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It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional route here's your host Jeremy White man first diced her. Saturday morning welcome to Niagara traditions just grew and ESPN. 1520 Jeremy White and her post with you or them. Good good this morning this cool weather yes and it's cool weather which time's up perfectly for college football which starts and started this weekend. And this is the last we can about the NFL until the week before the suitable. So that's pretty good mobile computers order yeah low confused. Well there's no football this weekend now and next weekend will be in the full go. So then there's kind of a football every weekend until the week before this horrible does it take a week off that's all call records sorry I was gonna say to the Super Bowl that I would have been mad at myself for the. I was as it were returned earlier finger agreement until the super let's. Until we got some in my missing on its own sort of I forgot already of the Pro Bowl is the week before the week after the move that around so anyway that's not really NFL football anyway plans for the Super Bowl this year on the countless appeared during the pro hat so it's football season it's the bruins' season. And ounces lower temperatures are making a lot of people a lot appear I know personally I have one Furman case in chamber. And so I can only have one project going at a time when the weather's hot like to have a second controller a lot of errors you know maybe one or two key alt. So when the temperatures are evil cold. In your provided with the floor instead of sealing your temperature controlled. You can release a lot more projects going and finally this tenure can use my basement floor right steps leading to the basement. To really find just about and the temperature I'm looking for so as we get back into football season also going back into brewing season. Ian to winemaking season as well let's turn it really hit full stride it was hot summer we've had. It doesn't seem like workers at the in the summer because we've just gotten off temperatures near the ninety's. But we are creeps are ripening fruit is ripening room curtains are kinda. Turning over their last harvest and because of that were in the peace to me disease they're good. Sorority it's a wind making it's the fall winemaking episode before we do that in this last week. On October fast some last minute October fest you're enemy for that. Also we should mention we are in Labor Day weekend and you got to close them we close. Or start tomorrow and yet the lobby expended here back Tuesday morning. What in terms of move every 21 making you guys not only are of course a place for home brewers but a full service one making store. Yes in his we have everything so that we are doing a lot of people coming in from nutrients and dimes. The grocery a lot of people coming in for bottles this time years we have bottles stacked high if you're just emptying out your car Louise from last year putting in the line. Arguing the primary for renters ready for this year we've all sanitized her quarks everything you're gonna need for wine as well as beer. In the other place that we cover just about every senior ever need is taking it's while. Com we have a full set of draft supplies anomaly we set troop with different options of all. New draft system we also going to be able repair whatever draft system you bring in two so if you have an old carburetor. If you being gift original card reader. I'm in you're trying to get it going offered the football season we can definitely help with that are mean curt people bring in the parks matchup the casket Smith took the taps matchup for reds. Arm actually hole before considered a tap handle you wanna buy it before you actually buy it. Arm you can do that so everything we carry on line all those opening tap handles. Keg cleaning kits are different it reader from version and commercial draft it's. The EC on our store are on line are all in store for you play this token if so if you're thinking about getting started on the craft system great having a new fresh system is wonderful no problems. If you got an old one that has some problems or Israel dirty we have everything you need to get it up ready respectable for regular seasons here and I self. You got two weeks and think about it. And a lot of things still discount your saying yes and while not a lot. But we still we still has obvious arm we still have peppering concert kind of dwindling awesome of those bigger cooking pots are still there as the head while supplies like you got him out of so we we do that allows softened its ends up 2.5 percent off if you're if you're looking to get a new group on. Arm and you don't mind having quoting Cole last year's model believe me a lot of people and not minded about having last year Mala Groupon. Home we have recovered 225% off. So you nuclear power especially big on notes at a time okay what is the is it a pat grower or. TET. Prowler so. This is actually probably when I'm most excited about that and I think has been a long time coming so we have in stock at maggert tradition now. Amber plastic high density PE 364. Ounce regular. Crawlers. In class poker which is revolution if you're in the bills' season. Right wanna go audio tape yup new glass new dress systems almost like they picked on home refers BO were not up their canning. Arm in and this is a big turnaround is looking to bring grower. On to a football game this is going to be in necessity. And you don't have to be filling with home birds and pumping it up and Arthurs and the consumers to amber label grower followed up for you on. But also if yours again if you're home poorer. This is about the only way besides that are too we're pop bottle to eat your beer to the game. But if you're not going to gain Richard is going hiking and backpacking for packing a messy cooler. The plastic grower has a lot of it obviously is not gonna break. Bomb and if you are conditioning inside dollars for a lot of boomers are scared of so if you're actually carbon aiming your appear. Inside to grow our beacon beast skier because not all of our surfacing quality some of them might be promo or growers. And they're not on quite up to the saints' backs and so a lot of numbers worry about bottle commissioning in growers because the fear them explode. On Ian and I'm not gonna say that the plastic grower. Our guarantees any higher PSI. But I guarantee if it explodes it's not collapse. It's plastic writing that if you drop out that it won't break in the bills. A lot. It's that it won't cover the whole lot with glass. Arm I mean yes there are some worries about oxidation for plastic but this is we're talking about surface oxidation through an accurate over a long period of time this is not something you'd have to even. Consider for weekend so I would jump on these amber PDT growers ever purchased two. On the used one. And it'll. So is it just the convenience it's it's plastic you don't have to worry about it. You know and I mean I can throw a comic axiom it's I don't have to wrap it in a bunch towels and put it in a box and try to keep it safe. It's going to be safe I don't have to worry about it. So there's mine because signature they measure might very Reitman is the plastic in amber all right. All right so let's get to winemaking and you know the the fall winemaking episode we're gonna give it time of the year and where does one star pitcher point Lola. Maybe you know first time. Wonder if your beer maker a expletive you party of the equipment me line beyond making criminal winding equipment in any app burning lap or so right. At the beginning so yeah you actually need last criminally or killer don't mean a big stock pot or anything like that you really just need basic fermentation equipment. And if you can make your own line we recovered it at this time of the year. Arm because winemaking is kind of an art of preservation. You and I mean with the year. In our league if it's kept drying. Will keep preserved. You know and I mean even if you didn't have refrigeration if you didn't have climates stored you can keep our early preserved for about a year and a half to two years and still use it to me beer. Armed with winemaking obviously can't see after with the import greets for two or three years and work out of that. Arm so winemaking is really kind of another art of preservation. Arm and the reason becomes so popular in the fall is because there's a lot to preserve these garden starting to write in on if you have a very pines. They're going nuts. Apple's payers beat it everything's starting to release. Come in to right and so you need to deal with it now so with winemaking. He has to deal with the fruit almost right when it comes off. But now with the product that you created is good for years decades later he can take bottle line imported in the basement properly stored and sure for five years is not unheard of what might be unheard of for exit for me to save the line but it wouldn't be heard effort to still be good after four fight yours there unlike if you meekly in dire threat they'll find it five years later. He's going to be a little questionable what you got that ball OK but with the wind making it really is kind of another art of preserving the harvest in unlike some of the other things I preserve like you know. Ground in key need. You know tomato puree. The frozen green beans. I go through the line whole hell of a lot more and it's it's not like at the end to the next season unlikely to force myself throws in Kenya that I froze from last year. Armed with the wind it's like oh great I have some left over hide in the basement. With age it'll all right this gaming media supplemental failing may be Urich your Cadbury to another keg open huge scandal and do something you make some wind just telling absolutely tuck it away absolutely and I think about winemaking is with your thinking. Your were really kind of at the mercy of appear you have to stay on top of it. You have to be looking at at least every week I would say from most of my projects are probably talking at five days a week. Ten to fourteen days and then again about a week or two later to see if it's part you know conditioned operate. Armed with winemaking. Yeah you could check the primary in a week or at least for two to three weeks the same thing with the secondary some people. Leave their second series all the way up to the next harp so they. Start whining pockets in movement in the car buoys kind of in the early fall in the and they leave it at those are poets all the way till the next harvest. To answer asserting their next year's group. They're also moving in to arm giving some new stuff and filling of the primary for ranchers and so the nice thing about winemaking is you can leave it it's at your convenience and when you transfer when you bodily where's beer making your at the mercy of the time frame meeker. So that's one really nice thing. I like about winemaking and why I probably why don't always have appear going so as of right now I don't have a beer going. I have to means and a port in the red warns. Because I just had to start them in a primary moved them over to a secondary and now they're just being around armory to deal with the intent. Armed and come with a big beard carpal either only getting better as time goes on I don't have to worry about losing in the east so I don't have to carbonate. Went around so. I can just leave it to your words like off the sit more than three to four months and have to add more east get a conditional okay. No additional conditioning with one told more of the falls out the batter the batter line's gonna become a time. Spoken. Let's get a break in. And then let's get to the the meeting this via food decisions and making a wise it's the fault winemaking. Episode we do this such but every year and if you are. Thinking about making. Lee curry even dabbling in this than stay tuned. That's up next tonight traditions just Bruins and the S and 51. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means either you're home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season Braugher American count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot count Snyder tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. I had the wind making it so fault winemaking episode. I'm nagger traditions just threw it against him fifteen point Jerry white and protects okay self. We're start the first thing you do is and now I'm gonna keep saying for now mostly in talking about Corey but this would apply to anything to plight and theories. Grapes arm payers and stones you know and he stone fruit peaches problems. So really these are kind of universal rules. With beer drinking be awfully take the same ingredients and we use a different process to get a different. Product right with winemaking you're often doing the same process with some slight variables to release it. Are quite different product because you're using a different. Sugar source each time. So the first thing you two need to do is go out to the garden or even if you bought like Steve bushel of grapes from a local winery. And you need to Washington you don't need to use necessarily soapy water you wanna take some hot water and you wanna wash up and need to Greece when he bits of DOS that are on the outside and he spider webs bugs. You wanna pick through at that time attribute is root of many stems and leaves and anything else that might be in the so the first thing you need to do is in Washington. A bomb then next thing you wanted to do is freeze it. So often I end up doing this is another great way to procrastinate and harvest season here is I will take whatever fruit grapes are complaining to me wine out of a wash them up Ulf are measuring them. And I'll freeze them so if one by a harvests it's not coming off that ball the same time. It allows me to kind of build up on not product that it works while for me lethal hole card. Armed but there's also some banners besides the fact that enables procrastinate through another couple weeks this wonderful weather we have here. Com. It also kind of helps break down the fruit the freezing. Breaks the cell walls breaks a cell membranes and releases all the wonderful juices inside so yet turns your fruit. 2 more show a little that when you thought out but that's actually good thing to the next thing Emmett volume at which her fruit is to crush it and turning into march. So the freezer exe does some of that work for you now we sell absolutely huge. On crisis like we have a press up on the front window that we probably so. You know one to two of the years that I mean you journey to hop in and hide Bono yeah both of us together people go to level of the basket it's that big in the and that's designed to produce. You know about thirty to fifty gallons. Around and we have one circle all the way down to a little bit over leaders have you're trying to meet 12 leader for leader batches. We have you covered in corpses in the rose cites this as well. But you don't mean. Big fancy pressed to make this work nor need necessarily. Mechanical crush or anything like that. You can do this all by hand one's done that way for years. So for the very basics. You know crushing your fruit I would suggest a stainless steel pot or an old pocket Beazer gonna scratch and apple. Arm in a stainless steel potato picture. Tends to be you know my favorites all lineup about public and in true to me beat Hillary in the bottom of the stainless steel pot and that'll go at it with a potato culture. And really crush it up. Arm you can go too far especially if you support under fruit processors something like that. You really wanna avoid turning it into an absolute pace. Bombed it while you'll still be a picture item you'll still absolutely be a former two and a with a lot of sentiment. When you go to stream off later it's going to the problems he won a crush it be don't want a puree it you don't wanna turn it into camps pace. No taxing you need to do is cute a fermenter. So there's obviously the basics of the need to wash sanitized from country needs to be food grade preferably fermentation great classic. Arm but there's some other things you can do to me yourself a lot like life easier the first thing is we sell recent theory large stream index. And if you're making wine without a price of these things are absolutely crucial. So what you Jews who put it into the Arctic and hopefully Q would the trash bag into a trash cans rolled up over the yet. In miniature crushing all your loads of fruit you just continually. Pour them into the pocket and that he get free use up or you fill up to level. That you want com. With winemaking. Humbly beer making you do lose a lot of volume retire and you ran in especially when you pull out all the pulp and for so if you're planning to make five gallons. You really want something closer to 66 and quarter. Informant to maybe even six and a half because once poll out all the stands all the you know Paul and all the skins. You're going to be left missile that lots liquid each time. So put that street her over the pocket pour everything in there. Arm once your fruit and the Arctic can now add hectic and Simon met by saw quite the tactic and time will help Parikh down. On some sugars and proteins that are still. A little bit too complex for the east the Sony meta bites off by it will take away oxygen in kill a Siegel factor lack of Mexico some PV caucus. It doesn't actually kill the wild geese which a lot of people what it thinks that it's just kills east known actually just kills bacteria. Arm but when you throwing your east they're going to. Out compete in the natural east there on to your just using it for racked sedation and prevent it from turning to vinegar before. The yeast can take over. Once you're east take over on the in winemaking of very low PH knew somewhere around 335 for your efforts line. Are you very high alcohol. Are compared to appear in policy 910 and 12% mr. efforts table wine and bacteria really have some problems after 9%. And then the other big factors wine he. Like some beer east and like the kind of farmhouse and larger style arms they produce sulfur dioxide they produce a lot of just like the mad at myself to us in this prevent bacteria from that that meant by salt fight Kris is sulfur dioxide just like the east would. And that is a peak poison for bacteria in east really produce this offered acts like questions leap to kill bacteria. Fighting over the same food source and so with winemaking. It really kind of preserve itself if you're able to get the wind started for nuclear fermentation started it's really going to. Kind of pasteurized itself during fermentation. So you need to look that salt fight and die back over 48 hours. Not that it won't kill your east if you put it in there now. That is really won't help and your probably better off waiting 48 hours putting Easton and you get a start faster start than you would by putting the east and with assault by even though it's an extra two days two working there. It's kind of hostile environment. So when you come back 48 hours later to putting your piece of first thing you want to do is check the sugar content with a high draw number. Arm was beer drinking again you can kind of measure out how much green you're using. What you think your efficiencies gonna be what the extract potential is all those planes. And you can really have a good rough estimate of what you're starting gravity is going to be before you ever eat any water. That's not really true with wine making yes with grapes and apples with a few can goatee a refresh Dahmer's is what they're actually intended for take it out into the field. Take a great weasel you sent the reflect armor and get an idea of what the sugar content is for at least that great you know operate in that section. Arm but that's not something you really wanna count on on the rude. So once you get the tactic and zionists agreement myself by and it's after 448 hours now need to check the sugar content. In really with wolves most lines are shooting from an EBV. About 10% to 16%. To 10% it's going to be fortified. It's 16% is gonna taste real hot and it's all and to see usually you're trying to end up somewhere in the middle. And you want a blogger micrometer checked the gravity in and a sugar sources could be honey could be could be table sugar or postmarked in a case about. Probably bash. You know choices gonna Bieber sugar dark strokes and bring the gravity con tie up up to a potential. That your happy. All this year and for Edmonton. In theory rear with a wine yeast if you get anything less than 9899%. Attenuation so unlike Peter used this wolf element. All the way. So whatever your if you're within the potential of ten point five chances are your ticket and halt time point five. Not seven point five Hewitt was appear yeast because of lower and shorter. So now. You put the lid on it. Pleased that from mentoring area out of sunlight around 65 to seventy degrees and just like your beer. Fermentation serbians in the next three days it won't be nearly as explosives appeared don't have bomb all the protein on the other stuff. In the liquid the kind of creates tension. On but it will start slowly bubbling and will continue for anywhere from two to three weeks later. Now eventually in the two to three weeks you have to get out the Paul. Now this is where press would come at you actually take the hole from hunter poured in through the press and press out the liquid right back into this thing from Turk. Armed when you're using the kind of straining bag method you wanna poll it out. Wring it out as much as you possibly can let it sit there and pain over the arm. From and Turkey Pamela and the last trips come out and then get rid of that arm. At that point you can put the lid back on a lot of ferment for a little bit more some people moving on to a secondary fermentation system of north of the carbo we not another market. Are in the prepare for a few more weeks and this is a great thing about winemaking once you get effort out there want to move and it was secondary fermentation. Yes you're absolutely safe to leave it there for a year. I'm not gonna say that you're gonna get as good aging as you could if you left it in the huddle for a year and what you could absolutely leave it in the car we for a year and not have to worry about the thing foods that one of the other really great things about Warren again it's not it's time. Constricting as the beer com. Now the panic Jeff that patients you have to patient you have to pace and now that said. Which you don't get a swine forty to sixty days here and get a line around forty to sixty days if you stay on top of that light beer. You can be absolutely Porsche but it's always apparent he would give a little bit longer. So once you like it's in the car we for as long as he wanders along as he needed to you need to bottle so first thing you've got to add more salt like potassium sort. On the tenth seems orbit is gonna shut down the east or at least prevent them from consuming anymore sure you always blaming Katie you're putting in the air. And that's gonna cause some damage and can Wear them out the point of making things and more sugar. Arm one seed do that you're adding that's all fight to produce a sulfur dioxide. Just like they way it is now that you're taking the east who you're taking away when your biggest and I accident in preserving infants and ending a little bit more salt fight. Will prevent any team bacteria growth rapid oxidation. Selenium on top. Our color change. In the sort beat wall prevent these from reform hunting so at that point you can back sweet and if you want to. Now. On all wind pretty much treatments out. In my opinion. All lines should have a little bit of sugar or some type of body added to add him back into it. When you have wind that's well below one gravity while below it becomes a stringent and kinda sell to. If you add a little bit this year where we're talking about these may be a tenth of a pop. Of regular table sugar and corn sugar anything like that the team voters about paying for how much weight your putting and so. Tables to a lot of sweetness for not a lot of sugar. We're talking about a tenth of a cup for six in. Zone novel. But that tiny bit that and if you wind pace especially with. Backyard fruit warrant they usually are a little bit of sugar will grow a long way. So you can bet Sweden you wanted to add that it tastes and usually want to hold off a little bit short on where you wanna be. Because it won't come out well more over time. On another thing that you might have to if you case your line in the secondary and it's also very sharp tribal this year and that doesn't work and the work at all. You mean wanna take an answer it passed. Now especially with like say in anger Concord grapes. Or are certain theories or apples to. You get really high levels of asset or really low and so can seem very thin watery or very sharp and the stringent. Seeming have to pick a finance that task. But he is as simple as that drop acid test and beats talent so what's the ad in the power in the accident and acid test is gonna give you an idea. Of how much you actually. Need. Then your opponent and Susan where the one point equipment that's different sort of worker urged that effort union worker. And it's really easy he put into the bottle there's no measuring the sugar or anything like that harmony and incorporate them in put them aside in the days you let it too. Weeks operator three weeks and you put on the basement. When everything about it treatment quarter term. On the shelf on the side that's about it. My only disclaimer here it's hours of bottling its don't so you courts. On your RU when he can take one thing away from this don't so quirks the award. Would you and so two by fours before trying to build a house right note you all structural integrity they fall parks or peace so their quirks overnight. Especially if you do the whole back and come back and there are going to be emotional mornings and be falling apart. And then if you can get them in one piece in here for her watered us now from us and that's how corporate. So water can Netscape corked bats and a corporate America pretzels water. Corporate news. Spoke at run time anymore questions puppet of the story you guys that are around us an email email web site. Anti homer to account that's it back next week and Iger editions just prude on ESPN fifteen point. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by night for traditional blue. Whether your season brewer or just want to get started this about twelve by 86 Sheridan drive tunnel want to go online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.