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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. It's. Do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy White. Per dye Easter. Good Saturday morning welcome united traditions. Just threw it hits in fifteen point your wife were nicer as we bring you our top growing guide today. If you tuned in hoping for more on Barley wine we're gonna get there. But hop growing is to timely to pull off and you'll. Write film. People are getting. Their rise comes via mail or picking up in the store there and wonder. But that double with the congratulations in order they want results are in the amber waves of grain borrowing competition results or in the best in show goes to a familiar name. And just the fact there were saying his name again is a big deal you and so he won its employees but the show. In our Niagara. Homegrown competition. Name is Kevin condoms to put a congratulatory out there were also third place. But the so ten bells that last year Kevin took first and second passage. That's where that's were that's really especially you know I don't know. Yet remembering. Her. But he's really been putting a lot of focus and the you know kind of progressing his peers he obviously entering competitions. Arms so from second place but the show from low twenty beer before your competition. Chew. First and second best show. In eighties. Was by the politics congress centuries. Is quite accomplished know congratulations. Privacy rights in all along has even brewing there because if you Gordon knew Brodeur and you. Are still intimidated by these competitions. Fact that you could be consistently mean winning my numbers have an account on every time but you know that you could may appears that this good. How quickly. On. Tempering for. Couple years feet to three okay consistently. Maybe putting equipment mouse like Dexia okay down remembering the little longer that's what we started seeing a but he quickly moved. When he came to us. On and then he'd joined a local club house. And so it kind of builds support group as well people panic you view. Well on our cheer opinion appear by month after month earlier pierce the other progress things are entering competitions. In those kind of lack of fear of the relieves what's opera companies have Doss house brewers as it were I use my Sherlock Holmes skills and think they make German Beers they like German or they. And it all over now and I met when you want one of the whole thing so and he you want it holes with the pills. The other colts and Munich dongle. On the air south sound home brew club omni all across important. And Kevin if you want to talk about karma. Very off and on because he works in Europe but without them club. And the picking up ingredient for dupers. Got you so and so there that. He's earned meanwhile the U behind deadline is April 20 sexy still have a little less than a month. To give an entry in the upstate New York home owners association. Competition it's April 26 for that deadline. Also on the way may sixth is national home brewed date the celebration of that's when you guys are celebrating of the day is the seventh the guys that were they they get on a Sunday if. Let us know him it's it's wide we have more when you're always in the US it is bright. I don't know to me is so what you guys do for national homered while they're 25 here business and so we're gonna have to be tasting. Kind of celebration ever in normal beginning during class in the year looking to sign up for that's gonna start 11 o'clock in the morning. And the tickets will show up on line until the first way to find out about those who joined the email newsletter. After that we're gonna have a pacing kind of all remembering demo now one per. Now if you haven't been one of these all green during demos quote unquote. Of what happens as a lot of people come for the taste these people are experienced the worst thing emperor through after competitions between clubs and you're going with that. And what they're gonna do with their gonna hang out were gonna hang out we're gonna Patrick beer in hand you to ask questions panacea. All so in a formal class tests that are you to mingle to have drinks. And you to see how it start now. The little bit different this year I mean capital were talking to shore now we always and liberate these the year in store at a time. After you'd try at least chasing and were gonna do this year is working. Candlelight to in on the Korean process for others here so on Saturday April dates Kevin's gonna brew. A New England style I PH who is very stone fruity creamy light body right key games and doing single infusion math that's going to be starting around 11 AM. On April 8 and then I'm going to attempt. A party dial Barley wine and brown Porter on April 22 obviously the Barley wine is not going to be ready. For the spring tapes in national hole birdie will probably serve that out and teacher friend bombardier in the fall. But the brown Porter the second writings will be available. I mean sex. All right. So plan accordingly for the weekend of may sixth. For national home brewed day and the celebration. At Niagara tradition now on the hop growing guide which is going to be pretty much the rest of the show today. On the hop from freer. Hop rise ohm pre orders you should be getting in soon yeah how soon. Next two weeks so what happened is that we've gotten write songs from multiple suppliers were going to be and checking those pre orders. Labeling on putting your name on them packaging to Chicago or giving you call. Ought to come out. It's not too late to or some still you got so if you wanna order in opening an order on line while Turkey at the rise on that you want otherwise just give us a call. Come on man and we can sort through and grab your rights. Now how rise owns are of course Friday also come back every year so maybe. You know someone listening just need to buy them because they're planning on just getting out there crop speculating numbering in the next couple years to. It's gonna take two to three years for that rise own. Two released apple itself and start producing cops are looking to procrastinate plant the rise now partnering in two to three years. Built this wonderful crop tops waiting for. On the right thing about ops is to view Butler portion rights back a year and it doesn't root. And the into foundations. Lattice. Like English I would it tends to attend and to what it does need some help train in the count is low of a cult. So when the price comes first round usually tight low but the two twine to them tied them up when every one decline. And while they first start me have to help them wrap around always. Gonna be in twelve foundation. That eighteenth at the end of the year you just cut back off the ground or ball down. And the damage anything on the way to. Now so little little lattice or offense at anything works and usually hole and you'll poll worker you don't want them spread more oppose the on and I don't know how many home owners are going to be putting in fifteen to twenty foot cedar polls. In two others for most people pole yet from people this is a couple times. Growing to a eve of how mean alongside Raj for some plays like that com. So thick it that's the first topic weird we want to play in these obviously the like about it and everybody in the household that town ordinance code was OK with putting it you know when he puts your poll in front yard Britain it'll work its small slight. That would be best for right. But were not commercial or word usually not aimed at peace harvest anyways. On put it where you actually want more on the batter. But put it where you want ornament making a relief help people to. Watch out for me please crease he's in the water year after a few section in the garden the year trying to built pieces of big putt every day. This is not going to be plant. Aren't they like well trained loam soil. So pick a spot but that he's standing water and that for the first years and be able to water took it way off at the back in the backyard you don't have opposed to get there. Put someplace. And something decline and you could draining so right. We can kind of change the oil obviously. A round. A lot of people ask. To write need to meet them because your own being in shops. No you don't have to but it does make the process a little bit easier especially starting with the first your rise on. So what usually would do is till sections. Usually about seventeen inches by eight to three feet for the rise. Supplement that with either stagnant marker. Ultimately. Organic fertilizer or using fertilizer that you would third or tomatoes or team or something that you plan the so stay away from anything it has. I think they treat her right arts. After that we're going to take a little more than mercurial and gently. Mounted over the rise on only about two to three inches guy. To rise to the courts on the ground and so the idea is if you're going to be there appears going to be watering it every couple of days. That you rendered him at ease the path to funnel in links loose oil for to begin growing Iran and so. But again it's not hold water much in the water a little more so. Picked that spot. In one plant. Given in ground as fast as possible minor are starting to come off a little bit the earth frost power plant. And like we always say earlier about if you give him an early this year no team. You can harvest at the end of the first year almost guaranteed to get one at the in its second year. And you're gonna see for the first couple years. The kind of progress that year from planning to open earlier. So if anything planning early is gonna show our financial results during the process how tolerant is frost tolerant. I've never lost the plant from frosting you don't quite see I never read a little boy I wouldn't see in principle think it hard frozen instantly sometimes slick. Combination of frost and ice storm will just break tomorrow. But. Light frosts you know anything under like twelve hours the team to do just fine when it had damage on other. Elements of the garden whether it's for tree or something like that. In the Hopson and treatments that don't quite well you mentioned they will twine around and in the tentacles will climb. Will they ever choke off other plants. Yet they can't. Arm so that's an issue. I'm keeping and while they're easy to train told me when you think that. If they start to kind of spread out you can easily Cottam factor going for rise on coming back a couple of shoots is not going to kill the rights. You do wanna worry about them and seek if you have something nearby that's going to be Nero enough for them to wrap around. Also if you have a small truck into political out of control you can force them to train where you wanted to they will take over. The one place pretty often tend to take over is in the ground on the rise on the tennis Barack spread out there arrives home as much as they can now. They won't tend to shoot up. New Bahrain's. Down the rise in home. Without a lot of assistance they will kind of take background space and so one thing I've noticed that were right planet them. Stop within you know 56 feet that this plant in nearby distant too as well stop that. There's ten people and that's because those roots are competing for water and nutrients. So. Don't expect him to. Kill whatever around them but they will be competing especially underground. For water. In little rise only don't think it's a long it's almost excellent trickle to a right Lleyton will it it will spread out it will web out and kind of scheduling won't go along grow in a line it'll. To grow and go two dimensional U three dimensional like I guess until it hit some beer your were kept you know fifteen to twenty feet. Russia she is there any way did anyone that's wants to put this in a garden. Should introduce. Barriers should introduce you will do will help and I tried to keep all. Mining plant separated. By barriers. So generally they say you want to keep at least you I would say four to six feet between rise homes have different varieties and in this is to prevent losing track there which rise omens which over time. Armed but a physical barrier is even better so if you plan amount opposing sides of the driveway or opposing sides are housed the garage. Even matter because that's gonna physically block them from entertained link. And possibly like I have in the past losing track which rise on his wedge from new kind of grow up in two. One plant while the physically not swampland you won't be able tell the difference because OP so. Back at his side we've got more for this your hop growing guide. As we roll along here doctors and just threw it on ESPN fifty tore. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military entitle want to open Monday to Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. Welcome back and acquisitions just brought your hockey growing guys you start to get those pre orders for your horizons and first here to help you figure out exactly your plan of attack. We've already done about where to plant we also talked well moaning in the peak time to plant so what's the next step in the. Process and well you've got a top planet now we're gonna want to Klein's tenure have to help model so that stories we're talking about not just going to immediately impede on the next plane over piecing evil helped giving up especially starting off. So usually what I do is I it will have paid trawler sore. Twine going up to a large peak and the but he usually the eve of how. And I'll do is help take some pieces decline. Type them from the little shoots coming out. End to the house. In that's gonna kind of help them. Find their way up to where I want them to climb won't take part in that direction they're gonna continue the terminal bought in the direction hopefully not ripped out to the site. Now a lot of powerful say that you should trim back all but three or four of the strongest growing shoots and while this is a great idea if her anger going for harvest in you have an established plan. Usually it's younger plant in trying to just help the rise on develop a lot of glucose pulpit get through the winter. Don't try and backed notes athletic row kind of all over the place fanning out attract a lot of light yes you might not give an ideal harvest. R&B you're trying to build nutrients inside. Right and stop the victims shape for next year over. As far as how high. Again this kind of comes to a question of ornamental. Verses. Harvest them. I always grow my hops is an ornament or for worse because once they get established usually get more hops and they know what to do so I always encourage people. In their backyard gardens to plant the hops more with an irony to New York. And so I can tell you if you wanted them to cover four foot chain link fence they won't do that and they will grow just four feet on every year. On yes and I can get a great harvest might fuel a typical harvests and Richard returned pull them out of the chain link fence that they will do that. Arm took on the look as far as how high you wanna began. The grow to thirty feet. Most people see wanna go at least ten feet right there with expertise and harvest but if you're trying to cover four foot fans go to that justified. And the panel asking that people always ask is how many should I point. Well obviously if your whole number and you have 45 locations. Plant for five different rice homes than the other question is how many do I plant. You know per mile. Rise owns and have a very crisis tax rate. Compared to sewing something from seat and so if you. Or no we're gonna give it that attention you're gonna be watering it off and you're gonna be checking up on it go ahead implant one. If you're really nervous going hadn't planned to put that the injury is is that both of those rights homes or if the began competing in that same location and neither really produce its agree harvest because neither getting the nutrients that it too lenient. So I always err on the side of only 21 rise on giving him as much attention as I can hand the teams were while in the long. He Jordan mention how to make sure that it it goes strongly like is there a strategic way to to prune them back to make sure that. He's. Focused in the right spot you're talking about how the growth of four foot fence do I want. Do you wanna keep its centralized 34 stalks in the middle or to wanna let it went right for. Ideal harvest he went three or four in the middle if you're looking for ornamental you're gonna wanna take those kernel bugs that. Come out and you wanna move them off to the site. Because while local new butts off from the base it doesn't grow that many new terminal bought some kernel bugs are once kind of forced to plan out where the actual. Linear growth is coming from a plant. If you train that it's gonna keep coming off in that direction. Where as anything coming from the ground have the chance to appear. So new bugs from the rise home computer office's site once they get established there and grown its relatively straight line. And so tried to train them how to use he fit for an apartment and kind of your peak harvest he went to three or four strongest looking fines in its focus on most. And that's everything you know what grown ups. Yesterday things in their questions. And good if you have any more sentiment or give physical now and again three or should be arriving soon the next few weeks so let's get to Barley won a little bit which shall we can start today and we can roll into tomorrow we started last week you know initially and will still be rolling them in with talked about it a little bit here and there. Who Ira I can remember talking last week the big foot and the flying by isn't her work in like they always have big rough and tough names because they are big old. Home gears now only will they stand up to whatever you have on your. Plate with the pairing. They will also stand up to long term teachings of looking for something to kind of collect dust from the basement this is a perfect beer. We talked a bit about where burly warrants come from last week. We'll start to get into a little bit of the brewing with the in this show this week Armin the first thing that I was gonna say the U wanna look at. Our home when you're looking at a partly line is deciding on an alcohol. By volume into yeast. If you wanna make sure that those two line up so if you're looking at the English he super an English dialed our line in the east only goes up to 9%. You shouldn't be trying to brew and 11% parlay walk without supplement can make you sources either you know second strain of champagne means. Or super high gravity. Armed so first who went to look theory BBB you're trying to get in look at the used to use B to one ME church bells lineup they don't you're gonna run in to a lot. Of problems down wrote in Natalie do you need to look at the alcohol tolerance for the you also need to look at the attenuation. If you are planning to surround hundred points of gravity bomb you don't want to necessarily pick he said ten UH underneath. 70% the same way if you're starting one at eighty point two gravity. You don't want peace is gonna attenuated over 80%. And the reason is it's you're gonna leave you with a Peary sweet girl very trite borrow and we're shooting and the guidelines say each team to thirty protect those before Cayman. I would say a lot of poll numbers and making careful will open prior mostly 1514. Point to finishing gravity. Arms he wanted to make sure they say if you had. I'll be Europe again a hundred point to starting gravity and he picked piece that was 80% attenuation you'd end up at 20% terminals for UP right in the range. The second place we wanna look at shorter are coming from and how formidable they are are in the match. Arm and the one thing Warren. Brewers on when making a Barley wine this. Be ready to hit some low efficiencies. I'm using nine pounds of green to meet hail hail our locker. I'm kind of an assume I'm using you know eighty to 80% efficiency. I'm from doing a early 118 pounds occurring usually plan for sixty to 65%. Efficiency. Arm and he won a conference. And sometimes these you know partly lines can be common no sparks. Meaning that the turtle Earth's gravity do you have at the end of the match is really pretty much the scene. As the gravity that you want for the start of the oil and their four bytes are urging any. Com you would diluted down to a point where you'd have to either add add John works and the boil. Are in this is where party I'll bring Thompson. Arm and that's where they stole a lot of match Ursula sugar plots in the mass and you wanted to clean those off. Arms again back to the temperature be careful on the matched up you're looking at about. 154. At the highest and you wanna do a long ash and usually an hour longer. This is gonna help create a lot of simple sugars through with a truly can help you through fermentation. You're gonna have a long match going your probably gonna get a pre. Boil gravity of seven deep points hopefully you have enough to pull off six or seven gallons right out here touched on. And almost when he pounds of grain you should be adding almost seven to eight pounds of strike quarks that you should get that. The idea is and party operate while you're dealing with getting the Barley wine to a boil listen I'll be attempting on the 22. You wanna be trying to get another seven and half gallons sparked water for the second year in your just gonna take another gear off. Bob and it's pretty much at that point the free beer. But that's about it for the match. No I'd question the validity. In their somewhere what was it it was. All I was gonna ask for soft but the the party Guile like what weather comes from that term and if you know that. You know I am not sure of the true. Definition whether it's the it's usually use in English ruling and calm and not specific just Barley lines party guys don't know pocket and I mean you're talking about a second running panic for Friedrich article refers to an old style English. Oca Nash talk format will look at offering next next overs were gonna keep going on the the partly during here. On but that's definitely. One to look up I've I've looked up before it isn't interesting it's not a race they've always that German's first second running some no it's not. In English. And in the second question was you're talking about how you're gonna have to pull. Some work out of your cooler in order to. He re heated. You've got because it's in their for so long so is that a delicate process DF to be careful with that or you pretty safe you're pretty sick because you're gonna ultimately boil it anyway so it and get extremely wary about is creating kernel as patient overshoot. There's a lot of correction apps out there are really nice for the will tell you okay if you wanna poll. Gallery you wanna bring how much water to boil. Finance at 148 when it. You know 153. How much water's depth on if you doing this for first time in you don't have a correction now. Grab about. Half gallon bringing up it will boil and it should get to around 56 degrees. Into debt as much as she need to to try to keep temperature Yasser creating global look capitalization bureau also creating buried down in the match. And you always want to make sure you have a lot of breakdown department who won a lot of simple sugars p.s who used to be able helpfully eat through those but is this the part of the process that may be the most complicated of making the Barley won capsule and patience to wait for a two age Bryant amateur. But the gnashing is where it gets old lot. Release hectic for somber speech do you find yourself once you're hitting diesel efficiencies might need to use twenty pounds screen actors and accordingly we keep temperature reported five minutes. Again if you have a louder time it's really nice for this because the long past time to be able to kind of adjust the temperature. Along the way. Armed but the bigger the mashed on the backer because you're gonna have eighteen to twenty pounds Ariza usually if you say you have a smaller wrenched on the cattle. This is where helps to have a very large matched up and a lot of Ers decide to do with three gallon after Barley wine. He and a five gallon batch of the party. Which is often what I tend to do. And so it allows me to bring the plane go down to fifteen pounds and t.'s fifteen gallon matched on makes everything quite a bit these. So we've got actually more to do on borrowed ones left to wait for the show. But a good time to see a lot of this in process will be you at the national home British celebration well not a somber day celebration. April oh when he second before so it will be trying to do is intricate the second running beer later gravity your brown Porter. How for you bite national harbor day the Barley wine won't be ready till November and teacher for a home and probably relief and its peak in till next national doctored but April 22 if you're thinking Barley wine this would be good stop. Just got just a topic and say hello. All right April 8 the seem infusion mash New England style IPA and then April 22 the party I'll Barley wine and brown pour. All the up to one national homered and very good. I'd so maybe more Barley wine next week I think finally wrapped up we got a lot out we've been given it to you in parts to apple and other. Stop to talk about what we promised reform our line because governments are all right very good. That's it for us. Thanks and and I've we promised to close things on X week number one. If not you'll just have to go one yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening did just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started with the committee 1296 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode of just blew it.