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And do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer. It's time for just Bruins. Brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy why they. Per diced her. It's Saturday morning welcome to Niagara traditions just bring it here on ESPN 51 interview like bird diced or Audi the morning is winter over I hope so. I'm putting all the winter stuff away what quick change often Western New York we don't give it. So we go with another month of you know forty degrees in money. On toast a great time to be homer and and I know a lot of people are because we're really giving busy if you have winner hobbies you know the past month with great piercing ice fishing anything like that snowmobile and but nobody wants to lose you know wrestle on the mater at least in this weather now so you gotta find something to do endorse now Myers home. Have some fun and kind of get ahead for summer inspect some bureau so it's kind of group. So coming up we've got a lot of stuff on the on the docket we're gonna get so Irish style three talks South Korean Beers well. But spring I'll isles and about lake is spurring sufferings. Some festivals beer fast but homer competitions it feels like is definitely competition time a year yet it doesn't brewing calendar kind of follows the golf calendar where there's only about like three months where it's a little quieter. And it roar back in full force in March and April. The weather now with both part of it was presidency. Partly with the arm and yes and on Sox operate now I have a lot of outdoor hobbies for most. You know summer and fall. Winter but in this time he worries don't have options so you know. Now it's time to start growing it's time to get it had a little bit. And makes and you see your time and were two weeks from the twelfth annual art of beer with just. At the night or. Arts and cultural center of the U returner is rusty or original beer tasting event how long has it been around exactly twelve years twelve years twelfth annual art of beer fest. 21120 vendors 75 menu items 35 dollar pre Celtic it's as well and those are available at. NEC's you know our org or tradition if you want to corporate got you guys selling paper tickets raider victory there and your hard copy number. Rate ago very good so that's two weeks from today and the amber waves of grain homer competition is at the end of the deadline is the end of march competition. Two weeks after that so you've got about. Three weeks. To not through weeks there it was important for five weeks Erica that's their 36 days remaining and and and why did the steel. A lot of options for September on I mean if you're looking for a week primary week maybe two weeks secondary in the and you know week 22 weeks Apollo mission still have that time it. So if you're looking to brew. On me wanna start singing competition and wondering this weekend. And what I it is I took my rest PIA. You know looked at its terminals that's compared to the styles are and they mean a couple little tweaks to bring it a little bit more into style on every. Your that a group between now and then. I'm going to do that same I'm gonna put away a six pack out also that I have someone comes around after the competition. Carrier so start thinking about that here in even if you don't have a Beers brewed exactly to style brew for competition still country we always say it's your best chance for. You know giving feedback and nuclear are no better place to get it. Arm and not only your immediate feedback we gonna get suggestions on how to fix these problems in your beer and what you can do to me appear that much all right. Top prize on what's the word there but there are bonds available on the web sites we have all the common varieties cascade Columbus east and polling Howard how. On the website will still have some more coming up. Arm but start thinking about it now uncertain or do you look where you have a little bit extra space to plan on the rise over in the backyard. The really low in early start wonderfully beautiful perennial. On that is really mildly. Willfully destructive. It can't call it mildly base that it does spread. Pretty well we'll say but it does need something to try also songs you have. Let's face wreaking give it something decline it's easy to keep it isolated in the groceries wonderful clusters apparently ankle and flowers. Every fall so it kind of blooms at the end of the year when not a lot of other stuff is. And ruling makes wonderful ornamental even if you're used to. What's carbonation lit with a new product that we just gotten. On its so. Before and we talked about this once before options for artificially carbon raining here we talked about something. Called a carbonation tanker tanker mold over post carbon. Which is at the home brew level. Usually a stinky Europe and art Cornelius keg that on the gas side you've installed a CO2 still this is usually point five micron. Ports deal stalled. And what the stones to receive gasoline preacher surface. So how you accelerate the carbonation appear when your shaking it is you're actually. Increasing the safe surface area between the UCO two at high pressure in the liquid that is you know able to dissolve some of that CO2. I'm in by increasing that surface here you increase the rate it was such assaults. This CO2 does that stone does that without shaking so you have this porous stone within this little two inch don't. There's a lot of surface area. So it basically is giving the equivalent servicer of shaking the living daylights and the fact except it's a lot easier on your back. So before the options for these making your own breaking promoter with carb meter. Were buying the stone pre attached to a stainless steel dipped to do you have to then inserted into the tag in flir. So that meant that that's. Stone which are pretty expensive I think I paid seventy dollars from Miami to own to a com. Is permanently installed that tag you can't move it over to another beer or something like that so once you're done you're operating carbon meeting. You're really your only option was to transfer the peer into another taxi to sanitize it would jump blind CO2 lines and other cat. Possibly something to bleed out the pressure west and then you had to sit there and wait while the peer transfer hoping you didn't bring any sentiment over at the end so is. Kind of a touchy processed. I was expensive you relying on these like kegs is basically operate tanks arms he always had reduced our extra transfer. Now there's something called a carbonation lit which people were making themselves. But now there are some that are you know people who were actually can welding the pieces together. Alms being done at fox equipment which American name very reliable equipment company itself from their own products is flawless. Allotted different kind of comment tagging stop in what this is is you have a universal Cornelius Carey will fit in local football our Firestone challenger. Doesn't matter what this long to start the race track style led the swivel fit it in in the San Europe but there's the all locked gaffes disconnect. It goes down to a soft like two foot hose down to one of these are the nation's problems. So with the big part of this is is that you think harmony DeBoer. The pressure off remove this lid put the original lit background. Injured around. So instead of you know letting it sit you know twenty PSI for two weeks or something like that. Were shaking living daylights out of the keg for half an hour 45 minutes. All you do is install this led to replace it with a regular it hook up your gap so there. Letting go for you know a couple of days it's really Google violently first and then can leave it there overnight. Pick up the pressure from the litany of a heck of carbonated you know shaking. Note two weeks of waiting it's done right then and there and then you can move that live over to another beer. So you can use that. I'm different tags and so that's huge because it's that it's not as cheap as the stone along but this map that more expensive which is that I paid seventy dollars unified along stainless steel rough. I believe it right down a price. Leagues is under longer hundred dollars. All roller yeah well under underdogs on the dollars. And it is. Very useful. Right so calm and this will be paid back savor time saver right it is one of those convenience items yet we don't need it but his army your beer batter. But is gonna meet you your life all easier in the meantime you can make your. Your life easier that's actually what is gonna meet Huber if you can take on fun parts of the process out if you can spend more time drinking. Brewing plus I'm cleaning transferring all that stuff. You're more likely it. It speaking of convenience and something you might wanna do that. How about the idea of the grain father you're gonna tax return and yet we are seeing a lot of you know maybe another reason why this is how the season not just the weather is it's also a tax return season to folks have a little bit of extra spending money. And we would definitely urge you to bring it into tradition. Armed we have copilot in power since doctors has been a popular selling item right now for those were familiar with that it's an all in one marine system. But unlike the brew we brew Jeannie order. Peco brew you're actually doing. The Bruins you know and I mean it was some of these systems. You're literally putting ingredients telling a computer when ingredients you have. How the recipe goes or how voting recipe and then just sending it off and like the you know bread making machines in the mid nineties. This is a lot more serious than it really mimics kind of some of the bigger easy systems and how it's barges. It's electric has thrown a static control. Ought to subdue the fermentation Koreans just for peppering. Arm but it's a really nice unit they're just under a thousand dollars. The fit in your kitchen cupboard with all the equipment side won here don't count ergonomically. Designed to kind of be put away. And people really really like. Yeah column is established for people remembering for fifteen years. Are moving over to the screen parks system is and I think that's really liked it the fact that we have established pursing on ought eyeballs equipment it even more money for an experience west. But man I would love to do this on the cool touchdowns Garcia and yes you can produce fight accounts. Just as good Beers I can with my you know big key eagle system truthful and property. It's a above product of I've gone to the brewing process so many times it's a bit mechanical forming I don't have a problem. Making it a bit more mechanical now it's about the creative side of it like it's about the beer that I create rather in the Beers that I machine out myself you got it. And there's definitely think there's there the whole. Niche for that home during his people who part of the fun and I think it was from need definitely starting off it was like hey im getting cheap beer. Into mechanical and department and enjoy designing systems hoping my friends get boring systems going in all UN can greater yet yours bullets departs by. Bring it over our hope you put it together. Arm that would I think that what took my interest initially instilled does for a lot of holders but a bicycles along. I mean my system might have problems are fix those problems I had fun doing that. But this time I don't want prof wolf and that's why I own a grandfather as well so I would put myself on that list. To experience first. Who's got a grandfather just Samie the whole process shall parties here and again it's if it's the weather's out bat out and don't have to be in garage. Can be inside the can set it up rate on the kitchen count rate underneath my regular hood hand through five here on all in action three and a half hour. Now so it's impressive that stuff before we get to the iris starts. One of South Korean beer means we act I touched on this last week today and during the Olympics are gonna talk about this for him exactly I have friends who are in the service where troops stationed in South Korea. And they were always impressed with. I'm there was a fair availability. Of imported Euro posed quite expensive. There was 200 dominant brands. Height and Obi. Arm and then there was also become more popular about protecting me because who's a little bit you know exotic was so would you it's and so when I think of them coming home to give them stopping. On this courier. Race almost the malt liquor drinks beverage into their suitcases and so that's all he really sought up. I did a little bit research after last reach over and so it's been dominated by these tutoring companies. Offer large part because of fear restrict health regulation on the breweries. A bomb but more recently. Armed they've relaxed some of those restrictions on smaller breweries here actually seen a lot of microbreweries. Popping up in South Korea. On as well as another thing popping up in Austria and that is home Marie is becoming theory popular. On I was very quickly people can find Korean homer clubs. Arm. And the the looks of their meetings well itself. You know if you're traveling through the area for the Olympics and you wanna stop by home Bermuda and you know an immune on their there and so. Yep that they have a fear relieved of firsts. Bruce Simi B nine in the macro scene but very much growing in the might proceed to think or seniors and we we talked about the cement bumpers bill. I think worldwide people are saying and one batter the beer marijuana for a you kind of see what. Other countries see what the US has been doing you know the options available in Europe that I think that's one of the reasons it. We use countries are moving to better piercing hey I traveled there's other stuff out there. And so if you reach a global economy ever he wants better appeared in the all one girl. You know well. Pretty cool you know to find out Beers from around the world that my nothing goes as you know South Korea's like typical kind of plays Ari. When we know much better iris tells me that on the other side. Out of grew up your Irish stout getting close to Saint Patrick's Day kinda and Irish stout season that kind of stuff that's on the way next on acquisitions just route running us in fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish traditional home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. Back here are not traditions just threw it on ESPN. Fifteen point Jimmy white perspective. Twelfth annual art beard. He's on the way to two weeks from today you get tickets at tiger is so tough and for that. They want competition the deadline for entries more than just those are two you know to gates keep in mind. So let's talk Irish stout. It's it's a good good timing earth are you have you solo ways away but if you're looking to brew and Irish so. Now's the time you wanna be thinking about it. As well as if you're thinking about entering a warrant our Irish star is a fairly simple Buren and a good one to get kind of a good reflection of your overall the ring process of the recipes are fairly simple. But it's kind of how you are the ruling makes a difference competition. So. If you're looking for beard Bruce is good once a little bit of back story. Obviously when we're talking about her style we really are talking about. Give us and they opened up in 17199. Marine annual English Porter that they called a quote unquote style Porter meaning it stronger rose fears bigger. Then on I mean it's a bigger version. Armed and give us was really wrong the first Marines and use also black patent roasted Barley emerged out importers starting in the early eighteen hundreds. So we can really kind of credit bam with the dumping him loads of just one green into the Pierce's if you if you love pierce said. In order coffee like you know he can definitely think Guinness although the modern product doesn't have quite seem. The roasting flavor. After wall wart two games begin using the roasted early primarily. While London perverse kind of continually stuck to their ground ball which was a heavily host Atmel still has some and some attic con tent. Arm and produces a very strong stringent nutty flavors. So will say the that you amber Moore can definitely be brown. Kind of mixed bag and whether people really like it because it does have this really stringent flavor usually use in high volumes. We're at this you know kind of heavier roasted her small cities and small amounts a lot of flea collar. Measured using possibly would get less of these stringent flavors. Arm. They've always imported or exported a few versions of their beer and partially why Guinness is so popular because. He really need a push to be an export your company. On there are competing with England with a lot of German opera with these new markets. And state being one of them that didn't really happen establish piercing and certainly didn't have a good establish piercing arts had just been wrecked by prohibition. Arm and a lot of Europe had just been wrecked by war too so although a lot of memories made it through then there was kind of supply problems in gyms kind of took advantage of this. And became one of the regional league act's supporters of the year so they had the drought the extra. And in the for an extra for kind of different levels of roasting us some alcohol to fit different markets. Com and so often we're talking about a style we're talking about our wrist out really kind of pointing to one example and that's these kind of original. Kind of Guinness years. Com and the kind of set the south so Catholics are Nevada set the south for American pale ale on you know Guinness set the style for Irish stout. Palm. And there's like theory of the large diversity so you have. Like the draft which is usually like 4% the Oxford style is usually five and a half six. And them for mature and we gave no closer to what we think of as. And puree. Arm but one of the reasons I love buyer's house that was one of the first. Kind of years that I brood is because they're fairly. Cheap. And when it was for spurring and it looked in downtown buffalo. There was nothing major really more popular than having a cheap keg Irish doubt war hero street Patrick's and we kept it twirled personal blocked and you don't bring the tag and that kind of crew. You know down to the parade that's just kind of the technical around your neighbors and say hey you wanna pitcher stout against the only if you really really popular. And so we talked about like that style recipe is there really easy to brew talking about a quick match usually start with five pounds of an Irish pale malt. Two pounds flee our early round of roasted Barley ounce of EKG. And at that he metres east while he's Tammy before so if you came in and you bought this all my tradition you're looking at 2490. For -- a pretty good 25 so if if anybody's closings on your wondering the sounds like a lot of working you don't know a lot why do people home. Because 45 aux and UK give us tickets you what he peers you know and I mean I've been especially if you're buying a molecular gas station on the parade route. You know you can eat pierce for 25 oxen or whole tag to TO. On. Wonderful beer Peru than you have the armed it was produced really to compete with English bidders for people who weren't looking for the number of roasted malt once and it was a little bit this week. It was so used to talk to the rose to multi kind of set it apart from the English bidders. Armed and they are also very easy quick the year for you almost take the same recipe. Put him more pale while portable but of crystal oh tiny bit of roasted Barley. And you really have the kind of scene here for scene or race. Arm. So. Yeah rerun think Patrick's day year if you care of nitrogen system available. We have all the ingredients rate ago startup kit with ingredients are under under barks. In Jamaican. Yet and fight and what's the idea what's the timeline of that. Really quick you know looking like a week for from goodie should turnaround from really quick. And another reason why I think star was one of my fever appears to Peru when I was first spurring is because it quick. You know two week turnaround last if you have a card incessant real good about 710 days. On to you plenty time to procrastinate. We estimate that between now and Saint Patrick's Day. Bought. He should you know to treat gee we'll ask your friends. And popular and and timely I mean you know whether it's Guinness or Murphy's immunities of the Beers that people feel like they want a drink or on this time of year. Me ask you this because I think for the beer drinker that is about you know we have craft beer drinkers that was in the show. For people that dabble in craft Beers I think they tend to stay away from it is because they the review is which is too heavy forming which is. The opposite of reality is it's so he's ever tried so what I am just convinced that nobody's actually are written about Guinness has actually ever drink and why the people I I think some people to drink Guinness. Feel like it's maybe it's because they don't ever drink dark Beers and the molds ideals that. It's funny to me because crane known some people we're Guinness is bearer light. Drinking old thing in the sun beer and I absolutely understand and is it can be for me to. A lot easier than like bug goes up or agencies. You know they mean it it's it's really light if you go back to certain looking at the stats. Your final gravity is like seven points you don't need. It's really light bodied and I don't think people realize that adding its roasted malt really doesn't add much as far as water soluble moments that your input slot at Canon's. And some flicked at it even for humans. Mean vehement roasted malt and Guinness compared to. Mostly like Edmund fist. You know I mean nobody easily like. Four times as much crucible of your like that but. I didn't know plenty of people who drink admin fits who were fearful. Of drinking again this. Order Murphy's. And to say oh it's too rich is like drinking a cheeseburger and just convinced that they've never tried it. It's light bodied. It is nitrogen that CO2 is here and acting like a load of like you know ups that bloating afterward. You have low gravity. McConnell caloric level I mean it's pretty low in calorie we're all right I forgot it read. I know we talked about. I restart two years ago I wrote down all the chemical or content is right there were like Michael ultra. Yeah I think has a 95 killers as tennis or for you mean there's a lot of a lot of cultures especially you like north and East Africa where the consume roll out of roasted or at least without alcohol. For the positive effects it has aren't your kidneys and figure digest of system book and a drink has roasted Barley was not a call all week. Corporate. I believe you I didn't hit another little a he had it's not has over ten. The yen the bigamy almost a couple say somewhere between like coffee human or animal soda and calm in. It's issues like some crystals made some excellent mimic it yet some left over crystal he got some left over special be up some chocolate malt. Maybe throwing a tiny bit of actual coffee in their putting your French press. You know what it's at their for twenty minutes oppressive out let it cool and that's what some people with local beer. And it's very refreshing and it's very good for you. Doesn't do much to put to the on Saturday night but in a very good for. And so that's the other thing when you were drinking something that's applicable bureau this trying to become the lowest calorie beer not necessarily one of the better players for you. It's you know like kind of like back to like Michael Powell from our talents like eat real food pre pre appear. If you appear to smack in the public upset stomach to view figure others you know I mean have problems Clinton will be your surprise. Pomp and give us would definitely fit into that. You know yeah Randy Ayers made to his rich recipe doesn't happily add ons and core personal he said. It is pretty true although a bit later a pretty two truths rituals violence original recipe no. And before. Quick failure to its official and bring up something to you about. Like beer traveling if you're traveling you're trying to find places ago gave great craft beer. One thing that I found I think we're really lucky in New York in in this area. To see not only how many craft breweries we have. But the availability of that kind of beer distribution real if a pet charts is Kim really competitive off the charts good. Candidate doesn't have that you go to Kennedy to have great craft beer but if you go to a restaurant it's obviously going to be there and I was just in Colorado. And out skiing on all the resorts have craft beer but they have the macro craft beer all of this. Or if and when I went Trout fishing out in Colorado one time we had a goal for quite a ride to get anything more than domestic light right and we eventually so we are gonna look around disappointed he gas station and somebody sauce and said hey you when I mean there's a restaurant. Or are weighed on the ways cell six packs you know and I mean yeah if you're looking for light. Goodyear had that way until we have to drive like twenty minutes to get decent beer. No we have wonderful book although that highly competitive beer distribution. And while it doesn't quite favor the upper often it definitely favors the consumer in New York State and so it's really amazing. What were able to get that Charles bases definitely fought for you and I mean between imports local breweries. Gone were the real winner here now in the long and some not to take for granted you know we we don't you go out. You're gonna find it. Options and the prices for tiger yeah I agree that too tough fight that's it for us here and act traditions just Pruitt today thanks for listening thanks for joining. Reminder two weeks the twelfth annual art yourself in an actress to pick up tickets and upper tax returns and broke some good Beers over. Will be back next week and hopefully winter is done and when we're back next week we're talking about more temperatures you know in the fifties and mid sixties. Topics maybe six moving from bloggers to maybe sales that degrades another month would be nice to be talking about today's intense. That's it talking next week and I Anderson's just brought on ESPN fifteen point. Here. And. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel wonderful online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.