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It's. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Work diced or. Good Saturday morning welcome to tiger traditions just threw it yes in fifty point you're doing for dice to which you. Last week we talked indoor brewing in converting to bring her operation indoors because cold out. It's been cold. Although we had a nice little melt. Lets little father for a couple days it was way via. And I know that this is never fun and we we've been talking about this was cleaning up the backyard we both have dog in this constant like you'll little blue smoke covering up all of landmines and them. Freezing hard to the arts and relief fund to deal with Scioscia all the mud tracking in the house and not just from the dark. An affirmative grew outside I don't wanna do outside cold wet brewing you wanted to be crisp out. Yeah so it's penalize her for that earning degrees in no way yet offered exactly. All right so let's last week converting to indoor if you want to again and that report well Baltic ports and some of the new hops. You guys have as well today before before we do that. Let's get some housekeeping and amber waves of grain EA walk homer competition the big daddy for this area. The deadline for your entries is march 31 the competition is in mid April so. Counting down 63 days left in tons of styles the group is is it logs the biggest variety of styles they're. All styles are real you kissed the received a lot of competition for they tried to. Limit their flights at the you have a lot of common. They looked at all like styles because they're gonna prove here. The competition winner. But when you go to any walk all Stiles looks an under the BJ CPR. Available. As well if there's some places like historic style experimental. Where if you have any beer at the two real style Bender doesn't seem to fit and any style you can throw it in there as well. In with 63 days locked he still have a lot of styles on the table. Maybe not the altar Porter were talking about you'd really be pushing it but there's still a lot of Beers to you from group between now and that. Now the twelfth annual art of beer coming up as well that's going to be march 9. It's the western New York's original beer tasting event is beer and food twenty plus vendors 75 menu items more than Sony by. 35 dollar pre sell tickets and the proceeds go to the Niagara. Arts and cultural center I was its policies wrong you got Arizona area. And so it's a great venue agreement you know come Hungary's penalties or beer but the food is included which is the low but Greer for some of these events. So you will leave happy enough hungry so come on down 35 bucks for resale tickets are available on the next web site so. And ACC toward or you can stop in a couple of different venues including Austin you can pick among the pre sale price and be holding your ticket so you're not in the will call lines are watching your friends trial special beer threatens the door so let's talk about some new hop right zones that you you you've got. Well as we don't have a yeah OK okay I did to get with the thought in two year mind because. We always and to giving him a lot early and then you'd think. Partially because a lot of the other places where there are pulling the rise on from the soil is will vote warmer so little bit and the season on. And they also are theory early growing plants for the farmers are looking out for your they're trying to get them plans all the soil stole that frosty. And then there gonna given to you before you hit and the growing season. So what we usually do is we send out to email newsletters and we have kind of two sets of rice homes of we have to putting on the website it's O. First you're gonna get all the Fridays we ever hear and heed Woolsey the kind of ferraris are used to cascade our long. A lot of your common varieties will it. Early in mortgage notification that there would be available seals the price of be available on the website for re order you can reserve from at that point. Arm but then usually about 23 weeks later a couple of weeks before re actually get the rise -- and will get a second time in notification. What is not so ordinary and want to avail so the big one that everybody was excited about last comment. Which we sold out fear early quickly we didn't have a lot of pre orders a lot of people want to come and rubio with comic chops BC never used it before. But once they tried it. They kind of came back him and clear up the rise so. I would suggest. If there's a certain varieties you absolutely know you want who had pre ordered early. Otherwise if you only have one spot to plant you don't know exactly what you want me wanna wait a second re order the ether weight you wanna get your hands on your rise arms as early as possible. Inject them in the ground as early as possible. I feel a lot of added rise owns beans whole notes some vehicle that strange and he said these are accepting your rise owns. But in a small pop like that the that we don't have the ability to grow large rise from anybody who's ever. Grown ups. We'll know what their rise on looks after one or two years in the ground. So giving it in early is gonna work out lot better and human priest Apple's. Planned for you are trying to priest started in the pot. So try to get your hands on him early two sides start thinking now we're gonna plant and how many places who want what you might do to throw some. Armed because it's gonna come faster music content and then as soon as you're sitting in the normal panic gardening pure news this morning. Not that you can't play plant the rise on the year party giving a little bit late. Now the actual hop rise and you have. Big secret. Aussie these these are just new hops that recounts and these are some cops have come and our other and other crops we've gotten that are new. I guarantee you view these kinds of option a currency rise owns that's what those laws now are tiny little miscommunication on our sheet here I was gonna say like these are pretty. Exotic hops in Australia. Just wondering about like trying to go role. Non native pops in this area is older he's probably gonna below her power we. Are and how belt who were in the prime area. Although I've never had any variety but I couldn't. You're going now the one thing is that there's been some failures and there are so much time medium in my second or third rise on trying to get a variety going. I've learned allotment you know relief act of meeting the soil and trying to help as much as I can. And if it it does like a little bit warmer climate unless community. But Beth said. If somebody's who willing to give me galaxy rise among going to try and up umbrella. I you know I could see if you I think eventually you will see some of these Australian rise homes coming over to the states. Beginning grown in the states and then. Branching off from there. Arm but I think that's. I wouldn't hold your brush fort totally have a plant you want urged by you wanna plant crops don't how pulled out for galaxy year mosaic or immunities sit truck these hops that are. You know trademarked and really the rise homes or you know. Kept on a tight blocks of so. I wouldn't hold it reforms but we have the the cops in the storm Paul forms if you wanna come to my tribunal plenty of and we do have some new cops of the first one vick's secrets Victoria's Secret more think. Talking about the state in Australia. But it's both to have a lot of the same. Flavors. May be a little bit later we will morsel that you find in galaxies also got their release hi all passed fourteen to 17%. So if you using a lot of galaxy was kind of breaking the budget and you have you know recipes that. You can count on the galaxy for you might wanna try throwing this and there are some substitutions galaxies expensive it's always readily available. Arm and so this might be a good substitution we actually have a smash pale oil. Going with us at the store right now so it should be on tap in the next couple of days here such money given to try to come on it. So here's another cup that's new on dead we are I'm personally excited about because it was formally called nugget sill and nugget is one of my favorite props Kevin's favorite hops a few -- had troops nugget connector it's loaded with some and is X. They kind of pride parade of old world German with kind of some Americans he hop characteristics. But there's some new US top coming house experimental variety but they actually keep it in meanest and so we could call 06277. But they actually given name. The now. I don't know why they didn't stick with the nugget or so yeah a lot more excitement. But that is supposed to have the kind of classic pineapple citrus and pine flavors and rest about thirteen to 15%. So that's one that. Work certainly interest and maybe one might feel rice among one day. But there's a domestic new it's something and a little while Coca. The next one from New Zealand is doctor Rudy in this used to be called super alpha. And has been around actually for quite awhile but we really haven't seen it you know popular beer at least distribution inside the United States. Are and so it was originally broke bread from New Zealand Stockton listening was changed to doctor ruby from smooth comb in 2012. Are exposed have kind of resins Tyne and lemon grass. A Romans and this one was actually. The reason you haven't heard from him in the sisters I think a lot of other cops Witten nugget was one of those varieties Columbus what them on the tips of everybody's tongue until it was put in the IPA's it was originally used. To Peter bureaus like Jenny screaming help but wiser. So you didn't really see used. In kind of characterize and police argues and I PA's errant. Doctor Rudy assists seemed. Kind of factor here so regionally bred to arm kind of produce like very mean low topped beer is the idea is he's high hop. Yeah actually Columbus or warrior uses tiny bit and you shouldn't get any kind of resin year kind of you know secondary flavors from top. And that's where the doctor Rudy comes from. Now is being used in IPA's were seeing a lot more of those kind of content slick and kind of one regret flavors and it be criminal war. Popular that. Sorry until the last one pelican when doctor Rudy yeah north amendment that would leave the I think they have a good name change there yet good bargains though and I'm. Would love to have but this next one sounds like a very unique cop yes it is jarrah low. You are right we threw there's a little bit of contradiction on the sunlight you know I mean in and I have to admit I look for Paramount seasons all over the place and in every place you went there was describing this prop. Had it's it's kind of home pronunciation fort in the one that I seemed to come across the most was jar real low. You're alone the in the name comes from her release of stories that I found from the slot a cab fertility in spring time there's an ice packs for up. I'll put this post have kind of been the end up here. Romans so that's a little bit different kind of been AM on excites me a little bit. But they think it's kind of happy light pierced in the pale oil stays on slick you know Belgium blond slicked later Beers and have a little fair amount of half senate. Armed and we also have some of this one and it's you know. Taken a lot of interest. A couple of our staff members were asking about it are couple of our customers asked about a kind of all of a sudden. On the and so we are able to get some emphasis kind of rare people start asking about how we haven't heard of it before and we turn to colonel look into its immediately available through wholesale or in this case that wars so that's another interest in one week. Should experiment with him probably gonna be the next smash pale oil. To come on the carburetor. Exciting a couple of weeks. OK very good Joseph real low and these are all available right bureau bailed out now the whoa what is effective disaster what is the rarest of the most. Expense of our hardest to get hop that the race. What if either through a little bit of supply and demand like this so you immediately put you would point towards galaxy. Because when they don't or homer shop on the go online. Of the popular hops it's fetching the highest price. Arm but enters a demand for which means they're shipping over its distribution for it in that actually lowers its global. Because I know I've try to find a lot of weird hops over the years and wanna think about this wanna trick trying to think about two years ago was English archer. Arm in and when I went to look if you know I couldn't find individually. I wanted to I think that three forums this play with me be enough for one like. English pale ale on one bit armed. I can only find one pound packages of last year's leaf pops. And that was all I can find to be in order yet shipped to the United States and so it just really. Law wasn't too because I don't know what the shipping was gonna be a witch from England on one pound of archer. On hops plus it's only one pound of leave hop so it's not going to be fun for repackaging. You and I mean it's going to be scoring company Bure were one used a lot knocked an expert to create efficiency. Into his thirty year old so. You've that worry that you spent most money spent most time you know any might have to go pick this up it's from people like you know. Broker and then it would be bad so. While you look at you know stuff like Amarillo and a lot of these can trademark cops you know galaxy mosaic. There's a lot of others that are not nearly as popular if you actually want to get your hands and could be a lot more expensive. So it does the brace does go up from galaxy you know does go up from natural and some of these other cops is more expensive stuff out there whether it's worth it is it hole. Own category. I never ended up by impound archer I didn't see it works the risk that headache. Like people for me you want it will be available pellets and you know that I might take. There aren't very good result on hops aren't we get back. Bolt accordingly aren't available to reporters great kind of beer drinker and around this time a year in the staff and group that is that the story that's not a common. You know. Occurrence yet where the drinking time remembering time is this Romeo. Bullets side Baltic for next here on Niagara traditions just bring an audience in 1520. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military in town want to open Monday to Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I welcome back to nighter traditions just threw it really gets into. Brewing a Baltic. Horror and it's a little bit of an uninteresting beer and a kind of ties in to appear that we talked about round similar panel last year Russian imperial stout. To the Russian imperial stout with the bureau that was the English. Exports. To Poland Russia Sweden Finland in with a big strong style that was able to hold. The travels and we're talking eighteenth nineteenth century this before pasture you know. You know all working and in filtering beer of support that keeping it cold around the routes they knew the bureau that not only. Who wouldn't go bad when oxidized. Also wouldn't freeze. On so they need a very very strong stout in began export it in for these colder regions that it hit off very well. Arm but just like we talked about with the archer. You know supply demand and travel. Is a big cost if you talk any home improvement any holdover from the Ernie craft your fan from Taylor repeatedly in the ninety's. Craft Bure was really expensive you can paid five dollars and remember when I first got into it meet Cooper's kept. And I would wanna go get Cooper's beer because they mean there won't be there big company. Arm in you would find it rarely a premier. It would be four or five dollars a bottle for cool burst logger which is like the kind of like you know low shelf. Do your in Australia and south paying five bucks a bottle for the equivalent of like Jenny light. Arms and so just tried it was interesting but. That was true for any other Beers if you want to play courage and pure real stop it what are the prices and fight our climate to give it here and plus because the with a small market not a lot of people were buying these peers. You know again rove the price up and so you were seeing the same thing happened in eighteenth and nineteenth century Europe. Is he's English piercings Stults importers were being moved eastward. The price is going up and up and up. And so what brewers began to do. Is make their own versions of starting in Sweden moving all the way to you know Poland Russia and further east. You would see these dark Beers and a mimicking the English styles but brood often with kind of the local flavor at least some of these local ingredients. To keep the price down. Of so you started out in Sweden with kind of peers have very closely resembled the English porters they were made was top preppy new theory usually open. Lower. In alcohol one that I believe is still available at Carnegie star Porter. Our and that's when you can actually keep your hands on. In this would probably blended well with most English porters now is you begin to move east. The kind of spectrum of poitier giving gets wider and wider and the other one that we can still good today so portions Wyatt. Up Porter. Arm which is an imperial. You know dark beer that has more similarities to simulate human puree all sorts in his English namesake and it's bigger stronger skeptics toffee Rome was doesn't have much coffee. Kind of flavor and it in really is kind of its own beast from the you know completely changed over from the original. English and is brewers a locker he's which most of these Baltic region porters are because it's cold you know in these English like prop propping haley's. That need you know temperatures up to into the seventies he get even like 75% attenuation. Just don't quite cut it in these colder climates. With the speaker pierce so they begin using they're traditional blogger east. Word is a dongle fitted with a homeless dongle good German dark the up arms I had I headed multi. Don't goal last week and it felt like. Like it was halfway to a stout reporter and an and a German. You know things in Germany are much different obviously because of the walls and model works so they can have quite the diversity but. It was a reminder of like close later cause and like an area. Swartz spears S as well. On realty if I think it appeared that. Most resemble football reporter is that topple bock to mean is it doesn't have always have it extremely in coffee and chocolate flavor. But the thing that sets the Baltic Porter fees if you had look at this site meet. This is really not that sweeten the finish has wonderful mouth feel as. Not really a flavor and that's a style has come with chocolate and coffee and had a subtle flavors. On but it is big high alcohol but because of that locker east. So sometimes like the uncle bock who informant with a large east. But the like that uncle buys and will be from and to with a weak east so low that for years low but sometimes sweeter in the long run partially from the wheat. But the ball the reporter at the big mouth feel. Not super sweet armed does have some of the kind of talking like it's a chocolate flavors and the power flavors through socially it was like English porter's. Ian. It's it's it's still Andy's and so it's it's definitely an interesting. Beer to try to make and it's a good one to H two in some of the same year when it's cold. You regarded him entering to probably have some beer stacked up in the Calgary or this will be a good one upon bottle and an agent now we can you trinket you know before spurring this year. But you'll be able to drink it come winter next year as well. So its search panel look at what really separates us again effect kind of lack of elect black mole. An and kind of some of a personally really dark Malta pure and for Paul supporter and it is really gonna set it often and because of those berm sleepers that the classic examples are kind of more sweet more to the dark crystals. Like chocolate malts. Armed than they are those kind of black malts that you seat and imperial stout and porters. Which is where it's just name's April so the one thing that I think of when I think of you know imperial stout ample to your regular English imperial porter's. If you think. Even admit visceral think of that intense coffee. Burns kind of flavor. It's the one thing that you really don't have an 0221. Thing that you think up for the classic style this Bure came from really didn't end up there in the long. So before we run out of time accurate better start stop talking about the history and start talking about how you're gonna blue won because that's what this shows about. On the ball reporters can be any word five to 9% so this beer can be as expensive hours cheap as you want. So you can be using anywhere from eight to twenty pounds of Pauline. You're looking net you know. You know twenty bucks to forty dollars for cream go cluster specialty malts. And because as you probably going to be using the law are greased nobody cloned Baltic Porter and then immediately makes the Swedish version which is very close the English beer. No they go for the kind of polish east bureau Russian person which is you know dry really high in alcohol. So you're gonna have to think about how much he east your body or you're gonna know to a starter two to three days had. Beecher don't need anywhere from you know 750 billion. Two you know. You know hundred billion sells arms or 1000200. You know one billion tells them that's your gonna need a whole lot of yeast. And so if you were to go by why these packages you're looking at eight to ten packages Hawaii's that you could spend meet with fury 72. You know hundred how clerks on gestures east for this beer if you didn't do some pre planning. The most going to be fear early you know simply when we can neutral European pills from alt. On something this gonna comfort really well you're gonna wanna mash it really low. You know kind of beast select on your specialty malts you want those coffee toffee flavors without the burn. So stick to the dark crystals would be special beat the Euro manic. You know you like the biscuit. Appeared to use a little bit biscuit and arm intend to build with those kind of the I would use caulking all. It in in trouble amounts so about your agony from the the amount of baseball to put in here. From how big this Bure is hurting him or curly height terminal gravity and you're using some Munich some bohemian holders. You're gonna get low husky flee while salute. Be reserved these pure truth can be anywhere from what kind of a radish. To opera round and usually never blacks and now putting in but Holland especially mole and that's really kind of where it gets quite different from the sports beer. Or that don't close it has similar flavors but they're much more reserved. And in a much bigger. The year so. Bullet more reserved flavor lot more alcohol usually. Arm. You wanna go fairly aggressive on the battering cops and the schism purity when it Asia from the can be opened the forty IP you access not uncommon. You can go with some finishing top two wanna stick kind of in the noble prize he partially because they'll stick around a little longer but those two fade. So often with McConnell locker style and to do in the first war crop. In hopes to kind of keep a little bit more that flee for long term. So that's kind of recipes election yeast election is kinda limited out there there's not a ton of eastern European. Blogger he's out there so you can look at the you know checked kills her. The bohemian Posner began the important thing is you're gonna to a starter even if you're doing to right east. I do three to 43470s. And then I brought it on a 24 or starter. So I'm starting. With the you know what it means that the normal Petrie for big IPA. A fairly big locker EU and a running it. Oh yeah march starter. Fermentation is going to be fairly standard is that it's gonna take forever you wanna give it a nice long die passable route so that it cleans up. Audio and you see hello to hide any you know flavor some kind of built up among the primary fermentation according used a lot of stressed. Any tricky come through awareness and help them long rats big pit trade second generation if you can you if you have an oxygen stone use that. And then as always with some of these bigger styles most important thing is put in the basement in audit x.s and not appear to cast. Maybe if you're gonna carry you wanna do that Swedish dial if you're gonna do would be you know you wanna put it in fancy. You know bottle you wanna put away in the basement something he can pull out all blacks winter and so the beer void while. On their nice one to have around if you have other Beers. You know all on tap antsy or looking for something about looking for something and take up a bit more of your time and like I do pills mirrors. You know what I mean when I have you know just about everything else fold exec and probably make you know I get in quick Balt reporter actually fits into that as well. There's a lot of tinkering your spending a lot of time comment. And you have something you can really put away for a long time when. Told character fully fold up on beer you want to brew it's cold out. This is an actual style for this week. All right ball to reporters. If you ever miss an episode you can find them on demand W chair 550 dot com or ESPN 1520s website. As well stay warm keep growing were back next week same time same place. Here I'm not positions just bring it on ESPN fifteen point. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by an average traditional blue. Whether you're a season brew or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.