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Apr 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. It's. Do you play here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just throw brought to you by now with traditional group here's your host Jeremy White man ever to placed there. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight traditions just threw it. Happy. Soon to be Easter soon to be biggest day. Because we can hear accurately yeah we have your group this he's seen and here you know you know builders right vehicles utterly hammered Tuesday her record what is it about the polish style stands out the most like I can. I when we talk about British ski we talked about a portals and I can like tasted in my mouth about tasting what is that it distinct. Smoked we mall and and that's the pretty much the only mall going into that Peter sort of very light sweet here that doesn't have cut some of the more harsh steam also say you know. German half of vice and smokers get further west doesn't have. Armed he has hung on Keyon insult furry nose of the you know chuck told senators he refined in the an area so that it's. Fields moves. Cream mean bit from the smoking malt in them alone pretty hop kind of similar American so it took. Very nice refreshing beer kind of style it's making resurgence here. Apple now. Well happy eating Tuesday it's on the way happy Easter a last week we talked about Barley winds and a party dolls styled borrowing and all that to find an on demand by the late morning Jeremy White and pressure on Niagara traditions just brewer okay. Couple things those who some housekeeping what's the status of your galaxy hops like we we tell hasn't galaxy cops trickling or not telling pounds that they yet. But we're not price coaching needs here so we have one ounce packages and socked in the limit is two per customer so your reps and galaxy coming at them. How hash Eldorado hop passions and new product that we had that been getting great reviews its. The kind of oils and kicking and residue that ends up in a cold Pratt's. Top policy I think machine with the dues that go back in the scrape up the machine and they run it back through again. Arm and so it's true concentrated we've heard that you should be using it. Anywhere from you know 12 through read it to ratio silly. If you Byrd used to dry hopping with two ounce try one of the top pasture bickering maybe two to three. So it will replace two to three ounces hot but it's also supposed to have some relief. Kind of intense for. Children. A top prize owns the latest on that they are selling well and we still have all the varieties and stock the works are going to get even won a cup or any. Arms soaker with the for some of those special American he Seahawks might wanna comment and it early. Put all of my cops. Ones that friend's house relatives that once plotters at the store the ones at home are all coming up now they all have globally green les. So if you're thinking about growing crops now's the time to plant and you play animal all the way out from oh say June or early June. Hum what you really want to get him an early if you wanna have harvest next year the year after. All right also a UD hot deadline is fast approaching it's less than two weeks away you gotta future upstate New York home brewers association and trees. In by April 26. And in terms of where to bring those two neighboring review and tired tradition com. You're under two weeks so a fewer. Procrastinating dirty up against the deadline if you have something in the basement you. You might want take a look at it if you have something to be probably. Bottle at this weekend so we have time to condition and get ready for two weeks. Well one last thing national home brew day we are still couple weeks off now you guys all have a log on on. On May sixth national liberty celebration. Beginner brewing classes. The emails not yet on how about tickets but it will soon and if you wanna sign up for that email and that Tom. Newsletter if you could write web site NC home brewed dot com and the lake is right there to just put in your email and inside of me apart. Greg tasting all grain brewing demo. Brew days for the Beers should be serving as well solo lots to get to you're gonna actually brew a. Around for an hour ago. Last week Kevin brute aid New England style IP and we have a few people comfort the demo there and he did a single infusion mastectomy cooler. On the and then next week OP party out operating out of my louder time. On sort of they want to check that out come on and so we'll have the brown Porter in the New England style IPA ready for national homered. The Barley wine won't be ready told teacher friend Albert date in November so come back again if you wanna check that haven't happened and how about what the weather turning you guys change over your inventory all of what you might have like more picnic taps put that carry all the stuff year round so if there's ever you know you need to propane burner you neatly. Summer draft supplies. We haven't in the winter as well but we definitely on front center for the summer. So if you have like for generators with Benson in the Rogers appear fruits and got a carburetor. In it you need to clean amount we have everything there after thinking about. You know buying it keg this summer we had in small party taps from thirty dollar Purcell pump systems up to think about a 130 dollars we have a CO2 system. That will push the beer for stolen Alford set up but everything you need to her keg of beer. With CO2 out of an ice bucket boys put something in mind and I've got an old fridge in the garage selected probably aegis. How easy is it to convert. Well I mean you have to put on a couple of hoses on arms and you gotta have a seven hateful thought that rule through the door. But others may even release of the system up and running and complement his almost any fridge can work like anything we have things you have to watch out for where you wanna put the so it's a corporate people always wanna put the power and that's fine. It's long's personal cooling your electrical lines where you're trying to troll through. The nice thing about household efforts that doesn't have a filter for a machine or anything like that. These are almost pure keep that there's no electrical components or go through the door to the door. And in the minds traditional old bridge so I mean I would beat it it's kind of short but. Whenever that you would do the job usually you can hold four circles. You can hold fair amount appear inside the home refrigerator and that's actually what I am using in my basement for tax and and yeah I put that line had no one knows for the bureau Raj not the summer's here things be great members. And trying to move to bring outside reader yet offered their two's we have. I beat you protecting burgers are going to be a little bit different than the Turkey Fryer these are almost double the pressure. And they can take a bit more week to meet him votes in you know earlier traditional. Iron and you know power coaches wells hopefully the bullet meant how far surgeries which is license to steal. Ready to be bracket and first stand currently extension or anything like that. Now today we're gonna get into as the weather continues to change some of our spring into summer kind of Beers like seasonal stuff. Lawn more vs session I I didn't not know that law on more Beers like the that was a but John an official BJ CP but it's a down or other but we're gonna throw it out there and it's it's of you'll flip buzz word. The you know just about any clearer now when he your past or is going to be familiar again. And it's gonna start hitting all over your craft through piles which in the next couple Ryan I think of BBC mall master league when you say lawn more beer I think only I've had mole master and that totally makes sense that. In a brewers were generally you say the word lawnmower beer and it kind of puts a feeling you knew you know exact which talk and yet this is a beer it's going to be pale usually highly carbonated. In meant to be served period buried coal. And well everybody's preference polls say of this year is different. The goal is still have something you can drink. In the sun sign while doing. There's any labor refreshed and you'll be refreshing and you won't be. You know laying down and along by the right right so that the one consideration is that really got to be mostly under 4%. You know the additional steps guidelines on this so we're gonna start without guidelines now lawnmower appear asked to be under. 4% and can be at different year for anybody for me it's usually actually the group to ski. So I haven't made mine and the enemy one well have it in doubles for the entire summer and it's I think one of my fever appears committed about 3.2 percent. To kind of sit out there drinking because of wheat beer to Ethel that a body to it for being light beard and puts Lowell and in your stomach. So so what separates along more from recession now a session beer is a little bit different. Because the session beer is the light example different style beer. So when you see session peers who often seem like session IPA LAL cities. And sections stout. Now this means that it's the light year for the stock sale so if you had am trying to think of meetings among other new technology that works here but it's. Really like canola coarsely quirks like. And it's the same kind of example really in the long and you're just having water it's like lay's and baked lays out of that right now. You've got sour cream onion lays but the on this our union bake plays or little bit later. But you're going for the flavor I don't know if that works for entering your sewing players have seen in incidents stuff like that. Release should be seen flavors just a light and Elena comes to law more pals like do you have. Now the Greenville as it is it pretty standard which are used as a baseball is a pretty standard what really it's it's really one of the easiest kind of yours to play around with so when somebody comes in there looking to me we kind of follow. It's simple progression here on the kind of follow you through what your paper based. I don't know. I like blood. Help to Roman select a public via them like that plastic like yeah higher caller to clear he would take eight pound the mutually anywhere from a quarter to a half a pound and structure also term care bills owner and broker a pretty heavily around. Then you'd speaker paper cup news about like for each be used which you might be able poll out of your refrigerator are ready to take your favor up. Put that in their first workout so as you're kind of pulling the malt how you'd put your for each use. The first four top and boil for sixteen minutes cool and then after beeper east. That set. And that's a whole beer. So it's not reserves and I'm bitter at all yet it's MPs in its. When is it for HB users it's gonna score four. Probably gonna come in around one okay so we'll have a little it's it's not going to be your like or something like that right he's gonna have a little bit more cropping and if you don't want that you can easily backed that off and go as much as half. In any means of amusingly Columbus slick I like to usually paired with some type. You know pills or Ramallah and I'm going back and forth between eighteen holes in the Google Earth. Men Nottingham east the kind of you know fruity flavors of the Columbus topped with sweet flavor of the pills are. Almost give a goal to have that kind of East Coast all and it takes two but it's still only comes in about. Four point 2%. You know in about when he. I use. So when you compare it stamp lies that kind of compares up with like blockers when you put it to your lips release has a lot more flavor. No Kara bills that beat you always locked NN. I always liked and the reason is an amusing so little mall in some people's kind of start to turn it into reprieve meals seem like the addition of core and rice oats. War you know simple extract honey. Our quarter. You begin to his body fast. And so adding a little book you're local here and he's at this beer has a nice you know white creamy had in quite a bit of mouth feel. There really kind of sets it apart then like that domestic. You know like are then that's a little bit fishing gravity animal but amount. And this is gonna be a cheap beer of me too so we the deepest of the Beers you can make. Long not a gorgeous he is energy bills and even a little bit cheaper users' real life small. There's some styles happen by then. Can get really really cheap appeared to immigrate but we took. My normal while more beer with that too thought that. This past weekend in it went over great and people were asking always worked and it by this year and you can't buy it you have to make it but we'll gladly give you the recipe. And we've put it together for spokespersons and to a lot of numbers. The panel looked at where equipment how much does this cost sweet factored in its 22 dollars axle act appear the you can have in your garage average. All summer. And taking you probably be making more than one tag. For 22 dollars what you can get to six packs the trees or you can have a whole fact of hearing from the summer sons and an idea this is white people. Frightened mind you know you do it is. A hobby but at the same time you can save a lot of money and terms of fermentation or secondaries this area very quick and easy process depending on the yeast you'd choose the fast usually and in there really when I tell people we're. There's no combo that you could go wrong with you pick an old Chinese and that's enabled cities on a blind character to it if you like that that's fine. On Google was so you know locker yeast either American or European or you can pick you know any Elise from US so 52 guys that Nottingham. Odd to even some of the kind of more extreme at the world war I attenuation and so. Some of the English with current theories like Denny's favorite or something like I mean just about Andy's logo here. So from long more Beers to sessions when her turn. Back in the morning sessions. And make your beer for the we beautiful time for the time revered as for the whether. He might darts start mowing lawns so phone maker lawnmower beer. And that sessions such as is all of us up on the way next here at night vision just threw it on ESPN that. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open Monday to Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. Welcome back jagr traditions just screw it we're talking lawn mower Beers and session Beers here on the show Jeremy what we're nicer. So we did lawnmowers not a sessions such as you about three more inches on the line laws he if you wanna do the suction first. But it to a session is a lower. Any TV. Version of a stronger side so we see session right PA is a really big one right now he's he session paler LC science doubts. Hum. So it's simple that is it's evil light. Merchant avoid when your paper beer and to me it it's just that easy. So what you're really doing is making a fight Keeneland bash with the ingredients for three you're 41 batch so what you're simply gonna do is take your recipe. And multiply it by three fifths or forfeit its. And that's just about it neagle had me the recipe all the way through. Com there are a couple of considerations for this I mean. Obviously you don't wanna make a suction version of an up or do you lite style. If you lose too much body too much labor will be entities wandering around my peace something trying to might like to have lol Lou that around but the same time it might be just a little bit too much. Now with some of the styles such as like I PA. You do wanna check here. Overall I'd be use the calculator. Because sometimes when you back off at the gravity when you back off cops as while you're still giving more cops b.s who don't like or solution. So even though your cutting the cops and almost half you don't get half as much bitterness from them. Now from the finishing additions don't need to change but it's just those bitter additions to throw it into a calculator really quick you don't want the same IP use that you want. You want about three fifths or four that's what you would have. On. Other than that it is just about that simple so everything by four fifths and then Ron. The battering props for calculator to your fourth fifth served three Fincher or bitterness. But these are kind of can be your lawnmower beer if you want to bring usually they are kind of more in session of all meaning that you can have a couple when you don't have to be doing yard work they don't have to have that requirement. But they should be able to have a couple of them without putting on the floor but if you're the kind of fan who lows. You know big guy PA's who you know lows in all meaty flavorful spicy sons and stuff like that. On this is going to be kind of a good hold over to get back to the winter months so you can start drinking your big meaty Beers. When it comes to brewing for this I think the session is kind of like a they get to gateway word for people that like. Craft beer like home brew beer but. You know I see a session on a menu of your list I know that I'm safer. Because it's not overpower me no matter what it is definitely could be your take it up when your driving recruited by EPO for dinner and you have to be here at the about the fiance she's wanna meted through a session for a long time because you know becomes that kind of Biersch is very much. But when a crisis session she's like you know all the more perk up about it. So as an option you're even though it's gonna be it's weird they don't just called a diluted beard that's kind of what it is. I mean we the and I just by a cat and for some bomb put some water on. You wanna want to note you really could do that sets him yet you have accounting system you wouldn't wanna go to Israel or use distilled. Erica but the secret isn't that how a lot of macro for reasons to. So when you buy a polite person of the year favorite style. It may have been brewed as your favorite style. Pulled them off at the bright tank added distilled water in carpet needed it up and that was set on that'll that's hold the same thing you've got into this is simple fix if you have a piercing in the keg with a little bit too strong. On you and remove the pressure from cac get some distilled water usually like to try to have. Some metric of how much water one man so say if I had appear that finished at fifteen. Points of gravity started drinking it and that Iran might think that really wanted to finish it and it didn't get down wearing one it. I would add. 50% water so by bad. You know three gain on slot in the cac I would add a key element in the after distilled water nom also you know. Dropping all the metrics by 50% but I always turtle via one what's come bothering me about this beer and kind of try to reduce. With the ratio distilled water to try to you know make it fit in line. He sealed tight back up plus some CO2 through. Re carbonated again might have bullets that to settle again but now you've just lighten the beer and I guess this to Gordon goes into the nature of the party guy opera and went to him just adding more water in the beginning of a process instead of the that has been doing at the beginning it's gonna get pasteurized it's gonna go through fermentation. All the oxygen is gonna be removed. I don't have to worry about the distilled water what. It's kind of the same scene beast. And counting on par here where you you said you mentioned in the formula could be three fifths or four or this is that that's my usual. Kind of quick reference I'm doing recipes so I'm doing Alec. My daily BI PA and violent session night PA I would start off with. Fifteen pounds of malt that's gonna end up somewhere down near tan overall five ounce of hops now coming down somewhere near three. Bomb in it does start looks they elect the pale recipe but I keep. You know the kind of balance of the hops to. Mostly littering and mostly dry toppings like and cut out those usual additions of you know fleet marine. And Roma hops and it couldn't McHale what I was gonna bring up is would it mean if someone wanted to they could rule the big one. And splitting into two kegs and have one regular in one session like you we just have one brewing process might peek in on that yet two ounces sold water to a second tag Axel. And then you're during the turtle bankable balk in that regard you've got to go from different versions of the same beer. You can buy yourself you wanna bring something up well because you're always pushing and on time whistle stop to get through but this is I think something you see a lot of advance our members do in different ways sampled the whenever they come through brood eight. Dominate this is true for myself to usually have two Beers at the end that bullet could in the time for one. There's a couple of ways to do this party guys overeating. Is one but also you know bring a large batch in doing something to kind of doctorate whether it could mean is separate from hunter with a different yeast. Or different hop schedule worse keeping in east actually Malta and pivotal but a different color. On so draining out some wart chilling it. In them putting the special team alt back into the second bit chilling in you get two different Beers another thing that boomers do was while we're doing a big old Graeme action. I'm waiting for that matched that water to heat up the Q and extract that on the sites while they have their cattle cleaned out ready either works or radio host dragged out of the garage for propane tank. They do it quick extra edge. Arm and you have two Beers for the same amount of time that you put in I would tell people all the time that we talk about that you know twenty dollar tag. On your time it's a big factor. But it's hot so you're enjoying it it's kind of Fleury but at the same time. You don't have as much free time it's like in this like in if you can you know get double the pain for your buck doubled the production on the same route it. Are so we get back to the session Pearson's up here in the law more Beers I always like remind people the couple steps are important impose. In the first is don't cut any corners just because you're doing a light beer. And people are doing it cheap beer that they're not throwing eighty dollars. On four you know like a pound of New Zealand Hopson twenty pound the ball and a bunch of adjuncts to their favorite be like yea they think oh with a twenty dollar bet appear. May tenth start coming quarters. In naturally what we eat in the problems who went into everything you do with your big beer that appears that you. Are really thinking about entry into competition on the lighter Beers in the relief turnout a lot better than the first thing you wanna do even those relieve lighten gravity. You won your rate relief well and watcher fermentation Berkshire's in this will guarantee. That when you producers like Bure has really mean for and Asian flavors in east dusters. Which is important for putting in a ton of hops a specialty malts. A bomb suit possibly amass some of those for your flavor from the east so you're a lot watcher fermentation temperatures. The other thing they think it's kind of important. Solemn and especially with like the session style is to a full boil to prevent over normalization. So a lot of people say I never never have great lock with light Beers. In often it's not because. That like your two relief that much more difficult if your beat if you don't have fortunately you don't have a big pot not doing water treatments. You may be getting a lot of mobilization in the group it's all these light Beers you try to do and a little bit sweeter and with a little bit more work. Than you normally would have. And then my last bit of kind of your personal advice on its user from venture with a really good seal. I do with these later. Styles. Kind of too low oxygen brewing and I might not always to a complete close system. But at least for the you know second racking I will push doubtless CO2 and the reason is. When you have so little hops news. You know now a lot of in accidents processor in there and protect the a lot of you know sacrificial elements. You tend to get oxidation of both the malt and hops and when you don't have much there there release these more kind of delicate Romans. On pushing you know with CO2 practicing good ranking technique if you don't have CO2 set systems though. Only opening from mantra when you're ready to rack. Giving it your all the way up to the neck of the car we've from a team from the bottom one on one vessel to the bottom of the overseas and splashing in the beer drop in theory. Post fermentation. As relief in a camper. Helped prevent the oxidation approved for those kind of fine malt Romans and find cop homeless. So if you can push about CO2 if not just nature practicing release good racking techniques have everything ready Peco. Pictures going from the bottom of one vessel about the other. And before you put away in the car we mechanic nature either flush out that head space or topped up to the and if you need. That you know a little bit short use a little bit of distilled water and orange. So with temperatures rising up and. The sixties which is nice don't see any seventies in the perceived the foreseeable future not just yet look at attended forecast right now. Well let's go to what is right what one of these PS IRS is your time that's the good time to do it and you know before long it's too crazy nature get along more under federal and so if you want an endless supply of great beer twenty dollars a tag you better go yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to work online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode of just who.