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A. Do you like your you'll learn how to make your own beer. It's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White. First diced or good morning happy Saturday it's Saturday morning Gerri wiper diced or a night traditions just brew it on ESPN 1520. Happy week after national verdict. Happy here at B week after so happy cleanup week ending this week he calls also Mother's Day week and also happy Mother's Day good weekend cleanup. International Labor Day weekend. How things go for a that demonstration last month while demonstration one well we have a couple problems on the bird and not be a major difficulties we have in to those later. Who we did meet the Belgian triple with the Concord. Jews we have that going for the starter going to track this out east tonight for. That we knew we're gonna do a big Belgian we just didn't know one yet. And your kind of float around so we've had the news singer farms tart cherry juice and Concord repellents entry in. On their route sixty. Six's Marie concentrated. And we decided we want to meet you hear those who we did is we basically need really like our beat triple. An early like collars and fair body triple and Saturday. And then on Monday we'd dubbed him the rock Mercury content entry it's pasteurized in the steel and taylors we could do with some starts in on the outside crack it open. Put it in measure new gravity so brought us up a little over 24 points was around when he five point two more. In. Worked out sought fermentation instantly within twenty minutes while right back to just about died. You know after 48 hours for slow trickle CO2 we put the tart cherry juice in the air. I gave a little bit of a shake in it. Starter rate back up will be interesting to see where that finishes out on the case of one of some tells the store next. Don't think that. The triple via. Little 99% with little big beer on Bryant right at the big beards kind of go for in demonstration like that just the relief. It usually doesn't meet. Stuff that partner Mimi kind of accounted for efficiencies we put national parks for it some problems does boil off with the changing temperature changing humidity. Reading quite get the oil off to get into cities topic. Later on but. Yet as far as two in the bigger your willing to accept that or fish and seemed because we're in them because we wanted to shorter trip moves things along. For the people watching we knew that we were going to be getting somewhere around 65%. So we counted for that at a time. And everything worked out more than it was your inspiration that last week we talked elevating for bear yeah Lola nibbled I've been in there with Roy I've been. Talked about beer because we got those concentrate. And some injuries. And then I said all right. Talk the talk walk walks no really Monday's. That was excuse I'm all set on. I think the Mossad and draft beer light beer for the summer. And so now it's time to turn around and focus on some Bobble projects. And especially the warmer here and little easier from those Belgians and beat Beers in the war. Outdoor brewing appears to be here's day and weather has broken. They last week's brings sprang her spring has sprung what are you what my process waste guy a flowers in the garden. The trees have you know leaves on them. It's a yeah acting under the frost warnings hope in Communist or move some stuff outside. But that means it you know for a lot of upper and we especially thought this weekend a lot of people saying. And Stockton side might set up so rise and so willing you know and I mean to sit out there cheer for a couple of hours. Wasn't going to Peru in the winter so a lot of people are moving back outside to for the summer. And so we think you're safe. Certainly the past week. What comes to summer summer draft supplies and and growing supplies. Mean I'd imagine you guys deuce and seasonal work twosome on this summer season is greater role you must be kind of stocked up on summer supplies. And from the draft systems are there not only provoked the commercial. People so if you're having people over you know you're come fallen football season. You know you get a draft set up and rise justice you know get cut down on the return roles are working climbing of those people and for home numbers to the last thing that you wanna be dooming have a nice day in the summer is sitting in the basement cleaning bottles. So I address system immediately cuts down the time process means you haven't carry around the garage in the basement and just throw all appear. Impact into one big bottle. And certainly stage who allotted time. You know per action two hours every damage that you would commit to bow leaning climbing and stuff like that making two hours NC. But for all your personal Marbury needs we also have ID BTU program bird works killers. After you know just indicating we have keg like cleaning kits in stark rate ago. And I. Wine coolers are Smart courses as a something we got a question. Asked about a couple of times over the weekend some customers with a discount or thinking about picking up we'd do you have wine cooler kits and tradition is something we've had for well over two decades and we've never talked about. May be because of pride. But we do you have wine cooler hits and I tradition. Now traditionally you would meet these as a suite still line bottler in wine bottles and you'd get something similar to the like governments or something like that line peso like say. In zinfandel. Wine prays with him theory to back sweeten the umi the traditional line in about 9%. And then you backed sweeten it with a fruit Jews and in this whole kit has you know pasteurized. Fruit juice in there as a pasteurized wine juice. As you all year added is all your instructions ready to go. On but. Probably ten years ago some of the upper sturdier and enemies and because. The owners don't like bodily. And they would just wrote in to attack which was kind of a nice surprise when he got this and it certainly sparkling. Wine cooler on cap. Now Hampshire having wine cooler and tapped has made trouble for many of them back here Barbeque and you know 10% light zesty. You know through wine and tapped. Can you don't monkey wrench into that plan to people that afternoon immediately incapacity. But people are still doing so it's it's a wonderful thing if you went in something onto a tap for summer especially here. Kind of finding it hard to find time to brew so you can always were together and extra break you know that wall ET about an hour and half. A bomb or you can also make a wine cooler and Rhode Island am. You can stabilize it will last almost than definitely in the kegs if you haven't you left ovary and said often cited basement. And pull out again next year. But it is something I want to throw out there as we had a couple of people asking questions about it this weekend. And it's you know something that's interesting that you have to say I did it once. Once in a big fan of it first it's. Is the end of the summer came along and really became a fan of you know pouring myself a little glass you know and I mean. And a weekend or something like that but it went over theory popular. For those kind of non beer fans and hot days so if it's hot day. You have front over normally wine drinkers or something like this. You know the kind of missed lines a little bit lower and alcohol are varied fruity very testy. Infamy you very popular for accurate yet. Current wine coolers I never thought we'd hear the words yeah well do we do wanna let somebody. A couple of people that have summits somebody's. You know house last year he loved it it's it weird we get these things mechanically over we've been sitting here for when he. It gonna mean but they moved over those years that definitely have faithful following. You know they range I think 55 to seventy dollar range on and usually get about eight to 10%. You know. From. An original deal. Top prize owns herded to the hop planting guide icon that minor waste Tyson there they're moving fast. You can plan them all the way to June but we have them now given in the round if you count. If you have the time if you're doing your other gardening. You know pick a place for argument to a pot now move into soil later you can absolutely do that. But you'll be glad come following you this wonderful perennial ornamental that you can make your way. On an added bonus from fall so we have those if you wanna go back. Last month's episode the last episode months the 28. We have our crop plantings writes everything you need to know about getting your house started getting him into the current. And the big topic today is a new brew a pot choosing in Atlanta I'm thinking about getting a new group. What is your reason for thinking about the oil off our. The triple. Economists groups are fission C now I've always use key goals and it being used super primarily outdoors on propane. Armed so if anybody Hooper Suzuki told her biggest complaints can be won their heart to tutor heavy and the biggest one that actually effects of the year. Is you get horrible oil. You can not do enough water out of the pot in you think oh what's the big deal you can you know do lower. Yunel. Volume you'll end up at the same volume that relief pitcher efficiency and there can be some worries about it. So my big worry is having the amassed I'm apples off kind of vegetable flavor. That comes from the mall that if you don't get a hard enough oil you can't get it off. So what happened is during the winter. We have you know low pressure. You know dry air cold temperatures. Doing natural gas. On my tackle I was getting OK. Okay somewhere around a technical preparation loss between cooling and boil with 15%. Not a lot. By hole numbers the numbers but 15% that was manageable. So the more water and boil off more water can use some cash and sparks which means some more Sugarman and get out of every single patch of green. On bought am noticing such a different speakers have such a small margin. That when the temperatures are about the humidity especially has gone up and entered Peru on a nice sunny high pressure day. In a boiling awfully painful separation was like 60%. Which is really kind of an upbeat on acceptable. So. I'm thinking about either pulling out little group ought to turn the ringgit two we can fit half inch MPT stuff tunnel my new accessories or. We have a lot of new really well price pots from starting to take a look at some blows because. It might be cheaper and easier in alarm from you actually buy a home pot especially with the week on the scrap that on my. He Eagles now anybody listening out there don't worry I will not scrapped the key goal before trying to sell for somewhere. For who would never bought. I don't I don't even say there I replace him I'm gonna get rid of him to be quite honest I have to admit that right now. On that if I by the new group cut the key eagle will probably go into the basement and every once in awhile be used for how liquor tanker for cooking or something like that's probably won't get rid of that too much personal attachment. But I really considering it because I'm having two problems. So this episode really not and why not to get the eagle on and talk and talk about if you decide to go that way what you pros and cons and you know and mean what you need to do to rig up. But really what you're looking for in a new group partner kind of pros and cons for different materials different you know sizes and Daniel. Styles are rigging and stuff like that so that's really going to be. Okay let's get that on the other side that you decided you want a new group pot. Let's talk about choosing this site. Greek I. Gotcha gotcha all right by any brew pub that's up next tonight traditions just brought here and ESPN fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition homer was your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. Back enact this in just threw it inherent ESPN fifty. What professor okay so choosing a new group of. The first thing wanna look at. There's really no question here. You want stainless steel yes there are other things are appropriate their work and after. A new Burt yachts and enamel pot will work you know aluminum if you put the real working to pacify it could work for to some electorate appears that wouldn't trust it for anything else. Com. Or what you wanna stay away from Teflon coated so that if you're looking to purchase a you know oriented in Peru pot not something you're gonna double purpose for cooking your canning. You want stainless steel and the big question is stainless vs aluminum if you do see some pops up early bloomer some people using. I'm in what happens is aluminum is once played the Oakland in two compared stainless steel. It oxidized his theory easy. So. If you think about. Aluminum siding right you receive a lot of public aluminum sided house are not final and rural white. Right or some type of light grape have this man kind a white finished two on. And that's because they're not actually painted or finished they were put up there is beer aluminum. And then just the water the sunlight. You know we committee in the atmosphere and minerals in the amateur. Slowly oxidized. The aluminum. So if you go up there he scratches if you were to cut some objective to install some new you just leave it up there. And it quickly just sitting out there to sitting out not ruled not pointing any water in it it detracts he's pursuit dates and addresses oxidation. Now when you have a brute power with that aluminum what happens when you put your beer into it appears acidic it's wonderful medium and polls all these elements all the oxidation. All the precipitate. Parade off the aluminum and took the aluminum when you're done goes from this opaque white you know when he mean. Into this kind of you know the price in Chinese. Well weird that'll pick whites go. In your beer and and you can taste it in horror stories we pattern people. Barring. You know pops ignites big pot so it is wonderfully easy to cut him put in compression fittings. And then the first batch they get through there. Our exercises Andy's case talent and has this funny collar to agree bluish color. And that's like this sure fire sign that your aluminum pot will be something into the beer. And so you really only wanna go stainless steel yes you can corporal pacify the aluminum and hopefully if you are right before the bashers know oxidation to pull off. But you really really want stainless steel. Picking your cute anything you'd get at a reputable homers shop. Will be stainless steel and anything that is stainless steel will be no question to the packaging will advertise. It will say. You know stainless steel mattress stainless the stainless steel so that's them. The biggest thing. That you wanna look at everything else we're gonna talk about today is going to be convenience. You know efficiencies related whether it. Two with the efficiency your beer or the efficiency of how much propane you're using. But the material itself is a one key factor if you. Give aluminum I guarantee you even if you put a lot of work into and eventually your gonna report about here so go for stainless steel if you're buying a purpose built from. Perry arts and I think we need to talk about his size. And I think the general rule Solomon I tend to agree on this for the most part is bigger is better. It's not like from entering you have to fill half of that or even a third. I know a lot of people that Peru five yards on sixteen yellow emperor pot. Was my key collaborate viking on fellow with a thirteen Gail and the pot so I'm. Even at the highest point lesson filling my group pop at that means I have more room for oil over. I have more room. For stirring inauguration. Images have more splash and for every time I am popsicle and worked Schiller it's one non. You know the cops spider couples are bombers and I'm actually. Raising up the with with Eric and throwing him into the group pot so once you get all the accessories. You know and I mean you have a you know basic war boiling up. That actually space is really helpful. So generally wanna go bigger and better but the one. VO kind of worry here is what can you fit what you work what was your system. Arms who we have had plenty of people come in all it is a nice you know try clad. Shoppers bass. A real nice look to it. You know makes volume but I'm yellen and will get home in the camp that it under the hood of their. You know. Of their their kitchen arranged via the range so. You have to kind of take some measurements you know if you have a burner are ready to take some measurements of the burner you wanna make sure the power is gonna sit comfortably and safely on there. You have to Stew work. This group pot. When your done within beyond that petrol I will get flak for my replacement key goes back and so he basically fifteen yo number putts in the basement. Com and see and think about those things but you definitely want at least 50% your backside so if you're making a fight him on that you at least need a seven and a half gallon after making it and you combat you need at least. A fifteen year old pot again a little bit bigger will make it easier. Next thing you have a look at our all else. Because you can get some really good screaming deal Tom out Potts. That don't have the ball and one of the reasons is they're too big price range and all else and two it's a lot more work somebody actually is it to either well and feral or. Cap our hand punch one of these proxy can save some money. By giving a pot without a ball well you can always put on a ball well yourself leave Iraq I mean it's simple it cost you 22 box comes with the compression fitting. You know the O rings. And I think that 25 dollars we choose between all stainless skip so everything's been a special account. So you come very cheaply add your own you know and they get into here. Arm but one thing is if you don't have a ball well. All the while would be easier to clean you know and you'll be easier to dual purpose the pot if you decide cook enemy pasta sauce or something like that. You do have to understand that every single actually either be pouring yet or site being a not so if you're doing it and deal batch. You know and fifteen yellow group pod UT into the Boyle you're not gonna be able to lift that even with some how and then. Accurately get that in to say carved we're pocket. You're gonna need something to move it to transfer over some where the ball they'll help chicken eatery and trickle it down. Even works as Campbell it would Kurtz as panel members do it. If you kind of pour your peer over into the ferment to serve you're not gonna have a ball well you're gonna have to report site and the only means for doing this outside not a big deal. If you're doing it inside we can really get maps. Now it's a big deal. Through the next single it's Boyle and this is what I'm looking the most sought because it's been my biggest problems and your motivating factor is doing by if I make the right decision. I'm going to theory easily be able to up. My efficiency b.s be able to put. Oh and after and this veteran the next from most to you with the water I can thrown in and the sparks. And so there's a couple of big factors when it comes to boil law. The first one is shaped. Wider plot that have more surface area so you Morse you know their officer of liquid against the dry year are gonna give you. Better oil lost one of the reasons why make hagel is that it's because it's tall in error Alford size so having a wide pot. More surface area you're gonna get oil author also get a little bit Morse search score chances globe to the union you ain't for the kind of you know. Pro and con to having an oil law. Meaning that like if you're boiling off like fifty burst that you know 40% of your work you're gonna have problems than the other way melodic harmonization. On here and get these really rich Pearson scorching about pot. But at the water and you worry about the amounts of having a wide pot makes for better boil off having a light pot. Makes for better boil through if you have a thinner medal. On you have to put less BTUs to keep the medal. On the heat get through faster. Into also deflect. The key big thick aluminum her arms are stainless steel. You get a lot of deflection if you aluminum and leaving word. Distributing clean vehicle to try clad. Bottom so that some aluminum plate has. You know to me it was good he deficiency. Trying to disperse some of the heat at the bottom. That will cut off and how many BTUs are actually going into your beer so the heavier your product is. If it hasn't insulation play that means your putting more BTUs into those. You know it's a medal in last into the beer. So the shape of the pot the wave of the pot crystal ball affect the boil off and again not having a right reliable boil off anomalies with your efficiencies. But it could cause some of those dia match problems as well Vince you want to make sure. That you have rarely does boil law. Arms of kind of getting into the pros and cons correctly about the keys unity pot. The medal with a very heavy gauge so while it's hard to cut its easy to weld. And it's easy to cut in the fact that it's hard to make a mistake. Thicker metal. Is easier copies attempts to flake off Wallace there are rattle. You don't kind of take chips out of that you are liable to tear rate at the end of the pot. So if you have a picker medalist and stayed togethers and be easier to Tampa's going to be easier to put. Our compression fittings and probably the reason IE initially. Went with us in this goes I guess it's a factor. In my new pot as well. The looked really cool. The only mean to have fueled Marie marking germ there you know the look like a cat. They look cool and some of the new crop term mean to look cool Glickman did a whole big redesigned from energy wonder who they're cheap to. Mainly around changing the look up to make it look were likes Wesley small scale operate morally big commercial. Large for being there brought stainless and stuff like that. So looks are a factor and and the cons on the big heavy key goals and he'd be happy for you be a cook ware pot. Arm you're going to be. You have some decisions about where to product and especially with the key eagle you have to cut the top off somehow duplicate. He's actually stopped into the pot the of that decision to me. Armed unit dimpled bottom in the key goals your always gonna leave a little bit. War behind and you better have a really good heat sorts if you wanna be happy pot because like me. Natural gas honorable member just isn't cutting it with that thing it does and does not give up to a boil. A team at the oil law that I'm looking for well. When I'm outside a mom propane you know to burner I'm in good shape. But when I'm inside natural gas I'm having problems then so those are kind of rose band come ons I mean once it properly from burger place only have thirteen gallon pot. So I really can't do those ten gallon batches in there early snap how we want to get the kind of bad efficiency. Is kinda working for me. On this. Aren't very good and the prices have come down wage so here's the big factor. On if you come in dire condition no sales no deal. We can get you into three or four. Stainless steel pot sixteen deals for 100. For anybody who bought tot more than ten years ago this sounds for almost rather than on him that similar time 250 bucks well. On the Christmas and news that there are not only has the port where it's come down. There's now a lot of competition. In the market so if you think about before if you're looking for custom group optical equipment. Polar. Now USS. Attack you have a bunch of other companies me east steel pots. I'm so despite the fact that steam Steele has actually gone way up in ways. The popularity at home and they ended manufacturers. Have brought the price and these stainless steel pots weight because other than home. You know people looking for these communal pot. How many people you know me and you don't. Tower outside so kids don't say anything yet he's active inside beer really aren't a right to pick on them anything. So. That's really with a major factor too is there's more being made there's a lot more options out on the market words before. You basically had to go with one of these big too you know when you're looking at 300 dollar plus range. You know for early and or work or you had to buy you really expensive. You know commercial kicks in cattle. And then convert that into well. So your options. You know gone through the roof and the prices. Aren't. They're good. Though good for us selecting a brew plot everything you need to know about. Get the right one for you and a lot of decisions to make. Come on and talked with we have all of the different Leo popular brands in stock great ago. Rate from those Portman you know G twos that like 350. Dollar range all the way down. To you know offers us some forward while under a hundred especially. You know after only doing fight it is indeed. Enjoy the weather have you noticed that we're back next week on Niagara traditions just grew and and yes in 51. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season brewer or just want to get started president at 1236 Sheridan drive tunnel wonderful online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.