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Do you play here you'll learn how to make your own beer. It's time for just throw it. I want you by now with traditional. Here's your house to me why. Dice there. Good Saturday morning welcome to United Nations just threw it. Happy Good Friday happy Easter weekend happy thing to stay down on Monday. One of the bigger bureau events and drinking. Rollicking frivolous and it's Monday. Date time off. Kind of holiday and I think you can see there's still here because you don't see people out there with red beer. Yeah I only mean yet and please don't echo there if you thought about it I mean rarity during this kind of flavor of smoked sausage so at that we're getting there yeah. We'll enjoy your biggest they'd be safe and men and some things these years past me it is. Is a party is an aggressive party well depends on the crowd that you know and I mean so. For some it's if there was a aggressive eating yellen amusing and mainly in my family. And you know appeared downtown buffalo a placement courses drinking. All right so last week we talked about gorgeous keys if you want a Ford thing Tuesday's and you are. Waking up today and joining us and thinking yes it is that was last week. You can find any episode on demanded ESP and 1520s what's it or WGR as well also if you are up. In a market for that after this one pop on there and an industry to some good. Holiday pierce like our ourselves or something like that you don't just have to drink it and saint Patrick's fair game you can think it all Summers are great light refreshing beer. Give it to try Ferraro this week I'm very good all right so this week. Couple things to let you know about first the amber waves Green Day walk home competition. To date the other line is today so if you need some help registering come on down we can help you out. Com otherwise will be their collecting entries all day 20 close. Arms so today's the deadline you have to close of business and higher tradition which is 4 PM to keep your countries and and we're doing regular clinic where few come in you need some help getting your peers anchored will be their health. And no label on the bottle. Little besides the one that they it. Have you printout got you OK the but I wideout caps to twelve ounce bottles and you can what it was basically gonna ask is let's say I have a beer. And I think. Cheryl tosses the competition I can I can black out a cap on anything. And put their label on it and because maybe I didn't put it in a blank probable to start with you I and I can regular rock county have BI and you can also clean off about also this is I label every single and maybe your habit bottle. On the and so that means com. Com you know competition time I have to get all those labels off. And when I don't wanna do is obviously wouldn't do normally between the bubbles is put Mullen to bin where it wouldn't know what was what and I would soak them off and Bieber right. So what I will do is I will take some warm water in a cloth and I'll take the bottles to at a time my two entries. I'll wrap the cloth around the label let it sit there for a minute while Infiniti ping via filling everything out on line when I get the labels printed a command take off. You know my label easily wipe it dry with a paper towel. And go that what you wanna do anything to get the Bobble war because you could meet your beer for now you could reactivate these meager knowledge guy and a possibility that. You know lose from hop character. Loose cloudy and it's if you're trying to keep clotting that's. So you wanna keep the temperatures study if you already labeled soak you with a wet warm wash cloth to get that label lost right. The reason I was gonna ask his let's have got into the bottle that is. A little to stay clicked as dog fish had heavily and asking for for entered known and Erica what I'm really asking is if I have a bottle. That I've made and I think what just lost in the competition. Doctors had to they have little clip distinctive softened yeah I think like black everything else out and it's just like it's still bottle in the okay yoga that it's because you know Alaska Sam Adams they have branded bottle so fat tire we get that around here now I think I'm probably. Notorious for will not victorious there's no way I feel victorious Ford they don't know what the other. But I always end up with a certain and beer a lot of really don't fit into the cases that they keep around so I buy that brand appear clean up the bottles and Needham. And those in the Sam Adams bottles because they're so there are always a one score off the competition got you so I and I yet and I pay I always do that because I don't want those bottles in my regular circulation like my heavier home group twelve ounce bottles. Can be mean once and circulation. But I always need new bottles and cleaning out small ones some from the neighbors are from itself. And yeah after all over the place with the the style bottles on the from very distinct. Bought. Yeah the judge's. Okay good that at the minute they it's good to know is that we have a sixteen ounce if there's something like that yes we will take it you know and I mean but you don't. Have to. -- you know sun much okay so if you have you've got a bigger one that you've put in a 22 ounce bottle I mean these are good that there were probably still take a they're getting a little excessive with a beer right what I'm only thinking for people that. Maybe our were planning on entering the competition and things they like. Heck I've got a bottle of test out that I can just do and here's the other thing to say he did have something bit. It took you out of the winner's circle for some technical issue either blacked out about what some distinctive mark there was the wrong size or something like that that it the only way you're still gonna get the valuation they're still gonna sit down with the flight of borrowers even if they do don't do it and I mean like something's way off. And you'll still give you a full valuation. All right excellent so that's the a walk a petition the deadline is today competition is April 13 and fourteenth. The Huey hot routes are talking about that that's almost a mile away amount upstate New York homer association that is a Rochester based out from Rochester based club broadcaster based competition. And something special to us here. Here in their fortieth. Year while Mets that's huge today they've been doing. Homegrown competition to good when he year before her home brew competition for your really even on the radar. Com and the only popular twenty years ago and ten years ago he sees in them get popular and well two decades before that they were on top of that. We're sponsoring a competition. So is Genesee brewery company which goes off. Advertising but it's another great competition maybe not as big as a walk but if you missed a walk and you have some more entries or you do well they walked. You know you can and trying to this help with two weeks turnaround between that judging. In the deadline you can even keep your recipes Beckman like a pale ale to ski you can make some evaluation to regroup and some minute to use it. So may second for unionized today for a walk. We are drop off location for unionized while OK very good. All right so what else going on in the store you hot pop rise homes were still at that time waiting I'm I'm sitting there waiting for tracking number at this point you know I'm planning some more myself that's your choice a book. All the more rug leave excitement going into the gardening season with the top prize on. Offer anybody who doesn't know quite what they are obviously cops are the battering him kind of a Roman fruit flavoring. Agent in beer but they're also a wonderful ornament hole body. A bomb so they are perennial vine and the above ground Portugal buyback every year and they do not root. So they won't dig into fences they won't dig into your foundation and or anything like that they need us touring to ten around the needs something to train them. Other than providing them something to train on fear these super easy planned to grow. In the flower big green and yellow kind of pine cone flowers are talking about a lot. Right in the late part of the gardening season and late summer early fall. And when there's not a lot of balls blooming anyway so they kind of provide that mice look at the and to the year. So even if you're not growing bigger Ergen even if they're hampering beer grow your own maps. They looked nice me beef and trade with somebody for beer if you are growing injured Gartner. Get some hops in the card. For the fourth communal 55 dollars you pay for most rise on you the lifetime supply cops who can save you a lot of money if you want to package them. At the end of the year but they're just nice to have around in the garden. Tom in the can really cover up some ugly spaces chain link fences in a bad garage citing. Covered up with some hops. Remember that if and they do well around everything else you got and they do well in our area so if you're listening way down in Florida or Texas and might be a little bit harder sure in the higher. Elevations of Texas and they actually like our climate so they will do well here with out a lot of you know green thumb to kind of push from along. Hop Preisinger denial in two crystal steam all this is one that I finally got amber with this past weekend. Bomb kind of one of the many beer recipe to put together that never ever in time for it waksal probably be. Going to be unique. But I did a parallel with that so a lot of people were excited about it we've done some chewing on the graffiti in the store Brea avenue actually with the tennis I was it is that you is a great Georgia disagree cure that's in on that shows a lot of occurring to yes good just for eating. Yeah my life like when I'm arrived we were to overeat in Toronto when they had. You know and actual bull great out there and she'd like that hasn't stopped talking about a lawsuit by around two just for that because spent maps can be relief that tuna pending and appeared to its current tribal about it but work site is supposed to have all the normal without any of the burnt. On because the steam car mobilizing processed. And so that's out on the self only available forty love of honoring now. But we have an out their Lotta people are giving it a try and we should have appear on cap soon for Mary good. Tax return season as well you can find people that are looking to spend a little bit of money. And sold what are you or pop options top suggestions are what are you finding people are using and on well into our north for the previous three we talked about the appeared on we talked about the from monsters and we talked about the grain Fokker and those are actually things that. I own that I could say it will connect your trying to spend global money and save yourself. You know a lot of time and are not looking at a Calgary or cup and you need to think about how to save your time and meet your your little bit better and one thing that I have put off for years to my own laziness. Is the count or float and it's something that I'm thinking about this tax return season. So most numbers are familiar with the emergence of the copper stainless coil that you just boil into the peer. In the past cold water through it. I've always looked at I've I've used it to keep temperatures on mash. I just hose it off at the end of every day. And then to put up Brian raptors like little to no work involved with maintaining. A count earth theory Immersion shall. Not so true with account or float chiller so there either plates or tubes incited to. That pop pass cold water in opposite direction is your hop war to Cilic down almost instantaneously. Initially it never got into one because I didn't have a pump so that would definitely be you know trouble trying to gravity flow. You know through count or float chiller another vehicle that older and I have to admit I own house payment water. I'm starting to think about how much water are used for each batch not only in the brewing peas and usually heating up ten gallons tonight before. From the really only use about eaten half in the Peru in the room the other two have skills it's huge for sanitize or stuff like that. On them when it comes to the chilling. I feel like they lose a lot of control and I can preach show with ice in north of rigged up glycol chiller. Arm to my Immersion before using an old refrigerator. A bomb in and I found that I was making life a lot harder for myself to UC Immersion chiller to try to keep the fact that I wanted to count for short. In so the tower socialists are much easier ammo the water bill especially if you rhetoric arrived I wanna do this summer more you have to deal with that water and we're gonna put it afterwards. Bomb in and it's gonna save you a lot of times while. It's facet you can pump it through there will say fifteen to twenty minutes of free circulation. You're usually count your pitching aperture. CU a lot more surface area in a lot of bad. Those plates or out of the long to be inside the casing. That you will just dunking your chiller and so for this week art tax return gadget is account afloat shall work. I'm thinking about putting a finger on one and bring one home we have the bulletin and we have the sure arm and stock is low earth mother wants out there those are the main two. I'm thinking about going for the big boy for the men even though I grew three. The five gallons I'm looking for efficiency and looking for speed and go for the big board for the small. Options. All right well. People's tax returns and put to good use wanna get back to talk about cleaning up those traffic lines over the maintenance on the and they show best practices and brief sensation and those trapped beneath lines as well that's coming up next here and acquisitions just threw it on ESPN fifteenth. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew it. Welcome back to tiger positions just rip it and it. Jim what protester our two best practices and will resent. Haitian so we have we have this conversation points here once you start a football season. And once and it you know kind of the beginning of summer here and updating cleaning out your draft and some to give you'll heads up. If you only think about it and we talked about it at least two or twice a year we talked about it is something you should be doing more than you know. Once before the start of football season is somethings it's think about doing between. Every keg so first of all what are we talking about we talk about you know truly sanitizing. This relief not just one part process that's a three part process. You have to clean chemically. You have to clean physically in the and you have to sanitize chemically so you're really going to be putting three stages. In to be the process. And what needs to be sanitized it's everything that's ever gonna touch the appear polls boil support for fermentation equipment in appeared to mean. You know your home draft echoes fear you know. Liquid launchers taps your faucets. In running anything that's physically gonna touch the beard shrinks as well. Arm in the need to be cleaned rinse hands sanitized. Otherwise you're gonna start to kind of build up a little bit of bio film and and that's gonna lead to kind of infection in your line. On one kind of thing before we get into this no stainless steel or no chlorine and stainless steel. It's something that we see people rune equipment with cork. So you mean you know not to just grab it in the Bleacher Report correctly and stainless steel. Arm but some of the cleaners that you may have that you beat meaning using on carbo we some pockets and airlock so ranking tubes. Had chlorine in it it's a wonderful meters wonderful sanitize or it will help oxidized or stainless steel. Very quickly and kind of ruined. It in the couple uses to stay away from chlorine. And your stainless steel. And it's also best to mix up your sanitize or some cleaners. So if you've been using deeper switch over to PBW or you know super flush every once in awhile if you been using Starks and you know use I order force and the clean or one of the other and sanitize or every once in awhile to mix it up. That will help get off you know different cried out your line. But you'll also help killed different micro so what the Starks and doesn't do well against mold sports. But a lot of the other Tamil Tigers like iodine that oxidized is organic compounds and it. Does so switch it up every once salon to a different cleaner to a different sanitize earth. Scioscia particularly on to the two raffle and now. The brewers association so this is again we are talking about how they put in new guidelines will feed them kind of trickled down to numbering competitions in next year to two years. They also kind of have our kind of that's recommendations. For cleaning Al Marie to wrap flights in the gives you if you wanna go check it out a good step by step guideline they're chocolates that you could do. You know every a couple of weeks to make sure that your draft Linus and per Steen condition. And if you work in the habit of replacing your graph lines twice once a year. Let me tell you that those are meant to be installed in the wall of our in left their for a decade or more. So you're not getting the life out of your draft like that you should there's environmental costs as well as the work costs are you tearing apart your system you know every tagged to replace those lines. While they are cheap. It's a lot of work to get atom T wanna try to keep them clean you don't have to do that so every two weeks. They went to did disassembled the faucet black wants a system for twenty minutes each with a alkaline base cleaner. And then a sanitized her and and every three months to. Reduce the carbon to build up from just the water and other cleaners they want to give you an asset watching something. Like six for Cass. So we've talked about this we talked about it when he first. I did these guys and about a year and half ago. And I think we both elected to well you know I'm lucky to do with cleaning every check. Arm in that bit me. The other day so I had a couple friends over we went down to the basement to go have a couple appears. And we had the IPA because that was the only tap that wasn't for rose. So a couple weeks drug put on the IPA cleaned up that cap I just otherwise pour beer remind me be given a spree was Starks and into the faucet from lucky. And then I leave so what it happened with that little publisher that was built up on the backside to the seal right at the point of your contact. Dried up in crystallized my plunger. All of my Fossett's except for the one that I just put. On now what back at a show s.'s that. Just doing this cycle meaning without this assembling the faucet. Had saved that cap from giving this you know kind of crossed the gum in two. So if I had just taken here for forty minutes they didn't even have to be there and did the other two taps. You know when I mean I wouldn't of had to completely in all unhook the tags. Disassembled so coma and then reassemble them. In Ross while my friends or wait inferred you know political career of course we started with the imperial likely in the worker wade back mean reporter told her. Against that tasting order but. That was my fault Torre sat at. So. Clean them when you're doing one mean the others arm because it'll prevent those kind of come up leaders on if you don't use Fossett logs. Start using them to save you from that same embarrassment that I dad. On the other night. Again this discover the faucet prevented community from escaping and implement the faucets and drying up. So for not doing that do that all ready now is gonna talk about. If you have. Listen to shown on your opening after carburetor and you see different colors in your lines we can help you identify those different color right now and kind of what your infection to me be. And if we call with any part of the program at the gross out. Portion re talk about the different microbes can be growing. In there that your consuming to try to inspire you to clean these lines. So if you see white dips. Those are usually yeast and is usually use it's flock Chile and dried up armpits were exposed. To air this is that's relatively harmless that you still have debtor be ammonia you know. It's populated yeast cells. Sitting there providing a medium providing. You know our world flight for other microbes providing a food source. So yes your regular overseas just precipitating flock you leaving. To your equipment if you've ever racked appearing to tag and started serving when it wasn't quite clear yet. You've probably see that's because when you go to changer tag lines every low part in the line every. You know flat surface you know horizontally it's covered with a little dusting. Of these fly actually to peace and if you don't from the email line well. After works it will stay there for a bash to bet and they can get then infected by something else. How do you tell the difference between you say though the white. White can be yeast and not just. Precipitate right don't you sometimes get data lines too and yet you give that to into one wonders of the tennis scene problems with the precipitate to serve like become a fluctuated he's. So mentally does that provide. The kind of it's a site again to kind of shield him bacteria other Mowlds. Off from your cleaners from the beer which and then you know also hopes to keep the lines sanitary. Arm. It does the same thing you know any different cleaner take them off. But it really is the same problem also screw up your lol to you really what precipitate build up over timer. You know yeast fly actually even if you're using their cake and system every day's you don't taste a problem. You're probably having foaming problems just because the walls of your draft flying to become so furloughed. That they've changed the amount of back pressure or not distributing evenly anymore you know when I mean that you're gaining couple extra pounds of back pressure every time. You know I mean you open up the tab yeah just from effort from the side and so it seemed you know steam. Different source same problem in the long run. On if you Browner black you're definitely looking at Malta and this is where he can get. Are kind of dangerous or are you know a lot of poisonous molds and you hear the horror stories around black Mowlds. And if you like your draft lines sit with era and MC didn't leave beer in there you can leave tap water. In the air and you just left here and there this is often work it's at night blossomed tagline from this before especially hand lines in my basement. If they've gotten hung up near the sink and they were like you know without me improperly tried that and properly filled with stars and either. I've lost some draft lines to black mold and all very quickly grow inside. Your line. Now believe it's up to UB can physically scrub it out and it should get rid of it so good cleaner that host rush and Robin out. But new poses like Google dollar fifty and a host Russia's like six so if you don't already own one. You when I mean if you buy one is going to be saving you from the next emergency it's not really something that would say every home for guys usually when you see something that gross you just replace aligns. So brown dark brown or black or blue. Those are Mowlds. Jim room lines is the easiest way to go you know if you see gray or kind of except Tawny brown this is probably pierce don't. You know combination of hard and it's east. Proteins as Wallace cannons which is actually what's called causing the color change there. This takes some time to appear and if you're doing like a light are carbonate cleaning errors superfluous cleaning only. You might not get all of that so you're after a year to. You'll see it build them what you're seeing is sick cow you know potassium by parliament really become a precipitate his being died by the cannons from the beer. In because you're trying to clean it with a key burger PPW trying to clean testing by Carmen with more passing by Carmen and it's not working. So you need to switch it up when you start to see this build up that's when they wanna do you that six months citric acid water for some other strong asset. Help hold these you know precipitate off if you don't have sit protested at home. The inaugural work but the citric acid is actually cheaper in the long run. So distilled what vinegar will work if you heavily people coming over for bigger state this weekend need immediate Schneider tradition today. On but citric acid is a lot better. And work a lot better and really that's all stainless it in against anything where you're trying to build up a person the tapes point looks kind of works with the food grade. Forget the name of the product calcium lineman Russ so it works in the same exact way. And then the last thing the CPC obits of almost clicks now. You know in the log in and you still decide to try it and it kind of gets buttery year vinegar you're if you try it first in the new U Casey's flavors and wondering what's going on. That some bacteria. On the crown and robe it appears been sitting in the line for two while you can also see the yeast. Produce some time off flavors tearsheet concede I asked at all. See vcast. You know when I mean. See all the hide from the east and this is from did you know east reworking. In the lines and also from bacteria than you're giving UCB gas lactic acid or something like that so if your first beer. It's just sour. And then everyone efforts okay that means you have bacteria that's probably living in your beer stone in your flock purely duties in the line in every time you pole beer. You don't need you coming hit the nightly production of those bacteria and don't notice it anymore. On if you keep up with cleaning your raffle things. It will have a Knowles shall prove an anomaly with the functionality of your tagging system. But that tastier beer and you'll stop losing their first port every night so if anybody has addressed this from the come down there. You're kind of used to taking up that phone meat kind of you know. You know formulated for support to keep good clean. Draft lines. You'll be able to a point. Arm murder talk about the different cleaning chemicals and talk about low but about a building your own for a point here don't really have time for that and I have one. Last thing to say when. Working with draft lines and clean them is where I protection. Are you are working with some caustic chemicals which we are always working with in home and this is like the super floss the PLC in the different. Cold. Temperature line cleaners to the cleaners who worked aggressively and cold temperatures. Are usually the ones that are caustic but none of them are good in your eyes in if you're working with. You know chemicals under pressure you want a protector rice where our protection. Whenever your cleaning your draft and. Right. Well that's that we are a pencil to those chemicals and next week for some time on the line. That announcement in joy. Easter ending to stick during the all right yesterday at least very happy Easter happy things that OPEC next week and I traditions just threw it on ESPN fifteen point. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by an average traditional blue. Whether you're a season brewer or just want to get started president at 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.