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Apr 8, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. It's. Do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just really brought to you by Niagara traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Per dye Easter. Good Saturday morning and welcome to Niagara traditions just threw it on. Yes good 1520 Jerry white and her die Esther. Your humble hosts and it's funny we have set the last few weeks last week we touched on Barley wine and we're gonna do it again it via salute. We wary of touching them are at a downtown with some Barley once a look at that but. Some exciting announcements and some things to get to. First off I just learned and we're gonna tell you quiche you know one hop cash is the product that we have in stock now. It's currently only available with Eldorado pops. Humble hop catches that's when the process pallets a lot of residents. While Holland. Oakland gets stuck onto the ice cold stainless steel. Are crying being compliments meals and so what they're doing is the screeching and off reprocess yet in selling to use an ultra potent how. Com. The been saying to one or three won its first what you use firstly world and opting. Compared to just count him out so theory interest in prime. You know product if you're trying to really get a punch. A flavor and cheer appears to something to try and this is a little bit different than white seat is Ohio crops which are not going to be available until later in summer. On but those are ECO two or Bernstein extracted. Loop plant owned. And so it and took coming to the floppy white however at least in samples we've. Seems so far are we haven't in any samples they hand out cell. Arm but extreme from Romans. And just potency. So work cited your hand we can we have a passion stock now crier option becomes later. Why just Eldorado that dated. Did has this than you expected to proliferate throughout the the growing community they've already talked to a couple other. You know varieties coming out very soon. There's also limited amounts. Hosts and being produce over the Mac quite trickling through distribution policy Eldorado with. Supplies. Armor but yet kind of limited product is right now. They're warning the knocked it a habit through till harvests this fall so votes cast boring summer and then it's gonna disappear. But there's some out on the market now we have at hand if you want some coming at some. All right so it's all the Ronald hop hash also limited supply of galaxy ops and stock closed the Australian one of the real popular Australian ones that really got eaten up by epic contract last year. In kind of just disappeared from home market for a long time knees are going up on the loop when exchanges beefs mean you'd be for crops. Com at oh with thirteen fifty dollar pound loss of much I think anything available on Hillary now. But we have that and the price of 349 counts and all that said it's one ounce packages only element to per customer. Our pork price gouging is in store only took your interest have been some prominent grip. And top prize on those latest there we will be giving in the final rise homes this week's storm missing. Liberty mountain hood northern Palmer comment will be giving goes in the sweet rice we have everything in oh. If you look at eat pre order in order to tell you should've gotten it sometime during the last week. If you head the re order. And you didn't have any of those varieties are probably colts beat the comedian to appear in your still. If you can comment liberty mountain or the emperor. Also becoming. With the scenes at Purdue and all the announcements would cut a lot of stuff to get to the UB hop. Deadline is April 26 we've been and you know warning yet about that the future stuff in or be ready by April 26. But also tonight there's a big event going on and it's actually a big night all around me it's bison opening day USC to tennis downtown and there's also fall fest at river works which I think starts at 630 tonight right. You got it to silica and these booms celebration party down at. The the buffalo harbor and after coming down comes fields will be there Moly beyond just kind of just serving some beer hanging out talking we did it lowering demo. Last year in the summer of the floor while a one out pretty well it was hectic in no waddle logistics and I think this year we're gonna skip out on numbering demo won't just be serving beer cargo which I think people be just as happy yeah sure. Brewed Beers that you guys obviously made you talking and any questions at home brewers might have they can just can pop in all right. So that's off fest at river works tonight also ought to keep in mind. Coming up may sixth national home brewed day celebration. The homered as the seventh we celebre in the sixth because the seventh as the sun. So they're calling the sixers big coup de Oca which is where arm across the nation are on home brew shops and an club's first. Well and up all bring the same recipe. And so this year reflected Rushmore American IPA which is one of their recipes and Trevor interest have been making. These Beers with us you can go to the website and get the recipes off from the HA website. All but that's one we chose and so will be making man. And me six however wolf have. Kind of to drew days one us today so Kevin's going to be making a single infusion. New England style IPA today so if you wanna come check that out he's going to be starting around 11 o'clock. Arm and then on April 22 sewn two weeks. I'll be bordering the party go partly line in brown reporter and so obviously the Porter will be ready for national homer day Barley wine probably teachers and homered in. Roger Ebert wants all right so lots of stuff going on lots of plans for you guys to make over the course of your weekends now. Barley line version three slash version one I mean we can kind of a recap what got us this point why we've wanted to talk about it and actually why it actually deserves. Show religiously right so every time severe almost every. So Barley won the the the nature of it comes from England. Little. And one thing that you actually yes means stopping last week retired forgotten about is that is the roots of the term party guy elbow ruined. Arm and did little bit researcher at severe the old term. Was considered sort of like standard brewing process at one time so taking multiple pierce. Off the same warts are obvious we talked about the which RC a big you know like Barley wine. Or strong hill and then move to what they would call small beer for the second sparks which would be the ordinary bitter pale ale or something like that. Now the term itself I think I'll I think they said it was something to do with the you know you're going in to be wart or word the vessel. It's actually referring to the war itself pop pre fermentation or in the early stages of fermentation. Now the rumors of the word parties you know from French to meet your decision when you look at what kind of the English translation use at the time. The often referred to it as it developed plan or pre thought plan often referring to an architect. So the kind of whimsy root of the work party ago during some make a decision or plan. On what you're doing with your Wharton. And so with kind of an idea of as we talked about last week as far as you know. You know balancing the EBV with your yeast but also looking at your poll abstract potential. To try to figure out how much sugar it's available that match from what kind of theory and Paul the second hand to match relieve the roots of the work. We're talking about the pre planning. Of the upper. And with that come and go right into balancing the war broke. So with that comes your ability to basically use the same more to make two different matches and and data driven directions which of course going to be doing on the 22 you got it. Now there's a couples strategies to how to do this if you really have your sparks Arlington efficiencies well no. You might be able sparks appear first bureau to exact volume and get your annual pre boil army marine county for looking for 75 points. However if you meant to sure your efficiency and a big purely and and crying. Not often feature my efficiency and Amy Bieber one or two really big pierce like this a year. Com and often money equipment has changed somewhat over the past year tome expecting a little bit different efficiencies. So to give it your pre boil volume. In the right gravity you wanna make sure. That the the first mansion and that liquid comes up to at least your pre boil volume of gravity. Then poll to you your pre boil arm or if you fly sparking. Sparred in two earlier gravity now what you're gonna end up with it's a little bit of actual war. Take that out of the boil cattle and that's going into the second beer. Continue this barge in if you've done everything right if you added a little bit of extra frame to kind of boost gravity. In through the second tranche. He should be able to get enough just from. That second sparks if not it's not really cheating. By adding abstracts were adjuncts are tempering that gravity back up. And so that's who Ruth story is get up high drama. Sparked until you have your pre boil gravity. And then checked your volume and balance your volume to the have the right moment to prepare. All I always incurred pursues its a free beer. It's becoming very popular. Was sober to specially say up to create their equipment because chances are they have an old cattle we have Ronald war chiller. In and so Reynolds maybe Turkey Fryer pervert and a good return nice new Portman hellfire burner. But good enough for the small beer that they're gonna take office the second innings. Aren't so. The if you gonna do one of these peers. Don't deny yourself five gallons of free beer do the party I'll only take about an extra you know half hour to you know. Over copier boil if you do everything right so. Do it. Okay all right now let's go back to kind of back to the bar early lines and sold. We talked about you know. Looking every BV's and looking and are efficiency to make sure we have enough match. Now let's talk about extra for partly line which is a lot easier partially because you're efficiencies going to be exactly the hanky too you don't have to. By the extreme grieving incident your not gonna get full extraction of all but wait you'd do wanna worry about is if you're doing a partial oil or you know with. And the thing where you're adding the extracts and a lot of liquids you may want to worry about you know access car realization army or agree action. Arms what you wanna do is hold off on some of those extra X until you get to the end of the boil. You won it had enough extracts that you have about the scene that you know starting gravity as like the pre boil on an all in last work you put in all of those. You know abstracts for Barley wine into the pot you're only doing it too Gail Boyle. You may have trouble getting it all to dissolve. Because you're gonna have enough extract in their first three times what your normal beer would be. Arms here and have tons of colonel stationed and you're gonna him. Tons of you know Lawson topics for action in naturally gonna get expensive as well so what you wanna do was hold off to search. Of your Rex tracks until the last ten to fifteen minutes to boil. Take the pop off the heat but the bottom of the pot cool mix in the extracts and stop all your timers. Give the excerpts that couple minutes to dissolve in nature and sticking to the bottom of the pop for you move back up to the park. At that point you're just finishing out your boil trying to Utica proper exceeded the protein. Separation that you also get Petro station. But hold off if you're doing one of these extra hold up to search through the extract until the end of oil and that should prevent the car motivation. So decree prop utilization and have a fairly clean beer in the event. Is it something you know I think when people think about extracted think they can't necessarily fine tune as much as they won't might want to would you advise. That if you're doing a Barley wine you don't have to worry about that as much as you would with other other styles were able but more more global war on and one thing is I think there's group. We should make a distinction between extra words who have worked tour and are doing full boil. And are strippers were only. Boiling. To extract Porter you know it might answer you know six after seven after it seems who would operate. Everything's gonna be Hussein has from that point on. Of words Richard doing the two here on boils wallets more convenient into it inside on the home so. You do have to take some extra steps with some appear strong recipes. In order affect our station all comes down to the same factors having too much sugar. Two private density in the pot and heat in the search smacking into each other more you get lots of normalization and so it's something you're always trying to prevent in the east early big peers especially when tempering. Small oils from home so. So late acts attract attention if this goes beyond your parlay speaks super pure real IPA's. But also really really light beer after trying to make that Germans shall turn that America lighten communal the sweet girl but darker than your looking for. You probably shouldn't follow the same rule. Pull up to flirt of your extract from the start of the Boyle cedar hitting the scene. Had a pre boil trapeze altering Perot would and then at a late in the process to prevent the normalization. It let's get a break in we'll get to the back after this Barley lines version three fish you'll see how many versions we still have when I return. As John sugars that it was that would subject them and aging and all that good stuff popping aging. Barley wine as we continue here on Niagara traditions just grew at an ESPN team. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just Pruitt which means either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger's additional be there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot count Snyder tradition home brew. Pay them a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I'm back here on Niagara traditions just threw it on ESPN 15:20 happy Saturday morning any episode you miss. You can find on demand at WH ER 550 dot com via audio portion. Of that website or a dias in 1520 as well Jeremy White advertiser here on a Saturday. The weather will break soon enough sorry about the snow last couple days and whose fault it is but I'm one ran. So I think a lot of people. That said all right we picked up or we left off I should say talking Barley wine and talking about adding Agile sugars and moving on. Hopping in Asia analyst also as we continue Barley won. Edition three natural sugars. Adventure so a lot of people consider at junctures cheaters. In something like are we want especially English style there purely traditional. And it's really gonna help bring your terminal gravity having some ads on sugars arms up parting glucose will end up. Costing two east actually promote more of the mall tows. So you'll end up with a lower finishing gravity than you would have with the lower starting gravity. You know minus theatrics. So I always encourage you to add anywhere from pound. To who you know two pounds of honey corn sugar table sugar bulge and can nature that we may be able to case settle that troops are preparing an English partly winding me wanna substitute. Turban out sugar but funny is one of my favorites and especially lookalike early season clover honey. Will not have a lot of floral flavors are distracting plea from the beer. Arm in the council been nicely ups your efficiency for trying to hit that you know really high gravity so for every pound honey. Mean be something like three pounds of grain you can remove the match so that you know four dollar publicly. Niagara county you know all natural funny that you get from Mossad really gonna save you about sub 67 books and ball. So adding an anti import relief help not only the fermentation. But make it a little bit easier on government option and again it's true to style the go ahead don't feel like it's a cheater in at a now hopping musket hopping Max. In an American Barley wine it's okay for it to be somewhat top focused. Arm in English Barley wine they're usually not cops focus so a lot of hops go into boats Beers and he gets back. It's far is. That extraction. In a happy wart so your always gonna be surprise about the amount of bickering tops your going to add for the year. That small focused. For my English are one cops really don't come through and usually adding about twenty HB use suspect could be. Two ounces of English challenger an ounce of German like Polaris or American millennium but that's more than goes into my ex super pure real IPA. Which has a lot more hop character to it. So. Your gonna lose probably pop out. Half of your overall I'd be used between. Lack of extraction and also lack of perception that these are some sweet flavor and some bitter flavor from the mall for knock and picked up. Palm as much as you want to so make sure your release adding a fair amount of bickering props. Check it in two programs that don't usually do the natural self check in two different programs may trigger giving it enough I'd be used if you actually can fix it later with a hop T. We've relegated all in the air from the beginning and can negate your proper. A bitter couples. Now the real trick with the American Barley wine is giving them try hop flavor. And it's where a lot of per kind of run into probably know that they. Once their appeared to sit for awhile and secondary but they know after two to three weeks you're gonna end up with some really bitter flavors up your Hopson if you don't want those. Federer resin the flavors. You kind of got to pull some tricks and too so there's two. Easy message for this one is hold off on your dry hopping until about 23 weeks before you're ready to bottle of beer to fuel. You know go through nutritional primary fermentation reckoned with secondary without adding any dry hops. This is where palettes make it a lot easier and leave because the seizure give them into our we've already has bureau into it. But about two weeks before you plan to bottle local hadn't entered right cops. It wolves. Extract more cops appear at lower gravity but also you will retain those kind of fresh fruit flavors for the end of Boyle because again cops haven't had you know months that sit in there while appear and conditions and ages and on. The other thing about the each axle let's talk about apple accuracy while this year. Odds that that for quite awhile developments in the cellar. In Indian you really want allotted aids. I don't think I've. Ever been to hold an event for more than a few early once and competition. Never been told the paper to the team pass their primacy. In the comments and here's the work. You know one and a half years old say give little bit more time like Cisco. Armed and I've entered the same our lines you know two years apart and the you know reaping views the second time through so this is definitely appear that you want to gauge potential but worker ineptitude and then that's just hold back on your I'm anxious. So when you go to battle that's chances are been sitting in the Foreman turf for months you mean when he had some of the east that you rich and the use to. Ferment the beer. If you decide to go champagne Easter yeast as tiger attenuation in the east who Richard used. You're gonna want to edit the secondary a little bit at a time maybe when you're adding I opt in order to make sure that the beer. Doesn't begin to performance against some of that initial gravity. If it does that that and with bottle tops. And when you go to battle hold back a little bit on year carbonation I usually do 25 to 35%. Loss priming her for early morning it would for beer. On one of the reasons as it has more sugar has more tension and whole CO2. So I think volumes of CO2 and Barley wife Nancy my expert skier pills there will see an explosive. Ian the other big factors we talk about this all the time is that that priming for. Kind of conditioning doesn't stop at two weeks while 90% assurance informant today after two weeks efforts batch. The beard still continuing to harmony for months or maybe even a year afterwards. So the planning leftists that. For 23 years you're gonna need to hold back on them prime incher. Source slowly begin to rise after the first couple months may be normal for car and but once you have all that's that have these spears carbonated into a nice cool corner of the basement out of light. Keep the case Nazi camps start rubbing bottles from it. In traveling with that there as long as there and that is players are about will power needing. You know will power patient and the best things that you can have an home during that is the constant battle for most home this device could have that small party opium that I'm out. He spent a month drinking. Feel like your era parlay one. Parent. Get off four minutes left on any other. Tips tricks on Barley Weiner we finally average to put to bed after a couple shows. I think we can put it to bed the one other thing is we will talk about spoke a little bit here. Oak aging is appropriate for early ones on but it makes it tough for them to Patrick and speak from the personally talking to some of the brewers who was kind of contested issue whether it should be early ones. Because. Some people don't like to see it in the classic styles. Some people feel what you should edit two would age but once you get it would age you need to have a predominant poking in the beer. Now arm IE oak every single one of my lines it's screws them up all the time competition. But that nice touch of what that dark roasted oh I think really make some entities and what they've been you know cast aged. And I would think Kurt CO that would Dem does and ask them appointment. How does one go about poking you don't need actual barrel do you know now and he just insert a lot of things you guys they should have available and we do actually distributes some beer Austin but the prices that one seat last time for like the reasonable. Four and a half Caleb Ehrlich was eighteen leaders I think there's enough available for 25 with well over 250 dollars and that's not counting the drop shipping. Because that's what we're gonna do if you order a big heavy oak barrels were under your front door. But I always incurs ago with. Any form of oh you can read toasting yourself apple open actor flavor and then just put it right into the part we if you wanna sanitize that you can read toasted you can soak it in liquor. You can late on fire with some ever quicker on the war chances are you have to be over 10% partly won it. There's nothing from that oh that's in fact that partly once scientists at a rate and if you want to. But I always flow and strong appears again this and that casts. You know or Beryl each defect without mopping up my early line from the basement for girls tend to leak. You always have to keep them fill something whether sanitizing solutions or you know EP year wind project. In the tend to be a big addict you gotta check upon daily make sure they don't leave you might have to seal them at some point. On their Lotta work. More work and all creek brewing in all my department agents they have going great now one there or be more work that. How many different ways other you'd your tournament you're toast and oak chips. You've got chips you've also got like the cylinders yep we got spirals. We have how many times we have or more older. Arm and we have on there's one more cubes are recovered Reagan's days so what's the powder. The powder is the has dissolved right into the beard and dissolved but here's the thing with oak. The more surface theory apt. The faster the kind of extraction of labor from the oaks going to be. So if you have something like the ships you're looking around three weeks to five weeks and get the flavors are looking for. If you're looking at Steve you're looking at six months the spiral skews fall somewhere between between. The oak or powder never days. In the actually have elected would oh absences on actually two so if you wanted to have a liquid that case you can do that as well. So if you oh you're our line. He dry topic you know last two weeks. Case bit and decide he said no anymore really with Kyle like attack you can comment a couple of words we have two different. Nancy and try and you can haven't case. All right. That about does it for us like the opening options I did a little bit like I did that type toasted chips amendment. Bourbon. And talky and yeah I would turn up pretty well and you know it was those chips in the oven for. And not long restarted the smoke and really like you're gonna do it in the oven pay attention yet are also a fire pretty quick you've got you can either keep the temperature or you don't have to worry about it fires much. On eight hours and so inevitably. Mean gears and creepy up the heat ovens they attack the fire extinguisher water experts are right. Because when all the sun especially with chips one expert ago. They'll all logo and human you know I have a plan I had a craft that tore right. And it put a sheet and write to the door smoke alarms going off like I did not realize how quickly those bills go up yet but that a little bit of smoky flavor. Oh yeah we know you get it up you'll love be effective on network coverage hosted an insult him and Berman and like everything came right through so it's a play effective just it is. To be careful at a moment. In the home coasting home rooms so would become popular for people were not even doing beer yeah were buying clear worse stills the year and an aging small Mason jars with different coasts of playing it low and outside. Coming in your stroke you know what to do with them. Off lists opt out right. That we can weather ruin your plans that are Cooper's. It's. It's. You've been listening did just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season through or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.