the neck it says it is yet. And I think that's probably what I'll do is that takes him amendment robo spore that I won makes a unit that's a perfect example where hey here's how to do it you know I'd make it there's a bunch other ones out there to com. Brokering company Natalie they give you pretty much prior recipe they don't you view I think is far it's Chris percentages. But they give you just about everything else and if you remembering the long enough you know that those like finishing gravity scholars gonna depend a little bit on your system. So I want applaud those numbers and two something anyway and adapt a recipe for your system. And it's used to give their recipes right on the bottle as well and so robberies I guess now that. A lot of competition and craft. Brewing and and I think the consumers becoming more snappy and so rumors are putting more more information about their appear on the bottle. Mean if you buy and I EPA. And I think this is something that I. For coming up by like PA's. One and with finishing cops are. You know I'm interested in nova ops I want and a one on tasting especially for op I haven't tried arm torn wanna know that before it by the beer. Burst through the putting this information ball appear. So some of those recipes my purity on about. So pickle there but corporate website first marker as much as you can. In and start putting together recipe whistle fever parts of the Pearson and also an important part is no what kind of beer is going to be. Good or bad for whatever kind of system you have for instance I don't. I've not bottled that much idled at the tag which means. In materials are probably not gonna happen I have a rule of mine. My house where if it's. Over. Getting pushed a little bit with the East Coast IP is my old are always beats 7%. Pushed it to eight point five hunt. Recently but it appears over eight point 5% has more than two counts of roasted our league has any type of have peace spice in it. Arm I don't put it on. Oh and I used to have the seven yet you clots which also. Slowly being moved up a lot why is that did you that rule because of some of the same years that I really wanna consume fractions of curing systems really nice for. Taking him out of a second theory in drinking the next day carbonated coal rate ago. On and especially with a lot of these East Coast Elson doing PA's. These are into it could fresh and they happen to be mostly around eighty I'd be used in 8% so. I'm going to be making those enemies and joining them fresh I don't want to make many batches and I don't want to model. So. He set the Canaveral but as emperor you can you can ban them nobody I mean that the were the initial rules because the tagging system just can't keep it as pressure saying yeah I can imperial stout experience. American. Obviously can impure real style it's something you might have we all wanna first Pruitt. And it's kind of sitting there. Aging I'll start trying won every couple of nights I'll try to hold off for weaker to and they don't want and all that infrastructure. That easy access you know quick turn over infrastructure checking system. Tied up by a beer than trying to Ager feel like it really Neitzel put more time. Now offering impulse Peru's imperial stout now you know going into spring and summer. I Bobble. It's going to be phenomenal come fall winter. Okay and I'll really proud of paper effect on the tagging system could be trying to force myself through this and at the keg in June when it seem all. Hoping 85 degrees out and you know Sonny and I would much Trevor have it's no bells in the L war two ankles aren't out. And all a lot of people do have your own large users filled with twelve caps are more. But I don't. Two tipped bunker and I can keep from circular otherwise and a bottling and they don't like to. So all so proper review we know what we want to brew we have been radiance in front of us. In now or deciding how much this is really where you have remembering for awhile a recipe calculator. Comes in here and he. Use one that you trust. Try to used to seeing one over and over again because you can start back filling information and on and in cute little bit more accurate results. So I really like jumpers from a lot of people the shop like pearl man software. And there's a bunch other really popular ones out there try Koppel. Find out which one you like the best in the released are trying to fine tuned I'll use that. You'll find out the media at least you're perceived bitterness might be a little bit often calculations that it's using it using ranger something like that you might know that you need to up your cropping. Compared to what it's gonna tell you. You mowing no cure all method fermentation and control a little bit higher attenuation of the scene yeast then what it's protecting your kid at that temperature. So he went one up those attenuation some more you can dude back input and those programs. The more. You know consistency you're gonna get when you group. And the other thing I really like to do is look at the BJ CP pipelines once before I make my final decision. And the reason I do that is if this is a really good beer I want to entry to a competition Mitterrand. All right put you know war and screw ball ingredient and there are by the dropped something that might have been classic for the style by decide to enter it. I notes and do well. Soul always take one last look at the BJ CPI and kind of before. You start. Currency by 121 last week to the recipe and then here's the biggest thing. Go back to me that your and take good notes on the recipe about how the beer taste power turned out what problems he had during brewing. And if you really want good recipes. You're gonna have to produce steam beer for five times. Armed. You're asking me for sale or did you get this bureau DG your flagship right on the right trying capsule. On and you look at a lot of recent practice of making a bad time for from a system. And dumping it. Because the northern rock and hit the steps they wanna find out what their. You know mansion house efficiency is wanna know what they're gonna Gifford and UH another easy one and what are you for Saudi bill occur props. Allman saloon to you mean recipe once and your system you don't know what you're gonna get and so if you really wanna kick good recipes. Take notes make more than once. A five minutes left here wanting you might decide to make his Barley wine we may all trillion that's with five minutes should rarely audience on the aisle join if you got a whole show this against him for next week. And I think we we we can get into a little bit here because rebuke beef cheese enough vomit that we really need to get into it so let's talk about what last week. Our early lines the ultimate appear not to put on ten of Barley wines come from ingress rumors and we really didn't see them. Being called Marley whines until the 1872 when they asked me their number one to beat 8%. Dark beard and called up early problem Barley wine relieved because. They were competing with French. And wine growers since it's kind of more sophisticated. Averaged. And so when they may peace be strong ails the the mean BP early days for cast age. They were saying this is something. That requires law more picture requires a little more Asian Lamar ministries and get it. Where exposed to be you know something's meant to be stepped in and joy it. On global leader you saw attending come out with a goal of Barley wine are similar to what we seen the American style now but these were biggest. The biggest years. That you could find. In the root them. Re using what's called the party system. Arms have you been re all green heard about this especially if you drew. Figures to be like me hopefully he's been telling you that you need to be doing its effort to catch because we have a three fight deal and that appears to Olsen in the national. When you pull off a bureaucracy at the pre boil gravity of 7080 points. The sparks it's coming off after that may be 3345. Point two graphic. On and so what the English for a would do is they would take a first run ins and usually. Take a little bit and last but higher gravity. Then what they would need. For starting boil graphics are what I usually do. Is I tried this barge to what I want mind body to be takes seven an Afghan notes usually actually a little bit high with 1618. Pounds agreement there. So what I do is they begin adding water. In till I get my pre boil graphics if it's eighty points now our net eaten an Afghan strategic alone offered the boy oh. Put that into its second pot may do another arch and that's the second running spear answer free beer coming off your big Barley wine your bigs doubt. Super pure light PA. On and so they did this to me inquiries hole more efficient in hand. I would say some of my fever appears come out of the party guy operating system you'll hit Fuller and they make almost their full line. Awful one match. They actually go back and he had roasted malts to try to get the later pierce appeal that dark and dismal open more gravity. On the par early one insecure security data they forgotten all they're still alive and while they're just not an every day beer I think of some of my favorite examples and so that the tenant. A lot of good clone recipes port flying eyes and has her. That's a great one to try. In the mother wants a few around all the time Alex here about a big foot great divide old rough and off but it early wind it's obviously appears it's neat to be. Age again not want to put on tap but that second running spear that some want to put on him on personally I usually do. The first batch of three gallon so might mean for drawings will be three you know best. Many meet fife he'll patched. For the second. So I'll have mine like American style Barley wine three gallons to bottle full for case HO very nicely maybe dual but okay aging and a throwback to the English breweries. And then five gallons of usually an American pale well. And you can even given. I PA if you don't mind having low departure malt extract of the social second run things but yet you have five you don't really great free beer. On the second just dead east. I just like that her big foot and old broth Ian the other it's not a matter into these. Are not naming names. Flower panel who are here. Barley one's gonna have some parents in it. It's a beer can take the abuse of any seller if you have a Barley wine in your outrage drink it. That's fine. Put it away to favor the age like lines obviously in the name. Arm and you're looking for something when you have a full draft system excellent you have every keg filled. Looking for something to groupies just one vehicle for punishment and do some bottling. Go for par and you can still get a keg beer off the back. All right. Did you get everything you needed a parliament we have do another show or on time here they'll do definitely in and I don't I don't know limit you when you know did you in this small box on parlance here. Our let's have thrust. Stay tuned down the line national home today is going to be may seventh will be celebrating me fix since may seventh south on Saturday were all gonna be brewing appear at Niagara tradition for you to come and in case while actually ever usual. Altering demo in the afternoon and beginning ordering class in the morning so if you are now on our email newsletter sign up for the email newsletter. In you'll be the first to find out about tickets available for class. That's it enjoy your weekend enjoy the higher Temps yet and go brew yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.