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Do you. Do you feel better. Do you like your you'll learn how to make your own beer it's time for just throw it brought to you by now with traditional. Here's your host Jeremy White. Merchandise there. Good morning welcome tonight your traditions just ruined her and it's in fifteen point you're like advertised her at holidays. Holly extended hours. Under way. You got it and so we've been there for a week already and we're still in it now so. Through Christmas Eve it's going to be Monday to Friday candidate Saturday ten to four and Sunday eleven to two says means will be open tomorrow if you're trying to get some stuff before the bills came. Com or if you're trying to sneak away after the bills game he got an hour reduce a zone will be open tomorrow will be open Christmas Eve as well what and it took. Very gut so extended holiday hours keep those in mind you can shop online anti homer dot conferencing inning or online pick up in store gift certificates to rightly so very very popular item right around now yep you got it we have two options are torso if you wanna quit you can get the email coat. You get a little like you know JPEG image that you can and four to the person or send directly to them. And then we also still have the option for getting hard card stock certificate. I'm in that the days of a lot of you know. The show with the UN now -- new orders were owned but we still have those in order those online groups and Q for shipment. All right very good draft supplies in stock. Denting any draft kids on taps cleaning supplies replacement part those are all available. We've talked pops in a while I have a body actually who did his first trial ops match yeah came out of a pretty happy yeah I think there's an era when they first came on again there was a lot of people said 02 we really need copier Beers. And I think it was me below was short site from from both wholesalers to think about relieve some of the other. You know factors with that with the especially the stability over time. And so we have an I PH that we need to be tkachuk that we haven't kept for six months and still taste nice and rushed. In because of that in the that you're giving kind of 2.5 ounces to one. They're really actually kind of more economic for the speaker pierce you know bigger punch. Spending a little lost money and if you're the only one drinking and in the houseful appears from last longer so it's kind of win win win. They've been moving a lot pastors and people have our chance to play it was an up and you guys had we talked of weeks ago are getting some different kind of hops and whether it was we got some new ones and we of doctor Rudy. I heard that yet it's a New Zealand top. Are we also some other new Australian hops not so much on the local for new this year. Com by we have that is Swedes took you're looking for crops from around the world Australia New Zealand we have those we have some new ones for the season. But we also Cunningham the paper from local art courses while Columbus cascade tension seemed to be the most popular. Out of the local hops from last year and we got a fresh supplies of those solos and restart as well very good. The taste of buffalo home group competition which is on the way. Entry deadline coming up coming up next month yep it's going to be the twentieth. Of January in there is kind of limited category mostly later years so if you wanna take a list. There's a few goat too often broom com home brew that keep the buffalo dot com. There's a long list of all the different styles we are a drop off location again the deadline is the twentieth. She anywhere. So if you win the competition not only. Arm will people know about it because your beer will be served at the taste awful it's one of the reasons are looking for lights titles one. Very good so get your entries in. Witty turn those in. Nurture us and that's there are other gods is another one of the drop off location and the ticker buffalo area were going to be. Under center on that. On May or may be more added that cynical is the closer to the the entry deadline nobody's dropping you off you know 3040 days in advance usually weaker to you sir to see him slowly trickling in. I'm so is the more requests and they talked more people usually it's more standard kind of drop off procedures same as they got it could be JC picked him facing competition Cheney's stander formidable link on the web site. Arm and you can earn points for torture looking for him. Building to be hobby which is returning to cheer missed the New York State remember a year. There competition is coming back if you're looking at something like that or entry in the nationals the scandal Google's point it. So last week. And this week to get to power and cut things flowing from last week to this week it's all about yeast. Saving recalled touring it and it all started from us talking about the catalyst fermentation so what you guys do haven't stopped yet we haven't stock. And we'll have a still owns stock in a couple display units. After the holidays. In what the catalyst is is he are comical for mantra with the east dump felt that's a high density clear PE THD plastic. Unseal all the benefits of comical. I'll beat you also get to watch which is one of the biggest complaint for those using stainless steel markets is it's not you know all of this material that the processes I don't get to watch fragmentation. Went for monsters or popular. Careless a little more expensive to order dollar bunker to 33 dollars for. A for monster but it also has the dump valve in to mes and Ers have you're trying to re culture yeast. That makes it really really easy exceed don't have to go through. The kind of we were talking about coming after your yeast that you know speaking legal sanitizing trying to skim. The top of the primary fermentation to get the most active cells in trying to. Leave Kuwait trump. When you conical from inter in it's clear you can take this stuff out in boats that you get a really pure sample. Right from the one he probably won't camp to launch. And re culture and all the things we kind of been talking about over the past two weeks. So if you're looking to do this in you really wanna make it easy maybe these past two shows have made a little bit intimidating and the catalyst will relieve me through a lot more. User friendly at first you see being used east. So wouldn't hurt to. Not to say don't listen they show it wouldn't hurt to go back in the audio vault. He is being 1520 or WGR. And find last week's show because that's gonna bring you through saving recalled ring collecting and harvesting it washing it as well so quick. Cliff notes of that to get us to where we kind of left off. We've also we've we've had to use fermentation right or you had a starter do you mean that you need to very large she's collected some east off of that in eastern Washington which can never anything so washing some type of chemical or sulfate additive that need be. Kills off bacteria it's not your just merely separating. He sells from trump from bits of pot and stuff like that pouring in settling and pouring in settling in is many times you need the better you get. Yet you know kind of the collection part but the better you get at you know timing the process to you know steel. Geese at the right time the better you get at the washing kind of guessing right vessel size again I'd start with again Alan jog. And up with usually one large Mason jar full yeast or media at least half he'll grow argue that seem Mason jar. Com. They eat the washing as relief and to separation using the different densities the fact that the cops are answered them trump and the trump there dancers and Easton and you'll have all the liquid filled with semi. And of impurities on top. You're using that kind of separation. And were two culture Gypsies here and that kind of moving everything else overthrew the process just taking the cells then. So we left off with people now have this big pile yeast you know with. They just poured off the liquid poured off the east now you've got rid of that kind of darken dense trump at the bottom. And now you couldn hopefully have this kind of evenly colored kinda hoped. Kind of knew bush now depending on the different you still actually have much different consistency to. Some east English sales almost come off slimy. On some of the other English fails to come into league you'll. Hard Matt iPhone blog Reese are almost like scene indeed don't have much for regulation which makes cents with a stick around formatting you know long fermentation. So they won't hold themselves to govern is something that's interesting to check out when you do that you're looking at a large sample of mobile. We don't think about the different properties. As far as you know how would be. Look whether they're kind of Morse bodies here and be worse he Abby is another word there Tuesday when all is said and don't. On for the quite have some different properties from so something it's interesting to check out right now. And now the you have all this kind of pure yeast you have to see that some house. Arm in do you have a couple kind of criteria for whatever vessel you're gonna use and you gonna want to have a really good seal. Your also one filled with mostly east may be a little bit of liquid on top. On the Mason jars and clear Brussels are really popular for this and again if we go back to the pop bottles they were one of my favorite. If I got down to the end of the process and had sixteen out pop bottles same size as most of the Mason jars. In I had to march air too much liquid for whatever it was trying to save it and squeeze the pop bottle over the saint. Forks out all that stuff I didn't want in close the top so that there's no urine side. There's a minimal amount of kind of war looked over and release storing just plain yeast cells. And again the other thing despite the opposite it does start to swell over time that those go bad one prominent seat that the bottles from the swallow up. In to it won't treat nice shards of glass one of the bloat. So tied to forget about it for a long term and it does blow up at a mass they don't have anything hazardous. On the other choice muscle our corals bottles in Mason jars. And one of the reasons that people really like those is because they're able to self back and the idea is that there's a little bit of gas production while you're receiving these. It will kind of push up the lid. And let out some CO2 you don't again have an explosion in the French and the nice thing about all of these things if they're nice and clear. He conceived culture you can see if it changes collar. Army can see if anything happens to a order that settles further in you might want to speak again off some liquid or some trouble. Before you move on to our next step re culture. Open. To get a break in or should we think it's a good company that's that's a good read recap of where we were so now through news and information park to. On the way need to show on the way here it's not citizens just threw it on ESPN fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need the Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military in tunnel on open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and tiger tradition home brew paid in the visit and remember to just brew. Thank you are not citizens just threw it on ESPN fifty. They're like the poster all right so. Into the meat of it. Recall tree saving agriculture in and all that goes with it when you're trying to would do that with your yeast -- and so the first thing I can tell who's gonna meet the whole process a lot easier. Is finding. A place where the temperature will be stable and in the right ringing true yours yeast. A lot of us who is fermentation chambers again for trader with an office heating unit in it. This is really easy so temperatures once you put in the you know it's going to be stable environment. On if you don't have that luxury you mean wanna fill up your legal roller your Earl Carter flask would every use for your starter put a thermometer on it and begin leaving around the house. Cover in the closet trying to find a place isn't nice stable temperature so that when you come back in check and map thermometer can get on the scene temperature range each time. Because. And temperatures keep priest not only for flavor production but also. For kind of metabolism and we're gonna wanna try to Greek culture these she's quick so that bacteria or other animals don't have time. To get in there and begin metabolize so were always utilizing the fact that the easement apple is faster than a lot of other stuff. Called him up to reduce the overall percentage of bacteria there. So look for good place to get for orientation. Again if you don't have a chamber that's going to be best if not start moving around a couple of days at a time. He you know we're gonna have a place has a bright temperature. Armed you most to me wanted to move by ability test if you Steve this for a long time. And basically doing them by ability test is release you feel that you have Hawaii's packaging it was a pretty easy smack it EC of its wells. Armed if I was using wanna might pop bottles when I would often do is open it up put in some fresh war. Steel look back up and see if its walls up over Koppel our torture scene if beat the east are ready to go in if they're going to be able to cultural and the next couple days. Are the other preferred method is to take a beer bottle. You know put the you and your starter solution in the beer bottle and the balloon over the top so that he can seemingly do this for 34 hours from me do it overnight. He just wanted to see that the east is producing and and you might wanna give it gas it produced. Good smell can make sure doesn't smell. Like he could be going whispered panel what he sees the party. Or that it's going within Steagall act her appeal Parkinson. Will electrical cup that the scriptures for those but he basically wanted to make sure that it smells like one of your. Fermentation. And see you wanted to and Kate that in the movement on two year starter. Arm and we talked about starters a couple of times in the pro read the simple to get two governors communal three parts of light right multi extract a one. Part like corn sugar and then that will grow into who. A solution walk and so usually what this and thirteenth it's for every 200 mil leaders which would be good first step for your starter. UN that was fifteen grams of the Emmys and five Koreans. Docs for armed you can also add yeast and Energizer true that it seemed to wondered middle leaders will get a 32. Piece them. Now the reason we keep going to Texas 200 milliliter from groups are usually doing starters. Office thousand or 15100. Is that you mean 12. Kind of jumping up in the small starter first in May even go through another separation. He may take its first 200 mil liter starter mean also be your kind of viability test. And you'll run it. Put it in a cool please drop the tribe drop the liquid yet again. And one of the reasons were always trying to get rid of this look would get rid of this crop is it tends to be a source for some of the things that each produce again and in here Roby compartment because involved with transferring. Because all the time I'm starter they are actually gonna have enough oxygen and we want them to have that oxygen that pretty strong so walls. But again one of the kind of problems with that is when Niko through full have Krebs cycle when their processing. Glucose just like arsenal and a producing your gas. So death why you see online with whenever you're doing a starter ECU on the books you end up pouring off that liquid on top there is also filled with. You know all I canceled holes filled with Kia mass beat him spoil the starters probably for sixty minutes. In his also filled with a sea -- would have all sorts of kind of funny flavors and there are because you've been recalled tree over and over. If you take that lick with now been through two or three B cultures and you put it in your final beer you're gonna him. No more those flavors in you normally would their hated country stressful. In now we're beer tastes like you know public popcorn. Rotten vegetables. In key. As walls green apples. And beat someone. By right here here here if you don't want it generally high levels of any of those chemicals so. What you're producers stars and give you gravity 38 points you're gonna run at least twelve to 24 hours on mr. play or within aeration strong. You wanna go and open up to airy never won a close up your starters and one that oxygen even though it's creating all sorts of bad flavors is creating healthy cells. And then you're going to be able to move that over into your 1000. Org your you know 151000. Erwin Mayer and if you feel pretty confident you've done. This whole solution to this whole. You know process early while you've got a pretty pure sample you know you don't see many different layers of ratification when you put away in the free agent didn't develop an off flavor Yasser. You know kind of dark colors on Topper oxidation. You mean he won and now set aside some of the sample before you put this on your Mac's beer. And put this away in the for Japan and this is how people and a running east 56. And times. With out really giving any off flavors because the youth that they are saving from doesn't go through the full worked for meditation every time it's re culture. Put back into with solution put back in the for it. And if you do that you really will save a couple of generations. Each batch. As opposed who were you on to the from monitoring and trying to start this whole process Rory talked about last week of sanitizing illegals skimming off the top. All of the implementation to try to say. A sample so if you can think about that when you're doing a starters have a theory healthy sample have very pure sample is going to be the best time to put this away. So the best time to think about seeping east is Edger altering up the east for the capture currently doing. Not that might necessarily that you're wrecking the beer out of primary although if you go back to the last show you what's. And so. Again this is a great way to not only save money. But also develop a house street Louis is he's begin to Kenya waiting more last producing different for re flavor. It's gonna kind of become it's own peace and might have its own. Problems. As well but it's gonna have this interest in house flavor to it. On there's a couple of yeast that are available for girls white labs of why peace which have famous home Amber's house rates and so we think of cry happen. Which is like a pseudo logger on the Charlie appease eons. Our house Farina and anything. Denny cons Danny's favorite which is also his house train available through why he's not there really cool. East to try. And they both Cunningham this open for continuation. From being re cultured and being taken from. Late in the process. On and but they also can both have these nice fruity flavors. Which is kind of more towards the apple pier and in the cry Havoc and more towards the stone fruit and in the Denny's paper. So not only was he saved some money you double that affects for a panel will say lab time in the basement. Ian educate your own street he's the toast saving your own knees you can. You can do it for onto different reasons. Not just saving money then there is something the Kennedys a little bit different will be unique the you're gonna produce from mystic. Can be copied do you go back in and pull up old recipes and roll the same. Easter oh like a family of different styles of beer yes and and I would do that a lot partially because. One. If we would call this chamber we. So we could use a scene he's building about each time and then moving and on to bigger and bigger Beers he might start with something from a pseudo logger who were three years later now you're on to easily you know three Arcsight PA. On and so they beat drastically different in both the styles of beer but also the what you got from the east. Utes are getting more fruity flavors of that first beer would be a really big picture on it would be really mean. Fermented in as you've stressed the used a little bit throughout the process and re culture over and over again. You would end up with a little bit more fruit flavor. It will look more attenuation for that I PA and would be nice formal project now and again he released Tuesday. Host east and tasty flavors in the commercial beer try to tell me to view. Our. Open Bergen is just monies it that's why I was trying to tell people to say he figured if you're doing it to try to save this six box. For east thinker in it for an aspect of your Internet for some you know some added tinkering for IPO with the defeat of this is my family lab I'm Amy you do it and different based off and on the argument brewing arm. It's it's normal cool like part of yeah. I do have some kind of general. Advice to always say keep a pack of yeast around and to write DC you'd trust one that you can do for parks difference announcement USO five might be Nottingham at 33. Keep the packer two in the he's so if you counting. On one year's state east reactivating overnight and you come down the next morning and did not you have something mister went to a starter for when your final match. On and start this process well how to time. You may wanna do it two weeks before you actually on and to Peru appear. On because you're gonna have to if you end up doing the will say. You know separations. You do. Three different starters and boring back up and then you decide to you know do another. A couple of days in between there actually give yourself rest. If you're looking at weakening if you're getting to it like every couple of nights leaving in the fridge overnight. This process could take a week. So. Again the labor love you keep your own unique product out of it fought. Again you wanna think about this while at a time in league is that the best time if you wanna me really easy I'll think about it when you're doing that next starter. Dual large starter this starter three days at a time sensitive to seize the chance to separate the tribe in the NC a sample of normal pop bottle. In your efforts and having east rate next. Want. We've got a couple minutes left here for finished year ago a general question is and I think I'm noticing. Is there an explosion of sour happening. They're there I think there is our local or or a growing at. If you bloggers one start with a growing appreciation OK so as. It is people think arts ours is Beers who were also had kennel he sees as well axle also had PD Pakistan. So they had some of those kind of Kirstie are mean flee whether that. At the light and a fresh cut a or earth again there's other things on the farm that don't smiles nicest France cut pay kind of more towards the end of like boom cheese. In so a lot of these traditional Beers are the ones who would meet over all I often hear a lot of these extra flavors and the acts for bits to it that I think. Turn an awful lot of people and they were hitting with McQueen bureau that he simply yogurt but Kirk cheer he's in first cut a and a little bit of blue cheese in there with social but a sensory overload. But I think you've rumors especially. US preparers to bring non traditional the year column with these salaries and go back to the the sour. And you were pure project. Arm or the the early expert in what he sees Beers that flying Iceland. Where they may pick one micro to add and in addition to ease in the early picked off sleeper that would match the pace style they were doing. On Ian and so instead of giving sour foul. When they did their passion for beer you ended up with kind of war had nice and harder when you and it trickles color other elements out. When you have that fresh cut Haiti without the kind of sour you know and in flying bodies and beer. I think with a little more easier for people to Pallet. In as you kind of trite these news hour funky Beers you guys are safe to bring in we'll see one new flavor. Each beer so few you take too little steps it becomes a lot less intimidating in numbers have kinda matched up man as well but consider enemy machine and won local. You know step of the process and again I think it means to popular throughout your particular in this either similar. You know grouping of years begin to take over. You've seen a bit with early wines Russian imperial stout EZ IPA's. People are going for the after dinner mixed going for you know late night. You know Scotch and Coke they're going for late night in pure like the known for that like after dinner imperial chocolates out. On in your scene years hate the pleas of their beverages in the United States. On that frankly it appears that we had at the time just couldn't it goes underneath him the meal you're not gonna sit down with the small collapse of light. You know appeared to right kind of nuclear mutate but you've got beat roast sphere be here twenty years kind of hate that place. All right cool fit enough that's it for us you guys are open pretty much every day well and very soon. Extended hours to extended hours through and one warning to extend its hours through Christmas Eve we rubio a Christmas Eve eleven to two. After the how is that week between Christmas and new years we will be closed early during the week. Arms shall be open during that time we won't be openly it's all right very good. That's it for us since nine Anderson's just brought on ESPN fifteen point. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by an average traditional blue. Whether you're season brew or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.