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It's. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy why they. Merchandise tour it's Saturday morning welcome tonight positions just threw it on ES in 1520. That's Saturday. Welcome back to winter. Who's gonna say we're in the doldrums of winter and puts people in listen. Oh blower I'd put you know one although one trouble way incline make up 10 yeah. Well. Good brewing time a year and Malia football season's over your Sundays have opened up yup I'm all right chilled six in combat troops are single Immersion work chiller and under fifteen minutes. To succeed factors while others so if you're you're trying to get a Bruin I mean that's ages some big time when you can urgent work to lower. You're done chilling at fifteen to twelve any minutes that siege and wait around air. It generator in eighty degrees and it we'd around given enough time. Before actually moved here so if you're trying to make QB Kurt it's great you know if you're inside. If you listen to our show wandering inside tempering with electorate in your nice and toasty and actor how's that green. If your in your cruel Irish and trying to clean up everything afterwards and it's fifteen degrees and every time you think something's worse for youth. It can be a real movie then super but if you're lucky enough to have some type of space Trier out of the cold you know it's a perfect winter. Well we've got some stuff coming public Sosa housekeeping first the amber waves of grain competition. The deadline is march 31. Competition April 13 and fourteenth so we're at about a seven weeks out fifty days left and I have to make your correction I've been giving you the wrong countdown in days somewhere along the line there. By subtracting week. Worried that growth of new wrong number days of fifty days so that's more styles open you've only been going by the show you were looking at the calendar. So you have more styles if some group. And still with fifteen days to remain in Kentucky commented easily be one from the can be saved total last week to talk about pebble but later but every brew. But I do rate now the next fifty days I will be thinking about the competition. When I go to Purdue so when I meet. American PA the other day change hopping tool but more traditional back awful and the animal though you will lower the beauty and tried to make it a little bit more to style my normal house recipe and ordered entry in the competition. And so Lieber that your common and you're trying to take advantage of these lastly really couldn. Wheat from the last time we can get there really cold tap water every beer think about competition. They've a couple of options to 26 pack on the side if you keg. Were dominant view in hand them in the you know Patricia yeah. And our competition find out about your Beers learn about your Beers and how to restore by BJ CP guidelines may be ignored on that. And you know yet take a look at your number appear for competition. Take a look at the guidelines take a look at what classic Beers are in and give mature you know. The annual twelfth annual art of Beers on the way it's on March 9. Most your regional beer tasting event is beer and food which is something when I was like yes you offer him a roll like 075 Beers Q we should all throw for equally number of menu items that you two and we try to that's about. Armed so if your coming come hungry. You know and yet like music lots of all you can eat food and beer you know and I enjoy. My wanna ride home yet over. Lift yep some like that you know. Lefties probably or WGR 5565. Dollars and thirty cents up for four rights just went out there if you don't you wanna be safe are right so the annual the twelve annual art of beer. Let's on the way and they were talking Kentucky comment out which is. I've brood I think I've pretty California common yet what's the difference is in California coming to Kentucky town well. Enemy it's its entry talk about that because when we usually point to a style war point 21. Original beer storm in the case of our California comment. We will look at thinkers steam during company which has been around since pre probation. On mr. during the steam recipes so if you you'll Felix are your stout think he can ask. American pale well we're talking about these classic examples for competition you're looking at Sarah in Nevada. Are looking at a frame bought him limp demand. And shall electric creamy yogurt it. Jenny screaming. That's not really the case with the Kentucky. Comment. Arm and there's no one Marie we can point to when there's nothing that really remains around anything with Jimmy cru email Sarah bad. In English team gear were very lucky to still have like the regional peers is that created the styles. In in the original form we can still try him in we're drinking pretty much the same gear that somebody was. You know 75 years 400 years semi that's kind of an Eiffel ties with the company Komondor from becoming mostly gap in its history. Arm. So they're very similar in farmers case may be a little bit darker lots hoppy. And the on the what's kind of get first is we do with that kind of history of the beer. Arm and there's a common story here we've we've talked about. You know on different beer styles kind of the American light that it Jenny premium on stuff like that. How we kind of were shaped by. Immigrants in this is the same kind of story American terrorist can post civil war. Were at a market of a lot of immigrants kept moving west work. Finding that though local water while really perfect for making whiskey is it was a very very hard with and not the greatest for me asking. Beer and they had absolutely no means is often was true of the especially southern American midwest and there was no ability to each rule appear at least not year round in the oval available via voice. Arm in so the similar kind of you know. Story leading up to the beer is you have. With the you know justifiably. We sold a little bit. Eastern then. You know San Diego and California so. Com. Little bit different backs were the kind of in the same tournament. So very often the emperors would do you know what they've necessarily wanted to do not making the recipes from Eastern Europe that they knew. But they would try to get as close as the Carter tried it at the same feel and find something would work with the local ingredients. And and that's what they did here so it's similar story. To the California commons are similar flavor profiles smaller east. But little bit different back story in March different recipe. Column leading into the parent. So let's start off with the cover of the local ingredients and so often after making you know urban your starting with fixed for a bar early here or. And ferber they started with the very same in the small bill would produce a very. Corn cream in rural mark very sweet aroma. I'm very kind of sweet flavor in if you just stop there you could. Produce burba with. Put the water Kentucky's we talked about is extremely. Hard so Wallace perfect for making whiskey and while these you know gypsum and especially calcium carbonate. Lie and but will that help them bringing out the mall they'll bring a hot building really kind of hurt your match so is any altering number has. This bickering for a little bit if you start looking your efficiency. And so how much grain it takes to get home which gravity. I'm in your always trying to get that number higher because it. Severe a lot cheaper you're giving. You know 75%. Efficiency. To get a you know 6% beer you might only be using. You know ten to twelve pounds. In the future giving like 60% efficiency 55. And using fifteen pounds and that cost is enemy appear almost 30% more expensive. And so the emperors had to do something about it and what they did it's often beside. You know Ireland and other regions the added dark malts I'm not usually gross of our league but are crystals. And really deep hosted malls. On to help correct the mash PH on too slick could distill or Kentucky would do with sour marriage but he took a portion of out of the last match. The letting kids are filled with. Especially act of excellence but also. Siegel by actor. And they ask is that you produced slowly lower the PH and when you lower the PH the and time work a little bit better. In and you get more efficiency in the conversion on the map shows inflicted distillers were doing sour mash. The first were adding dark malts to kind of also Korea struck the match PH. Arm and so interest in store here distillers and encompassing promises spurs. Finding extreme kind of you know. Answer here and post. On and obviously in California didn't quite have those problems. With the waters appear that they were doing to Europe mold that they were using and that while protein rest so wasn't as big an issue bear she didn't and off with that are also kind of career and the age. So similar Rex stories you know different product and more. So when it comes down to the hopping too they were still using local parks we talked about. With a lot of these other light pierced it kinda just forgo using and finishing hops. Because they were available or at least not in the amount that they needed to give it a good sleeper and what when you say and but native pops in Kentucky would be when they were actually are native to Kentucky native to New York I'll cluster. With the most popular variety are had a pretty good oh facet it was a little bit spicy. Tiny bit of citrus and their vessel open up for debate. Bomb but it grew readily available. And wasn't the most popular property experts that much rather have socks and the brewers could. Get their hands on likes Todd for power how they would use those in very reserves amount to finish with a beer but especially for the bid during the reason small amounts of American cluster. Because it was available. On. And is still hop that's perfectly available today a bomb. And pretty much still true to its original flavor right. Cluster props it's not sell on the year a lot you'll hear that a lot and the still around they need they're so get over so around the so being that we have mints are worried are you to Seattle used a lot of kind of quote unquote. Classics aisles or a pre prohibition styles so you also seem used him like cascading and are tailored black IPA. Debts. Via now they're still around are still available we usually seldom. In the spring so we want Italian before we get to the break of one Italian top prize hopes right now yeah and clusters usually one of the hops it's always available every year it's a very good tutoring hop. I can be used dual purpose she can certainly smash with it doesn't have the big pungent. Sutra scene notes of American cascade which shouldn't come much later and told the 1970s. And really into production until the early eighties. Armed the cluster was readily available locally grown hand cannon have you know a different flavor to it so wasn't prefer to always in the finished. Nah because it was a bad happened because it was not. Available. Arms are it would do other cops were not available on your looking for those more familiar flavor. But again tying into top prize films we ergo our first time of letters of the first ones available so we're going to be punching those up on the web site again. If you wanna get hop writes on we always suggest giving him in the ground early giving him in the ground early is better for the first couple years and growing location. Or soil quality so if you don't have the time to kind of plant around in your garden to me the room for the cops just give him in there give him started. You can easily move on. In another year. And they will save you a lot of money they're wonderful order mantle you get a wonderful harvests and is something like growing. Minter other spices you give more than you'll ever know what to do this and mustard during Columbus making albeit a minute case in which. But save a lot of money but ornamental easy growing. You know peroni. With a closer yet cluster pops in general. You are right what do you back won't get into the Kentucky comment the process know you know what is specific to know about it. Kentucky's commonwealth maybe something that you hasn't. Dabbled in before. Jerry white professor here and our traditions just ruined. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open Monday to Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Bruin. Welcome back tonight positions just threw it on ESPN fifteen point will make an cal I'm not a California. It doubles mixed them up a Kentucky comment. And we went over some of the history of the Kentucky common what separates it from the California common. Basically I think the nuts and bolts of it is that the common. Is a beer of circumstance. Not quite is that the comment while you could say that view or to beer we often. Coach of that that they they also have their console me Doherty in the yeast into it goes back to that no available ice or refrigeration. Are dead at employment by circumstance was only yet that is the main circumstance if it comes up over and over again. And why immediate peers from all over the country and all over the world. Our refrigeration. And that's a big thing is refrigeration. Allow appear to be brewed and transport it. Especially reviews immigrants were coming from Eastern Europe. It was theory easy balls for meant that your war and then cold Egypt in cold conditions to last a long time the east would be allowed to slowly work etiquette a little bit drier finished. On hand it would be a little bit cleaner become the and if you want to get those Beers and please. Well like pre provision and hockey. I couldn't even imagine what it would have cost. And you think about the travel that it would it had to calm so it probably wouldn't have been angry when account who beat Skokie could be foul. The personal for injury cards at this time so it was coming. Room temperature. If you were lucky hand. It wasn't going to really reflective should. Arm to you can do that you can pay a lot more. For the imported beer if you could find it on if the review and an option for. Or you could drink the local beer that was going to be a lot cheaper but also have a lot more reliable. Flavor. Arm in what they did to try to meet appeared with a little bit cleaner and a Trier is the use east similar to the California common. That word you know German studies that fragmented. A bit warmer. A bomb in a lot faster. On the DO require long cold aging times to kind of refinements that he'd do with you know chuck Phil's church are preparing pills. And so they uses the B common tie each year. Arm so we are obviously if you're trying to brew won the Hugo Rick why he's 2112. Men would be anchors team needs and probably axle. Shorts. On the part of having Knoll. Refrigeration veil our no cold storage arm is that this beer with traditionally made from cast. Two from a man with only one week CU beat me cashing him. You would be pitching. You be from 19046. To seven days. And then putting it right into cas in caste and dishing Indy would actually usually quarries which is actually German technique. Where they would take the year. Right towards the end of fragmentation relief were talking about Lance. Final deeper fermentation and they would forward into the camps in the trap that CO2. Triples trap that fermentation. And would give appear a lot more. Flee. And it would be probably conditioning. On its way to work it was going to be peace her. I think this is this common story that you find with a lot of competition. And trees is that they're being bottled and relief. They're hoping that their conditioning on the way to the competition one of the reasons why is that if you have. One if you listen to show and it's one week before competition deadline in your looking for another beer that you could prove besides city English bitter. And wheat beer NCs. This would be added it'll Kentucky comment if it's a weakened for the entry deadlines you've got a shot. The other shoddy cute when he's ready and entry in the competition amassing its gonna do well. You be true to the regional process that was perfected over decades but. If you got one week and you finish but that would really interest are no cold storage the kind of whimpering. German beer but it works for me it almost morally in English tradition one week fermentation. Rating two casts. You know with league condition and then served well it's still early on before and any chance that and a quarter and he's being all's. A warrior and the kind of panel offers flavors from being stored wore. During. Almost Germans beat her and it was heavier in six Rhone core. In the words serving more in those tradition of Korea given today cats get a picture. He's off towards the diesel. So it's freshen him any chance you know going. Off. Now. We can talk about how to make. Gets it and we've talked about the actual beard and hit it straight like I think that you know knowing how old beer comes. Comes to be what it is is it is an important part of understanding why you're doing what you're doing and bring process. And I I looked ramble but I could not find one Kentucky common being distributed around here there. With no breweries it survived prohibition so from the civil war prohibition. This became the most popular beer wrong Luis. 75% of the market. Was dominated by small breweries producing this (%expletive) around after that they were all on there were no real kind of commercial examples locked in some new breweries have started making seasonal batches of Kentucky common. I think. We'll probably see upon which we get caught Kentucky Derby. A console looking for an alternative to a year peaks doubt that you made colored drinking and to a park Kentucky Derby day. Kentucky comment you very traditional example. But I'm gonna start right weight they've hit six broke and cork almost like you you're making a quarter's close until five pounds six stroke. Two to three pound corner pentium I efficiency you're not shooting for very high gravity here only about 44 to fifty. Five points system and we came out around 440 camp for some cent alcohol. Problem. I'm gonna in some dark malts this vehicle for a little bit of like German thirteen Ashley Roma malt. Arms is a very dark crystal. Probably a little biscuit Maltese they go back and look at that BJ CP guidelines it talks about you know red cross and biscuit. And so many useful but this him -- in the air it's kind of like if you're making him appear for competition and no dummy. You know when you answer to how to meet your peer cool look at the guidelines read with the flavor indicators are picked animals. That have the same scriptures is what you see in the title went. Morgan go about quarter. To a third of a pound of U2 those are probably an M a little bit secure co system helped keep a little but I had retention. I'm gonna do protein rats. I'm going to. Do a little bit of water treatment as well shall blue chips a little bit of calcium part harmony probably teaspoon of east kind of mimic. There water profile. Arm and then protein rest sixty minute boil clustered bidder may be a little by the south's finished. In the right into that anchor steam beer east now. Kind of putting a note on my calendar for about a week and a half before competition give myself a little bit more time. Than just 7 days but I am thinking about trying to brute this last minute and bunch of appears and I'm thinking bumper and numbering about a week and a half for competition to outline and quickly and it. And seeing how does. And Tsingtao is site at one of the reasons I went looking around. Two finalists because reading up about and talk he comment jeez I wanted to drink one yeah and I could not find one anywhere. On and again their first post would be you know lower alcohol light amber color a little bit of your own multi Romo but not really dominant. And low and high up. Arm at the kind of read this week description you know he only has all the more roast the Armon fat tire global in Belgium he notes to the the Easton a little bit of you know more kind of yet America I'm a toasty nest but it seems like it would at the same mouth feel seem kind of mostly twenty ability. Up as those spears here so was in the peak you know super poppy wasn't super roast he was a very light amber you know for a rush. Easy beer to drink. And so I'm gonna try to do that seven days you know when I mean maybe is seven days but ten days you know match. To chaos bomber put tied a couple calls for competition there on partisan interest in beer are kidnapped and with the senate fuel change a little bit when you're around for the Kentucky Derby but then will be lucky if we get those Beers you know from useful for here. So local Marreese. You're looking for cast for Kentucky Derby weekend. McKee good. It's out there and expect some sick for most common usage and Heath yeah but without their we got it Kentucky known for their commons and also. Like. An obvious suburban and whiskey Bentley. Turbines doubts like Kentucky and and you know cut you put Kentucky in the title of fear that you'll feel like you need to be the mall is going to be. Bigger yeah you're gonna have like okay aging is going to be global burden there not with us what else would be good chased some relief pitchers. When it comes to just a real quick to your opinion on this like you know some some verse like. To barrel their stuff suburban barrel. Wrong barrel and a beard Asian June barrels. If not. In the interest in what's islanders go data we collect and I EPA hearing ghost ally PA when ethical you know juniper accidentally Samsung are usually sound would work pretty well. Yeah I and not a fan myself but. I'm night event of Rome barrel aged like may be at my favorite yet that are wrong gears again. This duo rom. Earl scotched. And help. That's I think a really good example. And there was a little bit of question about whether the spear with the ever liked was the third and you know what type cast and could have been would -- suit you know you could potentially get some. Would in the air and squeak it through the competition. And on the office said in the PG ACP guidelines it's Coastr digging. You know when I mean and articles about it searchers fueled the controversy about that what are some of the breweries were to a sour mash. Hum of them might be an option to go through and make something just a little bit more interest in palm. But the Kentucky common is really interesting recipe so we'll have to get into next week another. Tunnel for how many new. Armed styles we have been at least another obscure style kennel leading up to the competition here. Armand the Kentucky come and I think with an uninteresting morning and one like you said I was coming in pursued in brewing especially with that. Kind of fashioned Turkey and if you're looking to central one in the competition which is coming. You know march 31 as the diet line Chia fifty days so you still have 43 days to procrastinate for economy can become. Right that'll do it for us but about out of time the twelfth annual art of beer march 9 2018 that's this year of course from. 2035 dollar pre sell pointless vendors oversimplified menu items so give the art of beer. The a walk deadline is march 31. And operas on top prize if you wanna get top prize on starts thinking about them now only have those warm spells I was looking at mine so gonna come at you fast Nazi camp plenum in June. You can also plan and in March we better off in March. Till next time full talked event here on nine positions just Pruitt. It's. It's. You've been listening did just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're season brew or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to work online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode it just blew it.